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For 2023 - we are now fully retired from IT training.
We have made many, many friends over 25 years of teaching about Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, Java, C and C++ - and MySQL, Linux and Solaris/SunOS too. Our training notes are now very much out of date, but due to upward compatability most of our examples remain operational and even relevant ad you are welcome to make us if them "as seen" and at your own risk.

Lisa and I (Graham) now live in what was our training centre in Melksham - happy to meet with former delegates here - but do check ahead before coming round. We are far from inactive - rather, enjoying the times that we are retired but still healthy enough in mind and body to be active!

I am also active in many other area and still look after a lot of web sites - you can find an index ((here))
"Of Course" Newsletter
We publish the "Of Course" newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Open Source world, such as the newest version release information, and to share tips and techniques in Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk and MySQL.
SUMMER 2006 [issue 12]
• Managing images though PHP and MySQL
• Model, View, Controller - not JUST a Java Mantra
• What language should I learn? PHP? Perl? Tcl?
• Exploring Apache httpd facilities
• MySQL - the clauses and their uses
• Busyness Booms
• Checking if "x" is in list "y"
• Why Wiltshire?
• Opening Autumn 2006 - Business Accommodation
• Phalanx Project
• Training Efforts
• Iterators - expressions that change at each call
• Options that take the biscuit
• Sorting Dandruff using Perl's sort and map
• What's the difference?
• Brag Page
• Latest versions of Open Source
• Our centre of character and history ...
• ... is about to be joined by another
• Addition Question
• LAMP: What's on your wishlist?
• MySQL tips and techniques resource
• Options program
• Schedule and Calendar
WINTER 2005 [issue 11]
• He who dares, Forums
• Is it the place to be?
• Wiki Watch
• The X-Y-Z’s of sharing
• Function Convention
• Brag Page
• Expect for Windows
• Getting to our centre
• PHP: it takes all sorts
• Bristol Blue Glass data study
• The makings of a cat
• Latest Versions
• Local accommodation
• Mapping your site
• Apache httpd and Tomcat
• A training web site
• Schedule
• Calendar
• Major web site update
• Your r’s from your x’s
SPRING 2005 [issue 10]
• Geekmas Greetings
• What’s new in our Training Centre?
• Java course notes available for free
• Helping out your navigation skills
• Travelling the World
• Our library of books, both real and virtual
• Who looks after MySQL?
• Brag Page
• Seat pricing GUI in Tcl/Tk
• Getting to our training centre
• You can do a lot with a little Python
• Cruising with the Geek gods
• Latest versions of Open Source software
• Making your site’s URLs more friendly
• Embedding layers - better Web application design
• MySQL - Simplifying complex joins
• Schedule and calendar
• Well House Consultants welcomes Leah on the team
• Distributing Open Source applications - easier than you think
AUTUMN 2004 [issue 9]
• The legal aspects of a web site
• Using short tags in PHP
• The speed of three
• What’s in the bookshop?
• PHP5 - should you switch?
• Making a web site visible
• Latest Open Source versions
• The mint under the pillow
• Customer care before and after courses
• Getting to our training centre
• Handling huge data
• Dynamic Web Pictures
• Extreme Programming
• Back Issues
• Schedule and Calendar
• OOP Demystified
• Brag Page
• Our birthday approaches
• Your contacts at Well House Consultants
• Coming up - a GeekCruise
SPRING 2004 [issue 8]
• PHP: What do the letters stand for?
• A matter of choosing which OS to use
• How do I learn Object Oriented design?
• I refuse to wear THOSE shirts!
• What's a polecat?
• The hidden costs over a lifetime
• Get the update on where to stay here
• Quality matters
• Getting to our training centre
• Who teaches the teacher?
• Python on either side of the pond
• Latest Open Source Software
• Broadband Access for the Traveller
• Logging in to the BT Openzone service
• Dining out in Melksham
• Have time and a sense of adventure?
• Brag Page
• Using Objects in Perl
• References and variables in Perl
• Back Issues Available
• What do you put into a file?
• What defines quality software?
• Schedule
• Calendar
• Getting to the core price of Fedora
• HTTP Developer's Handbook
AUTUMN 2003 [issue 7]
• PHP sticky boxes
• Perl 5, Ponie, Perl 6
• SQLite - embed a database without a daemon
• Python and Jython - public training courses
• Opentalk - Tcl, Perl, PHP, Java, MySQL forum
• Expanded local accommodation list - Melksham
• Well House Consultant's Open Source Library
• Broadband update - Cable v ADSL v Satellite
• Can a high speed connection be too fast?
• Course materials - manuals, certificates, pens, mousemats
• Open Source moves forward with major new releases
• Back Issue availability
• Data structure design - link or copy?
• It's a hard life, but someone's got to do it
• Deployment training - new growth area?
• Table of latest stable versions of open source software
• Course schedule and calandar to March 2004
• Tailoring your web site to match your visitor's profile
• Not only faster, but bigger too
SPRING 2003 [issue 6]
• Letting the cat out of the box
• Perl 6 - an introduction to what it will and won't be
• Putting public sector data online
• Open Source languages - the latest versions for download
• When size matters - text fields in MySQL
• Data Mining and Content Management Systems
• Setting up online e-commerce; not as daunting as you might think
• Regular Expression mouse mats for sale
• Training course schedule - Perl, Java, PHP, MySQL, Tcl and Ruby
• Spring Cleaning - brushing up our facilities
• 10 relevant projects from SourceForge
• Just in case you dare not ask
• Coding tips - consider the level of code before you write it
• Local accommodation around Melksham
• Apple get it right to the core
• Introducing our loo
• Sample application - monitoring a web site in Perl
• Data Protection act - buyer beware
• Setting up Mac OS X to look at your /etc/hosts
• 12 faces and places - a rogue's gallery of recent students
• FAQ - quick answers to search enquiries to our web site
AUTUMN 2002 [issue 5]
• Regular Expressions - major feature
• Bringing Tcl up to date
• Learning Perl as a first language - which books will help me?
• Training course schedule - Perl, Java, PHP, MySQL, Tcl and Ruby
• YaBB (Yet another Bulletin Board) - Open Source at its best
• Ruby - training course announcement
• Tk - How it controls the updates of your screen
• Favourite Regular expressions - Match UK Postcodes, Credit card numbers and many more
• Portable PHP code for database appliactions using ADOdb
• Using PHP in stand alone applications
• Running scripting languages fast by cutting loops
• Why are we called "Well House Consultants"?
• Local accommodation in Melksham
• What's the latest software version?
• Open Source Bulletin Board for your programming questions
• Book Review - Mastering Regular Expressions (2nd Edition)
• Opinion - Honesty works, even in the training business
WINTER/SPRING 2002 [issue 4]
• Keeping data secure as it passes through the Internet
• Extracting text from Microsoft Word documents in Perl
• PHP - Improved security in release 4.1
• Daemons - a story of gods and mortals
• Cookies - European law and regulations
• Compiled, Interpretive and Virtual machine languages
• The Parrot virtual machine
• When is a "modem" not a modem?
• The Euro - programming for pounds and euros
• Case Study - MPC Data embed MySQL in tailored software solution
• More Dynamic than an array - lists, hashes, hashtables and more
• The Typist and the engineer - Expect / Tcl application
• Opinion - Learning comes from life experience, and a bit of planning
• Book review - "The Java Cookbook"
• What's the latest software version?
• Decisions - choosing the best course for your needs
• From a watery beginning - Melksham Spa bottles
• Local accommodation in Melksham
• Time Line - Well House Consultant's growth story
AUTUMN 2001 [issue 2]
• Behind the mechanics of PHP
• Java threads for a simple chat room
• What is XML?
• Relating to MySQL
• Open source opens access to Gaelic language
• Wireless networking, the next generation or just more IT Hype?
• Sessions and State
• Local accommodation in Melksham
• What's the latest software version?
• On the Oban road
• Perl 6 - State of the Onion
• Opinion - IT making the world smaller?
• Book Review - "Perl - I didn't know you could do that"
• Are you under attack from Codered?
SPRING 2001 [issue 2]
• Quiz - Checking your knowledge in Perl, Java and Tcl
• Using FTP from Perl
• In and around Melksham
• Blistering Speed right to the laptop
• What's the latest software version?
• How to decide if Open Source is right for you
• Focus on Perl Standards
• Opinion - "Who sold you THAT?"
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
• Web logs and market research
Winter 2000/2001 [issue 1]
• Perl Whirl 2000 - An Alaskan Adventure
• Wellhokommen, Bien Venue - Open Source training centre.
• What is Tcl? - Tcl/Tk and Expect
• Handling Huge Data - Sample script to analyse the XML from DMOZ
• Book Review - The "New Camel"
• The London and Dublin connection
• Perl for Larger Projects
All back issues are available by post to UK addresses at no charge - just complete our Information Request form. If you don't have a UK address, please let us know your interest in our training, and we'll send you a copy. "Of Course" is printed to a high quality, and is now also available for download.

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