August 27, 2016

Three months in community rail pictures

Three months in pictures - 158 of them taken from thousands I have taken to show just how varied the Community Rail Officer role is. It's my mandate to get help the trains and other public tranport serve the communities along the TransWits line and wider through Wiltshire - largely by co-ordinaing resources and informing. And it's my target to do it in such as way that a first use is a positive experience, and service users will keep coming back and keep telling friends and colleagues.


The common theme to the pictures I've chosen to highlight isn't trains. It's people! Only two of the seven pictures I've selected include a railway line (and in only one case is there a train there). The ultimate objective is to get people to use the trains (and at times to get the trains for people to use!) but it's all about people. The people featured are for the most part passengers and volunteers happily featured, but let us not forget the army of operational staff on the railway too. They do a superb job, but there's a convention not to photograph / add them in without their explicit permission - just as you'll find few or no pictures of the council officers, Department for Transport staff and railway mangement who do so much to help us and are just as vital in the success of the line.

All pictures are dated --- all have a story. And all are mixed up to give a flavour if you just sample!

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