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Regular Expression training news
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Regular Expressions - training course
Making the most of Pattern Matching
Duration: 1 day • Price: $660.00 or £420.00 +VAT (with hotel room), or $550.00 or £350.00 +VAT (without room), • Venue: Melksham, England

Usually scheduled to meet customer needs or run as a private course. Please email for details
Regular expressions are probably the most powerful pattern matching tools that is available. In just one or two short lines of code, the knowledgable programmer can write code that would be 10 times as long using any other technique. But Regular Expressions aren't intuitive, even to otherwise experienced code writers.

This course refreshes any knowledge of Regular Expressions that you have from first principles, and shows you how to make effective use of them for recognising, capturing and altering patterns. You will learn how Regular Expression engines work, and learn how to write code that's going to run well and fast. We then go on to study some of the more advanced features such as look ahead, sparse matching, back referencing, etc.

You are encouraged to bring along samples of your data for us to look at during the day so that you'll go away with practical examples of how you'll be using regular expressions after this course!
Working knowledge of any one of Perl, PHP, Tcl, Python, Ruby or Java.

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Regular Expressions provide a powerful tool for matching strings - for example, if you wanted to look at some text in your program and work out whether it was in the correct format for a postcode, you would use a regular expression. But ... regular expressions are so terse and yet flexible that they're very hard for the newcomer to self-teach, which is why we offer this one day course.
Course Summary: [Link]
What are Regular Expressions? (module Q801) What are regular expressions?. Why use regular expressions?. Regular expression flavours - regular, Perl, POSIX, variants. What are the alternatives?. String manipulation functions. Globbing. Grammars. Tokenizers. Combinations.
Regular Expression Elements (module Q802) Literals. Assertions. Character groups. Special character groups - Perl. Special character groups - POSIX. Special character groups - \p. Any character. Counts. Bracketing.
Regular Expressions - Extra Elements (module Q803) Capturing matches. Which match?. Alternation. Sparse matches. Look around, ahead, behind. Modifiers. Ignoring case.. Global matching. Modifiers that fine tune individual regular expression elements.
Regular Expression Internals (module Q804) Compile and match phases. Saving state and backtracking - why and what is the effect? Global and "study" matches, Regular Expression objects, etc.
Advanced Regular Expression Components (module Q805) Sparse and greedy counts. Back Referencing and saved variables. Look ahead and look behind. Non capture brackets.
Regular Expression Cookbook (module Q806) Options for caputured output. Matching the parts of the string you don't want. When to use .* on the start of the end of a match. Using Regular Expressions to handle numbers. Other Regular Expression engines - from vi to Expect.

Graham Ellis - graham@wellho.net [email]  [about Graham]
Melksham, Wiltshire , England. A taxi transfer can be arranged if you'll be arriving by air from United States. Private Courses can be arranged on site in your country.
Public courses run at Well House Manor - our own purpose fitted training centre and business hotel / conference centre in Melksham.
• Download Melksham Map - [pdf file (750k)] • Google Map - [Link]
1 student   2 students   3 students   For 4 or more students
from the same company,
please consider a private course.
 With hotel room
($792.00 inc VAT) or
(£504.00 inc VAT)
Without room
($660.00 inc VAT) or
(£420.00 inc VAT) 
 With hotel rooms
($1524.00 inc VAT) or
(£948.00 inc VAT)
Without rooms
($1260.00 inc VAT) or
(£780.00 inc VAT) 
 With hotel rooms
($2256.00 inc VAT) or
(£1392.00 inc VAT)
Without rooms
($1860.00 inc VAT) or
(£1140.00 inc VAT) 
• Multiple discount applies to bookings for second and subsequent delegates on the same running of a course, and on same order.
• Hotel rooms are available for arrival the night before the course starts, for departure after the end of the course on the last day.
Upon completion of your course, you'll have online access to the source code of all the examples from the course, and you'll have access to the "Ask the Tutor" forum where you can raise questions. We also encourage you to email the tutor, and to visit us again to use our library as appropriate.

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