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Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
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Things to do in Melksham
Resources from the web site of Well House Consultants on the subject of Things to do in Melksham. We provide open source training course and business hotel accommodation in Melksham, Wiltshire, England

There are plenty of places to stay and lots of places to eat in Melksham, and it's an ideal touring base too. Beautiful countryside, lovely old villages, Statley homes and towns and cities nearby too. Even if you're just looking for something to do overnight you should find plenty.
Articles and tips on this subjectupdated
829Where to go within 30 minutes of Melksham
I often thought of writing a book "within about an hour", describing some of the places to go and see within about an hour of where I live - indeed, that's much of the inspiration for the data on our share pages system which starts you at Melksham Truth be known - it doesn't need to be "within an hour" ...
670Architectural Heritage - Devizes
Looking around at the local town of Devizes on Sunday evening... ...all these pictures taken while our Kebab cooked! ...
951What happened at Geekmas
A big "Thank You" to everyone who came along to Geekmas over the weekend - a good time, a great night at the hotel, and a fantastic curry had by all! Code quality, testing and maintainability turned out to be a major theme that ran through the weekend - with topics ranging from Rasmus Lerdorf's 4 layer ...
977Melksham and Norwich
Perhaps you've come across NORWICH, but have you come across MELKSHAM? "In the Second World War soldiers used to send letters home to their sweethearts with MELKSHAM written boldly on the back. It stood for May Everyone's Love Know Such Happiness As Mine" Source - the Knowhere guide ...
989Melksham Quiz
Q: In what year did Charles Maggs set up a Rope factory in Spa Road, Melksham? That's one of the questions from a quiz... where all the answers were numbers... that I set up for the ladies of the Bowerhill Villager for their Christmas quiz last night. The theme wasn't "Christmas" but there was certainly ...
354Ballooning from Bath
I don't know how to describe the sound. A sort of rumbly hissing from the sky, duration about 3 seconds. Not loud enough to make me jump, not long enough to turn and follow the sound to its source with my eyes. I turned around and scanned the sky; or rather, I scarcely needed to scan the sky as this ...
3230Whaddon - near us and yet so remote from us
The village of Whaddon lines about 3 miles on foot from Melksham... or more than twice that by road. It's at the end of a dead end lane from Hilperton in Trowbridge... and comprises a mixture of old farms, and well tended dwellings with (it sometimes seems) a dog barking at each gate. There's a rich ...
3229Coincidence, or naturally repeating event?
Here's a co-incidence for you. Lisa and I picknicked at Beanacre yesterday, choosing the outdoors in the sunshine rather than sitting inside somewhere. The spring flowers are coming out, the grass is growing, and the fresh air clears the lungs wonderfully! Where's the co-incidence? I've just uploaded ...
3531Blowing our trumpet about Melksham
"Isn't it great to be back in Melksham?" ... "Yes - I enjoy a good blow of my trumpet about this town!" Saturday was the Christmas Fayre in Melksham, with Santa arriving at 2 O'clock and seeing children in his grotto in the Town Hall, and the turning on of the Melksham Lights at 5 p.m. We started ...
1928Melksham Oak Community School, Melksham, Wiltshire
Melksham is growing, with 750 new homes approved, to be constructed in the very near future - just over the back, behind our home. And there's a new secondary school already being built, to be known as "Melksham Oak" and replacing the George Ward, which is tired and worn out. "Melksham Oak" is going ...
957Improving the historic town of Melksham
On Tuesday night, we went along to the presentation by Melksham First of their design study for improving the environment in the town centre. Melksham's a lovely town - we've been saying that for years - but with a number of eyesores. There's a few things that could be improved at little cost, others ...
5Driving in the UK for new arrivals from the USA
I'm not *just* about Open Source - I do get involved in other things. As this is my first weekend post here, I'll give you a read of what I've just written ... to help sort out some issues with driving in the UK that people moving here from the USA were having. 1-2-3-4- drive in the UK! 1. If you ...
3284What to do in the evening during a Tcl course
Our training centre is set in a lovely part of the UK ... so you can come here to learn to program in Tcl (this week's course) and in the eveing see some beautiful countryside. Or perhaps arrive a day early, stop for an extra day and see Bath - just 12 miles from us - or Longleat, Lacock, Stonehenge ...
3239TrainWest, 2011 in pictures - Christie Miller, Bowerhill, Melksham
Open tomorrow (Sunday 10th April) too. Next year ... Saturday 14th April 2012 and Sunday 15th April 2012 ...
3062Melksham Carnival - getting ready for 2011
"Carnival in November?" you ask. Yes - the Melksham Carnival Committee is looking forward to 16th July 2011, and early on Friday morning the lady who's going to be looking after their web site popped in for breakfast and to be shown the ropes. And I'm delighted to see that - by Saturday morning - there ...
2716Melksham in Pictures
I was feeling "out of sorts" yesterday - and the spring weather (and an urgent request for pictures for use by our twin town of Avon) gave me an excellent excuse to talk a walk round, spring clean my picture library, and put together a new slide show of Melksham. You can start the slide show [here]. ...
2656Melksham Carnival
Melksham Carnival and Melksham Party in the Park take place this year on Saturday, 17th July ("this year" is 2010). The whole town comes out on Carnival day! From lunchtime onwards, there are stalls on King George's Fields, and food and entertainment - well organised by the PIP team. Then - late afternoon ...
2175Melksham in pictures
I'm following up a huge batch of technical posts with a reminder of what a great place Melksham is to live in and to visit. Pictures here all taken during the first 10 days of May 2009, in Melksham. Young leaves on the trees, on the footpath that runs behind Laburnum Drive, Beech Avenue and Larch Close. ...
2141Town Crier competiton
Through the archway at the old fire station, you can see Melksham's market place and all the old buildings around it. Two hundred years ago, Melksham was the largest town for many miles around and that history is still there to be seen. Today was the first of what we hope will become an annual Town ...
524Santa comes to Melksham
Yesterday, we travelled up from Melksham to Swindon on the 13:35 train and returned on the 17:50. Over 100 pictures taken, many of excited children with Santa Claus who somehow had arrived on the following train (so the rumours WERE true!). On the return journey, there were so many people on the train ...
929Presenting Melksham - for a weekend away in Wiltshire
I do my best presentations when under pressure. ((Important NOTE to wife / staff / cat - DON'T pressure me every morning)). By which I mean that a new presentation or one I'm not quite prepared for even though I know my subject can, I think, sparkle with a freshness that's not there if it's been wellprepared ...
1894Shopping in Melksham
On Thursday, 27th November, Melksham is hosting a late night Christmas shopping event. Businesses that will be open until 8 p.m. include: Amber Home Appliance Centre [link] Andy York Photography [link] Arthouse Cafe [link] Castle News Chinese Medicine Centre Clinton Cards Cobblers Bench Cornerstone ...
1452Santa on the train to Melksham
Today was the day that the Melksham Railway Development Group ran their Santa Special trip to Swindon. As usual, even a strengthened public train was crowded, but everyone had a great day none the less! Santa visited all the children on the train - and our party today included 33 children! Santa ...
1330While waiting for Melksham Post Office
"That's the longest queue I've ever seen here" said the chap outside Melkshm Post Office yesterday. It was the first of the month, it was Saturday, and it was within about an hour of lunchtime to I suppose it was no wonder that the crowd control lines were full and then the line headed out through ...
51Gym and swimming - Melksham Blue Pool
When you're away from home on a training course, why should you have to take a break from your fitness regime if you're that way inclined? Our training centre is less that a mile from the Melksham Blue Pool, open from 7 in the morning into the evening. We work closely in conjunction with them to ensure ...
Bromham and Roundway Hill
The Kennet and Avon canal runs 2 miles from our centre
National Trust village, Lacock
Beautiful Wiltshire near our training centre
Public Footpaths behind The Spa, Melksham
Christmas lights in Melksham
Melksham carnival
Walk up Caen Hill Locks, Devizes on a summer evening
Over the fields behind Snowberry Lane, Melksham
"Harris's of Calne"
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