July 11, 2016

What do people use the bus for in Wiltshire - survey interim results.

At the end of "Catch the Bus" week, I promised an update on how our survey's going. With people still completing the survey by the day, I don't want to give away very early data on their opinions on whats important on bus journeys as it might influence others yet to complete the survey. However, I don't see such an issue if I tell you about the use of the bus made by the respondents so far. From answers to "how often do yo use the bus", I estimate that we've got repsonses from people making a total of around 36,000 individual bus journeys per annum so far.

How often do you use the bus ... weighted to give journey reasons
21.7% ... to travel to and from a workplace?
17.9% ... to go shopping?
11.9% ... to go to school or college?
10.8% ... to visit friends and family?
8.8% ... to go to health or medical facilities?
8.4% ... to go to leisure facilities?
8.0% ... for other reasons? (please tell us what those reasons are at the end of the survey!)
7.3% ... just to enjoy the journey and see the area?
5.1% ... to meet people as I travel?
So over a fifth of journeys are to / from a workplace. That doens't mean it's a fifth of individuals using the bus are doing so for work, as those travelling to and from work are making far more journeys than - for example - those visiting leisure facillities. Counting journeys not people is important, as it helps to describe bus loading and revenue far better that looking at numbers of people.

Do you consider yourself disabled?
81.9% ... No
13.8% ... Yes, but it does not affect my bus use
3.2% ... No answer
1.1% ... Yes, and it affects my bus use

Should Wiltshire Council engage with the Department for Transport as an interested authority so that they can make use of these additional options if (after evaluation) they are the best way forward for Wiltshire?
Well over 90% ... Yes - Wiltshire Council should evaluate all options before cutting bus funding

A huge THANK YOU if you've already contributed to this survey. A significant proportion of people have written in comments too and those are hugely appreciated; I will answer / comment on a few over coming days and weeks, as there are some excellent suggestions and questions - but again taking care not to publish anything yet that will influence further survey completions.

If you have NOT completes the survey yes, it remains open and our cutoff for further analysis is 31st July. Please Complete it at [here]. And please pass on the URL - http://option247.uk/survey .

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July 07, 2016

Up and down TransWilts - some pictures off the rails!

Been busy ... VERY busy ... so let me just share a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.


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July 06, 2016

Pretty at the station too

Melksham is looking lovely ... getting all spruced up for the "Britain in Bloom" competition. Thanks to the Melksham Rail User Group (and one or two members in particular!), the station too is looking much more welcoming and much less 'just functional'.

Trains run 9 times a day (8 on Saturday, 7 on Sunday) to Chippenham and Swindon, and 9 times a day (8 on Saturday, 6 on Sunday) to Trowbridge and Westbury. Timetables and ticket prices (pay when you travel) at [here] .

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