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Python and Tcl - public course schedule [here]
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Please ask about maintenance training for Perl, PHP, Lua, etc

Training Course News
Next Public Course Dates
Learning to program in Tcl Mon, 20 Jan 20 5 days
Learning to program in Python Mon, 20 Jan 20 5 days
Tcl Programming Tue, 21 Jan 20 4 days
Python Programming Tue, 21 Jan 20 4 days

Link on individual courses for more details and further dates.

We can also run a private tailored course at our centre or a private course at your office.

Well House Consultants
• 404, The Spa, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 6QL
• +44 (0) 1225 708225 (phone)
• http://www.wellho.net
• info@wellho.net
Well House Consultants offer training courses in a wide variety of Open Source programming languages. Public courses run at our own training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire, England, and we can run private tailored courses to suit client needs at our centre, or on client sites.

Most of our subjects are niche, so delegates come from far and wide. We provide overnight accommodation in hotel rooms within our training centre, and you may book the course and accommodation as a single package, or come as a day delegate if you live within commuting distance or work for an employer who insists that overnight stays are made at a particular chain hotel.

Each Course runs from 3 to 9 times per year. Courses are all written by ourselves, lead by our own tutor, and limited to just eight delegates per course (public courses) so that the tutor has plenty of time to answer any questions that arise, and provide personal support during practical sessions.

Public PHP courses offered:
Interactive web pages with PHP
PHP is a programming language, and it's much more too. It's a language that's designed for use with dynamic web pages - which means that you can put together interactive web sites much more quickly and easily than you could do using other systems.

At Well House Consultants, we run a series of public courses on PHP.

• Our Learning to Progam in PHP course takes newcomers to computer programming and teaches them the fundamentals, and how to apply those fundamentals in PHP to provide interactive, server side web sites.

• The PHP Programming course which covers the PHP language itself, is an alternative for those of your with prior programming experience. It shows how PHP is integrated with the web page, and other important subjects such as good application design and user data security and integrity in multipage applications.

• As well as learning the principles of programming in PHP, you'll want to make full use of the facilities of the language to write robust, reliable, secure and maintainable innovative web sites. Our PHP Techniques Workshop - 2 days - takes you through a wide range of applications - from multipage applications through graphics and monitoring scripts - to help you make your sites magnetic.

• If you're going to be using Object Oriented PHP, our 1 day Object Orientation in PHP course will teach you the basics of OO, and go into some detail as to how OO is implemented and used in PHP. Please note that Object Oriented PHP is now included in the Learning to program in PHP and PHP Programming courses so this course should not be booked in addition to them.

If you've a group of three or more delegates who wish to learn PHP at the same time, a Specially Run Courses course can be arranged, and for larger groups we can also run a Private Courses course at your offices. Such courses are tailored to meet your requirements - please contact us to discuss the detail of what you need.

This web site that you're on at the moment makes heavy use of PHP. Even though many of the pages have .html extensions, we're using PHP to make subtle changes like the number you need to dial to reach us from your country (based on IP address), and also to provide more major resources such as the Wiki and the online booking system. Our search engine and "page not found" handlers are also implemented in PHP, and even our filters that protect against denial of service attacks use it.

PHP was written originally by Rasmus Lerdorf. There's a big team now - official resources [Here]

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