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Printing out currencies in Python

Posted by enquirer (enquirer), 23 January 2004
How do I print out the number contained in a float object in Python to a certain number of decimal places?   How do I format a time so that if I have an hour of 7 and a minute of 9 it comes out as 07:09?

Posted by admin (Graham Ellis), 23 January 2004
In Python, the % operator is overloaded - it gives "remainder when divided by" if the parameter to the left of the % character is a numeric object type, and it gives "formatted to" if the parameter to the left of the % character is a string.

In other words, the % operator in python is like the sprintf function in Perl, PHP and C.

Sample program:

vatrate = 17.5

amount = float(raw_input("Please enter an amount paid: "))
hour = int(raw_input("What was the hour? "))
min = int(raw_input("What was the minute? "))

result = "The amount %.2f was paid at %02d:%02d" % (amount, hour, min)
tax = amount * vatrate / (100.0 + vatrate)
taxinfo = "That's %.2f plus %.2f tax" % (amount -tax, tax)

print result
print taxinfo

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