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Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 23 January 2005

I have learned over the years that by learning by example, is a very good way to learn. Is there any program examples that I can view and see how it's done?
Now I see that there is a few scripts in the Phyton install program.  But is there a few programs with open source maybe?  

Hope you understand what I ask.  

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 24 January 2005
Yes, I do understand, Sonny.

I present Python training courses ...

There's three modules on line and available for download under our Open Training Notes license at - in there, you'll find examples that the particular modules cover.

The "Introductions to Python" module is downloadable but under a more restricted license from

Finally, almost all of the sample programs from our Python course  are also on line.  They're primarily intended for trainees who have been on our courses and want to cut and paste our examples in their work, but they're visible to everyone.  Note that these are JUST the examples - the full de3scriptive text is only available within the course manuals, except as noted in the two paragraphs above.

To find these examples:
a) Go to the course description at
b) Click on the link to the left of a module (reference numbers like Y104) and you'll be taken to a page that describes that module
c) Click on the line of text that describes an example, and you'll be shown the sample code.

<advert>Of course, the best way to learn Python is to come on one of the courses</advert>

Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 7 February 2005

Thanks for the help, I am starting to read through some of the text. Thanks a million Graham.

I really wish I could follow some of the courses. It looks soooo interesting. But besides monatary problems, my room is my world due to my illness. But I tell you, people that sit and do nothing, don't know what they are missing. I see the knowledge that you and others have, amazing really.

I'll let you know how I'm doing, and I'm sure from time to time I will need help.  

Great service this forum provide. I decided to put a link for and this forum on every site I am designing. The few I already designed and uploaded will be updated soon with links.  

It's the least I can do. This forum already has a link on my personal website. I wil update it later.  


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 12 February 2005
I'm delighted that we're of help. Languages such as Python (and the others that we teach) are so excellently written that it's a pleasure to work with them ... and we're busy enough to be able to pick and choose those great languages  

It's also about working WITH people, and networking. That's a different (and much more pleasurable) world that a narrow commercial one and we "meet" some interesting people.  Sonny - when I happen to be in your part of the world, may I arrange a time to drop by and shake your hand? That will happen in the next few years as my daughter-in-law was raised just up the coast from you, and we'll be visiting with her familiy again I'm sure.

Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 13 February 2005

You in South-Africa? Happy days!   We'll roll out the busheveld's green carpet for you. Please, it would be such a honor to receive you in my humble home!

If you let me know before hand, I'll give you detailed instructions. In what town/city were she raised?


Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 13 February 2005
on 02/13/05 at 08:18:47, SonnyZA wrote:
In what town/city were she raised?


Mossel Bay ... there's even a wedding picture in the "News" section of our site; she and Chris got married about 20 miles inland from there (see  I know it's old news now, but I can't bring myself to take out that particular item ...

And, yes, of course I would let you know plans and I would also tell you NOT to do anything special ....

Posted by SonnyZA (SonnyZA), 13 February 2005
Hey Graham,

Yes Mossselbaai is now about 1300km from us, but I stayed near there between 1996-1999 when I worked for Vodacom/Vodafone. In Oudshoorn (about 120km away). We had an agent there. Beautifull place really.

Sent my greetings to her and her husband.

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