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Web Page and HTML Spell Checker

Our web site consists of some 7000 different URLs - we aim to add one or two new pages every day; they may be technical tips on the blog, answers to questions on our forum, or just general information pages. And it's so easy to make typing mistakes - especially when there's no spell checker in the application that we're using!

This solution centre page provides you with the links to a web page spell checker that was written initially as a "test of concept" but has proven to be rather useful to us - it's certainly allowed me to find a few rather embarrassing typos that have been on our site for quite a while.


The application reads in a complete file of HTML, a block of HTML from a textarea, or even a full URL (yes, you can use it to test a live web site too).

We use the PHP striptags function to remove all the tags (with extra code to remove Javascript too) and we then break up the page into a series of tokens - words (or wannabe words), punctuation and spaces.

The dictionary that's supplied with Linux and Unix operating systems is read into an associative array, and each incoming word from the HTML is the checked against that associative array (the keys are the words - done for efficiency). An extra file of our own acceptable words has been added too - the original dictionary is now a bit old and non-technical.

Many words have derivates - big, bigger, biggest for example - and if the initial match fails there's a series of derivative checks made too.


You are very welcome to run a few pages through the spell checker on this site - but please be mindful of the resources and bandwidth you will be using; we've added an unpublished "cap" into the live script.

>> Run the spell checker
You are welcome to adopt and adapt our source code for use on your own web site, but we do ask you to refer other people back to this page if they want to use it too. You may NOT ask for payment from anyone for use of this script, you may NOT charge for implementing on anyone else's site, and you may NOT republish it.

>> View the source code

This script could be enhanced to add facilities such as:

1. Suggestions of corrected spellings

2. Your own private dictionary

3. Logging in, authorisation, charging and accounting facilities

If you would like to learn PHP so that you can add these facilities, or if you would like to enquire about specific tailored training and help installing the code, please contact us.

See also Run the spell checker

Please note that articles in this section of our web site were current and correct to the best of our ability when published, but by the nature of our business may go out of date quite quickly. The quoting of a price, contract term or any other information in this area of our website is NOT an offer to supply now on those terms - please check back via our main web site

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