August 19, 2017

Looking forward to the autumn.

19th August 2017, 04:30 a.m.

A first visit to the specialist physiotherapist has confirmed that I'm not going to get back the energy and capacity I once had. The deafness in one ear and loosing of my balancing senses in that ear too means that my other senses are having to work much harder (to pick up less information!), and the loss of good timely information means I'm wobbling around, a real klutz, and my muscles are having to work overtime to stop me falling over even on the simplest walking around. So perhaps I do have the same energy I always had - just that it's now being burnt up much quicker in keeping me on the straight and narrow, rather than leaving me resource to do as much as I used to for training, running a hotel, and public transport and other local activities.

My blog post of a couple of months back - - listed a dozen changes in our lives this year. Some of those changes come about because of the issue above, others are a re-arrangement affected by Dad's passing in January, yet others relate to the changing nature of the training business and the maturing of my activities relating to public transport, and yet others by a feeling that we can spend a little time relaxing rather than always being on the go.

In some ways, everything coming together has been a nightmare. In other ways, it's fortunate because it allows us to re-focus our lives for the next 10 years in a single step, rather than taking a series of steps through intermediate points which would require lots of resources to reach short term positions. But it has made it difficult to cope with everything, and whilst everyone's been understanding I am very much aware that I have used up a great deal of goodwill and sympathy / let a few things slip and a few people down - I can only apologies for that, ask you to gently remind me what I owe you / may have forgotten, and look to get sorted through and do better in though the autumn.

The week just gone has felt like a turning point. I sit and write this in my new training and meeting room at 404, The Spa. For sure, it's not finished and there's piles of stuff all around me, but the piles of stuff are no longer building up but are staring to whittle down. Similarly seeing light in the museum room that's going to house the Well House Collection. Lots of papers dispatched - relating to how things are settling down for the future, with many of the costs of operating Well House Manor as a hotel dropping out of the system. Safety net documentation provided for a progam support contract where I was frighteningly key man (Kevin - still very much carrying on, just wanted you to have the insurance!).

For the next week, Lisa and I are taking something of a break; there's been scarce a letup do far this year, and even our week in Cornwall could be characterised as very much still working on things, all be it from a different base. Even next week not totally away - allowing ourselves email checks for sure, in amongst resting (if we can remember what tha is) and new experiences, as changes are just as good as a rest. The rest will also give me a chance to recover some pulled muscles from all the heavy-haul stuff that's been going on (and leaves me sitting up for comfort half the night). Please don't expect miracles when we get back, but do expect to see a steady strengthening. meeting timescales, etc, through the autumn.

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