November 03, 2017

Moving on from Sunnyside and Devizes

The sale of Dad's home (and in earlier years, Mum's and Gran's) in Devizes completed this morning. End of an era. When Mum and Dad moved to Devizes on Dad's retirement - over 30 years ago - I will admit to having been a bit apprehensive about a move on retirement to a town they didn't know ... but it turned out to be a brilliant move; they settle in well into a very welcoming community and did and enjoyed so much having given up paid work. Picture from yesterday - my final visit - picking out one or two memories in the virtually empty house.

Final trip to Sunnyside. Sale completes tomorrow. Shed a tear or three, couple of pictures of memories that I'll treasure. Dad still very much with us as we now are, through us.

Gyp and i tidied around, had a coffee put a few final things in the car, left a welcome letter for purchasers. Gyp stepped out, I stepped out, pulled the door for a final time, walked the garden, drove out up the lane and dropped the keys off with the agent.

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