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Python training news
Next Public Course Dates
Learning to program in Python Mon, 3 Dec 18 5 days
Python Programming Tue, 4 Dec 18 4 days

Link on individual courses for more details and further dates.

We can also run a private tailored course at our centre or a private course at your office.
Python Programming - training course
The fundamentals in depth, and an introduction to applications such as GUI design and Data Munging.
Duration: 4 days • Price: £1530.00 +VAT (with hotel room), or £1250.00 +VAT (without room), • Venue: Melksham, Wiltshire

• Tuesday 17 April 2018• Tuesday 22 May 2018
• Tuesday 26 June 2018• Tuesday 14 August 2018
• Tuesday 11 September 2018• Tuesday 9 October 2018
• Tuesday 4 December 2018
Prior programming experience in another language such as Perl, Java, Basic or C. If you haven't programmed before, please book on our Learning to program in Python course instead.
Detailed description: [Link]
Python language fundamentals
Introduction to Python (module Y101)
Python - Fundamentals (module Y102)
Conditionals and Loops (module Y103)
Lists and Tuples (module Y104)
Functions, Modules and Packages (module Y105)
Python, Object Orientation, Object use
Object Orientation: Individual Objects (module Q906)
Python - using functions, objects and modules. (module Y200)
Object Oriented Python (module Y106)
Dictionaries (module Y107)
String Handling (module Y108)
Exceptions (module Y109)
File Handling (module Y110)
More on Collections and Sequences (module Y111)
Object Orientation: Composite Objects (module Q909)
Objects - Intermediate (module Y112)
Object Orientation: Design Techniques (module Q907)
Additional Python Facilities (module Y115)
Object Orientation: Design Patterns (module Q908)
Applying OO design techniques and best practise (module Y116)
Code testing, patterns, profiles and optimisation. (module Y212)
Python uses and applications
Already written modules (module Y117)
Python and SQL databases (module Y113)
numpy, scipy and matplotlib (module Y118)
Python & XML (module Y151)
GUIs and Graphics in Python (module Y203)
Python on the Web (module Y202)
Python 3 - What is new, what's changed and why (module Y300)

Graham Ellis - graham@wellho.net [email]  [about Graham]
Melksham, Wiltshire

A public Python course in Colorado, USA is offered by Mark Lutz, author of "Learning Python" and other O'Reilly books on Python. This course also runs 3 times a year. There is no commercial link between Mark and Well House Consultants, but each of us tells prospective customers about the other's services where appropriate.
Public courses run at Well House Manor - our own purpose fitted training centre and business hotel / conference centre in Melksham.
• Download Melksham Map - [pdf file (750k)] • Google Map - [Link]
1 student   2 students   3 students   For 4 or more students
from the same company,
please consider a private course.
 With hotel room
(£1836.00 inc VAT)
Without room
(£1500.00 inc VAT) 
 With hotel rooms
(£3612.00 inc VAT)
Without rooms
(£2940.00 inc VAT) 
 With hotel rooms
(£5388.00 inc VAT)
Without rooms
(£4380.00 inc VAT) 
• Multiple discount applies to bookings for second and subsequent delegates on the same running of a course, and on same order.
• Hotel rooms are available for arrival the night before the course starts, for departure after the end of the course on the last day.
If you're looking to write extensive GUIs using Python, make heavy use of it on the web, or embed it within your own application, please ask us to run a "Python Extra" day for you; Python Extra days allow us to give greater coverage to more specialist topics without extending the basic course.

Public (scheduled) courses -- http://www.wellho.net/course/ctc.html
For more information about our public courses in general, such as class size, course times, materials provided, special requests, accommodation list, finding our centre, etc.
Terms and Conditions -- http://www.wellho.net/net/terms.html
Covering topics such as delegate substitution, payment, cancellation policy and other matters.

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