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Revisiting - should I stand for Melksham Without Parish Council in May? [link]
Thoughts on the new Blackmore Ward of Melksham Without Parish [link]
Python examples - updates under way [link]
Reviewing TransWilts performance 2015-16 [link]
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Caching results in an object for efficiency - avoiding re-calculation [Link]
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Just in time - the talk is writ [Link]
Behind Melksham Spa - Mood Mist over wet fields. [Link]
Public and private courses - subjects available for 2011 [Link]
New here? We're authors and providers of a wide range of Open Source training courses, based in Melksham, England. We believe in looking after our customers and giving back to the community too. Whether or not we've trained you, you're welcome to browse our material:
  • articles in the solution centre
  • tips and updates on The Horse's Mouth
and there's more about us here.

Or select Open Source subject:
  • Python Programming
  • Ruby Programming
  • PHP Programming
  • C and C++ Programming
  • Lua Programming
  • Perl Programming
  • Tcl Programming

Features of all our public courses include:
  • Presented by our own professional staff tutors
  • Run at our own custom-fitted training centre
  • Maximum course size 8 delegates
  • Residential accommodation available for delegates
  • 1 delegate minimum - we always run your booked course
  • Training material written and revised by us

Please browse this site for further details, or email us via info@wellho.net or call us on 01144 1225 708225 if you would like to discuss your company or personal requirements.
Perl 6 - a Practical Extraction and Reporting example!
Always looking for an excuse to write little demo scripts - especially in Perl 6 which was new as an official release at Christmas, ... and had such an opportunity today. A datafile containing 2,500 records - station usage - and seeing how many were smaller in passenger numbers that Melksham in ... [more]
Pytest - second example beyond hello world
Moving on from my hello Pytest World example, lets add some more tests and put the code we're testing into a separate file. The test code is [here] and - if working in a TDD (Test Driven Developent) mode it will be written first - forming the specificiation for the class you're writing. I have ... [more]
Still teaching Tcl in 2016?
Yes, we still offer Tcl courses … as I have just answered an enquirer. Even though it's the second-oldest language that we teach, it has stood the test of time well and there's a large code base in use that needs supporting and updating from time to time. The public courses are Learning to ... [more]

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