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Technology for PHP - training course
A 1 day course run regularly at our training centre. Also available on site at your offices.

PHP is a language used to add executable content to Web pages. It can be used in a wide range of applications - anything from creating a page which updates daily through customer response and ordering systems to database and search applications and chat rooms / forums.

This course is for trainees who have not programmed and / or written static web pages before, and prepares them for our "PHP Programming" course. Full details of this Technology for PHP course (content, dates, prices, etc) are available. Please go directly to our "PHP Programming" course if you already have programming and HTML experience.

Well House Consultants courses feature:
  • Professional staff tutor with many years IT and training experience
  • Programming examples written in front of you during the course to "teach you how".
  • Our own training material, written to meet our customer's needs
  • Course manual (circa 80 pages per day) covering the course topics
  • Each trainee has exclusive use of a laptop for the course duration
  • Choice of Linux, Windows or Mac OS X operating systems
  • Your exercises emailed to your "home account" after the course
  • Access to our Opentalk Forum and the tutor (via email) after the course
  • Once you've booked, you know the course will run ... even with a few students.
  • Prepayment not required - just a credit card guarantee or credit clearance
Public courses at our training centre also feature: Private courses at your offices also feature:
  • "Full Service". You provide a room and the trainees, we do the rest
  • We provide each trainee with a workstation for the duration of the course
  • We provide servers, projectors, etc.
  • We bring appropriate books from our library - usually between 20 and 80 volumes
  • Inclusive quotations - no hidden extras!
Private courses can also be arranged at our training centre to give you the best of both worlds.

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