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For 2021 - online Python 3 training - see ((here)).

Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
We can now offer tailored online training - small groups, real tutors - works really well for groups of 4 to 14 delegates. Anywhere in the world; course language English.

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python 2, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc.
"Of Course" Newsletter
We publish the "Of Course" newsletter to keep you up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Open Source world, such as the newest version release information, and to share tips and techniques in Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl/Tk and MySQL.
SUMMER 2006 [issue 12]
• Managing images though PHP and MySQL
• Model, View, Controller - not JUST a Java Mantra
• What language should I learn? PHP? Perl? Tcl?
• Exploring Apache httpd facilities
• MySQL - the clauses and their uses
• Busyness Booms
• Checking if "x" is in list "y"
• Why Wiltshire?
• Opening Autumn 2006 - Business Accommodation
• Phalanx Project
• Training Efforts
• Iterators - expressions that change at each call
• Options that take the biscuit
• Sorting Dandruff using Perl's sort and map
• What's the difference?
• Brag Page
• Latest versions of Open Source
• Our centre of character and history ...
• ... is about to be joined by another
• Addition Question
• LAMP: What's on your wishlist?
• MySQL tips and techniques resource
• Options program
• Schedule and Calendar
WINTER 2005 [issue 11]
• He who dares, Forums
• Is it the place to be?
• Wiki Watch
• The X-Y-Z’s of sharing
• Function Convention
• Brag Page
• Expect for Windows
• Getting to our centre
• PHP: it takes all sorts
• Bristol Blue Glass data study
• The makings of a cat
• Latest Versions
• Local accommodation
• Mapping your site
• Apache httpd and Tomcat
• A training web site
• Schedule
• Calendar
• Major web site update
• Your r’s from your x’s
SPRING 2005 [issue 10]
• Geekmas Greetings
• What’s new in our Training Centre?
• Java course notes available for free
• Helping out your navigation skills
• Travelling the World
• Our library of books, both real and virtual
• Who looks after MySQL?
• Brag Page
• Seat pricing GUI in Tcl/Tk
• Getting to our training centre
• You can do a lot with a little Python
• Cruising with the Geek gods
• Latest versions of Open Source software
• Making your site’s URLs more friendly
• Embedding layers - better Web application design
• MySQL - Simplifying complex joins
• Schedule and calendar
• Well House Consultants welcomes Leah on the team
• Distributing Open Source applications - easier than you think
AUTUMN 2004 [issue 9]
• The legal aspects of a web site
• Using short tags in PHP
• The speed of three
• What’s in the bookshop?
• PHP5 - should you switch?
• Making a web site visible
• Latest Open Source versions
• The mint under the pillow
• Customer care before and after courses
• Getting to our training centre
• Handling huge data
• Dynamic Web Pictures
• Extreme Programming
• Back Issues
• Schedule and Calendar
• OOP Demystified
• Brag Page
• Our birthday approaches
• Your contacts at Well House Consultants
• Coming up - a GeekCruise
SPRING 2004 [issue 8]
• PHP: What do the letters stand for?
• A matter of choosing which OS to use
• How do I learn Object Oriented design?
• I refuse to wear THOSE shirts!
• What's a polecat?
• The hidden costs over a lifetime
• Get the update on where to stay here
• Quality matters
• Getting to our training centre
• Who teaches the teacher?
• Python on either side of the pond
• Latest Open Source Software
• Broadband Access for the Traveller
• Logging in to the BT Openzone service
• Dining out in Melksham
• Have time and a sense of adventure?
• Brag Page
• Using Objects in Perl
• References and variables in Perl
• Back Issues Available
• What do you put into a file?
• What defines quality software?
• Schedule
• Calendar
• Getting to the core price of Fedora
• HTTP Developer's Handbook
AUTUMN 2003 [issue 7]
• PHP sticky boxes
• Perl 5, Ponie, Perl 6
• SQLite - embed a database without a daemon
• Python and Jython - public training courses
• Opentalk - Tcl, Perl, PHP, Java, MySQL forum
• Expanded local accommodation list - Melksham
• Well House Consultant's Open Source Library
• Broadband update - Cable v ADSL v Satellite
• Can a high speed connection be too fast?
• Course materials - manuals, certificates, pens, mousemats
• Open Source moves forward with major new releases
• Back Issue availability
• Data structure design - link or copy?
• It's a hard life, but someone's got to do it
• Deployment training - new growth area?
• Table of latest stable versions of open source software
• Course schedule and calandar to March 2004
• Tailoring your web site to match your visitor's profile
• Not only faster, but bigger too
SPRING 2003 [issue 6]
• Letting the cat out of the box
• Perl 6 - an introduction to what it will and won't be
• Putting public sector data online
• Open Source languages - the latest versions for download
• When size matters - text fields in MySQL
• Data Mining and Content Management Systems
• Setting up online e-commerce; not as daunting as you might think
• Regular Expression mouse mats for sale
• Training course schedule - Perl, Java, PHP, MySQL, Tcl and Ruby
• Spring Cleaning - brushing up our facilities
• 10 relevant projects from SourceForge
• Just in case you dare not ask
• Coding tips - consider the level of code before you write it
• Local accommodation around Melksham
• Apple get it right to the core
• Introducing our loo
• Sample application - monitoring a web site in Perl
• Data Protection act - buyer beware
• Setting up Mac OS X to look at your /etc/hosts
• 12 faces and places - a rogue's gallery of recent students
• FAQ - quick answers to search enquiries to our web site
AUTUMN 2002 [issue 5]
• Regular Expressions - major feature
• Bringing Tcl up to date
• Learning Perl as a first language - which books will help me?
• Training course schedule - Perl, Java, PHP, MySQL, Tcl and Ruby
• YaBB (Yet another Bulletin Board) - Open Source at its best
• Ruby - training course announcement
• Tk - How it controls the updates of your screen
• Favourite Regular expressions - Match UK Postcodes, Credit card numbers and many more
• Portable PHP code for database appliactions using ADOdb
• Using PHP in stand alone applications
• Running scripting languages fast by cutting loops
• Why are we called "Well House Consultants"?
• Local accommodation in Melksham
• What's the latest software version?
• Open Source Bulletin Board for your programming questions
• Book Review - Mastering Regular Expressions (2nd Edition)
• Opinion - Honesty works, even in the training business
WINTER/SPRING 2002 [issue 4]
• Keeping data secure as it passes through the Internet
• Extracting text from Microsoft Word documents in Perl
• PHP - Improved security in release 4.1
• Daemons - a story of gods and mortals
• Cookies - European law and regulations
• Compiled, Interpretive and Virtual machine languages
• The Parrot virtual machine
• When is a "modem" not a modem?
• The Euro - programming for pounds and euros
• Case Study - MPC Data embed MySQL in tailored software solution
• More Dynamic than an array - lists, hashes, hashtables and more
• The Typist and the engineer - Expect / Tcl application
• Opinion - Learning comes from life experience, and a bit of planning
• Book review - "The Java Cookbook"
• What's the latest software version?
• Decisions - choosing the best course for your needs
• From a watery beginning - Melksham Spa bottles
• Local accommodation in Melksham
• Time Line - Well House Consultant's growth story
AUTUMN 2001 [issue 2]
• Behind the mechanics of PHP
• Java threads for a simple chat room
• What is XML?
• Relating to MySQL
• Open source opens access to Gaelic language
• Wireless networking, the next generation or just more IT Hype?
• Sessions and State
• Local accommodation in Melksham
• What's the latest software version?
• On the Oban road
• Perl 6 - State of the Onion
• Opinion - IT making the world smaller?
• Book Review - "Perl - I didn't know you could do that"
• Are you under attack from Codered?
SPRING 2001 [issue 2]
• Quiz - Checking your knowledge in Perl, Java and Tcl
• Using FTP from Perl
• In and around Melksham
• Blistering Speed right to the laptop
• What's the latest software version?
• How to decide if Open Source is right for you
• Focus on Perl Standards
• Opinion - "Who sold you THAT?"
• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
• Web logs and market research
Winter 2000/2001 [issue 1]
• Perl Whirl 2000 - An Alaskan Adventure
• Wellhokommen, Bien Venue - Open Source training centre.
• What is Tcl? - Tcl/Tk and Expect
• Handling Huge Data - Sample script to analyse the XML from DMOZ
• Book Review - The "New Camel"
• The London and Dublin connection
• Perl for Larger Projects
All back issues are available by post to UK addresses at no charge - just complete our Information Request form. If you don't have a UK address, please let us know your interest in our training, and we'll send you a copy. "Of Course" is printed to a high quality, and is now also available for download.

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