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Who was Doctor Beeching and what was his axe? [link]
Working out the costs of running a bus service through the day [link]
TransWilts Community Interest Company AGM - 13 Feb 2016, Swindon [link]
People matter - but there is a tradeoff between different people in there [link]
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Building up from a small PHP setup to an enterprise one [Link]
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Just in time - the talk is writ [Link]
Behind Melksham Spa - Mood Mist over wet fields. [Link]
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New here? We're authors and providers of a wide range of Open Source training courses, based in Melksham, England. We believe in looking after our customers and giving back to the community too. Whether or not we've trained you, you're welcome to browse our material:
  • articles in the solution centre
  • tips and updates on The Horse's Mouth
and there's more about us here.

Or select Open Source subject:
  • Python Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • Perl Programming
  • Ruby Programming
  • Lua Programming
  • Tcl Programming
  • C and C++ Programming
  • Apache Http Server & Tomcat

Features of all our public courses include:
  • Presented by our own professional staff tutors
  • Maximum course size 8 delegates
  • Run at our own custom-fitted training centre
  • Residential accommodation available for delegates
  • 1 delegate minimum - we always run your booked course
  • Training material written by us and revised often

Please browse this site for further details, or email us via info@wellho.net or call us on 01144 1225 708225 if you would like to discuss your company or personal requirements.
vargs in Python - how to call a method with unknown number of parameters
In C, a few functions such as printf can take a variable number of arguments, and it's possible (but not common) for you to write functions like that too. In Python, though, it's much more common. In declaring a function, you can specify:   a) Mandatory parameters, just with a name ... [more]
Filtering PHP form inputs - three ways, but which should you use?
There's a vital need to validate user inputs in PHP - to make sure that users have put something sensible into the boxes on your forms. And there are multiple ways of doing this: a) You can check the incoming strings against regular expressions. In the old days you may have used the ereg ... [more]
What is a web framework?
When you write web applications, there are many features you'll need which mirror features other people have needed too. Now - there's nothing to stop you writing your own code (maybe in Ruby, Python or Perl) including these features ... but wouldn't it be better to use the feature set that someone ... [more]

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