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Retiring, March 2020 - sorry, you have missed our final public course.
The Coronavirus situation has lead us to suspend public training - which was on the cards anyway, with no plans to resume

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc
Happily continuing private consultancy / programming work

PHP for Leisure
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Link on individual weekends for more details and further dates.

We can also run a private tailored course at our centre or a private course at your office.
Learn how to make you web site more dynamic

This course has been replaced by Learning to program in PHP

This is a two day weekend course which is designed for the delegate who writes and maintains web site(s) for local leisure groups, charities, or just for the pleasure of his own hobby - he does the work because he enjoys it, and not because he's paid for it.

Arrive the evening before the course formally starts, check in and meet the tutor and other delegates. That evening, we'll also talk informally about exactly what you want to get from the weekend so that we can tailor accordingly.

On the Saturday morning, we'll introduce you to programming with a PHP bias, tell you about the language and have you including a "Message of the day" into your pages - and telling the user what the date is too. We'll go on to look at programming principles - variables and loops - and we'll generate pages showing tables of results.

Lunch is provided

In the afternoon, we'll read information from a form and use it within the program; we'll look at how you can handle user's errors (and user's attempts to be malicious too!) and how you can make the data entry user friendly too. Even at this stage of the course, we'll be showing youhow to make the code easy for you to upgrade and modify later, by keeping the program logic apart from the look and feel - we'll have you writing reusable functions and 'parameterising' your code.

On Sunday morning, we'll cover 'core' subjects such as arrays and more string handling, and show you how to store and read data - via files, and also using databases such as Sqlite and MySQL. All delegates will have use of one of our systems for the duration of the course so that they can try out what they're being taught; when they finish the course, not only will they have seen, but they will have done.

After a light lunch (no heavy Sunday lunch to send you to sleep!), we'll show you how your application can learn more about your visitor so that you can tailor your response to different groups of users, and we'll show you many other things that you'll be able to do with PHP as you develop - a roadmap to the future, helping to point you ahead.

Later in the afternoon, everyone will work on projects that relate to their own use of PHP (please bring your samples and data along) and we'll give you a helping hand to start making use of what you've learned over the weekend - so that you leave us (we can offer you a lift to the station for the evening trains) firing on all cylinders.

Read more about our weekend courses - how they run in general - here
A knowledge of how to put a web site together - an understanding of the structure of web sites, and the ability to read a little HTML.

Getting the most from your Well House Consultants course [Link]
PHP is a one of the most commonly used tools in the provision of server side programming on the web. Uses include anything from inserting a user editable message of the day onto your home page, through sign up and request-for-information forms to complete forum and on line ordering systems, through automated graphics, user identification, dynamic validation via AJAX and REST, and much more.
Course Summary: [Link]
Learning to Progam (module Q100) What is programing? Why are there so many langauges? Which language for what purpose? How to plan your progamming project. Making best use of existing resources.
Introduction to PHP (module H101) What is PHP? What hardware and software do I need? Examples of PHP in use. Whys use PHP rather than the alternatives? When and where is PHP available? Versions of PHP (3 v 4).
A First PHP Web Page (module H102) How do I enter and edit a PHP script? Adding PHP within an HTML page. How do I run a PHP Script? First Script - including the day of the week in a web page. Sequences of statements. Editing and debugging your PHP. Commenting your PHP. Debugging techniques.
Variables, Operators and Expressions (module H103) Variable naming, creation. Strings, Integers and Floats. Constants. Saving values in variables and retrieving them. Arithmetic, logical, relational, bitwise and other operators. Combining operators; expressions, precedence, etc. Comments. Including a file.
Control Statements (module H104) Booleans, True and False. Conditionals - if, elseif, else, ?: snd switch. Loops - while, do, and for. Controls - break, continue, exit, die and return. Making up a table in PHP.
Functions (module H105) Declaring and calling a function. Arguments and return values. Variable scope, global and static. Loading functions from another file. Library functions - overview. Call by name and call by value.
Arrays (module H106) Creating arrays, storing and retrieving values. Indexing by number or by string. Initialising arrays.
String Handling in PHP (module H107) Review of the fundamentals. Formatting strings. String cleansing. Low-level string manipulation. Tokenizing a string (explode). Regular expressions.
HTML Web Page Data Handling (module H110) Writing to the browser. Reading from a form. Environment variables.
Complete example - Registering for a get-together (module H203) Description of application. Welcoming new users. Recognising and greeting returning visitors. Storage of data. Generation of the HTML. Roadmap and complete code listing.

Graham Ellis - graham@wellho.net [email]  [about Graham]
Melksham, Wiltshire
Public courses run at Well House Manor - our own purpose fitted training centre and business hotel / conference centre in Melksham.
• Download Melksham Map - [pdf file (750k)] • Google Map - [Link]
1 student   2 students   3 students   For 4 or more students
from the same company,
please consider a private course.
 With hotel room
£500.00 (No VAT from 1.2019)
Without room
£360.00 (No VAT from 1.2019) 
 With hotel rooms
£1000.00 (No VAT from 1.2019)
Without rooms
£720.00 (No VAT from 1.2019) 
 With hotel rooms
£1500.00 (No VAT from 1.2019)
Without rooms
£1080.00 (No VAT from 1.2019) 
• All of our rooms are double or twin, and the residential rate quoted is for single occupancy. The second delegate sharing a room pays just the non-redidential rate.
• Hotel rooms are available for arrival the night before the course starts, for departure after the end of the course on the last day.
We offer a follow up weekend - Intermediate PHP for the leisure user - and several more advanced courses beyond that. We're also delighted to answer questions after the course, and to have you pop in and use the library and stay / chat if you would like further support.

Upon completion of your course, you'll have online access to the source code of all the examples from the course, and you'll have access to the "Ask the Tutor" forum where you can raise questions. We also encourage you to email the tutor, and to visit us again to use our library as appropriate.

Certification? - [Link]
Public (scheduled) courses -- http://www.wellho.net/course/ctc.html
For more information about our public courses in general, such as class size, course times, materials provided, special requests, accommodation list, finding our centre, etc.
Terms and Conditions -- http://www.wellho.net/net/terms.html
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