June 25, 2017

More pictures - final labelling set for today

apo2.jpg - Old Station building at Avonmouth before demolition

mrld1_2.jpg - Early morning commuter train, Melksham to Swindon

tygwyn002.jpg - Tygwyn Station, Cambrian Coast line

strmkm2.jpg - Asking about an odd train service during diversions

cadv59.jpg - Brunel on the Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash to St Budeaux

xclate.jpg - Delays from Cheltenham Spa to Motherwell

santaatswindon.jpg - Santa in the First Class waiting room at Swindon

acorp15_15.jpg - Community Rail gathering at Okehampton

whr5.jpg - Approaching Lancaster - view over canal

wto30.jpg - The River Avon at Melksham

bglon8.jpg - I don't get this business of stopping for a drink - says Gypsy

su14_042.jpg - Looking out over the beach at Weymouth from the path to the pier

c15_1_14.jpg - In Rekjavik, Iceland

mwscen1.jpg - Dolgoch Falls

wto01.jpg - Home, HQ, Museum, training room

my1_65.jpg - the Glasgow Underground

bqz2.jpg - Typical daytime bus customers

cadv28.jpg - Looking out over Devonport

la_n16_35.jpg - Oceanside, California

hermo011.jpg - Hermosa Beach, California

sl_20140920.jpg - Web server load monitor

twramblers2.jpg - Melksham underpass - guided walk to Trowbridge

smk_genpic.jpg - Sheila McKecknie - campaigner of the year awards, early 2017

xm16_25b.jpg - Santa and friends, Melksham Rail User Group, December 2016

weziz007.jpg - The morning train to Swindon

QueenBirthdayMelkshamStationPoster.jpg - Poster to celebrate the Queens 90 years at Melksham Station

pdest25.jpg - Crofton Pump, with at HST passing on the railway

gbuffet3.jpg - Eat what you can buffet, Swindon

cadv26.jpg - Crossing the river on the Plymouth to Bere Alston line

fileserverclient1.jpg - Translation within PHP to HTML - telling you the day of the week

m13_phb1.jpg - Pack Horse Bridge, Melksham

mwscen3.jpg - Computing in the Welsh countryside - an evening away

londonmap2.jpg - Old London Tube map

kkwed009.jpg - Kim and Kyle - wedding

unzagew.jpg - Proposed changes to Bath to Melksham buses to cover Zigzag route too

bore003.jpg - Stain

kyp7.jpg - Promotion at Sainsburys

xm16_13.jpg - Hayes and Harlington with an electric train under test

gwrrhs002.jpg - Swavesey on the Cambridge Guided Busway

wto21.jpg - The Bear in Melksham

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Updating image labels

Over the years I have taken many pictures ... but of late haven't been indexing them as I've used them on our websites. So this is one page in a series which adds labels in the form of "alt" tags. Search facility to come later.

Our content systems use an image database setup (which I wrote) and within that the descriptions are held and used as image labels - so that picture that occur here on this randomised entry page will also appear in situ next time they're crawled. A fresh lick of paint!

orangeracks.jpg - Empty racks at Bowerhill for tyres

sswap13_1.jpg - Seed swap at Well House Manor

bglon6.jpg - Dad - Norman Ellis - in London a couple of years back

fforest12.jpg - Marchwood Station from the Hastings Diesel, May 2017

pdest07.jpg - London Euston

su14_035.jpg - Token instrument at Maiden Newton

frm_2017_1.jpg - FOSBR Rail Manifesto 2017

kyns.jpg - Where the Wilts and Berks Canal passed under the Calne Road in Melksham

mkm_ruh_20160223_1.jpg - Mallory Place bus stop, Melksham

weziz009.jpg - Trowbridge Station - beware cycle thieves

o12_1.jpg - firstgreatwestern.info traffic diagram

classic_7.jpg - Arriving in Weymouth

timeprofiles.jpg - Different user activity patterns on a forum

thisbnp4.jpg - Road Rail Interchange at Barnstaple

g14_3.jpg - My hotel in Glasgow - Rennie Mackintosh?

morfa_2006.jpg - Morfa Mawddach station

dftstrat3.jpg - DfT Strategic lines

my1_55.jpg - Bradford-on-Avon Station, with the local bus

1024px-Melksham_station-1.jpg - Melksham Station - very old, as shown on Wikipedia

llod1.jpg - Inside Lovell Lodge hotel, Cambridge. Now burned out shell.

cme0.jpg - Selfie

acorp15_17.jpg - Okehampton - looking towards Meldon

santop07.jpg - TransWilts at Swindon, with Santas elves

qmay14_g.jpg - Photographing a photographer taking pictures of other photographers

wto50.jpg - Sangster Avenue Melksham

lsat01.jpg - Flight map London to Bahrain

dubmelk04.jpg - View over the Irish sea from the Dublin to Rosslare train

tornado2.jpg - Steam train picks up at Melksham

linedisplay_tk.jpg - Blank frame for Tcl journey survey example

kyn3.jpg - Tornado at Melksham

new234_mon-fri.jpg - Final (?) 234 timetable - Chippenham to Frome bus via Melksham

gwrrhs069.jpg - Grand Central class 180

sign_007.jpg - In Saltash

gwrrhs036.jpg - Bere Alston

febfgwwire.jpg - Web site traffic plot

fortnight_06.jpg - Alighting at Melksham

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Further picture labelling!

I have a library of some 11,000 images. Frightening ... and as of yesterday morning some 3,000 were unlabelled. Here's a few more labels - with "alt" tags - so you may find me (and I can find myself) in due course through the search engines.

su14_009.jpg - Melksham Station - the old platform South

chambermembers.jpg - Chamber of Commerce member locations in Melksham

weyday3.jpg - On that thing that goes up to give you a view at Weymouth

my1_42.jpg - Elstree and Borehamwood Station

ctea_teapot.jpg - Teapot

wto27.jpg - Blue Plaque Trail, Melksham

mkm_ruh_20160223_3.jpg - Different bus operators in Bath

pdest73.jpg - Torquay Station

obj02.jpg - Knighton Station

wto26.jpg - The bathing pool at Melksham House

sma0.jpg - Salford Quays

7for2017_3.jpg - In Steamers at Chippenham Station

pdestc5.jpg - The Imber bus waits at Warminster Station

hdh01.jpg - Happy Donkey Hill - across the valley

raildetective.jpg - Warminster - when was this line last used?

gwrrhs120.jpg - Arriving in Weymouth on the Wizard

networklevels.jpg - GWR WiFi signal and busy screen

pdest53.jpg - Swansea Station

ben_logfilesize.jpg - Web server log file size graph

su14_029.jpg - Maiden Newton

ex_cpm_20170228.jpg - Getting the train home in the rush hour

pdest99.jpg - Farringdon

fortnight_02.jpg - Off to see Swindon Town

sbritboattrain.jpg - 2 + 3 seating in a 150/1

cafeohno.jpg - Do not take hot drinks on the bus

xm16_09.jpg - Fishguard and Goodwick Station

hpl1.jpg - Melksham Roundhouse, now Bookasaurus

4_3_4.jpg - Laying the new tramway route in Manchester

pdest20.jpg - Stirling with semaphore signals

pdest64.jpg - Newton Abbott

rometorio.jpg - Melksham to Kemble by public transport

c15_4_07.jpg - PATH in New York

cs_vph.jpg - Web traffic hour by hour - Great Western Coffee Shop

bmo_05.jpg - Barmouth from the top of the path to the rail and footbridge across the estuary

weywizop3.jpg - The Weymouth Wizard - Trowbridge to Portland Bill

9jg.jpg - Severn Beach Station

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June 24, 2017

Third and final set of older picture for today

obj03.jpg - Llandrindod Station - or is that Llandrindod Wells?

4game1.jpg - Staging hotel in Crieff on our way to FIAB filming

ooo23.jpg - Westbury Station on Warminster Vintage Bus Running Day

pdestg7.jpg - Dublin Docklands Station

threedlackdogs.jpg - Billy Bobby and Gypsy

kymo.jpg - Lisa, John and Anne at Melksham Station

cadv63.jpg - Royal Albert Bridge, Saltash

oback.jpg - Changes to Exeter to Okehampton trains

folktrainposter.jpg - TransWilts promotion - arranged by Phil McMullen

c15_1_10.jpg - Rekjavik, Iceland

pdeste5.jpg - Waterbeach Station

kyp0.jpg - Longford Road Melksham - where you will find blue reindeer

p_20120116.jpg - Business Networking at Well House Manor, Melksham

sob001.jpg - Weymouth - South West Trains in platforms 2 and 3

DSC08301.jpg - Exclusive Bridge

o247_ad_general.jpg - We need to plan our bus services sensibly!

kymh.jpg - Planning to join Melksham Town to Melksham Without

twswspecial_004.jpg - Great Western Direct Award Consultation

duckgraham.jpg - One duck in the fountain

DSC08359.jpg - Santa has presents for these lucky children

gwrrhs050.jpg - Bus connections at Didcot Station

gwrrhs074.jpg - Swindon train at Frome

kynh.jpg - Barbara Woodhouse once lived here - Witherleigh, Melksham

kyo5.jpg - Lillys on the fountain at Well House Manor

nyp3.jpg - The cross legged tourist

tim.jpg - Punting (or being punted) on the Cam

kyp2.jpg - Croquet at Well House Manor

people4.jpg - Waiting for the train at Bradford-on-Avon

DSC08259.jpg - Melksham. Clintons cards has been replaced by Costa

bsside1.jpg - Lots of destinations for London Buses

More image labelling ...

kyph.jpg - The Foresters Arms, Melksham

twswspecial_024.jpg - Studying passenger satisfaction

sign_003.jpg - via Melksham is far more common than it used to be

pleaseask2.jpg - A lack of information

noodleprices.jpg - Price tag for King Pot Noodles

fgwoffer01.jpg - Copper Tires HQ, Melksham

c15_7_02.jpg - Breakfast, USA Style?

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Catching up on labelling more images

For several years, life has been hectic busy and images have been dropped onto my web site without labels; that means 'm being offered stale pictures when I do a Google search.

pio54.jpg - Disused Station in or near Rotherham

my1_70.jpg - Bath Spa Station

lastfirst.jpg - Waiting for the bus in Radstock

flowertrow.jpg - Flowers at Trowbridge Station

DSC08265.jpg - Melksham Station in the darker days

su14_049.jpg - Boarding the train at Westbury

estar1.jpg - St Pancras International

gwrrhs041.jpg - Okehampton - Great Western Train, Southern Station

cwater1.jpg - Coate Water Diving Board, Swindon

seatshadow.jpg - The front porch at Well House Manor

cadv12.jpg - from the Looe branch train

pdest89.jpg - near Trowbridge

latenightpassengers.jpg - Last train to Frome on a Saturday night

c15_4_04.jpg - Newark, New Jersey

rhs_a15.jpg - Rekjavik, Iceland

obj07.jpg - Information at Swindon Station

gwrrhs102.jpg - The new look GWR

billycomputing.jpg - Helping me study

pioa.jpg - Waiting at Westbury

air_extreme.jpg - In the Welsh Mountains, the WiFi signal may only be in some parts of the building

santa16_001.jpg - Santa had a bodyguard last year!

s14_011.jpg - Passengers waiting for trains at Paddington

field_nov12_2.jpg - When you are a little older, this field will be covered with houses, my son

fenx2.jpg - Some hotel electrical safety leaves much to be desired

gwrrhs113.jpg - Swindon - anyone for Chippenham, Melksham, and stations to Portsmouth Harbour

pdest81.jpg - Cambridge Guided Busway at Swavesey

melkshamstationcarpark.jpg - A quiet day in the new car park at Melksham Station

pdest34.jpg - The tram from Eccles near Salford Quays

f15_f2.jpg - Billy in the frost

s313_4.jpg - Melksham Spa Houses from across the fields

bglona.jpg - Dad, with Billy and Gypsy in London a couple of years back

At that point, I stop and shed a tear, for Dad passed away just over 5 months ago. I commented briefly on an earlier blog, but perhaps I hide my feelings here; time to take a break.

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Labelling images

Catching up on some old pictures - can you identify them??

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