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Training notes available for download

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 7 November 2004
I've just uploaded our Java training notes to where they're available for download under an Open Training Notes License.

An Open Training Notes license means that you can download and use these notes free of charge, provided you make no charge for their use.  Copyright is retained by Well House Consultants Ltd.  You are also allowed to distribute copies, provided that you do so under the same terms, do not make any charge for the copy, and retain the complete license agreement with each copy of the notes.

I have also uploaded (to the same site) general training notes on Object Oriented Design, and a few modules covering Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk and MySQL.

In the early days of this "Open" release, I'll be welcoming feedback on how useful (or otherwise) the notes are, and I'll also welcome comments, corrections, etc.   I can be reached via or via a personal message on this web site.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 3 January 2005
Just to add ... the notes have been updated since I last posted here ... you can now download a complete 5 day Java course from the Open Training Notes site, together with a number of the more popular advanced modules.

Posted by nevilleh (nevilleh), 21 March 2005
I've just started to work through these notes having hoped to attend  a course. Chapter 3 refers to a class you provide called
Is it possible for this class (and any others used in the course) to be downloadable with the notes.
Also, as an observation, it's difficult to follow the chapter sequence having downloaded all the pdf's. Can I sugest that a contents page be added. Alternatively name the pdf's to include the chapter number please.
Thank you.

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 21 March 2005
Hi, Neville .. thanks for your suggestions / observations.

We've regularly tailored the modules / running order, but a typical order might be:

J601 - Java Introduction
J702 - Hello Java World
J703 - Variables
J704 - Loops and Conditional Statements
Q906 - Object Orientation: Individual Objects
J705 - Arrays
J706 - Objects and Classes
J707 - Strings
J708 - Packages
J709 - Class Access
Q909 - Object Orientation: Composite Objects
J710 - Extending Classes and More
J812 - Java Beans
J608 - Naming Conventions and Code Management
Q624 - HTML - An Overview
Q625 - HTML for Web Application Authors
J711 - Java in the Web Page
Q907 - Object Orientation: Design Techniques
J712 - Exceptions
J713 - More Input and Output
J714 - Fundamental classes
J908 - Java in the Linux Environment
J715 - Putting the Java Language Together
J809 - Serialization
J810 - Internationalization
J811 - JDBC - Relational Database Access
J901 - Servlets
J906 - Servlets in More Detail
J907 - JSP - JavaServer Pages
J902 - Extending Graphics in Java
J606 - Java Roadmap - Beyond the Fundamentals

If you visit you'll find the list there too ... with links from each module number to a page of resources on that module, including the source code for all the examples.   For example, the module on variables is the first to use WellHouseInput and its resources are at You can then link to the class source itself at

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