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Understanding the new local government structure in Wiltshire

Wiltshire Council Organisation Government is bound to be complex, but I have this uneasy feeling that two layers of local government that I didn't understand have been replaced by one layer (and a sub-layer) that are almost as complex ... and which I think Joe Public still may not understand.

You can download this diagram (full size / .pdf) from here on the Wiltshire Council's web site. But, complex though it appears, it doesn't seem to cover all the local bodies. So I have added tried to put some of into context below.

The layers of Government

1. Parish / Town Councils (253)

1a. Area boards (come under the Unitary Authority, but cover 18 separate geographic areas in the county)

2. Unitary Authority

Wiltshire Council
Wiltshire Council Cabinet
Wiltshire Council Committees
Wiltshire Assembly
Wiltshire Coordinating Group
Thematic Delivery Partnerships
Wiltshire Public Service Board
Community Partnerships
Citizens Panels
Wiltshire Council Scrutiny
Council Departments and Officers
Wiltshire Strategic Board (related - not just part of council?)

3. Regional

Our region covers an area of 23,829 square kilometres including Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and the Isles of Scilly, and represents a population of almost five million people.

The South West Regional Assembly was abolished on 13th May 2009, powers to:
Strategic Leaders board of (41) South West Councils
Also at the regional level - Government Offices South West

4. Central Government (9 regions)

(No, I am not going to try to explain that one, or the following ones!)

5. European Government (27 member states)

6. Worldwide groupings to whom we sign up

(e.g. United Nations, International Court of Human Rights)

The major bodies at Unitary level

Wiltshire Council 98 elected members, each of whom represents a geographic area across the county. Councillors are listed here and there are full council meetings from time to time, but in practise most of the decisions are delegates to commitees, cabinet, other bodies, or made by the controlling party group or the county's officers.

Wiltshire Council Cabinet A grouping of senior elected members from the governing party who provide the political lead for the council on a day to day basis. Drill Deeper.

Wiltshire Council Committees Smaller groups of councillors to whom powers are delegated by the main council. There are 7 committees with specific functions covering the whole area, plus planning committees which cover parts of the area. Drill deeper here.

Wiltshire Assembly The Assembly met for the first time in October 2008, and meets twice a year. "It aims to be the main place where Wiltshire organisations come together to decide what needs to happen in order for Wiltshire to build a bright future for itself." See here for further details.

Wiltshire Coordinating Group The Wiltshire Coordinating Group is a small action focused working group which will bring issues together to assist the Wiltshire Assembly to develop, update, and coordinate delivery of the Wiltshire Sustainable Community Strategy. Drill deeper here.

Thematic Delivery Partnerships "Responsible for delivering significant action and developing strategy to achieve the ambitions in the Local agreement for Wiltshire". Drill deeper here

Wiltshire Public Service Board Brings together key public sector organisations that allocate significant resources to Wiltshire and are held accountable by government. The membership is largely comprised of elected Members and Chairmen who have the authority to commit resources on behalf of their organisation, supported by key officers. Drill deeper here

Community Partnerships (Community AREA partnerships?) I am still working this one out as to whether or not it is a formal setup, or a generic name for some other groups. Update - they "represent the community to the area board" - see here

Citizens Panels Panels of local citizens (sometimes specific demographic groups) within the county who are surveyed concerning various issues, with the reports from those surverys being published. Drill Deeper.

Wiltshire Council Scrutiny There are five scrutiny bodies who oversee the work of other bodies in the council - drill deeper here.

Area Boards Area boards are formed of the elected councillors for a geographic area (who can vote) and of other local area 'notables' who can attend on an advisory level. They have a limited local budget, and are intended to give the local areas an influence over what is done within an area up to the Unitary level. ASee here for further details.

Council Departments and Officers The organisation of the employed staff who operate the day to day services and are charged with implementing the policies of the council and its cabinet. See here to drill in deeper.

Wiltshire Strategic Board The Wiltshire Strategic Board (WiSB) is the key overarching, multi-agency partnership for the County. It is encouraged by government to set out its vision for the future of Wiltshire, and the broad actions that will make a reality of this vision, in a document called a community strategy. Drill deeper here.

Listings of individual organisations / committees

Wiltshire Parishes:

Aldbourne, Alderbury, All Cannings, Allington, Alton Barnes, Alvediston, Amesbury, Ansty, Ashton Keynes, Atworth, Avebury, Barford St Martin, Baydon, Beechingstoke, Berwick Bassett and Winterbourne Monkton, Berwick St James, Berwick St John, Berwick St Leonard, Biddestone, Bishops Cannings, Bishopstone, Bishopstrow, Bowerchalke, Box, Boyton, Bradford on Avon, Bratton, Braydon, Bremhill, Brinkworth, Britford, Broad Chalke, Broad Hinton and Winterbourne Bassett Parish Council, Broad Town, Brokenborough, Bromham, Broughton Gifford, Bulford, Bulkington, Burbage , Burcombe, Buttermere, Calne, Calne Without, Castle Combe, Chapmanslade, Charlton, Charlton St Peter and Wilsford, Cherhill, Cheverell Magna, Chicklade, Chilmark, Chilton Foliat, Chippenham, Chippenham Without, Chirton, Chitterne, Cholderton, Christian Malford, Chute, Chute Forest, Clarendon Park, Clyffe Pypard, Codford, Colerne, Collingbourne Ducis, Collingbourne Kingston, Compton Bassett, Compton Chamberlayne, Coombe Bissett and Hornington, Corsham, Corsley, Coulston, Cricklade, Crudwell, Dauntsey, Devizes, Dilton Marsh, Dinton, Donhead St Andrew, Donhead St Mary, Downton, Durnford, Durrington, East Kennet, East Knoyle, Easterton, Easton Grey, Easton Royal, Ebbesbourne Wake, Edington, Enford, Erlestoke, Etchilhampton, Everleigh, Figheldean, Firsdown, Fittleton, Fonthill Bishop, Fonthill Gifford, Fovant, Froxfield, Fyfield and West Overton, Grafton, Great Bedwyn, Great Hinton, Great Somerford, Great Wishford, Grimstead, Grittleton, Ham, Hankerton, Heddington, Heytesbury, Imber and Knook, Heywood, Hilmarton, Hilperton, Hindon, Holt, Horningsham, Hullavington, Idmiston, Keevil, Kilmington, Kington Langley, Kington St Michael, Lacock, Landford, Langley Burrell, Latton, Laverstock, Lea and Cleverton, Leigh, Limpley Stoke, Little Bedwyn, Little Cheverell, Little Somerford, Longbridge Deverill and Crockerton, Luckington, Ludgershall, Lydiard Millicent, Lydiard Tregoz, Lyneham and Bradenstoke, Maiden Bradley with Yarnfield, Malmesbury,Malmesbury Without, Manningford, Marden, Market Lavington, Marlborough, Marston, Marston Meysey, Melksham, Melksham Without, Mere, Mildenhall, Milston, Milton Lilbourne, Minety, Monkton Farleigh, Netheravon, Netherhampton, Nettleton, Newton Tony, North Bradley, North Newnton, North Wraxall, Norton Bavant, Norton and Foxley, Oaksey, Odstock, Ogbourne St Andrew, Ogbourne St George, Orcheston, Patney, Pewsey, Pitton and Farley, Potterne, Poulshot, Preshute, Purton, Quidhampton, Ramsbury and Axford, Redlynch, Roundway, Rowde, Rushall, Salisbury City Council, Savernake, Seagry, Sedgehill and Semley, Seend, Semington, Shalbourne, Sherrington, Sherston, Shrewton, Sopworth, South Newton, South Wraxall, Southwick, Stanton St Bernard, Stanton St. Quinton, Stapleford, Staverton, Steeple Ashton, Steeple Langford, Stert, Stockton, Stourton with Gasper, Stratford Tony, Sutton Benger, Sutton Mandeville, Sutton Veny, Swallowcliffe, Teffont, Tidcombe and Fosbury, Tidworth, Tilshead, Tisbury, Tockenham, Tollard Royal, Trowbridge, Upavon, Upper Deverills, Upton Lovell, Upton Scudamore, Urchfont, Warminster, West Ashton, West Dean, West Knoyle, West Lavington, West Tisbury, Westbury, Westwood, Whiteparish, Wilcot and Huish, Wilsford cum Lake, Wilton, Wingfield, Winsley, Winterbourne, Winterbourne Stoke, Winterslow, Woodborough, Woodford, Wootton Bassett, Wootton Rivers, Worton, Wylye, Yatton Keynell and Zeals

Wiltshire Area Boards:

Calne, Chippenham, Corsham, Malmesbury, Marlborough, Wootton Bassett, Bradford on Avon, Devizes, Melksham, Pewsey, Trowbridge, Westbury, Amesbury, Salisbury, Southern Wiltshire, South West Wiltshire, Tidworth and Warminster

Council Committees:
Standards Committee, Audit Comittee, Stategic Planning Comittee, Area Planning Comittee, Staffing Policy Comittee, Officer appointments Committee and Pension fund committee.

Thematic Delivery Partnerships:

The Wiltshire Strategic Economic Partnership, The Wiltshire •[99]s Children and Young People •[99]s Trust Board, The Community Safety Partnership, The Housing Partnership , The Resilient Communities Partnership, The Transport Partnership, The Wiltshire Environmental Alliance and The Health and Wellbeing Partnership Board
(written 2009-07-11, updated 2009-07-15)

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