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00_00.jpg.jpg image - At a mill in Yorkshire
00_05.jpg.jpg image - Cock Tower
00_40.jpg.jpg image - Flight departures from Helsinki
00_41.jpg.jpg image - Beeston Castle
00_51.jpg.jpg image - Clock in shop window
01_06.jpg.jpg image - Pole in Cambridge
01_12.jpg.jpg image - Airport
01_17.jpg.jpg image - Rhododentrons
01_35.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch
01_41.jpg.jpg image - Reporting faulty street lights
01_48.jpg.jpg image - one pound 48 per hundred
01_50.jpg.jpg image - Watching the Time
01_51.jpg.jpg image - Beeston Cancelled
02_05.jpg.jpg image - Clock showing five past two
02_15.jpg.jpg image - The clock goes backwards
02_18.jpg.jpg image - Rotating pendulum clock
02_26.jpg.jpg image - Yellow on Magenta
02_47.jpg.jpg image - Cat
02_49.jpg.jpg image - London
02_56.jpg.jpg image - Bampton
03_17.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow palace
03_40.jpg.jpg image - Rekjavik Cathedral
03_43.jpg.jpg image - East Somerset Railway
03_46.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch
03_50.jpg.jpg image - Old church clock
04_00.jpg.jpg image - Alton Towers
04_01.jpg.jpg image - 401, The Spa
04_02.jpg.jpg image - 402, The Spa
04_03.jpg.jpg image - 403, The Spa
04_09.jpg.jpg image - Boness
04_10.jpg.jpg image - Marker Poll
04_32.jpg.jpg image - Tea Time
04_36.jpg.jpg image - Annan Water
04_48.jpg.jpg image - In the kitchen
04_50.jpg.jpg image - Ten to five
04_53.jpg.jpg image - Hereford
04_59.jpg.jpg image - Electric Blue
05_02.jpg.jpg image - Just after 5
05_05.jpg.jpg image - Central Bus Station Waiting Room, Heathrow
05_07.jpg.jpg image - Houses of Parliament
05_12.jpg.jpg image - Reversed Clock
05_17.jpg.jpg image - Queensway
05_20.jpg.jpg image - Terns in Iceland
05_30.jpg.jpg image - Half past five
05_43.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham next train board
05_49.jpg.jpg image - Kensington Palace Gardens
05_53.jpg.jpg image - London / Hyde Park
05_54.jpg.jpg image - Time Flies
05_57.jpg.jpg image - Westminster Abbey
05_59.jpg.jpg image - St Martins in the Field
06_00.jpg.jpg image - Tree number 6
06_01.jpg.jpg image - Hereford
06_08.jpg.jpg image - Clock at Well House Manor
06_09.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch town clock
06_15.jpg.jpg image - Last post collection time
06_19.jpg.jpg image - Busy scene on the Thames in London
06_26.jpg.jpg image - Clock in Cambridge
06_34.jpg.jpg image - Just after half past six
06_35.jpg.jpg image - The old eyesore in Devizes market place - now demolished
06_47.jpg.jpg image - In Christchurch
06_48.jpg.jpg image - Modern clock
06_49.jpg.jpg image - Atherstone
06_59.jpg.jpg image - Coming up to 7
07_06.jpg.jpg image - Binary Clock
07_09.jpg.jpg image - Shearwater
07_12.jpg.jpg image - Binary Timepiece
07_13.jpg.jpg image - Real Paddington Clock
07_14.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki
07_20.jpg.jpg image - Welsh Ladies
07_25.jpg.jpg image - Twenty five past seven
07_27.jpg.jpg image - Alarm Clock
07_30.jpg.jpg image - Devizes
07_35.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge
07_36.jpg.jpg image - Devizes
07_37.jpg.jpg image - Devizes
07_40.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch
07_48.jpg.jpg image - Gable End
07_49.jpg.jpg image - Railway clock
07_50.jpg.jpg image - Ten to eight
07_54.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western Cancellations
07_55.jpg.jpg image - Five to eight
07_56.jpg.jpg image - mantlepiece
08_00.jpg.jpg image - 8 in the morning
08_03.jpg.jpg image - clock
08_04.jpg.jpg image - Weather Clock
08_05.jpg.jpg image - Hereford
08_06.jpg.jpg image - Is that wheely the time?
08_11.jpg.jpg image - Teaching the Time
08_12.jpg.jpg image - Devizes
08_23.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge
08_24.jpg.jpg image - Moffat
08_31.jpg.jpg image - The Wilts room ready for a meeting
08_36.jpg.jpg image - Brugge
08_41.jpg.jpg image - Thames Turbo
08_44.jpg.jpg image - Under the clock at Paddington
08_49.jpg.jpg image - Whiteleys
08_58.jpg.jpg image - Clock in a tree
09_01.jpg.jpg image - Brugge
09_04.jpg.jpg image - Coffee Machine
09_06.jpg.jpg image - Modern
09_07.jpg.jpg image - Tax disc
09_12.jpg.jpg image - 09:12
09_13.jpg.jpg image - Town Hall
09_14.jpg.jpg image - Microwave
09_15.jpg.jpg image - Train Meeting
09_17.jpg.jpg image - Teaching the time
09_20.jpg.jpg image - Brugge
09_21.jpg.jpg image - At the end of the day
09_29.jpg.jpg image - Car radio and clock
1000a350.jpg.jpg image - Traffic Jam, A350
1000conjest.jpg.jpg image - Conjestion Map of Wiltshire
1000cpm.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham Station
1000mkm.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
1000night.jpg.jpg image - Train at Melksham Station
1000ontrain.jpg.jpg image - On the Melksham to Swindon trtain
1000pew.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey
1000swi.jpg.jpg image - At Swindon station
1000tro.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Station
1000wsb.jpg.jpg image - Westbury
10_06.jpg.jpg image - Modern Clock
10_10.jpg.jpg image - Watches
10_11.jpg.jpg image - Eleven minutes past 10
10_12.jpg.jpg image - In a shop window
10_14.jpg.jpg image - In a shop window
10_17.jpg.jpg image - Microwave Time
10_18.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow
10_21.jpg.jpg image - A B and B in Cheddleton
10_34.jpg.jpg image - Just after half past ten
10_38.jpg.jpg image - Rekjavic
10_39.jpg.jpg image - Whitworth
10_46.jpg.jpg image - Glowing Edge Clock
10_50.jpg.jpg image - Leaving Bootle Docks
10_52.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki Station
10_53.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki
11_05.jpg.jpg image - Stand up canoe, Falkirk
11_06.jpg.jpg image - Wilts (Well House Manor)
11_13.jpg.jpg image - Reproduction Paddington Clock
11_36.jpg.jpg image - Iceland
11_43.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki
11_50.jpg.jpg image - Glacier trip
158md06.jpg.jpg image - Class 158 at Melksham
15ab.jpg.jpg image - Fifteen Acres Cottage
1702.jpg.jpg image - The 17:02 from Melksham speeds towards Chippenham
18mn1.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - from the conference buffet range
18mn2.jpg.jpg image - Business Networking at Well House Manor
1952_tt_7.jpg.jpg image
20050418.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow Palace
20050418b.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow Palace
200_1.jpg.jpg image - Profile
200_2.jpg.jpg image - Venus for breakfast meeting for 30 in Melksham
200_3.jpg.jpg image - Traffic on Spa Road
200_4.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
200_5.jpg.jpg image - File reading in Perl
200_6.jpg.jpg image - Bus seat at The Spa
200_7.jpg.jpg image - Crocuses
200_8.jpg.jpg image - Tree Arch
2010_mkm.jpg.jpg image - Melksham
2010_san.jpg.jpg image - Santa Special
2010_swi.jpg.jpg image - Swindon
2010_trow.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge
2109.jpg.jpg image - Ronaldsway, Isle of Man
2139.jpg.jpg image - Manx Cat at Castletown, Isle of Man
2teams.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants Christmas Bowling
30osborne.jpg.jpg image - Ainsdale - first memories
33333shake.jpg.jpg image - Camera Shake
3gmcourse.jpg.jpg image - 3G Mobile Broadband
3mags.jpg.jpg image - Three Magpies
3mx.jpg.jpg image - Three Magpies
3rr.jpg.jpg image - ProxyPass ProxyPassReverse and the Tomcat Connector
404web.jpg.jpg image - Spider's web, 404, The Spa, Melksham
5_after.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 5 at Well House Manor
5_before.jpg.jpg image - Old Manor style, bedroom 5
5thwatch.jpg.jpg image - Watching the races at Larkhill
6tcustomers.jpg.jpg image - 3 tables to be joined
6treports.jpg.jpg image - Result of joining 6 tables
6tstores.jpg.jpg image - 3 more tables to be joined
CC5l.jpg.jpg image - In the gardens at Corsham Court
CC5s.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court - small image
DSC02180.jpg.jpg image - Melksham
DSC02283.jpg.jpg image - The busy Saturday train is no more
DSC02581.jpg.jpg image - Holt
DSC02886.jpg.jpg image - Lacock
DSC08258.jpg.jpg image - Christmas band in Melksham
DSC08259.jpg.jpg image - Melksham. Clintons cards has been replaced by Costa
DSC08261.jpg.jpg image - Fingerboards, Melksham Market Place
DSC08263.jpg.jpg image - Melksham High Street from Market Place
DSC08265.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station in the darker days
DSC08268.jpg.jpg image - Waiting on the platform at Melksham
DSC08269.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting the train at Melksham
DSC08272.jpg.jpg image - From the early days of SaveTheTrain
DSC08279.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station - all aboard!
DSC08280.jpg.jpg image - Melksham - Swindon train
DSC08281.jpg.jpg image - Santa Special
DSC08282.jpg.jpg image - Transwilts train service
DSC08287.jpg.jpg image - Train from Westbury arrives in Swindon
DSC08299.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Station
DSC08301.jpg.jpg image - Exclusive Bridge
DSC08302.jpg.jpg image - Taxi Rank, Swindon Station
DSC08303.jpg.jpg image - Autumn view over the trees
DSC08305.jpg.jpg image - Canal Walk, Swindon
DSC08307.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Centre on a Satruday
DSC08308.jpg.jpg image - Collecting for Christmas
DSC08309.jpg.jpg image - In Swindon
DSC08312.jpg.jpg image - Before Christmas in Swindon
DSC08313.jpg.jpg image - The German Christmas Market
DSC08314.jpg.jpg image - Dusk in Swindon
DSC08315.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting the train in Swindon
DSC08319a.jpg.jpg image - John Money (a rare picture - he's usually behind the lens)
DSC08323.jpg.jpg image - The Southampton Train at Swindon
DSC08329.jpg.jpg image - Another busy train to Melksham
DSC08330.jpg.jpg image - Yes, we can fill the Melksham train!
DSC08332.jpg.jpg image - On train - Santa and Gordon
DSC08336.jpg.jpg image - Santa stops to chat with really important people
DSC08336a.jpg.jpg image - Gordon Dodge
DSC08343.jpg.jpg image - David Redgewell and Gordon Dodge on the Santa Train
DSC08345.jpg.jpg image - Santa and friends, Melksham Rail User Group, December 2016
DSC08353.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
DSC08354a.jpg.jpg image - Santa at Melksham Station
DSC08359.jpg.jpg image - Santa has presents for these lucky children
DSC08362.jpg.jpg image - Faded sign at Melksham Train Station
DSC08365.jpg.jpg image - Crowds at Melksham Station
DSC08368a.jpg.jpg image - Santa at Melksham
DSC08371a.jpg.jpg image - Faded sign Santa
DSC08378.jpg.jpg image - Santa Claus
DSC08379.jpg.jpg image - Santa at Melksham
DSC08380.jpg.jpg image - Peter Blackburn
DSC08382.jpg.jpg image - John Hamley
Diana.jpg.jpg image - Diana
Dunster.jpg.jpg image - view from Dunster Castle
Guildint.jpg.jpg image - Guildford Cathedral - internal
Hastings.jpg.jpg image - Hastings - seaside traditions
Hastings2.jpg.jpg image - Hastings - from the hill
MacFormat.jpg.jpg image - xxx=
Photo on 14-03-2013 at 20.11 #2.jpg.jpg image
Photo on 17-02-2013 at 19.32.jpg.jpg image
Screenshot-1.png.png image
Screenshot.png.png image
Snowdonia.jpg.jpg image - Snowdonia
Snowdonrlwy.jpg.jpg image - Climbing Snowdon by train
Snowdonrlwy2.jpg.jpg image - Snowdon Mountain Railway
Warwick2.jpg.jpg image - Warwick- in the town
Weymouth.png.png image
a.jpg.jpg image - Bus in Christchurch
a184car.jpg.jpg image - Melksham, Wiltshire
a18art.jpg.jpg image - Sign at Westbury Station
a18pit.jpg.jpg image - Westbury, Wiltshire
a19ex.jpg.jpg image - Excursion to Weymouth
a19serv.jpg.jpg image - April 19th Service to Swindon
a350tj1.jpg.jpg image - Typical traffic around Melksham
a350tj2.jpg.jpg image - Traffic on the A350 Melksham Bypass
a350tj3.jpg.jpg image - Jammed from Semington to Beanacre
a91ex2.jpg.jpg image - Special train at Melksham
abbey.jpg.jpg image - Another view of Lacock Abbey
aberglaslyn.jpg.jpg image - Aberglaslyn
aberglaslyn2.jpg.jpg image - Aberglaslyn
abhs1.jpg.jpg image - Honey Street, Kennet and Avon, Alton Barnes Horse
aboutpage.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
abovecity.jpg.jpg image - San Francisco - the Oakland Bridge
abrural.jpg.jpg image - Rural Wiltshire near Alton Barnes
abwh1.jpg.jpg image - Alton Barnes White Horse
accesspage.jpg.jpg image - Web Site Accessibility
accident.jpg.jpg image - Road accident
acliffinfopoint.jpg.jpg image - Information point at Avoncliff station
acliffphone.jpg.jpg image - Public phone at Avoncliff Station
acliffrequest.jpg.jpg image - Trains stop at Avoncliff by request
acliffview.jpg.jpg image - Avoncliff Station from Avoncliff Aquaduct
acts1.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 3, Well House Manor
acts2.jpg.jpg image - Bathroom 3, Well House Manor
addproxy.jpg.jpg image - Proxy v referer
adl2.jpg.jpg image - First Memories - Osborne Road, Ainsdale
ado1.jpg.jpg image - Traffic already queues past the proposed Asda site, 2pm, Sat 12th Jan 2008
ado2.jpg.jpg image - Verge proposed for conversion to pedestrian walkway and cycle path in plans as submitted
ado3.jpg.jpg image - Alternative routing for pedestrian walkway. NOT in submitted plan.
ado4.jpg.jpg image - proposed additional subway to join this ramp, NOT in submitted plan.
ado5.jpg.jpg image - proposed site for station / transport interchange directly adjoining the site, showing ample land availability on site of former sidings. Photograph taken from public footpath that crosses the railway at this point
ado6.jpg.jpg image - view from proposed footway (current access road) up to A350 showing difference in level that will almost allow for a subway headroom already even at this point.
ado7.jpg.jpg image - road bordering supermarket site, 12th January 2008
ado8.jpg.jpg image - Department for Transport map showing road congestion. Orange line to left of map is A36. Orange line slightly to the right is the A350, with two small red patches at Melksham, one directly outside the proposed Asda store.
ado9.jpg.jpg image - Sketch of site and areas mentioned
afm.jpg.jpg image - Trouble for FGW
afoster.jpg.jpg image - Alison Forster, MD of First Great Western
afternoontrain.jpg.jpg image - The afternoon train at Melksham
agop1.jpg.jpg image - Crosby Beach, the Isle of Man cat passed
agop2.jpg.jpg image - Gormley's Anothe Place at Crosby
ahaines.jpg.jpg image - Andrew Haines, 1st March 2008
ahgetau.jpg.jpg image - Andrew Haines and Gordon Edwards at Taunton
airewr.jpg.jpg image - Newark, NJ - from the air
airout.jpg.jpg image - Filling the balloon with hot air
airswales.jpg.jpg image - South Wales from the air
airweston.jpg.jpg image - Weston-super-mare from the air
ajax_first.jpg.jpg image - First Example of Ajax
ajax_fouth.jpg.jpg image - Ajax to monitor servers
ajax_second.jpg.jpg image - A further Ajax sample
ajax_third.jpg.jpg image - Ajax demonstration
al9-1.jpg.jpg image - Hatfield House - main house
al9-2.jpg.jpg image - Hatfield House - hunting lodge
albruce.jpg.jpg image - At Spa Road Garage, Melksham
alnwick1.jpg.jpg image - An alley in Alnwick
altnabreac.jpg.jpg image - Travel plan to Altnabreac
alton01.jpg.jpg image - The gardens at Alton Towers
alton02.jpg.jpg image - People
alton03.jpg.jpg image - A variety of coasters
alton04.jpg.jpg image - Thrills of the roller coaster
alton05.jpg.jpg image - Frog Fountains
alton06.jpg.jpg image - The Towers themselves
alton07.jpg.jpg image - Homewards at the end of the day
alyssa.jpg.jpg image - Alyssa
am01.jpg.jpg image - Reception Counter
am02.jpg.jpg image - Door to Day Service
am03.jpg.jpg image - Credit Card Machine
am05.jpg.jpg image - Lounge Lights
am06.jpg.jpg image - Transfer boxes - bedding
am07.jpg.jpg image - Croissants into oven
am08.jpg.jpg image - Start from Menu
am09.jpg.jpg image - Clean Grounds Chute
am10.jpg.jpg image - Insert Tablet
am11.jpg.jpg image - Coffee area looking good
am12.jpg.jpg image - Tray Trolley clear of the door
am13.jpg.jpg image - Bread and Croissants in the oven
am15.jpg.jpg image - Badge and Apron
am16.jpg.jpg image - Plates, Bowls, Knives, Forks, Spoons
am21.jpg.jpg image - Whole hard fruit and soft fruit
am22.jpg.jpg image - Milk and fruit juice
am23.jpg.jpg image - Butter, Margarine, Honey and Jam, Marmite and Marmalade
am24.jpg.jpg image - Yogurt and Yogurt drinks. On block from freezer, and with ice.
am25.jpg.jpg image - Meets and Cheeses. Note - ice block in tray under meats
am26.jpg.jpg image - Fresh breads (when ready)
am27.jpg.jpg image - Cereals
am28.jpg.jpg image - Juicing station.
am29.jpg.jpg image - Toaster Station / Sliced Bread
am41.jpg.jpg image - Cutlery, Crockery, trays, glasses
am42.jpg.jpg image - Check the dining table
am43.jpg.jpg image - Newspapers for customers
amesbridge.jpg.jpg image - Amesbury old bridge
ameshist.jpg.jpg image - History all around us
amesivy.jpg.jpg image - An Ivy clad pub/hotel in Amesbury
amicalola1.jpg.jpg image - Looking up the valley
amicalola2.jpg.jpg image - The pool at the base
amicalola3.jpg.jpg image - Top of the falls
amicalola4.jpg.jpg image - Old Hurricane damage
amicalola5.jpg.jpg image - The view from the top
ammcr.jpg.jpg image - Contrasts,Manchester
amphibian_lines.jpg.jpg image - Amphibian Fence
amrp.jpg.jpg image - The Wiltshire Police Cat
anders.jpg.jpg image - Andover Station, Hampshire
annandale.jpg.jpg image - Annandale Water
annanroom.jpg.jpg image - View from a hotel room - Annandale Water
anotherimgtheft.jpg.jpg image - Another image theft
anotheruser.jpg.jpg image - Wessex Trains at Melksham
ansicolor.jpg.jpg image - Examples of ANSI coloured text
antrobus.jpg.jpg image - The Antrobus Arms
apachehttpdstruct.jpg.jpg image - Directory structure of Apache httpd
apart1.jpg.jpg image - Winchester Barracks
apart2.jpg.jpg image - Leaving Winchester Station
apdefi.jpg.jpg image - Apache httpd 2.0 - install screen
applettoserver.jpg.jpg image - How an applet loads from a web server
appstruct.jpg.jpg image - The structure of an Applet
apr12where1.jpg.jpg image - Warmley Station
apr12where2.jpg.jpg image - Butterfly Junction Halt, Bristol
apr12where3.jpg.jpg image - Ashton Gate
aprchc.jpg.jpg image - The Caldon Canal
aprchm.jpg.jpg image - Cheddleton Flint Mill
aprvienna.jpg.jpg image - Vienna on the canal at Cheddleton
aquaduct.jpg.jpg image - Rennies Aquaduct at Dundas
aramcoclass.jpg.jpg image - Perl class with Graham as tutor in Saudi Arabia
arriva_westbury.jpg.jpg image - Arriva Trains (150) at Westbury
arthseat.jpg.jpg image - Arthur's seat
asda14.jpg.jpg image - Floods outside Countrywide Farmers /Asda site
asda15.jpg.jpg image - The River Avon in flood near Melksham
asda16.jpg.jpg image - Space for a proper Melksham Station
asda17.jpg.jpg image - A350 outside proposed supermarket
asdf01.jpg.jpg image - What FGW, WCC and the DFT have done to public transport in Wiltshire
asdf02.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station at night
asdf03.jpg.jpg image - Public Meeting in Melksham
asdf04.jpg.jpg image - The future of Transport
asdf05.jpg.jpg image - Working on the Cambridge Guided Busway
asdf06.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge Science Park
asdf07.jpg.jpg image - Railway to Cambridge Science Park, 2008
asdf08.jpg.jpg image - Railway being converted to Guided Busway
asdf09.jpg.jpg image - Abandoned Railway Crossing
asdf10.jpg.jpg image - Replacing trains by roads
asdf11.jpg.jpg image - Guided Busway
asdf12.jpg.jpg image - Abandoned Level Crossing
asdf13.jpg.jpg image - Former Level Crossing in Cambridge
asdf14.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station Sign
asdf15.jpg.jpg image - First Overcrowded Western?
asdf16.jpg.jpg image - Traffic lights for horses
asdf29.jpg.jpg image - Melksham '05
asdf30.jpg.jpg image - Empty Platform
asdf31.jpg.jpg image - When a train is not scheduled
asdf32.jpg.jpg image - When a train is scheduled
aseat.jpg.jpg image - Arthur's seat
aset1.jpg.jpg image - Apache Layout
aset2.jpg.jpg image - The elements of a web server - configuration
ashburn_claibourne.jpg.jpg image - Calaibourne Parkway, Ashburn, VA
ashcourt.jpg.jpg image - Ashton Court - Park and Mansion
ashford_salisbury.jpg.jpg image - Rye, East Sussex
ashhouses.jpg.jpg image - Housing at Ashburn, Virginia
ashmall.jpg.jpg image - Ashburn, Virginia - Town centre
ashnewroads.jpg.jpg image - New Roads at Ashburn
asholdroad.jpg.jpg image - Vestals Gap Road
asholdrr.jpg.jpg image - The Washington and Old Dominion Railroad
ashshmall.jpg.jpg image - Dulles Town Center
ashwodtoday.jpg.jpg image - At Ashburn - Washington and Old Dominion today
askme.jpg.jpg image - Ask me a question
asnotb4.jpg.jpg image - Room awaiting a save the train meeting
atherstone1.jpg.jpg image - On line from my hotel room, watched by the owner's guardbear
atherstone2.jpg.jpg image - Atherstone was a town in Roman times
atlantaburbs.jpg.jpg image - Altanta Suburbs
atlantaflame.jpg.jpg image - Olympic Flame, Atlanta
atlantaroad.jpg.jpg image - Atlanta
atw.jpg.jpg image - The White Hart, Atworth
atworth1.jpg.jpg image - Atworth war memorial
autoline.jpg.jpg image - Melksham - Autoline Service Station
autumnwhm.jpg.jpg image - Autumn at Well House Manor
auwi.jpg.jpg image - Autumn to Winter
auwi1.jpg.jpg image - Autumn to Winter
avalley.jpg.jpg image - The Avon Valley from the train
avebury.jpg.jpg image - Sheep around the Avebury Stones
aveburysq.jpg.jpg image - Avebury, Wilshire
avejul06.jpg.jpg image - Avebury
avesheep.jpg.jpg image - Sheep at Avebury, Wiltshire
avew1.jpg.jpg image - Avebury
avew2.jpg.jpg image - Silbury Hill
avew3.jpg.jpg image - Red Lion at Avebury
avonview.jpg.jpg image - View of Avon valley from Spye Park, above Lacock
avonwarnings.jpg.jpg image - River Avon Flood Warnings
awaiting1956.jpg.jpg image - As I stood on Melksham station awaiting the 18:56 ...
awaitlondon.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting the London train at Chippenham
azuza.jpg.jpg image - Marlborough, Wilts ... see blog story
b.jpg.jpg image - Horse Chestnut Flowers
b1d6.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 1
b1twin.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - room 1 as a twin
b2twin.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - room 2 as a twin
ba3_b4o.jpg.jpg image - Bathroom 3, before opening
bab1.jpg.jpg image - Bath Abbey
babaths.jpg.jpg image - The Roman Baths
babbey.jpg.jpg image - Bath Abbey
backboats.jpg.jpg image - Boats on the floating harbour
backbr.jpg.jpg image - Temple Quay / Floating harbour bridge
badcall.jpg.jpg image - Typical error messages - mysql v mysqli
badset.jpg.jpg image - Badgers set, Roundway Hill covert
bairport.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Airport
bakedpotato.jpg.jpg image - A baked potato with beans and cheese
balalake.jpg.jpg image - Bala Lake
bales.jpg.jpg image - Hay Bales on the Marlborough Downs
bales2.jpg.jpg image - August, Marlborough Downs
balook.jpg.jpg image - Look at Bath
bampton.jpg.jpg image - Bampton, Cumbria
banana2.jpg.jpg image - Chip
banana3.jpg.jpg image - ham
bananas.jpg.jpg image - Bananas - acceptable and unacceptable to serve
bank.jpg.jpg image - The Bank of England, City of London
bankstreetmkm.jpg.jpg image - Bank Street Melksham
bapw3.jpg.jpg image - Pultney Weir and Bridge
barge.jpg.jpg image - The Barge Inn at Seend
bargepub.jpg.jpg image - The Barge pub sign, Seend
barmouth.jpg.jpg image - Coes-Faen from Barmouth Bridge
barmouth2.jpg.jpg image - Barmouth seafront
barn2oxford.jpg.jpg image - Getting from Barnstable to Oxford
basalt.jpg.jpg image - Basalt Columns
basquare.jpg.jpg image - A Square in Bath
bassett.jpg.jpg image - High Street, Wootton Bassett
batail.jpg.jpg image - British Airways - tail fin
bath-melksham-bus-route.jpg.jpg image - Bus route diagram - Bath, Melksham, Devizes
bath.jpg.jpg image - A view across the valley, Bath
bath1.jpg.jpg image - Bath Street
bath125.jpg.jpg image - Intercity 125 train at Bath
bath2.jpg.jpg image - Fountain near the Abbey
bath2e2.jpg.jpg image - The bus has just dropped us off
bath3.jpg.jpg image - In the Gardens
bath4.jpg.jpg image - Pultney Bridge
bathampton.jpg.jpg image - The canal and pub at Bathampton
bathavon.jpg.jpg image - Waterwheel on the Avon at Batheaston
bathbus.jpg.jpg image - The bus to Bath in Melksham
bathbusjam.jpg.jpg image - Traffic Jam on the way into Bath
bathdiving.jpg.jpg image - Do not dive into the river
bathfirstdrum.jpg.jpg image - First Moving Pictures
bathgardens.jpg.jpg image - Overlooking the Gardens
bathgluhwein.jpg.jpg image - Gluhwein in Bath
bathking1.jpg.jpg image - First King
bathmarkethall.jpg.jpg image - Bath Market Hall
bathnames.jpg.jpg image - Artisitic Names
bathnight.jpg.jpg image - Bath at Night
bathnutbuy.jpg.jpg image - Buying the Nuts
bathparade.jpg.jpg image - Georgian Bath
bathpr21.jpg.jpg image - Bath park and ride
bathpr31.jpg.jpg image - Park and Ride
bathrugby.jpg.jpg image - Rugby at Bath
bathsax.jpg.jpg image - Saxaphone player
bathsillymoo.jpg.jpg image - Silly Moo in Bath
bathsnack.jpg.jpg image - A Bath Snack in a square
bathsouth1.jpg.jpg image - Southgate centre under construction
bathstairs1.jpg.jpg image - Stairs at Bath Station
bathstairs2.jpg.jpg image - More stairs at Bath station
bathtoeasterton.jpg.jpg image - Bath to Melksham, Devizes and Easterton
bathtubeffect.jpg.jpg image - Mid life is low maintainaince
bathwessex.jpg.jpg image - Wessex trains at Bath
bathwooden.jpg.jpg image - Religious statues for sale in Bath
baweir.jpg.jpg image - Putney Weir
bba2.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Balloons
bba3.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Balloon Festival
bballoon.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Balloon Festival overhead
bbc01.jpg.jpg image - Customers in minature
bbc02.jpg.jpg image - Customer Thumbnail
bbc03.jpg.jpg image - Customer course
bbenw.jpg.jpg image - Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, London
bberries.jpg.jpg image - Blackberries near Heaven's Gate
bbsb1.jpg.jpg image - Hot Air Balloon - taken from our training centre
bbsb2.jpg.jpg image - A Balloon lands behind our training centre
bbsb3.jpg.jpg image - Ballooning over Melksham
bbsqueue.jpg.jpg image - Queue for the Park and Ride bus in Bath
bbwatch.jpg.jpg image - Big Brother?
bcast1.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Castle
bcast2.jpg.jpg image - Gardens on Bristol Castle Green
bcast3.jpg.jpg image - Ruined Church - Bristol Castle Green
bcast4.jpg.jpg image - The bridge to the inner keep at Beeston Castle
bcast5.jpg.jpg image - Remains of Bristol Castle
bcast6.jpg.jpg image - Elizabeth on the The Floating harbor
bcast7.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Floating harbor and Shot Tower
bchar.jpg.jpg image - Bristol's Character
bcheek.jpg.jpg image - The guy emails to ask me a favour then stops my reply as spam. Bl**dy cheek
bchox.jpg.jpg image - Belgian Chocolate
bdox.jpg.jpg image - Boness docks
beach1.jpg.jpg image - From the road
beanjammay07a.jpg.jpg image - Traffic jams in Beanacre, May 2007
beanjammay07b.jpg.jpg image - Jams in Beanacre, May, 2007
bearpairs.jpg.jpg image - Pairs of bears in Frome
beckford.jpg.jpg image - Beckfords Tower, Lansdown, Bath
beckodeon.jpg.jpg image - Beckenham Odeon
beckpark.jpg.jpg image - Beckenham Park
beckrail.jpg.jpg image - Railing details - Beckfords tower and graveyard
beckyard.jpg.jpg image - Graveyard on Lansdown, above Bath
bedlam.jpg.jpg image - Bedlam Furnaces
bedog1.jpg.jpg image - Dog Walkers
bedog3.jpg.jpg image - Dog waits outside pub
bef.jpg.jpg image - Brugge
behindyou.jpg.jpg image - Hes behind you!
bellwalk.jpg.jpg image - Walking in the woods
belpop.jpg.jpg image - Poppies, Brugge, Belgium
bentley.jpg.jpg image - Bentley Hotel, London
bentstreet.jpg.jpg image - Bent Street
berkslounge.jpg.jpg image - The Berks as a lounge
berksxmas.jpg.jpg image - The Berks for Christmas
betline.jpg.jpg image - Betting on the horses at Larkhill
betstands.jpg.jpg image - Betting Stands at Larkhill races on Salisbury Plain
bfbridge.jpg.jpg image - Blackfriars Bridge, London
bfdev1.jpg.jpg image - Hot Air Balloon, Devizes
bfdev2.jpg.jpg image - Preparing a hot air balloon in Devizes
bfdev3.jpg.jpg image - Nearly ready to go
bffest1.jpg.jpg image - German food in Bristol - FolksFest
bffest2.jpg.jpg image - Reggae and folk, German food and beer in Bristol
bffest3.jpg.jpg image - Lisa lunches as the German beer festival in Bristol
bffest4.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Castle Green - at the FolksFest
bgpattern.jpg.jpg image - Example of a poor background
bgtour.jpg.jpg image - Bath Tour
bgwhite.jpg.jpg image - Example of a plain white background
bhead1.jpg.jpg image - Beachy Head
bhead2.jpg.jpg image - Beachy Head
bhfence.jpg.jpg image - The Bowerhill Road
bhillice.jpg.jpg image - Ice on the Bowerhill Road
bhrd2spa.jpg.jpg image - View from the Bowerhill road to The Spa
bi1.jpg.jpg image - Brownsea Island by boat
bi2.jpg.jpg image - A cove on Brownsea Island
bi3.jpg.jpg image - Brownsea island
bibu1.jpg.jpg image - Trout Fishing in the stream
bibu2.jpg.jpg image - Arlington Row, Bibury
bibu3.jpg.jpg image - Bibury Trout Farm
bibu4.jpg.jpg image - The Black Swan
bibu5.jpg.jpg image - Bibury - timeless fishing
biddesdaf.jpg.jpg image - Daffodils in Biddestone
biddestone.jpg.jpg image - The Cotswold village of Biddestone
bifman.jpg.jpg image - Bus in front of hotel, Melksham
bigbump.jpg.jpg image - Mind the bumps!
biggar1.jpg.jpg image - Biggar
bim1.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Industrial Museum - Steam Car
bim2.jpg.jpg image - Bristol museum - Print Shop
bim3.jpg.jpg image - Linotype machine
bim4.jpg.jpg image - Bristol - Home of Will's Tobacco
bim5.jpg.jpg image - Bristol - Aerospace Engines made here
bim6.jpg.jpg image - Bristol - Corsetry industry
bim6o.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Industial museum - really
birm2.jpg.jpg image - The BT tower and a cityscape, Birmingham
bishopcanningschurch.jpg.jpg image - Bishop Cannings Church
bitofnoise.jpg.jpg image - Best Western Hotel, Troy, NY state
bjumbles.jpg.jpg image - Reservoir, Jumbles Country Park
bk_playarea_swindon.jpg.jpg image - Burger King Play Area, Swindon
bl.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court
blace.jpg.jpg image - Lace from Belgium
blades.jpg.jpg image - Bowerhill, Air Cadets hall
blobshop.jpg.jpg image - In Lancaster
block4014.jpg.jpg image - Tektronix 404 block diagram
blockedurl.jpg.jpg image - Not allowed this URL from Saudi
blue.jpg.jpg image - Lupins everywhere
bluelagoon1.jpg.jpg image - Blue Lagoon - bathing in hot water
bluelagoon2.jpg.jpg image - Blue Lagoon - the natural phenomena
bluemore.jpg.jpg image - West Woods, near Marlborough
blueridge1.jpg.jpg image - Blue Ridge from the outlook
blueridge2.jpg.jpg image - Blue Ridge Scenic Railway
blueridge3.jpg.jpg image - Blue Ridge Railroad Station
blueridge4.jpg.jpg image - Comfort Inn, Blue Ridge Outlook
bluesea.jpg.jpg image - The magic of West Woods
bmonop.jpg.jpg image - First Bus, Leek via Cheddleton
bnc.jpg.jpg image - Bradford North Curve
bncabin.jpg.jpg image - Signal Box at Boness Station
bndocks.jpg.jpg image - In boness docks
boaep.jpg.jpg image - Passengers leave the train at Bradford-on-Avon
boafish.jpg.jpg image - A fish vane at Bradford on Avon
boagardens.jpg.jpg image - Bradford on Avon - riverside gardens
boasign.jpg.jpg image - Welcome to Bradford-on-Avon
boasvr.jpg.jpg image - Bradford on Avon to Severn Valley Railway
boatrack.jpg.jpg image - At Bradford-on-Avon
bomo1.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over Bournemouth Beach
bomo2.jpg.jpg image - Paddle Steamer Waverly at Bournemouth pier
bonhams.jpg.jpg image - Bonhams, Bath
bookecho.jpg.jpg image - echo in PHP
bounce1.jpg.jpg image - Bouncing
bow1.jpg.jpg image - The Impressive main gate at Bowood
bowdenhillchurch.jpg.jpg image - Bowden Hill Church, near Lacock
bowerhillcalendar.jpg.jpg image - Bowerhill Calendar for 2006
bowl1.jpg.jpg image - Bowling at Melksham House
bowl2.jpg.jpg image - cwWell House Consultants - bowling evening
bowl3.jpg.jpg image - Bowling at Melksham House on a Perl course
bowlingclub.jpg.jpg image - Bowling Club
boxtrain.jpg.jpg image - An Intercity 125 emerges from Box Tunnel
boxtunnel.jpg.jpg image - Box Tunnel in the setting sun
bp1a.jpg.jpg image - What you need to know to do a web site (1)
bp2a.jpg.jpg image - What you need to know to do a web site (2)
bp3a.jpg.jpg image - What you need to know to do a web site (3)
bp4a.jpg.jpg image - What you need to know to do a web site (4)
bpump.jpg.jpg image - Pump Rooms, Bath
bpw153.jpg.jpg image - A Dogbox at Bristol Parkway
bpwcro.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Parkway Station
bq1.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Quayside
bq2.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Quayside - the Fairbairn Steam Crane
bq3.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Quayside - Double Slip Point
br.jpg.jpg image - In the gardens at Corsham Court
br3_b40.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, room 3
br3douboct08.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 3 as a double
br4_b4o.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 4
br4asdouble.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 4 as a double
br4sep07.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 4, September 2007
br4twinoct08.jpg.jpg image - Room 4 as a twin
br4xmas.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 4 set for Christmas
brac.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 5, as we took over
bradfish.jpg.jpg image - Fish at Bradford on Avon
bradford.jpg.jpg image - The town bridge and old lockup
bradmill.jpg.jpg image - An old mill building in Bradford-on-Avon
brambleschine.jpg.jpg image - Brambles Chine, Yarmouth IOW
brattoncamp.jpg.jpg image - Bratton camp on White Horse Hill
brcanala.jpg.jpg image - Canal within the city
brceve.jpg.jpg image - Evening in Brugge
bread.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - fresh bread at Breakfast for our guests
brekfavs.jpg.jpg image - Breakfast Favorites
brekrolls.jpg.jpg image - breakfast rolls
brespic1.jpg.jpg image - Standard Gauge Steam at Bressingham
brespic2.jpg.jpg image - MG Rally
brespic3.jpg.jpg image - Thundersley - London Tilbury and Southend 4-4-2 Tank
brespic4.jpg.jpg image - Valve gear ion steamengine at Bressingham
brespic5.jpg.jpg image - Plants for sale at Bressingham
brespic6.jpg.jpg image - Turning the Table
bress000.jpg.jpg image - Steam Traction Engine at Bressingham
bress001.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at Bressingham
bress002.jpg.jpg image - Bressingham, near Diss, Norfolk
bress003.jpg.jpg image - Narrow Gauge Railway at Bressingham
bress004.jpg.jpg image - Steam Train in Norfolk
brg1.jpg.jpg image - Gallopers - ride at Bressingham
brg2.jpg.jpg image - Traction Engine
brg3.jpg.jpg image - MG Rally at Bressingham
brg4.jpg.jpg image - Steam at Bressingham
brg5.jpg.jpg image - Narrow Gauge at Bressingham
brhackers.jpg.jpg image - Horse and Carriage rides in Brugge
bride2sq.jpg.jpg image - Getting married in Amesbury
brideride.jpg.jpg image - A fine marriage ride
bridgebolt.jpg.jpg image - Wilts and Berks Canal, Bridge Bolt
bridgegone.jpg.jpg image - Piers of the old Blackfriars Bridge, London
bridgewye.jpg.jpg image - The Bridge over the river Wye
brievetop.jpg.jpg image - Panoramic view over Bristol
bright.jpg.jpg image - Delegate on a course, Atherstone, Warwickshire
brisg1.jpg.jpg image - Clifton Bridge and Avon Gorge, Bristol
brisg2.jpg.jpg image - Gauge Point, Bristol
brisg3.jpg.jpg image - Seated on the Stone
brlay.jpg.jpg image - Railway Line Schematic, Bristol
brnight.jpg.jpg image - Brugge at night
bromleyglades.jpg.jpg image - Bromley Glades Shopping Centre
brook.jpg.jpg image - The path crosses the Clackers Brook
brpix.jpg.jpg image - From the Well House Manor Art Gallery
brpr1800.jpg.jpg image - Price of bread in 1800
brpr1946.jpg.jpg image - Price of bread in 1946-1948
brpr2000.jpg.jpg image - Price of bread in 1800
brptx.jpg.jpg image - Railway station traffic levels (1961) North and West Wilts to Bath and Bristol
brpty.jpg.jpg image - Rail Freight in South West England (1961)
brptz.jpg.jpg image - Rail Freight in Wessex, 1961
brring.jpg.jpg image - The Brugge Ring
brsewr.jpg.jpg image - Continental fly daily from Bristol to Newark, NJ
brstra.jpg.jpg image - at Bristol Temple Meads
bruangles.jpg.jpg image - Photographers at work
bruantiques.jpg.jpg image - Antiques in Brunswick
brubirds.jpg.jpg image - Modern sculptures
bruburb.jpg.jpg image - A bridge over the ring canal
bruce.jpg.jpg image - Bruce Williamson
bruce2.jpg.jpg image - Rail Future, Salisbury
bruclassic.jpg.jpg image - Classic USA railroad picture - Brunswick, Maryland
brudocks.jpg.jpg image - Brugge Docks
brugents.jpg.jpg image - Mommers Cafe, Brunswick, Maryland
brugge.jpg.jpg image - Market Square
bruggesn1.jpg.jpg image - Brugge at night
bruhorse.jpg.jpg image - Horse fountain in Brugge
bruhorse2.jpg.jpg image - Brussels Horses
bruhorse3.jpg.jpg image - Horses ride in Brugge
brumsq1.jpg.jpg image - Brugges Market Square
brupix.jpg.jpg image - It's hard work being a photographer
brustation1.jpg.jpg image - Brunswick, Maryland station
brustation2.jpg.jpg image - Station parking lot, Brunswick, Maryland
brustation3.jpg.jpg image - Brunswick, Maryland station
brustreet.jpg.jpg image - Brunswick, Maryland street scene
bruwater1.jpg.jpg image - In the South West quarter of Brugge
bruwater3.jpg.jpg image - A tower beside the commercial canal
bruwater4.jpg.jpg image - Fishing in a boaty backwater
bruwater5.jpg.jpg image - A park in Brugge
bruwater6.jpg.jpg image - Night on Brugges canals
brwind.jpg.jpg image - Windmill, Brugge
bscanoe.jpg.jpg image - Canoeing in Bristol
bsferry.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Ferry
bsmoffat.jpg.jpg image - A back street in Moffat
btc1.jpg.jpg image - A course in the 'Berks'
btc2.jpg.jpg image - Small training Room
btc3.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Reception
btc4.jpg.jpg image - Ready for a course delegate
btc5.jpg.jpg image - Read for programming class
btmcrowds.jpg.jpg image - Crowds at Temple Meads
btrain1.jpg.jpg image - Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad
btrain2.jpg.jpg image - Special Assist Car, Blue Ridge Scenic Railway
btrain3.jpg.jpg image - Blue Ridge Scenic Railway - Trackwork
btrain4.jpg.jpg image - Apple Blossom and train at Blue Ridge
busagain.jpg.jpg image - Buscot
busbelow.jpg.jpg image - Below the lock at Buscot
busbus.jpg.jpg image - The bus business
busducks.jpg.jpg image - Pattern in ducks on the river Thames
busmomswan.jpg.jpg image - Cheese Wharf, Buscot - Swan defends cygnet
busnbcheese.jpg.jpg image - Narrow Boat near Buscot, Oxon
bustitagain.jpg.jpg image - Bustitution again
busuffhor.jpg.jpg image - Uffington White Horse
busvillshop.jpg.jpg image - The Village Shop in Buscot
busweir1.jpg.jpg image - Buscot Weir
busweir2.jpg.jpg image - Buscot Weir
busybeech.jpg.jpg image - Beechfield House Hotel
butterweb.jpg.jpg image - Web like a butterfly
bwez.jpg.jpg image - Box Middle Hill Tunnel
byauto.jpg.jpg image - Read from a file handle in Perl
byregion.jpg.jpg image - Web site visitors by region
bystarttimex.jpg.jpg image - Graph of commuter starting times
c.jpg.jpg image - Ready for an event in Swindon
c1.jpg.jpg image - Ironwork at Clevedon Pier
c2.jpg.jpg image - Clevedon's Victorian Pier
c3.jpg.jpg image - The pier at Clevedon
c_and_cplusplus_courses.jpg.jpg image - C and C++ Courses in England (UK)
cabridge.jpg.jpg image - Near Carlisle
caen.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill Locks, Devizes
caenbase.jpg.jpg image - Cottage near Caen Hill Lock Flight
caenhigh.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill Locks Devizes
caenhill.jpg.jpg image - The Kennet and Avon at Caen Hill
caerc1.jpg.jpg image - Caerphilly Castle
caerc2.jpg.jpg image - The Castle at Caerphilly
caerca.jpg.jpg image - Caerphilly Castle - right in the town
caercirc.jpg.jpg image - Memorial to coal and rail, Ystrad Mynach
calnecanal.jpg.jpg image - Canal bridge, Wilts and Berks Canal, Calne
calnegreen.jpg.jpg image - Traders and Merchant houses, Calne Green
calnehead.jpg.jpg image - Image of the head, Calne
cam.jpg.jpg image - Ancient and Modern - the Pier and the Millennium Memorial
cambhorse.jpg.jpg image - Horses in Cambridge
camc1.jpg.jpg image - Kings College
camc2.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge, City Centre
camc3.jpg.jpg image - Center of Cambridge
camc4.jpg.jpg image - The river Cam
camc5.jpg.jpg image - Entrance to a college
camc6.jpg.jpg image - On the green in Cambridge
campunt1.jpg.jpg image - Punting on the Cam
campunt2.jpg.jpg image - The punt and the cycle
camriv1.jpg.jpg image - The river in Cambridge
camriv2.jpg.jpg image - The River in Cambridge
camsst.jpg.jpg image - Cambidge Sunset
canary.jpg.jpg image - Looking towards Docklands from Tower Bridge
canihel.jpg.jpg image - Hello, can I help you
canningtown.jpg.jpg image - North London Line to North Woolwich - closed. Canning Town Station
canoelacock.jpg.jpg image - Launching Canoes on the Avon at Lacock
canoes.jpg.jpg image - Canoeing - another healthy way to see Wiltshire
canopy.jpg.jpg image - A Canopy of young trees
canqueue.jpg.jpg image - Queueing for the ski lift - Heavenly
canterbury.jpg.jpg image - Canterbury
capachurch.jpg.jpg image - Church at Carlisle, PA
capacourthouse.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Court House, PA
capamolly.jpg.jpg image - Graveyard, Carlisle, PA
capaplaque.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle, PA - plaque
caparedhouse.jpg.jpg image - South Hanover Street, Carlisle, PA
capasidewalk.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle, PA
capastation.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Station
capastreet.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle, PA
carl.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle PA Station
carlisle2.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle - Centre
carlisle3.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle thinks of itself as a border town
carlislecastle.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Castle
carlislepa.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle, Pennsylvania
carlisletrain.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle - the railway from the city wall
carlislewall.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle - City Wall
carlunch.jpg.jpg image - Lunch in Carlisle
carnhome.jpg.jpg image - Going home after Melksham carnival
caroline.jpg.jpg image - Sheltering from the rain
carparkfull.jpg.jpg image - Over 20 cars at Well House Manor
carpet.jpg.jpg image - Cars on Carpet
carterbar1.jpg.jpg image - Entering Scotland at Carter Bar
carterbar2.jpg.jpg image - Carter Bar where you enter Scotland
cartundra.jpg.jpg image - Lone car on the tundra
castletown.jpg.jpg image - Castletown, Isle of Man
catc1.jpg.jpg image - Cat shadow
catc2.jpg.jpg image - Cat in the windowsill
catnep.jpg.jpg image - Sales line for catnip
catteshall.jpg.jpg image - Catteshall Lock, Godalming
catz.jpg.jpg image - Gardens at St Catherines College
catz0.jpg.jpg image - St Catherines college - eating hall
catz1.jpg.jpg image - St Catherines college - preparing a lecture
catz2.jpg.jpg image - My audience gathers at Oxford University
cb2-1.jpg.jpg image - Clare College, Cambridge, from the river Cam
cb2-2.jpg.jpg image - The river Cam - great for a quick punt
cb2-3.jpg.jpg image - Punting on the Cam
cbpark.jpg.jpg image - Clackers Brook Park
cbpk2.jpg.jpg image - A walk on the outskirks of Melksham
ccanal01.jpg.jpg image - Cheddleton Locks
ccanal02.jpg.jpg image - The Caldon Canal
ccflag.jpg.jpg image - The Welsh flag flies above Caerphilly Castle
cched.jpg.jpg image - Cycling in the upper Cheddar Gorge
cclose.jpg.jpg image - Catherdral Close, Salisbury
ccourt1.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court - the grand drive
ccourt2.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court - The Lake
ccourt3.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court - Walled garden
ccourt4.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court - rear of house
ccourt5.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court - Georgian Bath House
ccpp08.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the Hudson River
ccssr1.jpg.jpg image - Tcl course in Cambridge
ccssr2.jpg.jpg image - Learning Tcl, Tk and Expect
ccssr3.jpg.jpg image - Tcl and Expect training class
ccssr4.jpg.jpg image - Leaning Tcl with Well House Consultants
ccwej.jpg.jpg image - Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones meets students on their way to George Ward school, Melksham, September 2006
cdtt.jpg.jpg image - Cam and Dursley bus to train link timetable
cenotaph.jpg.jpg image - The Cenotaph, London
centreview.jpg.jpg image - The view back to our training centre
cfields.jpg.jpg image - Castlefields Basin, Manchester
cfloat1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Carnival Float
cfloat2.jpg.jpg image - Float, Melksham Carnival
cfloat3.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Comedy Club Float
cfront.jpg.jpg image - The seafront at Clevedon
cg1.jpg.jpg image - The road runs through the lower gorge
cg2.jpg.jpg image - A fine footpath past Black Rock in the upper gorge
cg3.jpg.jpg image - A walk in the woods
cga1.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Holt
cga2.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at The Courts, Holt
cga3.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Holr
cga4.jpg.jpg image - Holt, near Melksham - National Trust property
cga5.jpg.jpg image - National Trust Property, Holt
cga6.jpg.jpg image - Holt, Wiltshire
cga7.jpg.jpg image - At Holt
cga8.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Holt
cga9.jpg.jpg image - Silhouette of a bird
cgb1.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge Guided Busway - Construction
cgb2.jpg.jpg image - Building the Cambridge Guided Busway
cgb3.jpg.jpg image - Peril the duck
cgb4.jpg.jpg image - No-one wanted it when it was too expensive
cgb6.jpg.jpg image - An alternative to the guided bus?
ch.jpg.jpg image - Charlie the cat
ch153sp.jpg.jpg image - A class 153 passes Chippenham at speed
ch500.jpg.jpg image - Wintery view over Cheltenham
chabh.jpg.jpg image - Charlie the cat again
chandeye.jpg.jpg image - The London Eye
changes19min.jpg.jpg image
charleft.jpg.jpg image - Charlbury Station - space for a second track
charlie.jpg.jpg image - Charlie the cat
charliebed.jpg.jpg image - Charlie in bed
charlotte_s.jpg.jpg image - Charlotte Sivier
charright.jpg.jpg image - At Charlbury Station
chdabo.jpg.jpg image - Cut short at Chippenham - First's Train
cheap01.jpg.jpg image - No cheap tickets at all
cheap02.jpg.jpg image - Cheap rail fares? Or a sales gimmick?
checkbuttons.jpg.jpg image - Check Buttons
checkouts.jpg.jpg image - Supermarket Checkouts
cheddleback.jpg.jpg image - Caldon Canal, Cheddleton
chedlock.jpg.jpg image - Cheddleton Lock
chelwes.jpg.jpg image - Cheltenham to Westbury train
chepstowacross.jpg.jpg image - Across to England
chepstowpidgeon.jpg.jpg image - At Chepstow Castle
chepstowriver.jpg.jpg image - River Wye in Chepstow
chepstowsign.jpg.jpg image - Chepstow Castle
chepstowtown.jpg.jpg image - Cobble streets in Chepstow
cherhillhorse.jpg.jpg image - Cherhill's White Horse
chill.jpg.jpg image - Scarp Slope near Cheltenham
chip281.jpg.jpg image - At Chippenham Station - Swindon train
chip282.jpg.jpg image - At Chippenham Station - the threatened service to Southampton on a Sunday
chipdiv.jpg.jpg image - Train Diversions at Chippenham
chiplon.jpg.jpg image - The London train leaves ...
chiplon2.jpg.jpg image - The London express arrives at Chippenham
chipp2.jpg.jpg image - The fish pass, Chippenham
chipp3.jpg.jpg image - The town centre, Chippenham
chippconstit.jpg.jpg image - Outline of constituency wards
chippdog.jpg.jpg image - In the river Avon in Chippenham
chippenhamavon.jpg.jpg image - The River Avon at Chippenham
chipphigh.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham High Street
chippmid.jpg.jpg image - Midland Mainline in Chippenham
chipppark.jpg.jpg image - Monkton Park, Chippenham
chippsta.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham Station
chippsta2.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham Station
chlane19.jpg.jpg image - Church Lane
chnospec.jpg.jpg image - And FGW told us no specials
cho1.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Holt, Wiltshire
cho2.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, the dying pond
cho3.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Holt, formal gardens
cho4.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Arboretum
chocshake.jpg.jpg image - Charlie at Alton Tower
chocsharp.jpg.jpg image - Alto Towers - Charlie and the Chocolate factory
chris.jpg.jpg image - Chris
chris_24d.jpg.jpg image - Chris, 24th December
chris_e.jpg.jpg image - Chris Ellis
chrisellisbadge.jpg.jpg image - Chris Ellis, Well House Manor, General Manager
christine_s.jpg.jpg image - Christine Sivier
christmaswedding.jpg.jpg image - Christmas Wedding
chsq1.jpg.jpg image - Church Street, Melksham
chsq2.jpg.jpg image - Church street, Melksham
chstbu.jpg.jpg image - Bus stop at Chippenham Station
chtsst.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill, Sunset
churchyard.jpg.jpg image - Bathampton Churchyard
chwk1.jpg.jpg image - Church Walk, Melksham
chwk2.jpg.jpg image - Church Walk, Melksham
circjourn.jpg.jpg image - How NOT to travel - the DfT suggests
cityfromriver.jpg.jpg image - The City of London from the Thames
cl4.jpg.jpg image - Use of X resources in Tk
classof73.jpg.jpg image - Class of 73
clavp0.jpg.jpg image - The pump building at Claverton Pump
clavp1.jpg.jpg image - Claverton Pump - water wheel and gears
clavp2.jpg.jpg image - Claverton Pump - the beams
clavp4.jpg.jpg image - Claverton Pump - flooding levels
clevedon.jpg.jpg image - Victorian Clevedon
clhotel.jpg.jpg image - Castle Lodge Hotel
cliftonbridge.jpg.jpg image - Clifton Suspension Bridge
cll1.jpg.jpg image - Cliff Lift / Lynton and Lynmouth example
cll2.jpg.jpg image - Cliff Lift - variables mapping to widgets
cll3.jpg.jpg image - Mapping a variable to a widget in Tk
clo0.jpg.jpg image - Covent Garden
clo1.jpg.jpg image - Admiralty Arch
clo2.jpg.jpg image - Waterloo Station
clo3.jpg.jpg image - Golden Jubilee Bridge
clo4.jpg.jpg image - Embankment Gardens
clo5.jpg.jpg image - South Bank
clo6.jpg.jpg image - Off Northumberland Avenue
clo7.jpg.jpg image - Buckingham Palace from St James Park
cloktop.jpg.jpg image - Just after the minute
closebell.jpg.jpg image - The bluebell plant and flower
closed.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station while it was closed - 1966 - 1985
cm21-1.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over Sawbridgeworth (2)
cm21-2.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over Sawbridgeworth
cmiller.jpg.jpg image - Christie Miller, Bowerhill
cmillerbowl.jpg.jpg image - Bowling at Christie Miller, Melksham
cmwinter.jpg.jpg image - In winter, by contrast
co8001.jpg.jpg image - Delegate on a course
co8002.jpg.jpg image - Delegates on a Perl Course, Jan 2008
cobrunswick1.jpg.jpg image - Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, near Brunswick, Maryland
cocatwhm.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Chamber of Commerce meet at Well House Manor
coffee7000.jpg.jpg image - 7000 cups of coffee
coffeechord_sl.jpg.jpg image - Chord on Kettle
coffeestationfgw.jpg.jpg image - Coffee Station
coharpersferry.jpg.jpg image - Chesapeake and Ohio Canal at Harpers Ferry
coib.jpg.jpg image - Interpretation boards
col2.jpg.jpg image - Evening Sun through the leaves
col3.jpg.jpg image - Across the valley, horse graze
col4.jpg.jpg image - The upper valley of the Avon, towards Box
colerne.jpg.jpg image - The Water Tower at Colerne
colhands.jpg.jpg image - The hands on Joan Collins, Bath
colock30.jpg.jpg image - Canal lock - Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
colouruses.jpg.jpg image - Colour Cloths to use - health and safety
combe1.jpg.jpg image - The river runs through Castle Combe
combe2.jpg.jpg image - Castle Combe, Cotswold Village
combe3.jpg.jpg image - A quiet day before the Easter rush
combe4.jpg.jpg image - Spring in Castle Combe
combo9.jpg.jpg image - 3 Groups of 5
comeleave.jpg.jpg image - Come as a student, leave as a friend
comfychair.jpg.jpg image - Comfortable Chair
comm1.jpg.jpg image - Polish dancers in Swindon
comm2.jpg.jpg image - Multicultural evening in Swindon
comm3.jpg.jpg image - Swindon, Multicultural evening
comm4.jpg.jpg image - Lisa and Leah representing the USA
comm5.jpg.jpg image - Multicultural evening, Swindon
comma.jpg.jpg image - Comma butterfly
commentspam1.jpg.jpg image - email traffic level graph
commentspam2.jpg.jpg image - Comment Spam!
commuters.jpg.jpg image - London Commuters
compliments.jpg.jpg image - With Compliments
confbreak.jpg.jpg image - During a break in a meeting
confpark.jpg.jpg image - Plenty of Car Parking
conigre01.jpg.jpg image - Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
conigre02.jpg.jpg image - The River Avon in Conigre Mead
conigre03.jpg.jpg image - Conigre Mead - Spring Flowers
conigre04.jpg.jpg image - The track into the Conigre Mead nature reserve
connelbrs.jpg.jpg image - Connel Bridge from the sea
connelsst.jpg.jpg image - Sunset at Connel Ferry
consett.jpg.jpg image - A Railway viaduct near Consett
contep.jpg.jpg image - Cat at the keyboard
contheft1.jpg.jpg image - Nyte Byrd steals an image (1)
contheft2.jpg.jpg image - Nyte Byrd steals an image (2)
contrast_d.jpg.jpg image - Denton
contrast_l.jpg.jpg image - Longleat
copperhill1.jpg.jpg image - Industrial and mining waste tips
copperhill2.jpg.jpg image - There is still some railroad / heavy activity
copperhill3.jpg.jpg image - Organic Chemical Company (!) plant. Copperhill, TN
copperhill4.jpg.jpg image - Spare Hopper Wagons
copperhill5.jpg.jpg image - Downtown Copperhill
copperhill6.jpg.jpg image - No smoking comes to Copperhill
copperhill7.jpg.jpg image - Copperhill main street
coronet.jpg.jpg image - Fort Coronet, Guernsey
corsh1.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Old Town Centre
corsh2.jpg.jpg image - Old cottages in Corsham
corsh3.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Church
corshamend.jpg.jpg image - Corsham end of Box Tunnel
corshamstation.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Station (site}
corweb.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Campaign Meeting
cottageindustry.jpg.jpg image - Lots of temporary lists in Perl
coventgarden.jpg.jpg image - Covent Garden
cowhome1.jpg.jpg image - Waiting till the cows come home
cows.jpg.jpg image - Icelandic Cows
cowshome2.jpg.jpg image - Woolmore farm's listed building, Melksham
cowshome3.jpg.jpg image - Across the fields to Melksham's Spa Houses
cowshome4.jpg.jpg image - Course Delegates
cp1.jpg.jpg image - The Beautiful Victorian pier at Clevedon
cpmflyer.jpg.jpg image - Regain time by leaving out stops
cr35_0.jpg.jpg image - Table Decorations
cr35_1.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 1
cr35_10.jpg.jpg image - Celebration cake
cr35_11.jpg.jpg image - From Periscope - the school newspaper
cr35_12.jpg.jpg image - Some familiar faces in the Periscope
cr35_13.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 13
cr35_14.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 14
cr35_15.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 15
cr35_16.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 16
cr35_2.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 2
cr35_3.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 3
cr35_4.jpg.jpg image - Teachers came too
cr35_5.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 5
cr35_6.jpg.jpg image - Smokers Corner
cr35_7.jpg.jpg image - Carlisle Reunion 7
cr35_8.jpg.jpg image - Good old country food
cr35_9.jpg.jpg image - Catching up with old friends
crammer.jpg.jpg image - Buildings overlooking the Crammer, Devizes
crammer2.jpg.jpg image - The Crammer in Devizes
crammersst.jpg.jpg image - Crammer, Devizes, at Sunset
crazygolf.jpg.jpg image - Crazy golf in Bath
creamt.jpg.jpg image - Cream Tea for a break in a meeting
creamtea.jpg.jpg image - Cream Tea at Iford
crewo7.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants public Perl Course in Melksham
cribbs_29d.jpg.jpg image - Cribbs Causeway
cricket.jpg.jpg image - Cricket pitch, evening, near Limpley Stoke
crispdbread.jpg.jpg image - Garlic Bread
crl2.jpg.jpg image - Crofton, second lock
crocus.jpg.jpg image - A Crocus
croprows.jpg.jpg image - Crop Rows, SY
crt1.jpg.jpg image - A Toastrack at the Crich Tramway Museum
crtop.jpg.jpg image - Crofton, top lock
crtp1.jpg.jpg image - Crofton, walking the towpath
crushlights.jpg.jpg image - Crushed Lights
crystball.jpg.jpg image - Crystal Ball
csb.jpg.jpg image - Clifton Suspension Bridge
csctop.jpg.jpg image - California Shutters in the UK
cset.jpg.jpg image - The Country Set discuss the form
cship.jpg.jpg image - A ship travels down the Bristol Channel
csqu.jpg.jpg image - A Vista of Melksham
cssp63.jpg.jpg image - Cascading Style Sheets
ctcpage.jpg.jpg image - Courses at Well House Manor
customerbase.jpg.jpg image - Customers on a practical
cv1.jpg.jpg image - The stream runs through Cheddar Village
cv2.jpg.jpg image - The Sweet Shop
cv3.jpg.jpg image - A tourist in Cheddar
cvl_birdwatching.jpg.jpg image - Birdwatching
cvl_canada.jpg.jpg image - Canada Geese
cvl_coot.jpg.jpg image - Coot
cvl_grebe.jpg.jpg image - Great Crested Grebe
cvl_mallard.jpg.jpg image - Mallard
cvl_mixed.jpg.jpg image - Duck
cvl_oilseed.jpg.jpg image - Oilseed at Chew Valley Lake
cvl_reeds.jpg.jpg image - Chew Valley Lake
cvl_swan.jpg.jpg image - Whooper Swan
cvl_tufted.jpg.jpg image - Tufted Duck
cvr01.jpg.jpg image - Cheddleton Station
cvr02.jpg.jpg image - Brush 47 on Churnet Valley Railway
cvr03.jpg.jpg image - Churnet Valley Railway
cwalk.jpg.jpg image - Hikers at the top of the Cheddar Gorge
cwalk1.jpg.jpg image - Majorettes
cwalk2.jpg.jpg image - Pearly King and Queen
cybath.jpg.jpg image - Cycles in Bath
cyca4.jpg.jpg image - The National Cycleway in Melksham
cycle2.jpg.jpg image - Stopping for a break at Dundas
cycles.jpg.jpg image - There are many cycle routes in the area
cyclewaycalne.jpg.jpg image - Cycle Way Sign, Calne
cycllane.jpg.jpg image - A trap for cyclists, Oxford
d.jpg.jpg image - Cat on the tiles
d2by1.jpg.jpg image - Spring on the Marlborough Downs
dad_24d.jpg.jpg image - Dad, 24th December
daemons.jpg.jpg image - Common Linux Daemons
damage2.jpg.jpg image - Tire damage
darch.jpg.jpg image - Seabird Arch
dawnlight.jpg.jpg image - Dawn light
daytime_cyclists.jpg.jpg image - Cyclists during the day
daytrain.jpg.jpg image - A daytime train, Melksham
dboats.jpg.jpg image - Boats photographed at Devizes Wharf
dbplanleft.jpg.jpg image - Planning a database of stores
dbplanright.jpg.jpg image - Planning a database of customers and orders
dbra_1.jpg.jpg image - Pans Lane Halt
dbra_2.jpg.jpg image - Pans Lane - trackbed
dbra_3.jpg.jpg image - Stert
dbra_4.jpg.jpg image - Devizes Tunnel
dbra_5.jpg.jpg image - Footbridge East of Devizes
dbra_6.jpg.jpg image - On Caen Hill
dbra_7.jpg.jpg image - Near Devizes
dbsta.jpg.jpg image - Laundry
dbsta1.jpg.jpg image - Step by step testing a database
dbsta2.jpg.jpg image - break redo next and retry in Ruby
dbsta3.jpg.jpg image - Database - joins
dbsta4.jpg.jpg image - What is in /etc
dbsta5.jpg.jpg image - A great Bash
dbsta6.jpg.jpg image - Directory Navigation in Linux
dbsta7.jpg.jpg image - A Vi Diagram
dbsta8.jpg.jpg image - Little snacky things
dbsta9.jpg.jpg image - Pizza
dbstaa.jpg.jpg image - Train
dbus.jpg.jpg image - Bus service 49; Trowbridge - Devizes - Swindon
dcferry.jpg.jpg image - Dover to Calais Ferries
ddocks.jpg.jpg image - Dover Docks
dec_chaos.jpg.jpg image - Chaos on the trains
decsattrain.jpg.jpg image - TransWilts train - withdrawn due to lack of passengers!!
delandnone.jpg.jpg image - How del and None work in Python
delene.jpg.jpg image - Delene
delene_24d.jpg.jpg image - Delene, 24th December
delft.jpg.jpg image - Delft
delftcanal.jpg.jpg image - Delft
deltawing.jpg.jpg image - Delta Wing
demotop.jpg.jpg image - Graham talks to a group
dens.jpg.jpg image - Den's Diner
denton.jpg.jpg image - Station Sign, Denton
denton2.jpg.jpg image - Platform, Denton
denton3.jpg.jpg image - Steps to platform, Denton
denton4.jpg.jpg image - Road above
devere.jpg.jpg image - deVere Hotel, Swindon
devfalcon.jpg.jpg image - The Devizes Falcon
devizessquare.jpg.jpg image - Devizes Square
devsq.jpg.jpg image - Devizes, Wilshire
dfto7all.jpg.jpg image - Road Congestion and Transwilts Rail
dfto7rail.jpg.jpg image - TransWilts, Swindon to Salisbury
dfto7roads.jpg.jpg image - Department for Transport - Wiltshire Congestion map, October 2007
dftview.jpg.jpg image - How the DfT sees our trains (they miss the people inside)
dgdbn.jpg.jpg image - Diesel Gala Day at Borrowstouness
dhotel.jpg.jpg image - hotel
dialerjava.jpg.jpg image - Dialler in Java - diagram
dialerreal.jpg.jpg image - Dialler in Java - screen capture
diarycrier.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Town Crier and Escort
diaryparty.jpg.jpg image - Part in Park
diff100-new.jpg.jpg image - Gosport station today
diff100-old.jpg.jpg image - Gosport station 100 years ago
diffangle.jpg.jpg image - And the whole process helped along by a nice copy of tea
diffdir.jpg.jpg image - A view full of terns
dim1.jpg.jpg image - Devizes in the Dark
dim2.jpg.jpg image - The Shambles, Devizes - Moonlit near Christmas
dim3.jpg.jpg image - Misty view from our bedroom
dim4.jpg.jpg image - Rhododendron at night
dim5.jpg.jpg image - Frost on the brambles
dim6.jpg.jpg image - Socks and the cats head
dim7.jpg.jpg image - How a C Union shares computer memory
dim8.jpg.jpg image - Christmas lights in Melksham
dim9.jpg.jpg image - Mist in Melksham
direction.jpg.jpg image - Route around the Redwoods
div01.jpg.jpg image - A36 closed. Go via Melksham
div02.jpg.jpg image - Limpley Stoke Viaduct closure - effect on A350
div03.jpg.jpg image - Diverted Traffic at Melksham
dl12-1.jpg.jpg image - Middleton-in-Teesdale - Main Street
dl12-2.jpg.jpg image - Middleton-in-Teesdale - Church
dlight.jpg.jpg image - Lighthouse
dlocks.jpg.jpg image - Devizes Locks
dm1.jpg.jpg image - John Betjamin - Dilton Marsh Halt
dm2.jpg.jpg image - Children off to school via Dilton Marsh
dm3.jpg.jpg image - Housing development - taken from Dilton Marsh station
dm4.jpg.jpg image - More housing from Dilton Marsh
dm5.jpg.jpg image - Dilton Marsh is becoming built up
dm6.jpg.jpg image - Stone train at Dilton Marsh
dm7.jpg.jpg image - Dilton Marsh (Northbound) from the Southbound platform
dm8.jpg.jpg image - Don't be fooled by the label - this is Wiltshire
dmarket.jpg.jpg image - Devizes Market
dms.jpg.jpg image - Devizes Market Square
dmu1.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Station
dmu2.jpg.jpg image - Norchard Station
dmu3.jpg.jpg image - Train at Chippenham
dmu4.jpg.jpg image - Welsh train at Westbury
dmu5.jpg.jpg image - Train at Fareham
dmu6.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western Train at Reading
dmunorchard.jpg.jpg image - Diesel train at Norchard
dmuparkend.jpg.jpg image - Parkend station, Forest of Dean Railway
dmustmary.jpg.jpg image - Train at St Marys Halt
docycle.jpg.jpg image - Cycling on to the ferry
dogrun.jpg.jpg image - Near Otterton Mill
dogstation.jpg.jpg image
dogwater.jpg.jpg image - Watering the dog, Party in the Park
domain_listing_center.jpg.jpg image - Domain Listing Centre - BEWARE
donkeywatch.jpg.jpg image - Watching the donkeys
dosattack.jpg.jpg image - Denial of Service attack!
doubletrack.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station in the early 1960s
dovdun.jpg.jpg image - Dover to Dunkerque Ferry
dover-cliffs.jpg.jpg image - White cliffs of Dover
dover1.jpg.jpg image - Early Morning at Dover, and the White Cliffs
doverwall.jpg.jpg image - Dover Breakwater
downs.jpg.jpg image - The Marlborough Downs
downtownroanoke.jpg.jpg image - Street Scene, Roanoke
dpower.jpg.jpg image - Power on the cliff tops
dqloader.jpg.jpg image - Dunkerque Boat Train loader
drac.jpg.jpg image - "Whitworth", before
dragonfruit.jpg.jpg image - Dragon Fruit
dramsky.jpg.jpg image - Dramatic sky at Longleat
drinx.jpg.jpg image - Blending liquors
drleek.jpg.jpg image - Derby Road, Leek
dropoff.jpg.jpg image - effect of spam posts on email level
drybed.jpg.jpg image - Railway trackwork after repair
dsanct.jpg.jpg image - The Donkey Sanctuary
duartcastle.jpg.jpg image - Duart Castle, Isle of Mull
dub2.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the River Liffey
dubeve.jpg.jpg image - Dublin in the evening
duckpond.jpg.jpg image - On Biddestone Pond
duckswat.jpg.jpg image - Duck on Shearwater
ducktown1.jpg.jpg image - Copper Mill - old industrial train
ducktown2.jpg.jpg image - Scrapyard - Copper Mine railway
ducktown3.jpg.jpg image - Typical house at Ducktown, TN
ducktown4.jpg.jpg image - View from the top of the Copper Mine
ducktown5.jpg.jpg image - Old Railroad Loading Dock
dunbegs.jpg.jpg image - Dunbeg sunset
duncanhamesatstation.jpg.jpg image - Duncan Hames
dundas.jpg.jpg image - Planning a walk by Dundas aquaduct
dvcrammer.jpg.jpg image - The Crammer
dvspr1.jpg.jpg image - Spring
dvspr2.jpg.jpg image - Boats at Devizes Wharf
dvspr3.jpg.jpg image - Unity at Devizes on the Kennet and Avon
dvspr4.jpg.jpg image - Meats and Cheeses
dvspr5.jpg.jpg image - Oranges and Grapefruit - breakfast preparation
dvzf1.jpg.jpg image - The Energizer, Devizes Funfair
dvzf2.jpg.jpg image - Dogems, Devizes Funfair
dvzf3.jpg.jpg image - Devizes Funfair
dvzf4.jpg.jpg image - Daytime, Devizes Funfair
dvzf5.jpg.jpg image - Pluck-a-duck, Devizes Funfair
dwhorse.jpg.jpg image - The Devizes White Horse
dwhstile.jpg.jpg image - The Stile to the Devizes White Horse
dwhview.jpg.jpg image - View from Devizes White Horse
dymock1.jpg.jpg image - Dymock, GL
dymock2.jpg.jpg image - Dymock, GL
dyr1.jpg.jpg image - Dyrham House
dyr2.jpg.jpg image - A bee buzzes around - Dyrham Park
dyr3.jpg.jpg image - Contemplative moments at Dyrham
dyr66.jpg.jpg image - Dyrham Park, South Gloucestershire
dyr67.jpg.jpg image - Clicking the deer at Dyrham
dyr68.jpg.jpg image - Dyrham Park
dyr69.jpg.jpg image - Fallow Deer
e.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch - Bazaar
earlytrain.jpg.jpg image - The early train, Swindon to Southampton
eastl1.jpg.jpg image - Trains stored at Eastleigh
eastl2.jpg.jpg image - Trains out of use at Eastleigh
eating.jpg.jpg image - Eating
eb2.jpg.jpg image - On board a vintage bus
eb815.jpg.jpg image - on the 234 bus to Chippenham
ebd1.jpg.jpg image - Vintage bus at Horningsham
ebor.jpg.jpg image - Ebor Mill, Haworth
ecard1.jpg.jpg image - Woolmore farm, Melksham
ecard10.jpg.jpg image - Riverside Walk, Melksham
ecard11.jpg.jpg image - Finger post shadow, Melksham
ecard12.jpg.jpg image - Elderberries, Melksham
ecard13.jpg.jpg image - The Spa Houses, Melksham, Wiltshire
ecard14.jpg.jpg image - Detail of Spa Houses, Melksham
ecard15.jpg.jpg image - On Avon Bridge, Melksham
ecard16.jpg.jpg image - The bridge over the Avon, Melksham, Wiltshire
ecard2.jpg.jpg image - Masonic Hall, Melksham, Wiltshire
ecard3.jpg.jpg image - Trade symbol, masonic hall, Melksham
ecard4.jpg.jpg image - HSBC, Melksham
ecard5.jpg.jpg image - Flowers in Melksham
ecard6.jpg.jpg image - Bath Road, Melksham
ecard7.jpg.jpg image - From the river bridge, Melksham
ecard8.jpg.jpg image - Hanging baskets, Melksham Town Bridge
ecard9.jpg.jpg image - Cooper Avon HQ Building, Melksham
ecastle2.jpg.jpg image - Edinburgh Castle
ecside.jpg.jpg image - Edinburgh Castle
edenbridge.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over river Eden, near Carlisle
edincastle.jpg.jpg image - Edinburgh Castle
edincastle2.jpg.jpg image - Edinburgh Castle
edname.jpg.jpg image - King Edward VII
edprior1.jpg.jpg image - Edington Priory Church
edprior2.jpg.jpg image - Edington church - at the Church wall
edprior3.jpg.jpg image - A Kissing gate into the churchyard
egjl.jpg.jpg image - East Grafton
eiders.jpg.jpg image - Eider ducks
ellijay.jpg.jpg image - Ellijay, Georgia
elsloo.jpg.jpg image - Kasteel Elsloo, near Maastricht
elypr2.jpg.jpg image - Railfure Ely meeting
emlatest.jpg.jpg image - Email traffic graph
engpreps.jpg.jpg image - Batheaston Junction engineering works
engpreps2.jpg.jpg image - Engineering preps at Batheaston
engswi.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Station
engwest.jpg.jpg image - Estbury Station
eo153_0.jpg.jpg image
eobrow.jpg.jpg image - What a browser can understand
eoc.jpg.jpg image - Making sure we cover every subject
eohtml.jpg.jpg image - What a server holds in a web page
eolay.jpg.jpg image - Web Server layout
epbstock.jpg.jpg image - 4EPB stock at Charing Cross
epfive.jpg.jpg image - Melksham
epfour.jpg.jpg image - River Cherwell, Oxford
epone.jpg.jpg image - Avoncliff
epsix.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham
epthree.jpg.jpg image - Taunton
eptwo.jpg.jpg image - Wantage
erlestokechurch.jpg.jpg image - Erlestoke Church
eros.jpg.jpg image - Eros, Piccadilly Circus
error405.jpg.jpg image - http status message 405 - not supported
es08_1.jpg.jpg image - Chris, Delene, Dad, Lisa, Easter 2008
es08_2.jpg.jpg image - Chris and Delene
es08_3.jpg.jpg image - David Jonathan Jagielski
es08_4.jpg.jpg image - Martin and David, Easter Sunday 2008
es08_5.jpg.jpg image - Weekend Cardiff to Portsmouth Train
es08_6.jpg.jpg image - Southampton Station
es08_7.jpg.jpg image - Singing to advertise the Darling Buds of May
es08_8.jpg.jpg image - Gun Wharf, Portsmouth
es08_9.jpg.jpg image - Portsmouth Harbor
esaturday.jpg.jpg image - Saturday at Crich tramway museum
esbny.jpg.jpg image - Empire State Building, New York
esr1.jpg.jpg image - Cranmore Station
esr2.jpg.jpg image - Cranmore Signal Box
esr3.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting Restoration
esr4.jpg.jpg image - USA tank at Cranmore
esr99.jpg.jpg image - East Somerset Railway
esrsingles.jpg.jpg image - Old single coaches - childhood memory
esx.jpg.jpg image - Electric Severn Crossing
et619.jpg.jpg image - the 06:19 train from Swindon is quiet
et702.jpg.jpg image - The 07:02 (now 07:00) from Westbury
euromap.jpg.jpg image - Outline map of Europe
evcf1.jpg.jpg image - New train service to Ebbw Vale
evcf2.jpg.jpg image - Cardiff - the train for Ebbw Vale
evening_153.jpg.jpg image - Evening at Melksham Station
evening_273.jpg.jpg image - Evening bus at Well House Manor
eveningcanal.jpg.jpg image - Evening on the K and A
evensuneve.jpg.jpg image - Sunday Evening Train
ewleft.jpg.jpg image - Oxford to Cambridge railway today
ewrbrs.jpg.jpg image - EWR (Newark) leaving for Bristol
ewright.jpg.jpg image - Railway from Oxford to Milton Keynes and Bedford
expensive.jpg.jpg image - From Trowbridge to Melksham by train - 29 pounds for six miles
express271.jpg.jpg image - Bank Street, Melksham
express272.jpg.jpg image - The bus will not stop
express273.jpg.jpg image - Melksham - not even buses can use Bank Street
eyepods.jpg.jpg image - Pods on the London Eye
ezq0.jpg.jpg image - Swindon train at Westbury
ezq1.jpg.jpg image - Berks and Hants at Crofton
ezq11.jpg.jpg image - Bath
ezq12.jpg.jpg image - Ferry station, Floating Harbour, Bristol
ezq2.jpg.jpg image - Hungerford
ezq3.jpg.jpg image - Weston-super-Mare
ezq4.jpg.jpg image - Dilton Marsh
ezq5.jpg.jpg image - Radstock to Frome
ezq6.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Station
ezq7.jpg.jpg image - Chippehham
ezq8.jpg.jpg image - Plaque at Chippenham Station
ezq9.jpg.jpg image - Taunton
f.jpg.jpg image - River Avon in Melksham
f80634cpmwsb.jpg.jpg image - 06:18 Swindon to Westbury at Chippenham
f8102ha.jpg.jpg image - 102 ha at Melksham earmarked for housing and light industry under the RSS
f820901.jpg.jpg image - 20901 at Bristol Temple Meads
f820905.jpg.jpg image - 20905 at Bristol Temple Meads
f837714.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Temple Meads - 37714
f8books.jpg.jpg image - Part of the Open Source Library at Well House Manor
f8cathays.jpg.jpg image - Cathays Station, Cardiff
f8cdftopomo.jpg.jpg image - Portsmouth Train at Cardiff Central
f8cfaandm.jpg.jpg image - Ancient (First Great Western) and Modern (Arriva Trains)
f8chm2x125.jpg.jpg image - FGW Intercity 125s at Chippenham
f8coffeeservice.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - Coffee Service
f8cthtunnel.jpg.jpg image - Tunnel from Station to University, Cardiff (Cathays)
f8fount.jpg.jpg image - Fountain at Well House Manor
f8good4u.jpg.jpg image - Good 4 U Fruit at Well House Manor
f8liverlights.jpg.jpg image - Three Graces, Liverpool - light on windows
f8liverpoolvictoria.jpg.jpg image - Statue of Queen Victoria, Liverpool
f8lplcanal.jpg.jpg image - Liverpool Canal Link
f8lplcanal2.jpg.jpg image - Canal along the front - Liverpool Pier Head
f8lplcanal3.jpg.jpg image - Funding Canal Improvements
f8lplcanal4.jpg.jpg image - Source of funding
f8lplcvanal5.jpg.jpg image - Working on the new canal in Liverpool
f8lpllightship.jpg.jpg image - The Lightship
f8lplsprayer.jpg.jpg image - Street Artist
f8lplsun.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over Liverpool Docks
f8mkmtrf.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Traffic
f8mkmtrfgh.jpg.jpg image - the A350 is already overloaded
f8mkmtrfkjm.jpg.jpg image - A350, North Melksham
f8pendelino.jpg.jpg image - Pendelino at Stafford
f8premliv.jpg.jpg image - Premier Inn, Albert Dock, Liverpool
f8runs.jpg.jpg image - The runners came by car
f8stafford47.jpg.jpg image - Brush 47, Stafford
f8xcake.jpg.jpg image - A cake
f8xcs2.jpg.jpg image - Hotelympia, Feb 2008
f8xcs3.jpg.jpg image - Hotelympia, Feb 2008
f8xcs4.jpg.jpg image - Hotelympia, Feb 2008
f8xcs5.jpg.jpg image - Excel centre, Customs House, London
f8xcs6.jpg.jpg image - Off home at the end of the show
f8xcs7.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Professionals need somewhere to smoke too
f8xcustom.jpg.jpg image - Custom House Station, North London line - recently closed
f8xdock.jpg.jpg image - East India Dock
f8xfat.jpg.jpg image - Mickey Mouse - fat
f8xholes.jpg.jpg image - Excel Centre, London
f8xindian.jpg.jpg image - A cake as an Indian
f8xp1.jpg.jpg image - On Pewsey Station
f8xp2.jpg.jpg image - From an old map at Pewsey station
f8xp3.jpg.jpg image - 125 approaches Pewsey
f8xp4.jpg.jpg image - Waiting Shelter at Pewsey
f8xp6.jpg.jpg image - A great deal of traffic from a small station at Pewsey
f8xpfood.jpg.jpg image - Photographing Food
f8xplane.jpg.jpg image - Aircraft Approaches London City
f8xsteps.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over East India Docks
f8xts1.jpg.jpg image - Exhibition Chef
f8ybath1.jpg.jpg image - Automated Bath
f8ybath2.jpg.jpg image - Running baths for hotel guests by computer
f8yc1.jpg.jpg image - Standing on the Underground
f8yc2.jpg.jpg image - Standing on First Great Western
f8yc3.jpg.jpg image - Car Park at Pewsey Station
f8ycolfood.jpg.jpg image - Colourful food
f8ydlr.jpg.jpg image - Docklands Light Railway, Custom House
f8ysmoke.jpg.jpg image - Luxury Smoking Cabin, fitting English law
f8ywer.jpg.jpg image - A quiet time at the exhibition
f9bear.jpg.jpg image - The Bear, Melksham
f9redlion.jpg.jpg image - The Red Lion, Melksham
f9unicorn.jpg.jpg image - The Unicorn, Melksham
facade.jpg.jpg image - Facade of Railway Workshops, Swindon
fading.jpg.jpg image - Train service fading away
fagends.jpg.jpg image - Fag ends
fagpacket.jpg.jpg image - A cigarette packet
falk1.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow Palace
falk2.jpg.jpg image - The Royal Scotsman in Borrowstouness Station
falk3.jpg.jpg image - The Falkirk Wheel
falk4.jpg.jpg image - Grangemouth - pretty in the sunshine
fannincoc.jpg.jpg image - Fannin County Chamber of Commerce
farehamto_pomo.jpg.jpg image - Fareham to Portsmouth
farmersbridge.jpg.jpg image - Farmer's Bridge and the National Indoor Arena
fashion.jpg.jpg image - A fashion pooch, Sab Francisco
fclassa.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclassb.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclassc.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclassd.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclasse.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclassf.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclassg.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fclassx.jpg.jpg image - First Class, First Great Western
fcyard.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Churchyard
fdns404.jpg.jpg image - No Smoking Signs - Well House HQ
fdns48.jpg.jpg image - No Smoking signs - Well House Manor
fencedoff.jpg.jpg image - Railway Track - Wet Bed
ferrymeadows.jpg.jpg image - Ferry Meadows, Nene Valley
ferrypair.jpg.jpg image - On the ferry from Dover
ffs.jpg.jpg image - Fruit Salad Setting
fgt_left.jpg.jpg image - Left hand part of tree
fgt_right.jpg.jpg image - Right hand part of tree
fgw90.jpg.jpg image - Melksham to Swindon train
fgw91.jpg.jpg image - Swindon station
fgw92.jpg.jpg image - Kemble station
fgw93.jpg.jpg image - Station at Weymouth
fgw94.jpg.jpg image - New York, Penn Central
fgw95.jpg.jpg image - London Paddington
fgw96.jpg.jpg image - Paddington
fgw97.jpg.jpg image - Old First class Carriage
fgw98.jpg.jpg image - Paddington Station
fgw99.jpg.jpg image - Gosport Station
fgw_homebound.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western at Southampton
fgwlogin.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western .info login
fgwmodteam2.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western Coffeeshop team
fgwsatis.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western Satisfaction Survey
fgwtranswiltsdiag.jpg.jpg image - TransWilts diagram
fh1.jpg.jpg image - Floating Harbour
fh2.jpg.jpg image - Bristol - Floating Harbour
fh3.jpg.jpg image - Floating Harbour, Bristol
fh4.jpg.jpg image - Bristol's Floating Harbour
fh5.jpg.jpg image - The Floating harbour in Bristol
fhall.jpg.jpg image - South Bank, the Festival Hall
fhcast1.jpg.jpg image - Farleigh Hungerford Castle
fhcast2.jpg.jpg image - Visitors to Farleigh Hungerford
field.jpg.jpg image - Walking up towards Snarleton Lane
final1743.jpg.jpg image - The last commuter train from Swindon to Westbury
finalcoate.jpg.jpg image - The diving board at Coate Water, Swindon
finalday.jpg.jpg image - Melksham station awaiting the last commuter train
find3.jpg.jpg image - The old Spa Houses, Melksham
find4.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants, 404, The Spa
findmid.jpg.jpg image - Take this road and turn right a few yards later
findtop.jpg.jpg image - Take the sign for town centre and hospital
firstcoate.jpg.jpg image - A charming path up to Coate Water
firweb.jpg.jpg image - web on fir
flac.jpg.jpg image - Flowers of welcome
flamp.jpg.jpg image - Flowers and lamp
flashplant.jpg.jpg image - Privet hedge at night
fli1.jpg.jpg image - Dawn at Liverpool docks - boat from Dublin
fli2.jpg.jpg image - Silos at Crosby / Liverpool Docks
fli3.jpg.jpg image - At Liverpool Freeport
flintmill.jpg.jpg image - CheddleTon Flint Mill
foodies.jpg.jpg image - Choosing food
footpath.jpg.jpg image - Public Footpath, The Spa, Melksham
forloopx.jpg.jpg image - How a for loop works
forstation.jpg.jpg image - Sign to Melksham Station
forthbridge2.jpg.jpg image - Forth Bridge
forthbridge3.jpg.jpg image - Forth Bridge
forthbridges.jpg.jpg image - Forth Bridge
forthtrain.jpg.jpg image - Forth Bridge
forum08.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over the Hudson River
forumpage.jpg.jpg image - Opentalk Forum
fotstation.jpg.jpg image
fova1.jpg.jpg image - Visitors at the badge viewing area
fova2.jpg.jpg image - Chalk badges, Fovant, Wiltshire
fovantwilts.jpg.jpg image - The badge of the Wiltshire Regiment
foyles.jpg.jpg image - Foyles, Charing Cross Road, London
framed01.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill Locks
framed02.jpg.jpg image - Olivers Castle from Caen Hill
framed03.jpg.jpg image - On Salisbury Plain
framed04.jpg.jpg image - Wilton, former Wessex Capital
framed05.jpg.jpg image - near Salsibury Cathedral
framed06.jpg.jpg image - Hanham
freshfield.jpg.jpg image - Freshfield
freshtrain.jpg.jpg image - Freshfield
friday_bni.jpg.jpg image - Friday - The Wilts
fringe.jpg.jpg image - Every August, Edinburgh hosts the fringe
fromecolour.jpg.jpg image - Colourful doorways in Frome
fromegully.jpg.jpg image - A back street in Frome
fromemuseum.jpg.jpg image - Frome Museum
frometop.jpg.jpg image - The top of the town in Frome
fromeviamelksham.jpg.jpg image - London to Frome via Swindon and Melksham
froojoo.jpg.jpg image - Fruit Juice
froosal.jpg.jpg image - Fruit Salad
frostberry.jpg.jpg image - Berries in the Frost
frostyleaves.jpg.jpg image - Frosty Leaves
fruit.jpg.jpg image - Fruit bowl at Well House Manor
fsb_western_region_contacts.jpg.jpg image - Federation of Small Businesses
fsblower.jpg.jpg image - Speed Networking (bottom half)
fsbupper.jpg.jpg image - Speed Networking (top half)
fullcircle.jpg.jpg image - Stonehenge - full circle
fullrace.jpg.jpg image - Coming home in the fourth
g.jpg.jpg image - A walk in Melksham
g150150.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis
g2by1.jpg.jpg image - Kingsdown Golf Club
gam1.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas, 2006 - the Opentalk Crew
gam2.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas 2006
gam3.jpg.jpg image - Studying at Geekmas
gam4.jpg.jpg image - We have cycle facilities at Well House Manor
gam5.jpg.jpg image - Leaving after Geekmas from Melksham
gam6.jpg.jpg image - First Christmas at the Manor
game_01.jpg.jpg image - Public Transport across Wiltshire
gard1.jpg.jpg image - Garden pond at 404, The Spa
gard2.jpg.jpg image - Melskham in Bloom - prize garden
gard3.jpg.jpg image - Garden, The Spa
gard4.jpg.jpg image - Melksham's Spa Houses from 1814
gardenhouse01.jpg.jpg image - Garden Houses B and B
gardenhouse02.jpg.jpg image - Cheddleton - Garden House
gardenhouse03.jpg.jpg image - Garden House, Cheddleton
gardenlights.jpg.jpg image - A light dusting of snow - NOT an ideal day to fix the lights!
gardenview.jpg.jpg image - Another view of Bath from Sidney gardens
garyandpaul.jpg.jpg image - Gary and Paul
gateshead1.jpg.jpg image - The Angel of the North
gatn.jpg.jpg image - Georgia / Tennessee border
gatwickqueue.jpg.jpg image - Queue at Gatwick
gaugepoint.jpg.jpg image - Gauge Point
gbath.jpg.jpg image - Georgian Bath
gboutlinemap.jpg.jpg image - Ouline Map of Great Britain and Ireland
gbrook1.jpg.jpg image - Grindley Brook
gbrook2.jpg.jpg image - Grindley Brook
gbrook3.jpg.jpg image - Grindley Brook
gbtables.jpg.jpg image - Open Source training at customer site
gbury.jpg.jpg image - Gunnersbury Station
gcentral.jpg.jpg image - Grand Central Station
gchal1.jpg.jpg image - Great Chalfield Manor
gchal2.jpg.jpg image - Great Chalfield Church
gclub1.jpg.jpg image - Golf Club - hole
gclub2.jpg.jpg image - Golf Club - Tee
gclub3.jpg.jpg image - A Bunker at Kingsdown Golf Club
gcr61.jpg.jpg image - 61, Greencourt Road
gdrowde.jpg.jpg image - The George and Dragon, Rowde
gdwithsanta1.jpg.jpg image - Gordon Dodge, r.i.p.
geek06.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas 06
gen08.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Spa Houses / Well House Consultants HQ
georgeward1.jpg.jpg image - George Ward School, Melksham
georgeward2.jpg.jpg image - Melksham's George Ward School
georgian.jpg.jpg image - One of Melksham's old Spa houses
gerville.jpg.jpg image - German village on Salisbury Plain
gettycentre.jpg.jpg image - Gettysburg, Centre
gettygourds.jpg.jpg image - Gourds for sale at a store near Gettysburg
gettygravity.jpg.jpg image - Gravity siding at Gettysburg
gettygun.jpg.jpg image - A Replica gun on the battlefield at Gettysburg
gettylines.jpg.jpg image - Monuments on the battlefield
gettymonuments.jpg.jpg image - Monuments to regiments crowd the battlefield
gettynewstation.jpg.jpg image - Gettysburg Station yesterday
gettyoldstation.jpg.jpg image - Gettysburg Station - last passenger train, 1942
gettysburg.jpg.jpg image - Gettysburg - station sign
gettystorecat.jpg.jpg image - The store cat - good ole country store, near Gettysburg
gferry1.jpg.jpg image - Waiting for the boat at Portsmouth
gferry2.jpg.jpg image - From the ferry
gferry3.jpg.jpg image - The Gosport Ferry
gferry4.jpg.jpg image - leaving the ferry at Gosport
gferry5.jpg.jpg image - Spinnaker Tower from Gosport
gferry6.jpg.jpg image - Leaving Gosport
gferry7.jpg.jpg image - The entrance to Portsmouth Harbour
gfriday.jpg.jpg image - Good Friday, near Haworth
ggbridge.jpg.jpg image - Golden Gate Bridge
ggsanfran.jpg.jpg image - from the Golden Gate Bridge
gherkinned.jpg.jpg image - The Tower of London has been dwarfed
ghgh1.jpg.jpg image - Harpers Ferry - old bridge
ghgh2.jpg.jpg image - Harpers Ferry - station, WV
ghgh3.jpg.jpg image - Harpers Ferry - new bridge
ghgh4.jpg.jpg image - Gettysburg Station where Lincoln arrived
gje_avatar.jpg.jpg image - Graham's Avatar
gjebadge.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis - Well House Manor - staff badge
glacier.jpg.jpg image - Glacier at Skatafell
glastonrain.jpg.jpg image - Rain - Glastobury weekend
glclyde.jpg.jpg image - The Clyde in Glasgow
glcstn.jpg.jpg image - Glasgow Central Station
glensa.jpg.jpg image - Glensanda, Morvern
glhotel.jpg.jpg image - A modern hotel rises above the City
globe.jpg.jpg image - The Globe, South Bank, London
glosou.png.png image
glowtree.jpg.jpg image - Glowing Tree
glr2.jpg.jpg image - Rain - Glastobury weekend
glrenew.jpg.jpg image - Renewal in Glasgow
glsave.jpg.jpg image - Saving old building facades
gmas06.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas '06
gmp01.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas in the hWitworth
gmp02.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas in the Wilts
gmp03.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
gmpic.jpg.jpg image - General Resources
gmtrain.jpg.jpg image - Train to Great Malvern
gnu1.jpg.jpg image - Sitting in a restaurant at Gun Wharf
gnu2.jpg.jpg image - The Canal Section at Gun Wharf
gnu3.jpg.jpg image - Spinnaker Tower
gnu4.jpg.jpg image - The tail of a whale
gobi_boat.jpg.jpg image - leaving Dover
gobi_bus.jpg.jpg image - Local bus in Melksham
gobi_car.jpg.jpg image - Go By Car
gobi_ship.jpg.jpg image - Go by Ship
gobi_train.jpg.jpg image - Travel by Train
goldendial.jpg.jpg image - Sundial - Pewsey
goldenflowers.jpg.jpg image - Flowers in Devizes
goldenhorse.jpg.jpg image - Types of White Horses
goldenjar.jpg.jpg image - What do we keep in a jar
goldfish.jpg.jpg image - Goldfish
goocap.jpg.jpg image - Google Map
gordonedwards.jpg.jpg image - Gordon Edwards addresses TravelWatch CouthWest
gosportcastletavern.jpg.jpg image - Gosport Castle Tavern at Sunset
gosportferry.jpg.jpg image - The ferry from Gosport to Porstmouth
gosportfortbrockenhurst.jpg.jpg image - Fort Brockenhurst
gosporthighstreet.jpg.jpg image - High Street, Gosport
gosportlee.jpg.jpg image - The foreshore at Lee-on-the-Solent
gosportlee2.jpg.jpg image - Groynes near Lee-on-the-Solent
gosportlee3.jpg.jpg image - Walking the dog
gosportoldrailway.jpg.jpg image - Course of old railway - Gosport to Fareham
gosportsb1.jpg.jpg image - Watching the shipping
gosportsb2.jpg.jpg image - A Liner passes Stokes Bay
gosportsb3.jpg.jpg image - Parking at Stokes Bay
gosportsb4.jpg.jpg image - Seagulls at Stokes Bay
gosportstation.jpg.jpg image - Collonade at Gosport Station
gosportstn2.jpg.jpg image - The main station building, Gosport
gosportstn3.jpg.jpg image - Second Platform at Gosport Station
gosportsunset.jpg.jpg image - Gosport at Sunset
graham_e.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis
grahambadge.jpg.jpg image - Sheep in Iceland
grainmorn1.jpg.jpg image - Autumn morning
grainmorn2.jpg.jpg image - Crisp morning in Melksham
grainsanta.jpg.jpg image - Grainy Santa
grapemelon.jpg.jpg image - Grape and Melon
grayling_ancram.jpg.jpg image - Chris Grayling and Michael Ancram
green.jpg.jpg image - Vegetation
greenford.png.png image
greyes.jpg.jpg image - eyes
grids_0.jpg.jpg image - Tk and grid - expansion fails
grids_1.jpg.jpg image - TK and grid - expansion
grouse.jpg.jpg image - Grouse
grvsp.jpg.jpg image - Greedy v Sparse - Regular Expression
gseat.jpg.jpg image - Smoking Area, Well House Manor
gsilo.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis, Tutor, Well House Consultants
gtfeedback.jpg.jpg image - (from) Python GTK training course material
gtfeedback2.jpg.jpg image - Python GTK - sample display
gu01.jpg.jpg image - Metro, Washington DC
gu02.jpg.jpg image - Rails at Weymouth Harbour
gu03.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham Station
gu05.jpg.jpg image - Alton Towers
gu06.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
guess1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
guess10.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Station
guess2.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Station
guess3.jpg.jpg image - Taunton Station
guess4.jpg.jpg image - Weston-super-mare Station
guess5.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Temple Meads
guess6.jpg.jpg image - Dilton Marsh Station
guess7.jpg.jpg image - Hungerford Station
guess8.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey Station
guess9.jpg.jpg image - Nailsea and Backwell Station
guildford.jpg.jpg image - Guildford Cathedral
gullery.jpg.jpg image - Gulls nesting at Vik
gullfoss.jpg.jpg image - Gullfoss Waterfall
gulltop.jpg.jpg image - Gulls nesting in Iceland
gunwharf_pomo.jpg.jpg image - Gun Wharf, Portsmouth
gwithscud.jpg.jpg image - A scud missile where I was training
hackhorse.jpg.jpg image - Hackpen Hill - white horse
hackpen.jpg.jpg image - White Horse, Hackpen Hill
hamblebomb.jpg.jpg image - A wartime bomb collects for the Lifeboats
hambleferry.jpg.jpg image - Hamble to Warsash Ferry
hamblehard.jpg.jpg image - On the Hard at Hamble
hamiltin2.jpg.jpg image - Hotel, Cambridge
hamiltin4.jpg.jpg image - At the hotel in Cambridge
hamilton3.jpg.jpg image - Access Road to Hotel car park
hamilyon1.jpg.jpg image - Hamilton Hotel
handle.jpg.jpg image - Handle House, Trowbridge
hangar.jpg.jpg image - Hullavington Hangar
hard.jpg.jpg image - Learn from a whiteboard
harperscrossing.jpg.jpg image - Railroad across the Potomac, Harpers Ferry
harpersferry.jpg.jpg image - Harpers Ferry, West Virginia
hatter.jpg.jpg image - I will eat my hat ...
hcomp1.jpg.jpg image - Elseloo, NL
hcomp2.jpg.jpg image - Best Western Hotel, Troy, NY State
hcomp3.jpg.jpg image - Hotel at Maastricht Airport
hcomp4.jpg.jpg image - Elsloo
hcomp5.jpg.jpg image - An event at Well House Manor, Melksham
hcompa.jpg.jpg image - hotel near Colchester in Essex
hcompb.jpg.jpg image - Maastricht Airport
hcompc.jpg.jpg image - Maastricht Airport
hcompd.jpg.jpg image - Troy, upstate New York
hcompe.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
heap_all.jpg.jpg image - Java Heap memory allocation
heap_code.jpg.jpg image - Java memory use - code
heap_eden.jpg.jpg image - Java memory - eden (shortterm)
heap_survivor.jpg.jpg image - Jaba Memory - survivor (medium term)
heap_tenure.jpg.jpg image - Java memory - tenure heap area
hebbr.jpg.jpg image - Evening over Hebden Bridge
hebden1.jpg.jpg image - Hebden Bridge
heddingtonchurch.jpg.jpg image - Heddington Church
helenoftroy.jpg.jpg image - Helen of Troy - that is Troy, NY state
helvert1.jpg.jpg image - What is under that hat?
helvert2.jpg.jpg image - Only the statues are unclothed in Helsinki
helvert3.jpg.jpg image - Beware Children
helvert4.jpg.jpg image - A Reindeer at the airport
helvert6.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki in Spring
helvert7.jpg.jpg image - An Inlet from the Baltic, Helsinki
hereblog.jpg.jpg image - Hereford - the Wye and the Cathedral
heref1.jpg.jpg image - Hereford Town Centre
heref2.jpg.jpg image - Hereford Cathedral
heref3.jpg.jpg image - Stonework - Hereford Cathedaral
heref4.jpg.jpg image - The river Wye in Hereford
heref5.jpg.jpg image - Hereford
heref6.jpg.jpg image - Boating on the Wye
herefordcow.jpg.jpg image - Cow, Herefordshire
herefordshire.jpg.jpg image - Hereford Countryside
herefordshire2.jpg.jpg image - Hereford Countryside
heronsunset.jpg.jpg image - Heron at Sunset
hfbridge.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the Potomac
hffalls.jpg.jpg image - Waterfall on a Potomac Tributary
hfgeese.jpg.jpg image - Geese on the Potomac
hfinterp.jpg.jpg image - Rivers meet at Harpers Ferry
hfkids1.jpg.jpg image - Unaccompanied Children will be given an expresso and a free puppy
hfkids2.jpg.jpg image - Sorry - no Children
hflowerbridge.jpg.jpg image - The main road crosses the Potomac below Harpers Ferry
hfmainstreet.jpg.jpg image - Main Street, Harpers Ferry
hfobama.jpg.jpg image - Obama Campaign poster, Harpers Ferry
hfrrbridge.jpg.jpg image - Railroad bridge across the Potomac, Harpers Ferry
hfsign.jpg.jpg image - Harpers Ferry visitors read about the history
hglong.jpg.jpg image - A Grand walk through the trees
highworth1.jpg.jpg image - Highworth, Wiltshire
highworth2.jpg.jpg image - Highworth
hillibath.jpg.jpg image - Bath Coach Terminal
hillibent.jpg.jpg image - Bent Street, Nether Wallop
hillicatfish.jpg.jpg image - Cat Fish
hillichildshort.jpg.jpg image - Shortage of children for adoption
hillieaster.jpg.jpg image - Easter Island Head
hillifish.jpg.jpg image - Fish
hillifishi.jpg.jpg image - Lot of fish
hilligundog.jpg.jpg image - Gundog
hillilavalamp.jpg.jpg image - Llama (Lava) Lamp
hillipinks.jpg.jpg image - Pink Flowers
hillipointer.jpg.jpg image - Pointer
hillireed.jpg.jpg image - Reeds
hillirockinghorse.jpg.jpg image - Rocking Horse
hillistork.jpg.jpg image - Stork
hilliswarm.jpg.jpg image - Swarm of bees
hilliw1.jpg.jpg image - Pond
hilliwiki2.jpg.jpg image - Avenue
hilliwiki3.jpg.jpg image - Plants of Interest
hilliwiki4.jpg.jpg image - Jermyns House
hilliwiki5.jpg.jpg image - Leaves
hillview.jpg.jpg image - Roundway Hill Covert and Olivers Castle
hilmarina.jpg.jpg image - Hilperton Marina
hisandhers.jpg.jpg image - His and Hers laptops
hmarchive.jpg.jpg image - Horse Mouth - archive
hmerge.jpg.jpg image - Hereford Countryside
hollandpark1.jpg.jpg image - Holland Park area of West London
holt1.jpg.jpg image - The Courts
holt2.jpg.jpg image - In Holt
holt3.jpg.jpg image - Grounds of the Courts
holt4.jpg.jpg image - The river Avon passes nearby - Staverton
holtsq.jpg.jpg image - The Courts, Holt, Wiltshire
honeytrapagency.jpg.jpg image - Honeytrapagency / Honey Trap Agency
horse.jpg.jpg image - Walkers on top of the Westbury White Horse
horselights.jpg.jpg image - Traffic control lights for horses
horselights2.jpg.jpg image - Lacock, Wiltshire - Traffic lights for horses
horseline.jpg.jpg image - Coming up to the winners enclosure
horsepage.jpg.jpg image - The Horses Mouth
horseroll.jpg.jpg image - Horseplay
horseseed.jpg.jpg image - Cherhill White Horse
hotcourses.jpg.jpg image - Hot Courses
hotel_in_melksham.jpg.jpg image - Somewhere to stay in Melksham, Wiltshire, England
hotelroanoke.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Roanoke
hotloco.jpg.jpg image - Health and safety issues
houseypic.jpg.jpg image - Houses at Melksham Station
howish.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - our hotel - room setup
howtall.jpg.jpg image - How tall is a bear
hoz1.jpg.jpg image - Housing at Melksham Station
hoz2.jpg.jpg image - Model Railway at RailWest
hq01.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants HQ
hqabout.jpg.jpg image - Our HQ
hrcs.jpg.jpg image - Queuing for a National Express Ticket
hroke.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Roanoke
hrt1.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting Baggage at Heathrow Terminal 1
hs1-1.jpg.jpg image - Stronoway, Isle of Lewis, from the Ferry
hs2-1.jpg.jpg image - Callanish, Isle of Lewis
hsagtey.jpg.jpg image - A Health and Safety Problem
hsba1.jpg.jpg image - The Barge at Honey Street
hseq1.jpg.jpg image - Honey Street - arrive by horse
hsink1.jpg.jpg image - Central Station, Helsinki
hsink10.jpg.jpg image - the Metro, Helsinki
hsink11.jpg.jpg image - Apartment blocks and water, Helsinki
hsink12.jpg.jpg image - The Palm House, Helsinki Botanical Gardens
hsink2.jpg.jpg image - Dusk at City West, Helsinki
hsink3.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki City Centre at night
hsink4.jpg.jpg image - Neon Signs in Finland
hsink5.jpg.jpg image - Cobbled central square, Helsinki, Spring
hsink6.jpg.jpg image - Helsinki is a clean city - daily wash
hsink7.jpg.jpg image - Baseball pitch and turtles, Helsinki
hsink8.jpg.jpg image - Botanical gardens, Helsinki
hsink9.jpg.jpg image - Central Station, Helsinki
hsn1.jpg.jpg image - West Helsinki
hsn2.jpg.jpg image - In the centre of Helsinki
hsnb1.jpg.jpg image - Narrow Boat passed Honey Street
hsroundhouse.jpg.jpg image - Formerly Historic Society museum, now Love LooLoo, round house
htmlemail.jpg.jpg image - An email that was sent as HTML
hts.jpg.jpg image - At Melksham Station
hudsonbr.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the Hudson River
hwc1.jpg.jpg image - On site Tcl Training
hwc2.jpg.jpg image - Delegates on a course
hwc3.jpg.jpg image - During a Tcl course practical
hx2all.jpg.jpg image - Father Christmas at Melksham
hydepark1.jpg.jpg image - Hyde Park, London
hydepark2.jpg.jpg image - Hyde Park, London
hydepark3.jpg.jpg image - Hyde Park, London
hydepark7.jpg.jpg image - Hyde Park, London
hydeplay.jpg.jpg image - Hyde Park, London
i.jpg.jpg image - Garden at 48
ibisdublin.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom, Ibis Hotel, Dublin
ibsouth.jpg.jpg image - Victorian Cottages, Ironbridge
icair.jpg.jpg image - Plane at Keflavik
icbehindfalls.jpg.jpg image - Walk behind a waterfall
iccave.jpg.jpg image - Sea Cave
iccountry.jpg.jpg image - Iceland Countryside
icecanal.jpg.jpg image - Ice on canal
icedrive.jpg.jpg image - Ice on Drive
icesheep.jpg.jpg image - Icelandic Sheep
iceveglacier.jpg.jpg image - At the bottom of the glacier
icf1.jpg.jpg image - Waterfall
icgey1.jpg.jpg image - Geyser
ichhurd.jpg.jpg image - Herding horses
iclavabeds.jpg.jpg image - Lava Beds
icplug.jpg.jpg image - A plug volcano
icreg.jpg.jpg image - Ignore case in Regular Expression
icstacks.jpg.jpg image - Seabird Stacks, Vik
icstong1.jpg.jpg image - Old farm - archaeological excavation at Stong
icstong2.jpg.jpg image - Preparing to ride out - Stong
ictourfalls.jpg.jpg image - One of the more accessible waterfalls
icturfhouse.jpg.jpg image - Turfed house
idawn.jpg.jpg image - Inverness at Dawn
ifcot.jpg.jpg image - Cottage at Iford
ifgard.jpg.jpg image - The gardens at Iford Manor
iflanes.jpg.jpg image - Parked beside the road near Iford
ifordh.jpg.jpg image - Iford Manor across the river
ifsheep.jpg.jpg image - Sheep near Iford
ifwed.jpg.jpg image - A wedding at Iford manor
igig1.jpg.jpg image - Bus replacement plans
igig2.jpg.jpg image - Closed FGW stations
ijok.jpg.jpg image - Without an injection attack
ijoops.jpg.jpg image - Injection Attack
imapstamps.jpg.jpg image - Scenes at Well House Consultants and Well House Manor
inart1.jpg.jpg image - The Art cafe
inart2.jpg.jpg image - In the Melksham Art Cafe
inashers.jpg.jpg image - Ashers, Melksham
inbarge.jpg.jpg image - The Barge, Seend
incarnival.jpg.jpg image - Bridgewater Carnival
incident.jpg.jpg image - Private report from incident book software
incident_public.jpg.jpg image - Public report from incident book software
indeprefa.jpg.jpg image - Choosing more food
index.html (Home Page)Learning Perl, PHP, Python, MySQL, Linux or Tcl/Tk?
initstates.jpg.jpg image - init states for a Linux or Unix systems
inmagpies.jpg.jpg image - The Three Magpies, Sells Green
inmagpies2.jpg.jpg image - inside The Three Magpies, Sells Green
insad2.jpg.jpg image - Laptops await the next course
insad3.jpg.jpg image - object copying PHP4 v PHP 5
insad4.jpg.jpg image - Russell Square, London
insad5.jpg.jpg image - London Ruby Users Group meeting
insaddle.jpg.jpg image - Back in the saddle again
instorder.jpg.jpg image - Install order - httpd, PHP, MySQL etc
integration.jpg.jpg image - Integrated Transport as it should be
intheshadow.jpg.jpg image - In the shadow of the Gherkin
intosidings.jpg.jpg image - FGW are overcrowded, but sending this train to storage
intothis.jpg.jpg image - A busy station platform
invoker.jpg.jpg image - Waiter at Portsmouth
iomr.jpg.jpg image - On the Isle of Man Railway
ionaabbey.jpg.jpg image - The Abbey on the island of Iona
ionafar.jpg.jpg image - Iona appears on the horizon
iowscambottom.jpg.jpg image - Scam letter - APT / Google
iowscamtop.jpg.jpg image - Scam letter - wwwmdirectory / Google
ip_japan.jpg.jpg image - IP address for Japan
ip_trowbridge.jpg.jpg image - IP address - Trowbridge
ipic1.jpg.jpg image - Taking Pictures in Iceland
ipic2.jpg.jpg image - Iceland
ironclose.jpg.jpg image - Close up of the Ironbridge
ironfull.jpg.jpg image - The Iron Bridge
is_station.jpg.jpg image - Bedwyn Turn Around Siding
istbread.jpg.jpg image - Bread on the head
istbreak.jpg.jpg image - Taking a break in Istanbul
istbright.jpg.jpg image - A wedding in Istanbul
itchenfleet.jpg.jpg image - Red Funnel Fleet
iv2-1.jpg.jpg image - Urquart Castle, Loch Ness
iv2-2.jpg.jpg image - Urquhart Castle on Lock Ness
iv2-3.jpg.jpg image - Culloden
iv26-1.jpg.jpg image - Ullapool - fishing village
iv26-2.jpg.jpg image - Ullapool
iv4-1.jpg.jpg image - Beauly, near Inverness
iv40-1.jpg.jpg image - Eilean Donan Castle
iv40-2.jpg.jpg image - West Highland scenery near Kyle of Lochalsh
iv51-1.jpg.jpg image - Portree
iv51-2.jpg.jpg image - Portree
iv55-1.jpg.jpg image - Dunvegan Castle (Caisteal Dùn Bheagain, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach)
iv55-2.jpg.jpg image - Dunvegan Castle
j.jpg.jpg image - Free Puppy
j20080112.jpg.jpg image - Train Alterations on a Saturday
j20080113.jpg.jpg image - Train alterations on a Sunday
japrail.jpg.jpg image - Road Rail vehicle from Toyota
java08.jpg.jpg image - Hudson River near New York
javacourses.jpg.jpg image - Java Training Courses - UK
javagrowth.jpg.jpg image - The growth of Java
javapeeps.jpg.jpg image - Java People
jedburgh1.jpg.jpg image - In the town of Jedburgh
jigsaw1.jpg.jpg image - Doing a jigsaw at Well House Manor
jigsaw2.jpg.jpg image - Complete Jigsaw of Liverpool Docks
jigsaw3.jpg.jpg image - Train arrives in Melksham
jkstatus.jpg.jpg image - JK Status Manager
jmeter_robots.jpg.jpg image - Sample Graph from Jmeter
jo1.jpg.jpg image - iceberg lagoon
jo2.jpg.jpg image - Avon rubber in the iceberg lagoon
jo3.jpg.jpg image - Ride Jaki through the iceberg lagoon
jo4.jpg.jpg image - variety in icebergs
jo5.jpg.jpg image - A beach of black volcanic sand
jsptoservlet.jpg.jpg image - How a JSP is converted to a Servlet
jumps.jpg.jpg image - The MarlBrough Downs in the evening
k.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch - Park
kapewsey.jpg.jpg image - Kennet and Avon CaNal at Pewsey
karmsmkm.jpg.jpg image - Kings Arms, Melksham
keevil1.jpg.jpg image - Magnificent old house, Keevil
keevil2.jpg.jpg image - Keevil Church
keevil3.jpg.jpg image - From the doorway of St Leonards Church, Keevil, Wilts
kem1.jpg.jpg image - Stored aircraft - Kemble
kem2.jpg.jpg image - Aircraft breakers - Kemble
kevii.jpg.jpg image - King Edward VII on his horse
kilm1.jpg.jpg image - The old railway track
kilm2.jpg.jpg image - Kilmersdon Village from the Colliers Way
kilm3.jpg.jpg image - Sign to Jack and Jill Hill
kilm4.jpg.jpg image - The Well at the school
kilm6.jpg.jpg image - Kilmersdon - Church and Pub
kilm7.jpg.jpg image - The old railway
kings_with.jpg.jpg image - Kings Road with Traffic
kings_without.jpg.jpg image - Kings Road without Traffic
kisscars.jpg.jpg image - Kiss and Ride at Melksham Station
kissgarden.jpg.jpg image - Watering the plants at Melksham Station
kissnride.jpg.jpg image - Kiss and Ride Advert
kisssign.jpg.jpg image - What is Kiss and Ride?
kisswait.jpg.jpg image - Waiting to deliver the kisses?
kitbase.jpg.jpg image - Christine in the kitchen
kithole.jpg.jpg image - Through the kitchen hole
kl500.jpg.jpg image - Scotland
klon.jpg.jpg image - Kirby Lonsdale - the two bridges
kornreso.jpg.jpg image - Korn Shell Course Resources
kpass1.jpg.jpg image - Kirkstone Pass
kpass2.jpg.jpg image - Kirkstone Pass
kpass3.jpg.jpg image - Kirkstone Pass
kpass4.jpg.jpg image - Kirkstone Pass
kwvr1.jpg.jpg image - Keighley, West Yorkshire
kwvr2.jpg.jpg image - Keighley and Worth Valley Railway
kycp1.jpg.jpg image - Weston Milton
kycp2.jpg.jpg image - Ashchurch
kycp3.jpg.jpg image - Bradford-on-Avon
kycp4.jpg.jpg image - The bus stop outside a railway station
kycp5.jpg.jpg image - A Railway Station car park
l.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham, Bridge
l150150.jpg.jpg image - Lisa Ellis
l2012.jpg.jpg image - London Olympics 2012
lab.jpg.jpg image - Lacock Abbey
labbeywall.jpg.jpg image - Lacock Abbey Wall
labbiefgw.jpg.jpg image - Using the train to get to Lacock
laco_08_1.jpg.jpg image - Lacock Church
laco_08_2.jpg.jpg image - Traditional Tea at Lacock
laco_08_3.jpg.jpg image - Lacock
lacock.jpg.jpg image - The High Street at Lacock
lacocksq.jpg.jpg image - Lacock, Wiltshire
ladylismore.jpg.jpg image - Lady Rock and Lismore
lakeclassic.jpg.jpg image - Kirkstone Pass
lakefarm.jpg.jpg image - Kirkstone Pass
lambstrand.jpg.jpg image - The Lamb on the Strand
lancaster1.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
lancaster2.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
lancaster3.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
lancaster4.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
landings.htmlSearch Engine Landings
lansdown.jpg.jpg image - Lansdown - Battle Field
lansdown2.jpg.jpg image - Lansdown - Interpretation boards
lavingtonhill.jpg.jpg image - Lavington Hill
lawcourts.jpg.jpg image - Law Course, Fleet Street
lawrence.jpg.jpg image - Lawrence's Taxi service
laxey.jpg.jpg image - Lady Isabella wheel at Laxey
lazonb.jpg.jpg image - Lazonby Bridge
lbr2.jpg.jpg image - London Bridge
lday1.jpg.jpg image - Very last train of the old service, Melksham
lday2.jpg.jpg image - Train, Melksham - last day of commuter service
lday3.jpg.jpg image - A First Great Western manager tries to explain that this train is being withdrawn because it is quiet
lday4.jpg.jpg image - Train, Swindon - last 17:05 from Melksham arrives
lday5.jpg.jpg image - The Radio Interview
leah_d.jpg.jpg image - Leah Davies
leccy.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Electrician
leeds1.jpg.jpg image - An old wool warehouse in Leeds
leedsbus.jpg.jpg image - Leeds Bus
leedscastle.jpg.jpg image - Leeds (Kent) Castle
leedscastle2.jpg.jpg image - Leeds (Kent) Castle
leedsgateway.jpg.jpg image - Leeds Gateway
leedshotel.jpg.jpg image - Bewleys Hotel, Leeds
leedssmoke.jpg.jpg image - Effect of the smoking ban in Leeds
leedstrain.jpg.jpg image - Leeds Train
leemap.jpg.jpg image - Proposed rail service for Bristol
leeyes.jpg.jpg image - eyes
leftcarrot.jpg.jpg image - Carrots
leftmyheart.jpg.jpg image - San Francisco - heart balloon
leicountryside.jpg.jpg image - Leicestershire Countryside
leith1.jpg.jpg image - Leith
leith2.jpg.jpg image - Leith
leith_newhaven.jpg.jpg image - Leith
lemme_copy.jpg.jpg image - Perl - call by value
lemme_reference.jpg.jpg image - Perl - call by name
lemme_showyou.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis demonstrates during a Perl course
lemon_24d.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Lemon Crop
leominster.jpg.jpg image - Leominster
levee.jpg.jpg image - A Californian Levee
leveepics.jpg.jpg image - Lisa snaps up California
levels.jpg.jpg image - The Somerset Levels
lexch.jpg.jpg image - Victorian Grandeur - Liverpool Exchange Station
leye.jpg.jpg image - the London Eye
lftcl1.jpg.jpg image - Bedminster
lftcl2.jpg.jpg image - Severn Beach
lftcl3.jpg.jpg image - Patchway
lhbox001.jpg.jpg image - Daffodils at Well House Manor
lhi.jpg.jpg image - Spa Houses, Melksham
lhill.jpg.jpg image - Racing at Larkhill
lhrairside.jpg.jpg image - London Heathrow, Airside
lhrt3.jpg.jpg image - Terminal 3 - major rebuild
lhs9_0.jpg.jpg image - Fruit from breakfast at Well House Manor
lhs9_1.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor is in 3/4 acre of grounds
lhs9_2.jpg.jpg image - Students on an Open Source course
lhs9_3.jpg.jpg image - Learning to Program at Well House Manor
lhs9_4.jpg.jpg image - A Networking meeting at Well House Manor
lhs9_5.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants run private courses on customer sites - here is a Central London training room we used
lhs9_6.jpg.jpg image - Plenty of workspace in all the bedrooms at Well House Manor
lhs9_7.jpg.jpg image - All rooms have a large double bed
lhs9_8.jpg.jpg image - The Library at Well House Manor
lhs9_9.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, Training Centre and Hotel, Melksham
lhs9__.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 1, Well House Manor, Melksham
lhs9_a.jpg.jpg image - Would she be studying Tomcat? We provide Tomcat training
lhs9_b.jpg.jpg image - We remain open - rain wind or beautiful snow
lhs9_c.jpg.jpg image - We have a garage for motorcycles, and encourage you to bring your bike for your course.
lhs9_d.jpg.jpg image - Daffodils at Well House Manor
lhs9_e.jpg.jpg image - A small, catered lunch meeting room
lhs9_f.jpg.jpg image - Delegates relax with a jigsaw after a long day of studying
lhs9_g.jpg.jpg image - Dusk at Well House Manor
lhs9_h.jpg.jpg image - Lovely scenery close by!
lhs9_i.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants HQ is in Melksham Spa
lhs9_j.jpg.jpg image - Breakfast buffet at Well House Manor
lhs9_k.jpg.jpg image - Laptop computers for every delegate to use
lhs9_l.jpg.jpg image - The training room set up for a larger meeting
lhs9_m.jpg.jpg image - The Breakfast room
lhs9_n.jpg.jpg image - Breakfast at Well House Manor
lhs9_o.jpg.jpg image - Our Coffee mugs say ... Come as a Student, Leave as a Friend!
lhs9_p.jpg.jpg image - We encourage delegates to arrive by train. Picture taken when we were picking up from Melksham Station
lhs9_q.jpg.jpg image - Perl training - a public course at Well House Manor
lhs9_r.jpg.jpg image - Delegates on a public Well House Consultants course at our training centre
lhs9_s.jpg.jpg image - On a public course at Well House Manor
lhs9_t.jpg.jpg image - Course Delegate - Well House Consultants
lhs9_u.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants train on site - in Cambridge in this example
lhs9_v.jpg.jpg image - A Private Tcl course, on site
lhs9_w.jpg.jpg image - The tutor travels to give a private course
lhs9_x.jpg.jpg image - A Well House Consultants course in the Berks
lhs9_y.jpg.jpg image - On a training course at Well House Manor
lhs9_z.jpg.jpg image - During a lunch break we sometimes walk into Melksham. This is the Art Cafe
lhsign.jpg.jpg image - What we have
lhsnow.jpg.jpg image - Rail - Melksgam to Swindon
lhsspeed.jpg.jpg image - Speed cycling in Cambridge
lib1.jpg.jpg image - The library at Ephesus
lib2.jpg.jpg image - Ephesus Library
lidlmelksham.jpg.jpg image - Opening of Lidl in Melksham
lieyes.jpg.jpg image - eyes
light5.jpg.jpg image - Initial configuration of Apache httpd
lightoff.jpg.jpg image - Light off
lighton.jpg.jpg image - Light on
lindahudson.jpg.jpg image - Passenger on New York to Albany train
lindors3.jpg.jpg image - Gardens at Lindors
lindors_2.jpg.jpg image - Putting in the Wye Valley
lindors_country_house_hotel.jpg.jpg image - St Briavels Hotel
lindors_hotel.jpg.jpg image - Inside Lindors Country hotel
linescape0.jpg.jpg image - Waverly off Oban
linescape1.jpg.jpg image - Isle of Mull
linescape2.jpg.jpg image - Isle of Mull
linescape3.jpg.jpg image - Isle of Mull from Waverly
linescape4.jpg.jpg image - Iona from the sae
linescape5.jpg.jpg image - Rainbow over Loch Linhe
linescape6.jpg.jpg image - Lighthouse in the Great Glen
linescape7.jpg.jpg image - Duart Castle, Isle of Mull
linescape8.jpg.jpg image - Mining Morvern
linux08.jpg.jpg image - Sunset, Hudson River, New York State
linuxcourses.jpg.jpg image - Linux Courses in England
lion.jpg.jpg image - in Trafalgar Square
lisa_24d.jpg.jpg image - Lisa, 24th December
lisa_e.jpg.jpg image - Lisa Ellis
livercrane.jpg.jpg image - Liverpool (Crosby)
liverline.jpg.jpg image - The Liver Building
liverlion.jpg.jpg image - Liverpool (Crosby)
ljd1.jpg.jpg image - In a bus in Ljubljana
ljd10.jpg.jpg image - Old Town Ljubljana
ljd11.jpg.jpg image - The worlds newest Cliff Lift?
ljd12.jpg.jpg image - From the town to the castle
ljd13.jpg.jpg image - View back over Ljubljana
ljd14.jpg.jpg image - Cliff Lift entrance gate
ljd15.jpg.jpg image - Ancient and Modern
ljd16.jpg.jpg image - Ljubljana Castle
ljd17.jpg.jpg image - From the ramparts
ljd18.jpg.jpg image - Old castle window frames modern city
ljd19.jpg.jpg image - Church on the hill
ljd2.jpg.jpg image - Main Street, Ljubljana, Slovenia
ljd20.jpg.jpg image - Tourist Store, Castle, Ljubljana
ljd21.jpg.jpg image - Castle Museum
ljd22.jpg.jpg image - View of the city
ljd23.jpg.jpg image - View from the tallest tower
ljd24.jpg.jpg image - Evening
ljd25.jpg.jpg image - View over the city
ljd26.jpg.jpg image - The Alps rise above Ljubljana
ljd27.jpg.jpg image - Ljubljana Station
ljd28.jpg.jpg image - Slovenian Capital, Railway Station
ljd29.jpg.jpg image - Station Subway linking platforms
ljd3.jpg.jpg image - bus in Slovenia
ljd30.jpg.jpg image - Slovenian Hospitality
ljd31.jpg.jpg image - Evening Meal in Ljubljana
ljd32.jpg.jpg image - Efficient Bus system - Ljubljana
ljd4.jpg.jpg image - City centre - from main road to river
ljd5.jpg.jpg image - Shop Window in Slovenia
ljd6.jpg.jpg image - Main Street in Ljubljana
ljd7.jpg.jpg image - MarketLjubljana
ljd8.jpg.jpg image - Marble statue outside town hall
ljd9.jpg.jpg image - Market
ljn1.jpg.jpg image - Nighttime reflections in Ljubljana
ljn10.jpg.jpg image - Game casserole and dumplings
ljn11.jpg.jpg image - Lisa in Slovenia
ljn12.jpg.jpg image - Old Slovenia
ljn2.jpg.jpg image - Christmas produce
ljn3.jpg.jpg image - Stalls in Ljubljana
ljn4.jpg.jpg image - A colourful stall
ljn5.jpg.jpg image - Food at Ljubljana Christmas Fayre
ljn6.jpg.jpg image - Ljubljana
ljn7.jpg.jpg image - At a bar in Ljubljana
ljn8.jpg.jpg image - In a bar in Slovenia
ljn9.jpg.jpg image - Old Town Ljubljana
ljtownhall.jpg.jpg image - Ljubljana Town Hall
ljubalps.jpg.jpg image - Alps overlook Ljubljana, Slovenia
ljubgje.jpg.jpg image - Graham in Ljubljana
lloch.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow Loch from the palace
lm1.jpg.jpg image - West Country farmers across what should be a field
lm2.jpg.jpg image - The course of the river Avon in Melksham
lm3.jpg.jpg image - Another flooded field
lm4.jpg.jpg image - Lake Melksham
lm5.jpg.jpg image - Lake Melksham and the A350
lnbr.jpg.jpg image - London Bridge
locall.jpg.jpg image - Telephone
lon1.jpg.jpg image - The River Thames and the Houses of Parliament
londcirc.jpg.jpg image - Circles in London
londonbarques.jpg.jpg image - Barques on Thames
londonbeach.jpg.jpg image - A beach on the South Bank
londoncoach.jpg.jpg image - The London coach (402) leaves Melksham
londoneye.jpg.jpg image - The London Eye
londonline.jpg.jpg image - London and Thames Skyline
londonsights.jpg.jpg image - Sights of London
londontrain.jpg.jpg image - The London train leaves Melksham
londontrainatchip.jpg.jpg image - The London train arrives at Chippenham
longcirc.jpg.jpg image - Stone Circles at Longleat
longford09.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Christmas Lights
longl1.jpg.jpg image - Longleat gardens and house
longl2.jpg.jpg image - Longleat - miniature railway
longl3.jpg.jpg image - Longleat - outside adventureland
longl4.jpg.jpg image - Longleat - front view of house and fountain
longl5.jpg.jpg image - Longleat - the lake
longlegs.jpg.jpg image - Daddy Longlegs
longnight.jpg.jpg image
longwayround.jpg.jpg image - A dreadful way to travel 40 miles
lonrub.jpg.jpg image - London Ruby
looe_at_westbury.jpg.jpg image - Train at Westbury, Wikltshire
looprize.jpg.jpg image - The Prize Loos in Melksham
lottabin.jpg.jpg image - Why /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin and so on
lottacourse.jpg.jpg image - A lot of daffodils
lottaterns.jpg.jpg image - A flock or arctic terns
lounge1.jpg.jpg image - The Customer Lounge
lounge2.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants training centre - the customer lounge
lowgill.jpg.jpg image - Low Gill Viaduct
lpal1.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow Palace - the courtyard
lpal2.jpg.jpg image - Linlithgow Palace - view of church tower
lplday1.jpg.jpg image - The Three Graces from Albert Dock, Liverpool
lpleve1.jpg.jpg image - Liverpool, evening
lpleve2.jpg.jpg image - Digging the new canal at Liverpool
lpleve3.jpg.jpg image - Looking over the Mersey
lpleve4.jpg.jpg image - Albert Dock, Liverpool, evening
lpmj07a.jpg.jpg image - London Perl teach-in day
lpmj07b.jpg.jpg image - London Perl teach-in day
lpoleek.jpg.jpg image - Poland in Leek
lpolice.jpg.jpg image - The City of London Police and their modern transport
lquiet.jpg.jpg image - The Quiet Woman pub in Leek
lr1.jpg.jpg image - view from hotel room
lr2.jpg.jpg image - Hotel room - too MUCH technology
lr3.jpg.jpg image - Stansted Airport
lruins.jpg.jpg image - The ruined walls of Linlithgow Palace
lscanal.jpg.jpg image - Canal at Limpley Stoke
lsmill.jpg.jpg image - Limpley Stoke - Mill
lsq.jpg.jpg image - Leicester Square
lsq2.jpg.jpg image - Leicester Square
lss1.jpg.jpg image - Heaven's Gate
lss2.jpg.jpg image - Heaven's Gate - Longleat Stone Circle
lss3.jpg.jpg image - Timber Forests around Longleat
lsstop.jpg.jpg image - Stop gate straps
ltl1.jpg.jpg image - Railway line to Leek - out of use
ltl2.jpg.jpg image - Disused Railway, Stoke to Leek
lttho1.jpg.jpg image - Cross Roads and RailRoad
lttho2.jpg.jpg image - Blue Ridge
lua08.jpg.jpg image - Lua training courses / near Devizes
lua_course.jpg.jpg image - Training classes in Lua
luas1.jpg.jpg image - Dublin Trams
luas2.jpg.jpg image - The Dublin Tram
luca1.jpg.jpg image - Ludgershall Castle
ludlow1.jpg.jpg image - Ludlow
ludlow2.jpg.jpg image - Ludlow
ludlow3.jpg.jpg image - Ludlow
lumoat.jpg.jpg image - The moat at Ludgershall Castle
lwanted.jpg.jpg image - Leek is ready for a branch of Ann Summers
lws1.jpg.jpg image - Linus Layout
m.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham
m50a.jpg.jpg image - We have punched and bound 40 metres of manuals in 7 years
m50b.jpg.jpg image - Our new binder
m6north.jpg.jpg image - Heading north on the M6
m9_mkm_hydrex.jpg.jpg image - Hydrex Track Machine
m9_mkm_ladder.jpg.jpg image - Sand Tower Ladder
m9_mkm_pandr.jpg.jpg image - Park and Ride
m9_mkm_skips.jpg.jpg image - Skips at the Station
m9_mkm_swindon_train.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Train at Melksham
m9housing.jpg.jpg image - Modern Housing in Melksham
m9ridges.jpg.jpg image - Field Ridges near Melksham
m9snarleton.jpg.jpg image - The houses of Snareton Lane from over the fields
m9trough.jpg.jpg image - Old Water Trough, near Melksham, made in Kington Langley
m_inbound.jpg.jpg image - Inbound trains to Melksham
m_notes.jpg.jpg image - Notes on Melksham train services
m_outbound.jpg.jpg image - Outbound train services from Melksham
ma350w01.jpg.jpg image - Beside the Melksham Bypass
ma350w02.jpg.jpg image - Walk in Melksham
ma350w03.jpg.jpg image - Tree Canopy - Melksham
ma350w04.jpg.jpg image - Walkside flowers
mab1.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury Abbey Church
mab2.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury Abbey
mab3.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury Abbey
madness.jpg.jpg image - Salford Quays, Manchester
magday.jpg.jpg image - The Three Magpies by day
magibout.jpg.jpg image - Swindon's Magic Roundabout
magic1.jpg.jpg image - The Magic Roundabout
magic_quotes.jpg.jpg image - Effect of Magic Quotes in PHP
maginside.jpg.jpg image - Inside the Three Magpies
magnight.jpg.jpg image - The Three Magpies by night
majo.jpg.jpg image - Majorettes in Melksham
malmes1.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury - Back Street
malmes2.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury - Avon Bridge
malmes3.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury - main road in
man08.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
manchester1.jpg.jpg image - The Rochdale canal in Manchester
manorcard.jpg.jpg image - Line drawing of Well House Manor
manordaffs.jpg.jpg image - Daffodils at Well House Manor
manordawn.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor at dawn
manorembossed.jpg.jpg image - Embossed card of Well House Manor
manorgant.jpg.jpg image - Gant chart - Well House Manor project
mansim01.jpg.jpg image - Dawn at Well House Manor
marketbase.jpg.jpg image - Lisa and Leah at a marketing event
marl1.jpg.jpg image - Marlborough is set amongst the Wiltshire downs
marl2.jpg.jpg image - A few of Marlborough's ancient buildings
marl3.jpg.jpg image - Marlborough's wide High Street
marlborohs.jpg.jpg image - Marlborough
marlflowers.jpg.jpg image - Flowers in Marlborough
marshmorn.jpg.jpg image - Moreton in Marsh
martin1.jpg.jpg image - Martin
martin_j.jpg.jpg image - Martin Jagielski
maskcut.jpg.jpg image - Masks for the Cancer Ball
masonichm.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Masonic Hall
mazdainsnow.jpg.jpg image - Mazda in the snow
mbrid.jpg.jpg image - Millennium Bridge, Melksham
mbridge.jpg.jpg image - The Millenium Bridge and Tate Modern
mcard2.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, Melksham
mcbrek.jpg.jpg image - Have McBreakfasts shrunk in size
mcem01.jpg.jpg image - A well kept cemetery - Melksham
mcem02.jpg.jpg image - Well tended graves, Melksham new Cemetery
mcem03.jpg.jpg image - The Cemetery sign
mcmade.jpg.jpg image - Networking - meeting other businesses for mutual profitable advantage
mcmelk.jpg.jpg image - Mcdonalds in Melksham
mcmsign.jpg.jpg image - McDonalds sign - Melksham
mcourse1.jpg.jpg image - Regular Expression Course
mcrowds.jpg.jpg image - Crowds in Melksham
md404.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants Headquarters
md48.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
md48a.jpg.jpg image - Business accommodation away from home
mdallot.jpg.jpg image - Allotments in Christchurch
mdbbp.jpg.jpg image - Bed and Breakfast Parking
mdbdg.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch, near Bournemouth
mdbowl.jpg.jpg image - Bowling on a summers evening
mdbrg.jpg.jpg image - River Bridge in Christchurch
mdccstn.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch Station
mdclock.jpg.jpg image - Town Clock, Christchurch
mdds1.jpg.jpg image - Ducking Stool Story
mdds2.jpg.jpg image - The Ducking Stool
mdest.jpg.jpg image - River Estuary, Christchurch
mdkite.jpg.jpg image - Flying a kite
mdl2.jpg.jpg image - The Leat, Christchurch
mdlaw.jpg.jpg image - Looking at the water, Christchurch
mdleat.jpg.jpg image - Castle and mill leat, Christchurch
mdlswan.jpg.jpg image - Swan, Christchurch
mdmill.jpg.jpg image - The Mill on the front
mdms1.jpg.jpg image - Mccarthy and Stone, Christchurch - front
mdms2.jpg.jpg image - Mccarthy and Stone, Christchurch - parking
mdms3.jpg.jpg image - Mccarthy and Stone, Christchurch - around the back
mdosst.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over the Marlborough Downs
mdpalm.jpg.jpg image - Global Warming, Southern England
mdpark.jpg.jpg image - A Park in Christchurch
mdpillar.jpg.jpg image - Pillar in the Park
mdpip.jpg.jpg image - Summer evening picnic, Christchurch
mdpool.jpg.jpg image - A still pool
mdstreet.jpg.jpg image - A Street in Christchurch
mdtosea.jpg.jpg image - Looking out to sea - Christchurch
mdttbr.jpg.jpg image - Tuckton Bridge - Railings
mdttbr2.jpg.jpg image - Tuckton Bridge - Structure
melchwklhs.jpg.jpg image - Church Walk, Melksham
melcircles.jpg.jpg image - Circles
melk1.jpg.jpg image - Buildings around the Market Place
melk158.jpg.jpg image - Class 158 train at Melksham
melkbridge.jpg.jpg image - Town Bridge, Melksham
melkcrick.jpg.jpg image - Cricket in Melksham
melksham_hotel.jpg.jpg image - Hotel, Melksham, Wiltshire, England
melkshamareas.jpg.jpg image - Residential Areas of Melksham
melkshamconnect.jpg.jpg image - Recommended connection by train to Melksham
melkshamsq.jpg.jpg image - Melksham, Wiltshire
melkshamstationentrance.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station Entrance
melkshamtwin.jpg.jpg image - Melksham is twinned with Avon and Marienhafe
melkshamworks.jpg.jpg image - Works train approaches Melksham
melkworks2.jpg.jpg image - Off to relay the tracks
mellifont.jpg.jpg image - Mellifont Abbey, Ireland
mells1.jpg.jpg image - The bridge over the stream
mells2.jpg.jpg image - Monument to Mark (Jack) Horner
meloo.jpg.jpg image - Temporary Toilet at Melksham Station
meloo2.jpg.jpg image - Arrived on 1st April - Melksham Station Toilet
meltails.jpg.jpg image - Tail lights at Melksham
melworks.jpg.jpg image - Rail works at Melksham
mendipleft.jpg.jpg image - East Somerset Railway - watching trains
mendipright.jpg.jpg image - East Somerset railway - 30075 in steam
mendiptop.jpg.jpg image - View from the Mendips
mendiptop2.jpg.jpg image - View from the Mendips towards Glastonbury Tor
mer1.jpg.jpg image - Manx Electric Railway, Douglas
mere.jpg.jpg image - The George, Mere
mere2.jpg.jpg image - Walkers set out from Mere town centre
mere3.jpg.jpg image - The Ship Inn - an old coaching house
merebrow.jpg.jpg image - Mere Brow
mexmeal.jpg.jpg image - Mexical Meal in Brugge
mfd2.jpg.jpg image - Midford - The Somerset and Dorset platform
mfd3.jpg.jpg image - Midford, Somerset
mfd4.jpg.jpg image - Midford Viaduct
mgardens.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury Abbey Gardens
mgpink.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at Well House Manor
mgpurple.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at Well House Manor
mh1.jpg.jpg image - Maud Heath - Monument on Wick Hill
mh2.jpg.jpg image - Maud Heath - the causeway curves away
mh3.jpg.jpg image - Maud Heath - the Causeway from the river bridge
mhall1.jpg.jpg image - Masonic Hall, Melksham
mhroman.jpg.jpg image - Roman Road over Mogans Hill
mhslug.jpg.jpg image - Smaller wildlife, Morgans Hill
mhthis.jpg.jpg image - Thistle, Morgans Hill
mib1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham in Bloom
mib2.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Training Centre
mib3.jpg.jpg image - Melksham in Bloom
mib4.jpg.jpg image - in Melksham, Wiltshire
midbed.jpg.jpg image - Midford - an old Railway bridge
milkbottles.jpg.jpg image - Milk Bottles
millpub.jpg.jpg image - The Mill Pub, Bathampton
mills.jpg.jpg image - Cotton Mills in Halifax
milnthorpe.jpg.jpg image - Milnethorpe
missedit.jpg.jpg image - Connection misses - 12 minutes late
missingcat.jpg.jpg image - The Missing Cat
mka8_1.jpg.jpg image - Furston Lake, Milton Keynes
mka8_2.jpg.jpg image - Walton Hall, Open University, Milton Keynes
mka8_3.jpg.jpg image - Milton Keynes - the Open University
mka8_4.jpg.jpg image - Wild Rose, Milton Keynes
mka8_5.jpg.jpg image - Teardrop Lake
mka8_6.jpg.jpg image - Cycleway
mkb08081.jpg.jpg image - Walton Hall, the Open University
mkb08082.jpg.jpg image - Near Shrivenham
mkb08083.jpg.jpg image - The Oxfordshire Countryside
mkb08084.jpg.jpg image - Silbury Hill
mkb08085.jpg.jpg image - Near Windmill Hill
mkb08086.jpg.jpg image - The Spa, Melksham
mkflood.jpg.jpg image - Milton Keynes Flod
mkm143.jpg.jpg image - Class 143 Pacer at Melksham
mkm_flash.jpg.jpg image - Example - flash photograph
mkm_natural.jpg.jpg image - Example - natural light photograph
mkmavon.jpg.jpg image - The river Avon at Melksham
mkmavonloops.jpg.jpg image - Loops on the River Avon
mkmbravo.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over River Avon
mkmbuscenter.png.png image
mkmbusstation.png.png image
mkmcity.jpg.jpg image - The City, Melksham, Wilts
mkmcow.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Cows
mkmcsq.jpg.jpg image - Canon Square, Melksham
mkmevej7.jpg.jpg image - Evening Train at Melksham
mkmfntgdn.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Lights
mkmpip.jpg.jpg image - Party in Park, Melksham
mkmrl2.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Flood plain - the meandering Avon
mkmrlion.jpg.jpg image - Red Lion, Melksham
mkmspa.jpg.jpg image - Spa Houses, Melksham
mkmstn09.jpg.jpg image - Out on the train
mkmsubsign.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Subway Sign
mkmsubway.jpg.jpg image - New Subway Restaurant in Melksham
mkmverticket.jpg.jpg image - Lots of train tickets
mkmverts.jpg.jpg image - Train Tickets for Melksham
mkmwarm.jpg.jpg image - Melksham War Memorial
mkmwestend.jpg.jpg image - West End, Melksham
mkmwmem.jpg.jpg image - Melksham War Memorial
mkmwol.jpg.jpg image - Woolamore Farm
mkmwstn.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Parish Church
mkr1.jpg.jpg image - Santa at Melksham
mksho1.jpg.jpg image - Foot and Rail bridges over the Avon
mksho2.jpg.jpg image - near the canal, Bradford-on-Avon
mksho3.jpg.jpg image - Bradford-on-Avon Station
mksho4.jpg.jpg image - Tithe Barn, Bradford-on-Avon
mksho5.jpg.jpg image - A restaurant in Bradford-on-Avon
mksho6.jpg.jpg image - Making use of the waterway frontage
mksho7.jpg.jpg image - Town Bridge, Bradford-on-Avon
mksnow.jpg.jpg image - Milton Keynes Snow
mktownhall.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Town Hall
mmd1.jpg.jpg image - Meet the driver
mmd10.jpg.jpg image - Pipes and Engineering - Minehead
mmd11.jpg.jpg image - Sculpture on Minehead seafront
mmd12.jpg.jpg image - Footprints on the beach, Minehead
mmd13.jpg.jpg image - The Harbour at Minehead
mmd14.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at Minehead
mmd15.jpg.jpg image - Looking out over the sea at MineheadSea
mmd16.jpg.jpg image - Gardens at Minehead
mmd17.jpg.jpg image - Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway locomotive at Minehead
mmd18.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting the return crowds - Minehead to Westbury
mmd19.jpg.jpg image - West Somerset Railway Train, Minehead
mmd2.jpg.jpg image - Blue Anchor Station - exchanging the token
mmd20.jpg.jpg image - The sea from the train - near Blue Anchor
mmd21.jpg.jpg image - Minehead Marauder unloads daytrippers
mmd22.jpg.jpg image - Joining the Minehead Marauder
mmd23.jpg.jpg image - Railway Motive Power through the generations
mmd24.jpg.jpg image - Butlins at Minehead
mmd25.jpg.jpg image - Wrapped up train at Minehead
mmd26.jpg.jpg image - Beautifully restored dmu at Minehead, Somerset
mmd27.jpg.jpg image - Yellow train at Dunster
mmd3.jpg.jpg image - FGW at Taunton - the excursion spirit
mmd4.jpg.jpg image - Childrens entertainer
mmd5.jpg.jpg image - Wheeling around Minehead
mmd6.jpg.jpg image - South West Coastal Path
mmd7.jpg.jpg image - West Somerset coast path
mmd8.jpg.jpg image - Minehead Beach
mmd9.jpg.jpg image - Minehead Town Centre
mmlset.jpg.jpg image - FGW - Midland Mainline train ser
mmlset2.jpg.jpg image - FGW - Mindland Mainline train set
mnq.jpg.jpg image - Traffic queue at Melksham
moak1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Oak - named after the oak tree
moak2.jpg.jpg image - Under Construction, December 2008
moak3.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Oak and its near neighbours
moak4.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Oak is close by Bowerhill
moak5.jpg.jpg image - Mallory Close - a recent development
moak6.jpg.jpg image - There is concern that school access will be via this single path or a main road with no footway
moak7.jpg.jpg image - Grade One listed building and construction crane
moak8.jpg.jpg image - Set in the trees - an old house from Melksham Spa
moak9.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Spa houses - set slightly back from the school access road
mobile_eee.jpg.jpg image - Mobile Broadband from Linux
mobile_keynes.jpg.jpg image - In Milton Keynes
mobile_linux.jpg.jpg image - Linux to Mobile Broadband
mocons1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Oak School under construction
mocons2.jpg.jpg image - Crane and the Melsham Oak
mocons3.jpg.jpg image - A365 Melksham to Devizes Road
modelling.jpg.jpg image - Terrain Model, Redwood Park
modern.jpg.jpg image - Working PHP test
modshow1.jpg.jpg image - Train West Model Show, Melksham
modshow2.jpg.jpg image - Plenty of videos - but NONE of Melksham
modshow3.jpg.jpg image - Cant even buy a ready to run 153
modshow4.jpg.jpg image - Layout at Train West
modshow5.jpg.jpg image - Trade stand at Train West
modshow6.jpg.jpg image - Admiring the operating
modshow7.jpg.jpg image - Ah - the sum total
moffatsp.jpg.jpg image - Spring walk along the river, Moffat
monkton.jpg.jpg image - Midford - the two viaducts
monpessan.jpg.jpg image - Mompesson house, Cathedral close, Salisbury
montage.jpg.jpg image - Montage of Melksham
mood1.jpg.jpg image - Oranges and Grapefruit
mood2.jpg.jpg image - Ready for training
morehorse.jpg.jpg image - More of the horse
moreusers.jpg.jpg image - More train users at Melksham
mostlyidle.jpg.jpg image - Top report - mostly idle
mostlyswapping.jpg.jpg image - How a top report looks when you are out of memory
moulton.jpg.jpg image - The Moulton Bicycle
mounthill.jpg.jpg image - Make a mountain out of a molehill
mousemodel.jpg.jpg image - Modelling a mouse mat
mpad.jpg.jpg image - Melksham to Paddington Train Times
mpnew.jpg.jpg image - Some wonderful old architecture in Melksham
mq001.jpg.jpg image - Our Marquee comes as a kit
mq002.jpg.jpg image - Constructing a marquee
mq003.jpg.jpg image - The instructions said it was quick and easy
mq004.jpg.jpg image - The Marquee is almost completed
mqwcc1.jpg.jpg image - In Spring, Summer and Autumn our marquee can seat 40 for a meal - buffet or waiter served
mqwcc2.jpg.jpg image - Plenty of space in a marquee at Well House Manor
mrdg_pms.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Rail Development Group
mrshoes.jpg.jpg image - Oxford
mrsides6.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Riverside
mrsox.jpg.jpg image - Spires of Oxford
msis.jpg.jpg image - Melksham station in the Snow
mspa1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham's Spa Houses
mspa2.jpg.jpg image - Rookery at Melksham Spa
mspa3.jpg.jpg image - Butterflies at Melksham Spa
mstation.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station, with the Chippenham and Swindon train about to depart
msuda.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire Business of the Year
mtici.jpg.jpg image - Inside Melksham Tourist Information Centre
mtick.jpg.jpg image - Yes, you can catch a train to Melksham
mtlsx.jpg.jpg image - More Train Less Strain publicity
mtmap.png.png image
mtour_avebury.jpg.jpg image - Avebury
mtour_calne.jpg.jpg image - Calne
mtour_lacock.jpg.jpg image - Lacock
mtour_salvatore.jpg.jpg image - Near Avebury
mtower.jpg.jpg image - Tower in Malmesbury
mtown.jpg.jpg image - Malmesbury Town
mtrafficline.jpg.jpg image - Traffic jam in Melksham - our future?
mtrainxx.jpg.jpg image - The Melksham Train
mtresource.jpg.jpg image - A wasted resource
mts.jpg.jpg image - Moffat town centre
mullcoast.jpg.jpg image - The South Mull Cliffs
mullcoast2.jpg.jpg image - Mull from Waverley
multiprice.jpg.jpg image - Melksham to London Train fares
multiservice.jpg.jpg image - Multiple Tomcat services
mve01.jpg.jpg image - Ely - smaller than Melksham but vibrant
mve02.jpg.jpg image - Freeparking draws the visitors
mve03.jpg.jpg image - Ely riverside
mve04.jpg.jpg image - Almshouses, Ely
mve05.jpg.jpg image - Access straight off the car park
mve06.jpg.jpg image - Ely Pedestrian Area
mweir.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Weir
mwez1.jpg.jpg image - Taunton
mwez2.jpg.jpg image - Station at Melksham
mwez3.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham
mwez4.jpg.jpg image - Taunton
mwez5.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Temple Meads
mwez6.jpg.jpg image - Avoncliff
mwez7.jpg.jpg image - Westbury
mwez8.jpg.jpg image - Kemble
mxli.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Christmas Lights
mysql_real.jpg.jpg image - Bad escaping in MySQL
mystex1.jpg.jpg image - Swindon
mystex2.jpg.jpg image - Kemble Station
mystex3.jpg.jpg image - At Westbury Station
mystex4.jpg.jpg image - Spa Road, Melksham
myth.jpg.jpg image - The Rochdale Canal, Mythlmroyd Locks
mz1.jpg.jpg image - Peppers, Onions and Courgettes
mz2.jpg.jpg image - Roast Vegetables and Potato Bake
mz3.jpg.jpg image - Fresh Fruit Salad
mzy1.jpg.jpg image - Subway at Taunton Station
mzy2.jpg.jpg image - Tauton Avoiding Line bridge
mzy3.jpg.jpg image - Some recongisable people at Taunton
mzy5.jpg.jpg image - Up side West bay, Taunton Station
mzy6.jpg.jpg image - Round the back at Taunton
n.jpg.jpg image - River scene Christchurch
n29_eggreen.jpg.jpg image - East Grafton Village Green
n29_egstation.jpg.jpg image - Grafton Station
n29_gbbussign.jpg.jpg image - The bus waits for the train
n29_gbrailcotts.jpg.jpg image - Railway Cottages
n29_gbsavern.jpg.jpg image - Savernake Forest - near Great Bedwyn
n29_gbturnback.jpg.jpg image - The turnback siding
n29_lbcanal.jpg.jpg image - The Canal at Great Bedwyn
n29_lblock.jpg.jpg image - The Canal Lock at Little Bedwyn
n29_lbvill.jpg.jpg image - The North part of Little Bedwyn Village
n29_wilcot_quiet.jpg.jpg image - A Quiet Lane at Wilcot
n29_wilcotcanal.jpg.jpg image - The Canal at Wilcot
n29_wilcotthatch.jpg.jpg image - Thatched roof - Wilcot, Wiltshire
n_about.jpg.jpg image - Ducks on the Thames
n_christmas.jpg.jpg image - Snowy Christmas at the Manor
n_delegates.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants delegates
n_events.jpg.jpg image - Events at Well House Manor
n_hotel.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
n_network.jpg.jpg image - Networking at Well House Manor
n_private.jpg.jpg image - On the Ferry from a private course
n_train.jpg.jpg image - Train to Melksham
n_weekend.jpg.jpg image - Weekend in Wiltshire
nailsea.jpg.jpg image - Nailsea and Backwell Station
nailsworth.jpg.jpg image - Nailsworth
namelk.jpg.jpg image - At Ljubjana station, Slovenia
namingceremony.jpg.jpg image - Andrew Haines and Chris Irwin name Travelwatch Southwest
nandb1.jpg.jpg image - Nottingham Station
nandb2.jpg.jpg image - Crosscountry train at Nottingham
nandb3.jpg.jpg image - Nottingham Tram
nandb4.jpg.jpg image - Crowded rush hour train - Midlands definition
nandb5.jpg.jpg image - Beeston Station - rush hour crowds
nandb6.jpg.jpg image - Beeston Station, Notts
nandb7.jpg.jpg image - Peak time at Nottingham Station
nash.jpg.jpg image - Bath memorial to Beau Nash
naturalbridge.jpg.jpg image - Natural Bridge, Virginia
naughtyclip.jpg.jpg image - Sign at Dilton Marsh
ncmade.jpg.jpg image - Business Networking - Contacts made
nearestbus.jpg.jpg image - Nearset bus stop to Melksham Station
nearluton.jpg.jpg image - Offering a place menu based on IP
nearname.jpg.jpg image - Similiar names
nec1.jpg.jpg image - Airport Station, Newark, New Jersey
nec2.jpg.jpg image - Newark, New Jersey - Penn Central ticket hall
nec3.jpg.jpg image - Penn Central, Newark, NJ
nec4.jpg.jpg image - Washington Metro, Springfield/Franconia
nec5.jpg.jpg image - Acela rushes through New Carrelton
nec6.jpg.jpg image - Amtrak at New Carrelton
neres.jpg.jpg image - A Reservoir in Northumberland
newbestwhm.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
newbmcr.jpg.jpg image - New block under construction in Manchester
newcommuterland.jpg.jpg image - Commuter Land - Andover
newfriends.jpg.jpg image - Making new friends
newfuncs.jpg.jpg image - calling mysqli functions in an old php
newhunt.jpg.jpg image - Avonvale hunt at Larkhill races
newhunt2.jpg.jpg image - Avonvale Hunt, horse and hounds, Wiltshire
newjamland.jpg.jpg image - Traffic Jam Land
newlandhomes.jpg.jpg image - Newland Homes, Trowbridge estate
newlounge.jpg.jpg image - Lounge at training centre
newlunchroom.jpg.jpg image - Lunch at Open Source training centre
newnav.jpg.jpg image - ~Navigation bar, new look web site
newpatney_s.jpg.jpg image - Patney and Chirton from the station bridge - April 2009
newportarea.jpg.jpg image - Newport, South Wales, Countryside
newportcathedral.jpg.jpg image - St Woolos Cathedral, Newport
newportcc.jpg.jpg image - County Hall, Newport
newportcc2.jpg.jpg image - Civic Centre, Newport
newportgsb.jpg.jpg image - Newport, South Wales
newportgsb2.jpg.jpg image - George Street Bridge, Newport
newporthandpost.jpg.jpg image - The Handpost pub, Newport
newporthotel.jpg.jpg image - Manor Hotel, Newport
newproj.jpg.jpg image - 3500 lumen projector / Well House Manor
newroadnewcanal.jpg.jpg image - Semington Bypass, new canal aquaduct
newseat1.jpg.jpg image - New FGW First Class seat
newsign.jpg.jpg image - New Station Sign
newstorevan.jpg.jpg image - Advertising the new Aldi
newtrainroom.jpg.jpg image - New Training Room
nextnight1.jpg.jpg image - Somerfield, Devizes
nextnight2.jpg.jpg image - HSBC, Devizes
nextnight3.jpg.jpg image - Church, Devizes
nextnight4.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Oak at night
nhvn.jpg.jpg image - Newhaven
niche.jpg.jpg image - Niche training - woodpecker analogy
nightrail1.jpg.jpg image - Tiveron Parkway
nightrail2.jpg.jpg image - Melksham
nightrail3.jpg.jpg image - California
nightrail4.jpg.jpg image - San Francisco
nightrail5.jpg.jpg image - Nottingham
nitty.jpg.jpg image - SLC2 for Transwilts
nlet1.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, external
nlet2.jpg.jpg image - Tomcat course at Well House Manor
nlet3.jpg.jpg image - Training course at Well House Manor
nlinecrew.jpg.jpg image - Norfolk Line Crew
nmvc1.jpg.jpg image - Newport Choir, Melksham
nmvc2.jpg.jpg image - Male Voice Choir at Melksham
nmvc3.jpg.jpg image - Newport Male Voice Choir
nnsto1.jpg.jpg image - Busy scene at Bath Station
nnsto2.jpg.jpg image - Bath to Melksham and Devizes Bus
nocash.jpg.jpg image - A payphone where you cannot pay!
nomarina.jpg.jpg image - Say no to Roswell Pit
nondescript_housing.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Housing
nondescript_office.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Offices
nonmkm.jpg.jpg image - Quiet - no train about
norcharddrain.jpg.jpg image - Old mine outflow, Norchard
norchardiid.jpg.jpg image - Buffet Coach, Forest of Dean Railway
norchardstock.jpg.jpg image - Old stock awaiting work, Norchard
norchardtrack.jpg.jpg image - Track on the Forest of Dean railway at Norchard
norland.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom on the Norland, Liverpool to Dublin
norpic1.jpg.jpg image - Norwich - river Wensum
norpic2.jpg.jpg image - Norwich - on the hill
norpic3.jpg.jpg image - Norwich - Thorpe Station
norpic4.jpg.jpg image - Norfolk Heathland
norpicside.jpg.jpg image - War Memorial, Elveden, Norfolk
northey.jpg.jpg image - The Northey Arms, Box
norwich.jpg.jpg image - Norwich - A quayside on the river Wensum
nosignatchipp.jpg.jpg image - The 234 bus to Melksham is STILL missing
notarestaurant.jpg.jpg image - Food - a joint venture by Lisa and Graham
notatrain.jpg.jpg image - Bustituted - the train became a bus
notobv.jpg.jpg image - Is this the station?
notscene.jpg.jpg image - Do not leave the staff door open
nottinghill.jpg.jpg image - The Notting Hill area of London
nottnight1.jpg.jpg image - City Square, Nottingham, with Tram
nottnight2.jpg.jpg image - Construction in Nottingham
nottnight3.jpg.jpg image - Lenton Chain on the Nottingham Canal
nottnight4.jpg.jpg image - Mural in Nottingham Broadmarsh bus station
nowemptyplatform.jpg.jpg image - No train so no passengers, so no point
nrrus.jpg.jpg image - Utilization Study
nrstn.jpg.jpg image - Norwich Station
nrstockley.jpg.jpg image - Old mill close to turnoff near Stockley
nrtrn.jpg.jpg image - Train at Norwich Station
nsob.jpg.jpg image - Old and new Liveries
nsx.jpg.jpg image - New Severn Crossing
nsx2.jpg.jpg image - New Severn Crossing
ntroom1.jpg.jpg image - New Training Room
ntroom2.jpg.jpg image - Training Room
nwenot.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham Station
nwenot2.jpg.jpg image - Level crossing at Claverton
nwge.jpg.jpg image - The Wilts - with Richard Wiltshire, Mayor of Melksham
nwge2.jpg.jpg image - Food selection
o.jpg.jpg image - Path of Wilts and Berks Canal
o15_1.jpg.jpg image - Silbury Hill
o15_2.jpg.jpg image - Avebury
o20dawn.jpg.jpg image - Dawn at Melksham Spa
o20es.jpg.jpg image - Former engine shed?
o20om1.jpg.jpg image - The Old Mill, Harnham
o20om2.jpg.jpg image - On the green at Harnham
o20open.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Plain, near Druid's Lodge
o20sal1.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Cathedral across the meadows
o20spwood.jpg.jpg image - If you go down to the woods today ...
o20wed1.jpg.jpg image - Wedding in Salisbury
o20wed2.jpg.jpg image - Horse and Carriage awaits Bride and Groom, Harnham
o20wed3.jpg.jpg image - Wedding group at Harnham
o20wilton.jpg.jpg image - One way along the river
o20wilton2.jpg.jpg image - Looking in the other direction
o20wt.jpg.jpg image - Water Tower beside A360
o8_atg.jpg.jpg image - Alfred the Great
oa.jpg.jpg image - Open Access Proposal
ob10.jpg.jpg image - mysql security, and clustering
ob11.jpg.jpg image - Where to put mysql library, daemon and utilites
ob6.jpg.jpg image - Java anc tomcat fundamentals
ob7.jpg.jpg image - connecting httpd and tomcat
ob8.jpg.jpg image - mysql releases
ob9.jpg.jpg image - mysql table types
obaneve.jpg.jpg image - The sun sets over the water - Oban
obaneve2.jpg.jpg image - Oban sunset
obanh1.jpg.jpg image - Fishing boats tied up in Oban
obansfront.jpg.jpg image - Oban Seafront from the water
obanw.jpg.jpg image - PS Waverley arrives at Oban
observe1.jpg.jpg image - Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
observe2.jpg.jpg image - Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
observe3.jpg.jpg image - Royal Observatory, Edinburgh
oct1.jpg.jpg image - Overcrowded train - Trowbridge to Bath and Bristol
oct2.jpg.jpg image - Overcrowding on First Great Western
oct2oct.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the Floating Harbor, Bristol
octopus.jpg.jpg image - Octopus needed to open the door
offmhill.jpg.jpg image - View off Morgans Hill
ohangar.jpg.jpg image - RAF Melksham - old Hangar
ohshxt.jpg.jpg image - Bugs on cow pat
oildowns.jpg.jpg image - Oilseed on the Downs
oilseed.jpg.jpg image - Oil Seed crop starts to flower near Cherhill
oilseed1.jpg.jpg image - Oilseed crop in Wiltshire
oilseed2.jpg.jpg image - And continue to flower
oke1.jpg.jpg image - Summer Sunday 2008, Okehapmpton Station
oke2.jpg.jpg image - Okehampton - Station Signal Box
oke3.jpg.jpg image - Railway arch at Okehampton
okeright.jpg.jpg image - Okehampton, Devon
oldage.jpg.jpg image - Old age comes at 55
oldand125.jpg.jpg image - Comparing old and new seating
oldcam.jpg.jpg image - Old picture of river Cam
oldclient.jpg.jpg image - MySQL error - old client, new database
oldermen.jpg.jpg image - Railfuture meeting
oldgames.jpg.jpg image - Playing Scrabble while awaiting the train
oldhamtree.jpg.jpg image - Old Ham Tree, Holt
oldlackock4.jpg.jpg image - The Cafe does a roaring trade
oldlacock1.jpg.jpg image - Furniture Repairs - a.k.a. National Trust Shop, Lacock
oldlacock2.jpg.jpg image - Quiet Historic corner - Lacock as it was
oldlacock3.jpg.jpg image - General Stores - a.k.a. Red Lion, Lacock
oldlacock5.jpg.jpg image - A Fibreglass lockup (jail) in the middle of the road, Lacock
oldnav.jpg.jpg image - Web site -old navigation system
oldpatney_s.jpg.jpg image - Patney and Chirton from the station bridge - circa 1960
oldplace.jpg.jpg image - Crowcombe Station, West Somerset
oldrail.jpg.jpg image - The old railway line is now a cycle path
oldrailway.jpg.jpg image - Holt to Devizes railway - R.I.P.
oldsarum1.jpg.jpg image - Entry to Old Sarum
oldsarum2.jpg.jpg image - Old Sarum - earthworks
oldseat1.jpg.jpg image - Old FGW First Class seat
olinear.jpg.jpg image - Nearly sunset at Olivers Castle
olivers.jpg.jpg image - Olivers Castle, viewed from near Bromham
oliversays.jpg.jpg image - Please, I want some more
oliversunset.jpg.jpg image - Sunset over Olivers Castle near Devizes
ollycast.jpg.jpg image - Olivers Castle
olydinner.jpg.jpg image - Olympic Dinner, Swindon
olympia1.jpg.jpg image - Ruins of ancient Olympia
olympia2.jpg.jpg image - Olympia - a column
olympia3.jpg.jpg image - Olympia - visitors
olympia4.jpg.jpg image - Olympia - the modern time town
olympiad.jpg.jpg image - The Olympiad, Chippenham
om48_1.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - old days as Old Manor
omopentalk.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
onchelwes.jpg.jpg image - On the Westbury train
oneacourse.jpg.jpg image - A single daffodil
onibury1.jpg.jpg image - Onibury
onibury2.jpg.jpg image - Onibury
onseat.jpg.jpg image - Waiting at the station
ooct8_1.jpg.jpg image - Oxford - Christs College
ooct8_2.jpg.jpg image - Back to Back
ooct8_3.jpg.jpg image - An arch in Oxford
ooct8_4.jpg.jpg image - Punts on the Cherwell in Oxford
ooct8_5.jpg.jpg image - Crowds in Oxford
ooct8_6.jpg.jpg image - River Cherwell in Oxford
ooct8_7.jpg.jpg image - Exeter College, Oxford
ooct8_8.jpg.jpg image - The Norrington Room, Blackwells, Oxford
ooct8_9.jpg.jpg image - Broad Street
ooct8_a.jpg.jpg image - Water Meadows - River Thames / Isis
ooct8_h.jpg.jpg image - Photographing Christs College, Oxford
oogoo.jpg.jpg image - Search result
opdets.jpg.jpg image - Entering details of an operation
optabs.jpg.jpg image - Table of Operaions
orpingtonpriory.jpg.jpg image - Priory Park, Orpington
ortonmere.jpg.jpg image - Orton Mere - River Nene and Lock
osac.jpg.jpg image - The garden, "beforfe"
osaf0.jpg.jpg image - Lunch at Old Sarum Airfield
osaf1.jpg.jpg image - Hangar at Old Sarum
osaf2.jpg.jpg image - Battle Control Room - Old Sarum Airfield
oscastle.jpg.jpg image - Old Sarum Castle
oscathedral.jpg.jpg image - The Cathedral at Old Sarum
osctop.jpg.jpg image - learning Python in Swindon
osmoat.jpg.jpg image - The Moat at Old Sarum
osx.jpg.jpg image - Old Severn Crossing
osx2.jpg.jpg image - Old Severn Crossing
osx3.jpg.jpg image - Old Severn Crossing
osx_tkpingle.jpg.jpg image - Checking network connectivity
otcpage.jpg.jpg image - Onsite Training Courses
otheracts.jpg.jpg image - Other activities
otter1.jpg.jpg image - Otterton Mill
ou.jpg.jpg image - Walton Hall, the Open University
ourview.jpg.jpg image - We are told this train had to be withdrawn because it is not used
outcarnival.jpg.jpg image - Bridgwater - Carnival statue
outgoo.jpg.jpg image - Search Result
outxmas.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, Melksham, Christmas
oux1.jpg.jpg image - Family Tree - Java
oux10.jpg.jpg image - Regular expression elements
oux2.jpg.jpg image - Java levels
oux3.jpg.jpg image - Java engines - java, applet and servlet models
oux4.jpg.jpg image - A typical PHP web page
oux5.jpg.jpg image - 5 layer model
oux6.jpg.jpg image - Cleaning PHP variables
oux7.jpg.jpg image - Security in PHP
oux8.jpg.jpg image - PHP releases
oux9.jpg.jpg image - No car or bar - but we do have tar jar was ear sar and rar
overfold.jpg.jpg image - Our petition made teh top fold
owc1.jpg.jpg image - Visitors touring Old Wardour Castle
owc2.jpg.jpg image - Stained glass in the summerhouse
owc3.jpg.jpg image - Old Wardour - front entrance
owc4.jpg.jpg image - Old Wardour - rear of castle
owc5.jpg.jpg image - Work by Capability Brown at Old Wardour
owc6.jpg.jpg image - Old Wardour - view through a window
owc7.jpg.jpg image - Old Wardour Castle
owc8.jpg.jpg image - Stained glass at Old Wardour
owc9.jpg.jpg image - Acorn at Old Wardor
ox1.jpg.jpg image - A Sidestreet in Oxford
ox2.jpg.jpg image - Victorian architecture in Oxford
ox3.jpg.jpg image - Student Transportation Systems
ox4.jpg.jpg image - Some older buildings in Oxford
oxfordstreet.jpg.jpg image - Oxford Steet
oystercatcher.jpg.jpg image - Oystercatcher
p.jpg.jpg image - The West End Pub, Melksham
p2by1.jpg.jpg image - Crammer Pond, Devizes
pacifica.jpg.jpg image - The Pacific Ocean, Pacifica
packboth.jpg.jpg image - both fill and expand on a pack geometry manager
packexpand.jpg.jpg image - expand but no fill on a tk pack geometry manager
packfill.jpg.jpg image - Geometry manager - with pack and fill
packneither.jpg.jpg image - Neither pack nor fill was used on this geometry manager
padd125.jpg.jpg image - Intercity 125 at Paddington
paddconcourse.jpg.jpg image - Paddington Concourse
paddcycle.jpg.jpg image - Cyclists training at Paddington
paddeve1.jpg.jpg image - Paddington in the evening
paddfamily.jpg.jpg image - A family group catching the train at Paddington
paddlong.jpg.jpg image - Long distance traveller at Paddington
paddweight.jpg.jpg image - Waiting at Paddington
padm.jpg.jpg image - Paddington to Melksham Train Times
padmkmviabrs.jpg.jpg image - Paddington to Melksham via Bristol
paintedlady.jpg.jpg image - Painted Lady Butterfy
pair001.jpg.jpg image - Learning the Korn Shell
pair002.jpg.jpg image - Korn Shell training class
palace_of_westminster.jpg.jpg image - Palace of Westminster
palinmccain.jpg.jpg image - from left to right -John Mccain, Graham Ellis, Sarah Palin
palldark.jpg.jpg image - Evening train at Melksham Station
palldcpm.jpg.jpg image - Two Adelante trains at Chippenham
pandf.jpg.jpg image - West Wilts Rail Users Group Meeting
panor.jpg.jpg image - Rotated Postage Stamps
panorland.jpg.jpg image - Panorama Landscale
pansmall.jpg.jpg image - Small Panorama of pictures
panto0.jpg.jpg image - The Ensemble
panto1.jpg.jpg image - Goldilocks and Andy Pandy
panto2.jpg.jpg image - Looby Lou and Bob the Builder
panto3.jpg.jpg image - Peaches and Chip
panto4.jpg.jpg image - Fozzy Bear and Cuddles
panto5.jpg.jpg image - Superted and Spotty Man
parallel.jpg.jpg image - A scheme for load balancing
park1_la.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
park2_la.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
park3_la.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
park4_la.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
parliament.jpg.jpg image - Houses of Parliament
pathsign.jpg.jpg image - There's a public footpath beside our HQ ...
pathtowork.jpg.jpg image - Path to Royal Observatory
pathtowork2.jpg.jpg image - Path to Royal Observatory
pattest.jpg.jpg image - All our computers are PAT Tested
paypal_warning.jpg.jpg image - Warning - this is a scam
paypaldiag.jpg.jpg image - Diagram for programmers - Paypal
pbrand.jpg.jpg image - The Pass of Brander and Loch Awe
pchgvcam.jpg.jpg image - Evening Meal
pcnew08.jpg.jpg image - A Computer fleet for 2008!
pcprodline.jpg.jpg image - Setting up new laptops
peacock.jpg.jpg image - Peacock Butterfly
peanuts.jpg.jpg image - Pay peanuts, and youll get monkeys
pecker.jpg.jpg image - Drink Pecker
pedge.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Platform Edge
pedge2.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station Platform
pennsurge.jpg.jpg image - Surge of people at Penn Central, New York
perl08.jpg.jpg image - Rear view from Amtrak - Hudson River
perlcoursemkm.jpg.jpg image - Perl Programming Course
perlcourses.jpg.jpg image - Course in Perl - UK
perlpeeps.jpg.jpg image - Perl people
perltkclock.jpg.jpg image - Clock implemented in Perl Tk
perlvpython.jpg.jpg image - Python v Perl
pews1.jpg.jpg image - Rivern Avon (another one) at Pewsey
pews2.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey Heritage Centre
pews3.jpg.jpg image - Bus at Pewsey
pews4.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey, Wiltshire
pewseyboats.jpg.jpg image - Boats at Pewsey
pewseycutting.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey, Kennet and Avon canal
pgstud.jpg.jpg image - A delegate presents
photo1.jpg.jpg image - Tools of trade
photo2.jpg.jpg image - The best bluebells are always in the most awkward spots
photo3.jpg.jpg image - I'm sure I saw a white horse somewhere
photo4.jpg.jpg image - That looks interesting
php08.jpg.jpg image - High over the Hudson River, NY state
phpandmysqlcourses.jpg.jpg image - PHP and MySQL courses - UK
phpcourse.jpg.jpg image - a PHP course at Well House Consultants
phpmay07.jpg.jpg image - A PHP course
piece1.jpg.jpg image - The Piece Hall, Halifax
pigs.jpg.jpg image - Sculpture of the pigs - Calne, Wiltshire
pillbox.jpg.jpg image - Pillbox fortification by the Kennet and Avon Canal
pingemall.jpg.jpg image - Checking systems on a network
pioa.jpg.jpg image - Waiting at Westbury
pipaard.jpg.jpg image - Aardy the Aardvark represents the Arc theatre
pipb1.jpg.jpg image - Rolf Brinndle on the Save the Train stand
pipbands.jpg.jpg image - Music at Party in the Park
pipchamber.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Chamber of Commerce stand
pipcrowd.jpg.jpg image - Hot Air balloon - Party in the Park
piper.jpg.jpg image - Scots Piper
pipes.jpg.jpg image - Pipes, Swindon
pipfeed.jpg.jpg image - Feeding at Party in the Park
pipgen08.jpg.jpg image - Party in Park, Melksham, 2008
pipraw.jpg.jpg image - Raw Data - Save the Train survey
pipsign.jpg.jpg image - Straw Poll at Party in the Park
pipstt08.jpg.jpg image - Save the Train at Party in Park
pitman.jpg.jpg image - Plaque to Isaac Pitman, inventor of Shorthand
plaintextemail.jpg.jpg image - Plain text email
plenpark.jpg.jpg image - Plenty of parking
plofsp.jpg.jpg image - New training room
plofsp2.jpg.jpg image - New training room
pltmkm.jpg.jpg image - Much busier with a train
plumber.jpg.jpg image - Fixing a sink
plym1.jpg.jpg image - The Old Eddystone lighthouse on The Hoe in Plymouth
poleek.jpg.jpg image - Memorial to Polish visitors
pomoat_westbury.jpg.jpg image - Portsmouth train at Westbury
ponplain.jpg.jpg image - Imber Ranges
poole1.jpg.jpg image - Poole Harbor - the old Quayside
poq1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Post Office
porthead.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis, Tutor, Well House Consultants
portleft.jpg.jpg image - The railway line to Portbury
portright.jpg.jpg image - The Railway line to Portishead
potflds.jpg.jpg image - Walking the dogs, Potterne
pothole.jpg.jpg image - Pothole
potomaccrossing1.jpg.jpg image - Route 15 crosses from Maryland to Virginia
potomaccrossing2.jpg.jpg image - The Potomac river, under the Route 15 bridge
potomaccrossing3.jpg.jpg image - The view across the Potomac to Maryland
potomaccrossing4.jpg.jpg image - Fishing and Boating on the Potomac
pottcott.jpg.jpg image - A cottage on Whistley lane, Potterne
potternechurch.jpg.jpg image - Potterne Church
potview.jpg.jpg image - View from the ridge above Potterne
potwoods.jpg.jpg image - Potterne Woods in Autumn
power_lines.jpg.jpg image - Power Lines
powgard1.jpg.jpg image - Prince of Wales Garden, Melksham
ppark1.jpg.jpg image - Prior Park, Bath - House
ppark2.jpg.jpg image - Prior Park, Bath - Bridge
ppark3.jpg.jpg image - Prior Park, Bath - the lake and cottage
ppark4.jpg.jpg image - Prior Park, Bath - the View
ppj.jpg.jpg image
prarea.jpg.jpg image - Bath Street, Bath
prately.jpg.jpg image - Presentation in Ely
prcrossing.jpg.jpg image - Unprotected railway crossing
prd1.jpg.jpg image - C++ - Pointers and references
prd2.jpg.jpg image - References and pointers in C++
prd3.jpg.jpg image - Pointers and references in C++
pred1.jpg.jpg image - Duncan Hames (right) at Melksham Station, September 2006
pred2.jpg.jpg image - On the 05:52 from Melksham
pred3.jpg.jpg image - The pre-dawn train
prefer.jpg.jpg image - Lisa travels First Class on First Great Western
preston.jpg.jpg image - Preston
pricedrop.jpg.jpg image - Budget tax rises effect vehicle prices
printcentre.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants' Printer
prisbr1.jpg.jpg image - Walkers
prisbr2.jpg.jpg image - The Black Horse
prisbr3.jpg.jpg image - A boat ascends Cane Hill locks
prisbr4.jpg.jpg image - Walking the dog
prisbr5.jpg.jpg image - Prison Bridge, nr Devizes
properi.jpg.jpg image - Rail Users National Conference, Ely
protestors.jpg.jpg image - Protestors
psevening.jpg.jpg image - Princes Street, Edinburgh
pshipping1.jpg.jpg image - Military Vessels
pshipping2.jpg.jpg image - Yachting at Portsmouth
pshipping3.jpg.jpg image - Isle of Wight ferries
pshipping4.jpg.jpg image - HMS Warrior
pshipping5.jpg.jpg image - The Gosport Ferry
publicpage.jpg.jpg image - Public training course
pubrun.jpg.jpg image - Off to the pub on the X71 to Devizes
pufffly.jpg.jpg image - Puffin in flight
puffnests.jpg.jpg image - Puffins nesting
purple.jpg.jpg image - Purple
pvhr1.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey Vale - Horse Riding Country
pvp2.jpg.jpg image - Perl v Python
pvpb1.jpg.jpg image - A second world war defensive position
pvsf1.jpg.jpg image - Growing Sunflowers in the Vale of Pewsey
pweavers01.jpg.jpg image - Peak Weavers, Leek
pweavers02.jpg.jpg image - A room at the Peak Weavers
pweavers03.jpg.jpg image - Leek - hotel room
pweir.jpg.jpg image - Pultney Weir
pwleek.jpg.jpg image - Peak Weavers Restaurant with Rooms, Leek
pwn06.jpg.jpg image - Potterne in Autumn
py08.jpg.jpg image - The Tracks to Albany beside the Hudson
pysetup.jpg.jpg image - Python Course setup
pythoncourses.jpg.jpg image - Python Training - Great Britain
q.jpg.jpg image - Bus from Well House Manor, Melksham, to Box and Bath
q08.jpg.jpg image - On board a ferry at Dunkerque
qc.jpg.jpg image - Pricing Matrix
qm.jpg.jpg image - The Queen Mary on the Thames
qq02.jpg.jpg image - Dilton Marsh station, Wiltshire
qq03.jpg.jpg image - Bridgwater Station, Somerset
qq04.jpg.jpg image - Waiting for a train at Taunton
qq05.jpg.jpg image - London, Waterloo. Andover train has arrived
qqq05.jpg.jpg image - Waterloo station in London
quiettop.jpg.jpg image - Quiet Street, Bath
qwoman.jpg.jpg image - The Quiet Woman, Leek
qz1.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Station
qz2.jpg.jpg image - Clifton Down Station
qz3.jpg.jpg image - Thornford Station
r.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch - Rowing
r202_1.jpg.jpg image - Ruby on Rails example
r202_2.jpg.jpg image - Ruby on Rails example
r202_3.jpg.jpg image - Ruby on Rails example
r202_4.jpg.jpg image - Ruby on Rails example
r202_5.jpg.jpg image - Ruby on Rails example
radstockwheel.jpg.jpg image - Monument to mining
rafstone.jpg.jpg image - Commemorating RAF Melksham
raileypic.jpg.jpg image - Parallel to the near-unused railway
railticket.jpg.jpg image - Train Tickets
ratfyn.jpg.jpg image - Diagram of the location of Ratfyn Junction
rbed3.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 3 at Well House Manor
rbed4.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, room 4
readingstation.jpg.jpg image - Reading Station
rebels.jpg.jpg image - Regular Expression Elements
recathedral.jpg.jpg image - Church, Reykjavik
recept.jpg.jpg image - Martin and Christine on Reception
red.jpg.jpg image - Red - sorrell stabalises the volcanic dunes
redadmiral.jpg.jpg image - Red Admiral Buttertly
redgreen.jpg.jpg image - Red and Green
redlionavebury.jpg.jpg image - the Red Lion Pub at Avebury
redouble.jpg.jpg image - redouble the railway line from Chippenham to Trowbridge
reg1.jpg.jpg image - Hotel regulations and certificates
reg2.jpg.jpg image - More hotel regulations and certificates
reg3.jpg.jpg image - Conference room set for board meeting
reg4.jpg.jpg image - Meeting room, Melksham
reg5.jpg.jpg image - The "Berks" training room
regcheck.jpg.jpg image - Facilities are checked regularly, although it takes a long time to fix any faults that are found
regencyh.jpg.jpg image - Regency Hotel Melksham (former)
regentstreet.jpg.jpg image - Regent Street
regpage.jpg.jpg image - Regular Expressions
regular_expression_courses.jpg.jpg image - Learn regular expressions for Perl PHP Python Java and grep
rememberme.jpg.jpg image - Remember Me
repc.jpg.jpg image - Regular Expression to match a UK postcode
repool.jpg.jpg image - Beyond the lake in Reykjavik
resotop.jpg.jpg image - Resources
restreet.jpg.jpg image - Street Scene, Reykjavik
reward.jpg.jpg image - Reward for the chef
reyb1.jpg.jpg image - The old bridge at Reybridge
reyb2.jpg.jpg image - The river Avon at Reybridge
reyb3.jpg.jpg image - Thatched cottage Reybridge
rf1.jpg.jpg image - Door furniture
rf2.jpg.jpg image - Door security
rf3.jpg.jpg image - Do not disturb sign
rf4.jpg.jpg image - VingCard door handle
rflogo.jpg.jpg image - Railfuture logo
rfs1.jpg.jpg image - Banquetting Room, Salisbury Guildhall, Wiltshire
rfs2.jpg.jpg image - Phil Dominey Presents ...
rhbox001.jpg.jpg image - Daffodils at Well House Manor
rhc08.jpg.jpg image - The view from Roundway Hill Covert
rhc09.jpg.jpg image - Olivers Castle
rhc10.jpg.jpg image - Oil Seed on the Marlborough Downs
rhccycle.jpg.jpg image - Parked at Olivers Castle
rhcgate.jpg.jpg image - Leaving Roundway Hill covert
rhcseat.jpg.jpg image - Sitting on Roundway Hill
rhdr.jpg.jpg image - Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway
rhi.jpg.jpg image - Georgian Homes in Melksham
rhillc1.jpg.jpg image - Roundway Hill Covert
rhillc2.jpg.jpg image - Sitting on Roundway Hill
rhodo1.jpg.jpg image - More rhododendrons at Bowood
rhodo2.jpg.jpg image - Rhododendrons - Bowood
rhodo3.jpg.jpg image - Entrance cottage - rhododendron walks, Bowood
rhodopool.jpg.jpg image - Pool and Rhododendrons
rhodoview.jpg.jpg image - Bowood - the view from the Mausoleum
rhodowalk.jpg.jpg image - Rhododendron walk, Bowood, Wilts
rhpad.jpg.jpg image - Rush Hour in Paddington
rhsign.jpg.jpg image - What we need
rhsnow.jpg.jpg image - Road - Melksham to Swindon
rhubarb.jpg.jpg image - A box of rhubarb
ridgec.jpg.jpg image - The Ridegway, Hackpen Hill
rightcarrot.jpg.jpg image - Carrots
ring.jpg.jpg image - Larkhill - the parade ring at the races
riovista.jpg.jpg image - Rio Vista, California
rlake.jpg.jpg image - Rudyard Lake
rmile.jpg.jpg image - Royal Mile, Edinburgh
rmile1.jpg.jpg image - Royal Mile
rmile2.jpg.jpg image - Royal Mile
rmile3.jpg.jpg image - Royal Mile
road.jpg.jpg image - A Wiltshire road just outside Melksham
road_lines.jpg.jpg image - Atlanta Queue
roadtobh.jpg.jpg image - The road to Bowerhill
roanokestar.jpg.jpg image - The Star at Roanoke, Virginia
romeop.jpg.jpg image - Opulance in Rome
romeop2.jpg.jpg image - The Vatican
ronaldsway.jpg.jpg image - Ronaldsway Airport, IOM
roomstatus.jpg.jpg image - Hotel and conference room status indicator
roundcath.jpg.jpg image - A Round Cathedral
rover.jpg.jpg image - Rover the dog
royalacross.jpg.jpg image - Bath Royal Crescent across the valley
royalc1.jpg.jpg image - Royal crescent, Bath from the park
royalc2.jpg.jpg image - Tourists at the Royal crescent, Bath
royalc3.jpg.jpg image - Royal crescent, Bath
royalc4.jpg.jpg image - And the Royal Circus
royaltop.jpg.jpg image - Bath Royal Crescent
rqs.jpg.jpg image - Dilton Marsh Station
rsseat.jpg.jpg image - On the Riverside Walk, Melksham
rstar.jpg.jpg image - Roanoke Star
rswplaque.jpg.jpg image - Opening plaque - Melksham Riverside Walk
rsx.jpg.jpg image - Severn Crossing - the railway by tunnel
rsys01.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Reservation system
rsys02.jpg.jpg image - On line application for reserving hotel rooms
rsys03.jpg.jpg image - Book your hotel room online
rtms.jpg.jpg image - The Road to Melksham Station
rtop2.jpg.jpg image - Balconies at Bath, royal crescent
ruby08.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the Hudson River
rubycourses.jpg.jpg image - Ruby Training Courses - British Isles (Wiltshire, England)
rumpline.jpg.jpg image - Animals to be won
rvswindon.jpg.jpg image - Railway Village, Swindon
rway.jpg.jpg image - Isel of Man, Ronaldsway
s.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch - Moorings
s06m1.jpg.jpg image - Crowds at Melksham station
s06m2.jpg.jpg image - Boarding the train
s06m4.jpg.jpg image - Back in Melksham
s06m5.jpg.jpg image - The last 17:50 ....
s06m6.jpg.jpg image - Santa with the kids
s06m7.jpg.jpg image - Santa and one of his elves take a breather before going on to their next appointment
s06s1.jpg.jpg image - Crowds get off at Swindon
s06s2.jpg.jpg image - Swindon; awaiting the return train
s06s3.jpg.jpg image - The return train pulls in
s06s5.jpg.jpg image - A quick pause for Santa
s06t1.jpg.jpg image - On the train to Swindon
s06t2.jpg.jpg image - Santa does his rounds
s06t3.jpg.jpg image - Crowds on the train
s_cyan.jpg.jpg image - Road sign in Cyan
s_purple.jpg.jpg image - Road sign colours - white on purple
s_yellow.jpg.jpg image - Cooper Avon, Sainsbury, Somerfield, Calne
sabeech.jpg.jpg image - House name at Savernake
saberries.jpg.jpg image - Berries in the woods - Savernake
sabruce.jpg.jpg image - Bruce Tunnel, Kennet and Avon Canal
sajunc.jpg.jpg image - Site of Savernake station and Junction
salisart.jpg.jpg image - Art at Salisbury Cathedral
salisavon.jpg.jpg image - The Salisbury Avon
salisflower.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Market Square
salisgate.jpg.jpg image - High Street Gate, Salisbury Cathedral Close
salisview.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury cathedral from Old Sarum
samelk06.jpg.jpg image - Santa at Melksham, December 06
samph1.jpg.jpg image - Samphire Hoe - below Shakespeare Cliff
samph2.jpg.jpg image - Samphire Hoe - Channel Tunnel chalk
sample1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham, Wiltshire, England - Hotel
sample2.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, Melksham - room 2
sample3.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 3 at Well House Manor
sample4.jpg.jpg image - Room 4, Well House Manor, Melksham
sample5.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Room in England
san09.jpg.jpg image - Santa
sancline.jpg.jpg image - The Sanctuary, near Avebury
sandbanks1.jpg.jpg image - The Sandbanks Ferry
sanddcycle.jpg.jpg image - Somerset and Dorset - a cycle track now in Radstock
sandhills.jpg.jpg image - Southport
sandpiper.jpg.jpg image - Sandpiper
sandychurch.jpg.jpg image - The Church at Sandy Lane - wood framed and thatched
sandylane.jpg.jpg image - Sandy Lane - a village of thatched cottages
sanlad.jpg.jpg image - Santa and his ladder - Sells Green
santa.txtPlain text file
santa09_1.jpg.jpg image - On the Train
santa09_2.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting the night train
santa09_3.jpg.jpg image - Arrival home after dark
santa66.jpg.jpg image - Santa in Melksham
santa_7_0.jpg.jpg image - Melksham town crier at Melksham Railway station
santa_7_1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham, Wiltshire - Railway Station
santa_7_2.jpg.jpg image - At Swindon Station
santa_7_3.jpg.jpg image - On the Swindon to Westbury train
santa_7_4.jpg.jpg image - Father Christmas
santa_7_5.jpg.jpg image - The TransWilts Train service
santa_7_6.jpg.jpg image - With Santa Claus at Melksham
santa_7_a.jpg.jpg image - On the train with Father Christmas
santa_7_b.jpg.jpg image - Santa
santa_7_c.jpg.jpg image - Santa in Swindon
santa_7_d.jpg.jpg image - Santa Claus and a helper
santa_7_e.jpg.jpg image - Santa at Melksham
santa_7_f.jpg.jpg image - with Santa on the train
santapres.jpg.jpg image - Choosing Gifts for Santa
santatrip08.jpg.jpg image - Santa Trip - 2008
sarah_t.jpg.jpg image - Sarah Trott
sarn.jpg.jpg image - A Baguette
saturday_mgp.jpg.jpg image - Saturday - The Wilts
sbank.jpg.jpg image - The South Bank, County Hall
sbankmorn.jpg.jpg image - South bank, early morning
sbeach.jpg.jpg image - Severn Beach
sbeach2.jpg.jpg image - Severn Beach
sboard.jpg.jpg image - Sudoku Board
scath.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Cathedral
sccloisters.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Cloisters
scdetail.jpg.jpg image - Detail on the west wall of Salisbury Cathedral
scissors.jpg.jpg image - A pair of scissors
scompare.jpg.jpg image - Relative safety of passenger transport
scotire.jpg.jpg image - Scotland and Ireland near Trowbridge, Wilts
scstats.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Cathedral
sea_1.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge service excellence awards
sea_2.jpg.jpg image - In Trowbridge
sea_3.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Service Awards
sea_4.jpg.jpg image - Service Excellence Awards, Trowbridge
sealbox.jpg.jpg image - Pier 49, San Francisco
sealions.jpg.jpg image - Sealions at San Francisco
sealionside.jpg.jpg image - Sealions in San Francisco
seals.jpg.jpg image - South Queensferry
secondcoate.jpg.jpg image - Coate Water
sedb1.jpg.jpg image - Sedburgh
sederbs.jpg.jpg image - South East Derbyshire
seend_br.jpg.jpg image - Swing Bridge on canal
seend_eve.jpg.jpg image - The Barge, Seend
seend_heron.jpg.jpg image - Heron, Seend
seend_swan.jpg.jpg image - Swan and boat on Canal
seendbarge.jpg.jpg image - The Barge at Seend
seendhay.jpg.jpg image - Haymaking - Seend
seendiron1.jpg.jpg image - The Tramway bed - towards Seend Station
seendiron2.jpg.jpg image - The site of Seend Iron Works
seendiron3.jpg.jpg image - From the interpretation board
seendironbridge.jpg.jpg image - Canal bridge at Seend
seendlock.jpg.jpg image - A lock on the canal at Seend
semaq1.jpg.jpg image - Semington Aquaduct - road and water
semaq2.jpg.jpg image - Semington Bypass
semby1.jpg.jpg image - Semington Bypass from the Aquaduct
semby2.jpg.jpg image - Semington - plaque
semcj1.jpg.jpg image - Semington Canal Junction
semijam.jpg.jpg image - Traffic Jam at Semington
semj2.jpg.jpg image - Old rails at Semington
semj3.jpg.jpg image - Below Semington Bottom Lock
seml1.jpg.jpg image - Canal Lock at Semington
sempty.jpg.jpg image - No-one using the train
serp_1.jpg.jpg image - Serpel report - 2nd option
serp_2.jpg.jpg image - Serpel report - 1st option
serp_3.jpg.jpg image - Serpel report - 3rd option
serp_4.jpg.jpg image - Serpel report - 4th option
serveripmap.jpg.jpg image - IP Map for web server
serverlayout.jpg.jpg image - Server Layout
serverlocation.jpg.jpg image - Location of internet server
serverroute.jpg.jpg image - Routing to internet server
serverwhite.jpg.jpg image - Our server is whitelisted
setout.jpg.jpg image - Setting out on a walk over the fields
setower.jpg.jpg image - Tower Bridge from Tower Bridge Road
sf1.jpg.jpg image - Bluebells
sf2.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at Melksham Spa
sfill1.jpg.jpg image - St. Fillans
sfl2.jpg.jpg image - St. Fillans - view of the Loch
sfoairtrain.jpg.jpg image - Transfer Train at the airport
sfobart.jpg.jpg image - Bay Area Rapid Transit
sfoblack.jpg.jpg image - Performer - San Francisco
sfocablecar.jpg.jpg image - One of the famous Cable Cars
sfoferry.jpg.jpg image - Ferries and cruise trips on the Bay
sfored.jpg.jpg image - A performer in San Francisco
sfosilver.jpg.jpg image - San Francisco - a performer
sfotram.jpg.jpg image - Historic trams run a modern service
sfotrolleybus.jpg.jpg image - A Trolley Bus on Market Street
sfurn1.jpg.jpg image - Bradford-on-Avon
sfurn2.jpg.jpg image - Longleat
sfurn4.jpg.jpg image - Midford
sfurn5.jpg.jpg image - Boness
sfurn6.jpg.jpg image - Oban
sgatej7.jpg.jpg image - Allow buses through here to make a really useful link to Melksham Station
sgatej7a.jpg.jpg image - Train passes Spencer's Gate
sgatej7b.jpg.jpg image - Melksham station, Pacer at the platform
sgmf9_1.jpg.jpg image - Specncers gate from railway
sgmf9_2.jpg.jpg image - Sign at Melksham Station
sgmf9_3.jpg.jpg image - Spencers Gate through fence from railway
sh500.jpg.jpg image - Woods on the A46 road north from Bath
sh_bean.jpg.jpg image - Bean Salad
sh_breads.jpg.jpg image - Freshly baked bread
sh_cerale.jpg.jpg image - Breakfast Cereals
sh_fruit.jpg.jpg image - Fruit
sh_ham.jpg.jpg image - Ham for breakfast
sh_meatandcheese.jpg.jpg image - Meats and Cheeses
sh_oranges.jpg.jpg image - Oranges
sh_pasta.jpg.jpg image - Pasta Salad
sh_pbake.jpg.jpg image - Potato and Cheese Bake
sh_prawns.jpg.jpg image - Prawns
sh_youg.jpg.jpg image - Yoghurt selections
shaabbey.jpg.jpg image - Shaftesbury - entrance to Abbey
shagh.jpg.jpg image - Gold Hill, Shaftesbury
sharehost.jpg.jpg image - Virtual Host and Virtual Server
sharon_n.jpg.jpg image - Former employee - Sharon Norman
sharp01.jpg.jpg image - View from Potterne Hill
sharp02.jpg.jpg image - Edington Priory and Church
sharp03.jpg.jpg image - West Somerset Railway
sharp04.jpg.jpg image - Reybridge
sharp05.jpg.jpg image - Seend Iron Works
sharp06.jpg.jpg image - The Barge at Seend
sharp07.jpg.jpg image - Inside the Barge at Seend
sharp08.jpg.jpg image - Bristol
sharp09.jpg.jpg image - Bristol - German Beer Festival
sharp10.jpg.jpg image - Bath
sharp11.jpg.jpg image - Party in the Park - Melksham
sharp12.jpg.jpg image - Village Shop
sharp13.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill, Devizes
sharp14.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Cathedral
sharp15.jpg.jpg image - Awaiting the bride and groom
sharp16.jpg.jpg image - The Bride and Groom
sharp17.jpg.jpg image - Wilton
sharp18.jpg.jpg image - On Salisbury Plain
sharp19.jpg.jpg image - Conigre Mead Nature Reserve
sharp20.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Cemetry
sharp21.jpg.jpg image - On Spa Road, Melksham
sharp22.jpg.jpg image - Hackpen Hill White Horse
sharp23.jpg.jpg image - Becckford Tower, Bath
sharp24.jpg.jpg image - Devizes
shaview.jpg.jpg image - View from Shaftesbury
shellspecials.jpg.jpg image - Special Characters in Shell programming
shorties.jpg.jpg image - Rail Service Disruption in text
shorties2.jpg.jpg image - Rail Service Disruption Diagram
shorties3.jpg.jpg image - Railway last minute changes
shower_sl.jpg.jpg image - Hotel shower, Maidenhead
showman.jpg.jpg image - Selling wine, California
shrews1.jpg.jpg image - Shrewsbury
shrews2.jpg.jpg image - Shrewsbury
shrews3.jpg.jpg image - Shrewsbury
shrewton1.jpg.jpg image - The Village Stream
shrewton2.jpg.jpg image - In Shrewton Village
shstones.jpg.jpg image - Stonehenge - closer up
shw1.jpg.jpg image - Fishing on Shear Water
shw2.jpg.jpg image - Early evening at Shear Water
shw3.jpg.jpg image - Shear Water through the trees
sidcoast2.jpg.jpg image - South Devon coast near Sidmouth
side5.jpg.jpg image - Bullet points - setting up Apache httpd
side_by_side.jpg.jpg image - Training Windows side by side
sidney.jpg.jpg image - Sidney Gardens, Bath
sidwalk.jpg.jpg image - South Devon coast near Sidmouth
signage1.jpg.jpg image - up to the Cellar Restaurant
signage2.jpg.jpg image - Anyone for Tennis
signfromcarpark.jpg.jpg image - Sign in car park at Melksham Station
signfromtrack.jpg.jpg image - Welcome to Melksham sign - as seen from an arriving train
silburysunset.jpg.jpg image - Silbury hill at Sunset
silburyviewers.jpg.jpg image - Silbury Hill
simplegraph.png.png image
skart.jpg.jpg image - Walking to the waterfalls
skatepark.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Skate Park
skatpark.jpg.jpg image - Skatafell National Park
skippermkm.jpg.jpg image - FGW trains skipping stops (Melksham)
skua.jpg.jpg image - Skua
sky1.jpg.jpg image - Jump
sky2.jpg.jpg image - The Control Tower at South Cerney
sky3.jpg.jpg image - Exhilaration
sky4.jpg.jpg image - Practicing exiting the plane
sky6.jpg.jpg image - Takeoff at South Cerney
skytop.jpg.jpg image - South Lake Tahoe - the slopes
skywires.jpg.jpg image - Overhead Cables
slagheap08.jpg.jpg image - Midsomer Norton
slagheap_09.jpg.jpg image - Silbury Hill
sllbot.jpg.jpg image - Stop, look and listen
sltstrip.jpg.jpg image - South Lake Tahoe - the main drag
sltstrippoor.jpg.jpg image - Low quality image example
sltstripweb.jpg.jpg image - Web quality image example
sltstripwsmall.jpg.jpg image - small image example
small_pew.jpg.jpg image - Pewsey
smap.jpg.jpg image - Site Map
smarkcross.jpg.jpg image - Salisbury Market Cross
smokeingdog.jpg.jpg image - Eating and drinking in Malmesbury
snowat404.jpg.jpg image - Snow at 404, The Spa
snowat48.jpg.jpg image - Snow at 48, Spa Road
snowball.jpg.jpg image - Chris and Delene's cat Snowball
snowfruit.jpg.jpg image - Fruit and Snow
snowymorning.jpg.jpg image - Snowy Morning
snsticker.jpg.jpg image - Barcode off Benq projector
soho1.jpg.jpg image - Soho
soho2.jpg.jpg image - Soho
sonoma.jpg.jpg image - Sonoma, California
southbank.jpg.jpg image - the South Bank
southbeach.jpg.jpg image - Southport
southern_homebound.jpg.jpg image - Southern Trains
southportboats.jpg.jpg image - Southport
spa3.jpg.jpg image - The lodging houses at The Spa
spa_with.jpg.jpg image - Spa Road with traffic
spa_without.jpg.jpg image - Spa Road without traffic
spacorpse.jpg.jpg image - Cut down tree
spagchil.jpg.jpg image - Evening Meal - Well House Manor
spahole.jpg.jpg image - Through a hole in the tree
spahon7.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Spa Houses
spammers.jpg.jpg image - Spam emails
sparear404.jpg.jpg image - the rear of The Spa houses
sparmyroad.jpg.jpg image - An Army road on Salisbury Plain
sparound.jpg.jpg image - Spa Roundabout, Melksham, Wiltshire
spawood.jpg.jpg image - Wood near Melksham Spa
spcrossing.jpg.jpg image - The Army is always about ...
spee2.jpg.jpg image - Back to the business of Networking
spee3.jpg.jpg image - Speed Networking - meet a lot of people in a short time
spee4.jpg.jpg image - A break from Speed Networking for light snacks
spee5.jpg.jpg image - Speed Networking - an easy setup
spee6.jpg.jpg image - Sign people in to Speed Networking
speednet.jpg.jpg image - Business to Business Speed networking
spenet1.jpg.jpg image - Speed Networking
spenet2.jpg.jpg image - Business to Business
spenet3.jpg.jpg image - Making Business Contacts
spenet4.jpg.jpg image - New business contacts in Melksham
spengate.jpg.jpg image - The access from Spencer Gate
spengateback.jpg.jpg image - Backing on to Spencer Gate
spengatelink.jpg.jpg image - Spencer Gate to Melksham Station
spenlinkbus.jpg.jpg image - Bus Route through Spencer Gate
spenlinkworks.jpg.jpg image - Work needed at Spencer Gate
spenlinkzoom.jpg.jpg image - Detail map - Spencer Gate
spenphotoposns.jpg.jpg image - Spencer Gate Project - photo positions
speople.jpg.jpg image - Stone people at Salisbury Cathedral
spiderwhm.jpg.jpg image - Spider and Web
spinnaker_pomo.jpg.jpg image - The Spinnaker Tower, Gun Wharf, Portsmouth
spotthecat.jpg.jpg image - Spot the cat
spricol.jpg.jpg image - The colour of Spring
sprinfare02.jpg.jpg image - Go Karts for the kids
springfair03.jpg.jpg image - Stalls of all shapes and sizes
springfair04.jpg.jpg image - Horse rides beside the river
springfest01.jpg.jpg image - Spring Festival - on Stage
springleaves.jpg.jpg image - Spring Leaves - off the Calne to Devizes Road
springmanor.jpg.jpg image - Spring at Well House Manor
spwatch.jpg.jpg image - Spring Watch?
sql08.jpg.jpg image - Freight passing Melksham at night
sqlpeeps.jpg.jpg image - MySQL - database for the masses
square.jpg.jpg image - Some charming old buildings around Church Square
squeue.jpg.jpg image - Everyone on the road
srps.jpg.jpg image - Scottish Railway Preservation Society yard
ssd.jpg.jpg image - Server Diagram
ssest.jpg.jpg image - A small boat awaits the tide at Southend
sshighpier.jpg.jpg image - The end of the high street and you can see the pier
sshmod.jpg.jpg image - More modern shopping and offices
ssoln1.jpg.jpg image - Sudoku Suggestions
ssoln2.jpg.jpg image - Sudoku Suggested
ssoln3.jpg.jpg image - Sudoku Solved
sstrwxrwxrwx.jpg.jpg image - Unix / Linux file permissions
ssvic.jpg.jpg image - Victorian Shop fronts
staempty.jpg.jpg image - Stafford Station
staffpage.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants Staff
staffstairs.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants team
stalker.jpg.jpg image - Castle Stalker
stangeshape.jpg.jpg image - The boundary of the Network South East card vallidity
stationclosedqn.jpg.jpg image - Station looks closed
stationhouses.jpg.jpg image - Housing Development near the station
stationtrainpeople.jpg.jpg image - A Train, A Station and Passengers
stavertonhalt.jpg.jpg image - Staverton Halt, between Holt and Trowbridge
stbriavelsentrance.jpg.jpg image - St Briavels Castle
stbriavelsinner.jpg.jpg image - Inside St Briavels Castle
stbriavelsmoat.jpg.jpg image - The Moat at St Briavels Castle
stbriavelsouter.jpg.jpg image - The Castle Entrance, St Briavels
stcpage.jpg.jpg image - Private course at Well House Manor
steepleashton1.jpg.jpg image - Long's Arms, Steeple Ashton
steepleashton2.jpg.jpg image - Steeple Ashton - the old lockup
steepleashton3.jpg.jpg image - Steeple Ashton - houses on the Green
stepsatuea.jpg.jpg image - On the steps - Norwich
stepsinrome.jpg.jpg image - On the steps - Rome
still150.jpg.jpg image - Class 150 without corridor connection at Melksham
stillpoker.jpg.jpg image - Flowers at Melksham Station
stillrubber.jpg.jpg image - Melksham is home of Cooper Tires
stillup.jpg.jpg image - Sign still up - 4 weeks later
stim0.jpg.jpg image - Graham Ellis talks in The Wilts
stim1.jpg.jpg image - At an event in Swindon
stim2.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants HQ
stim3.jpg.jpg image - From Well House Manor
stim4.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill, Devizes
stim5.jpg.jpg image - Diagram on a course
stim6.jpg.jpg image - Party in the Park
stim7.jpg.jpg image - Bradford-on-Avon
stim8.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
stim9.jpg.jpg image - Summer Lunch at Well House
stima.jpg.jpg image - A course in The Wilts
stimb.jpg.jpg image - Students on a course at Well House Manor
stimc.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Town Hall
stimd.jpg.jpg image - The Berks at Well House Manor
stime.jpg.jpg image - Canon Square, Melksham
stimf.jpg.jpg image - Hotel room (bedroom 4, Well House Manor)
stimg.jpg.jpg image - Room 3, Well House Manor
stimh.jpg.jpg image - Books printed fresh for each course
stimi.jpg.jpg image - Business Networking Evening
stimj.jpg.jpg image - On a train to give a training course
stimk.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Station
stiml.jpg.jpg image - A Well House Course in Saudi Arabia
stimm.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
stimn.jpg.jpg image - Computers
stimo.jpg.jpg image - Lunch on a Well House Consultants Course
stimp.jpg.jpg image - A delegate set
stimq.jpg.jpg image - Seeing the local sights
stimr.jpg.jpg image - The Berks training room
stims.jpg.jpg image - Playing Scrabble
stimt.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas
stimu.jpg.jpg image - Geekmas
stimv.jpg.jpg image - Potterne Woods
stimx.jpg.jpg image - Open Source Books
stimy.jpg.jpg image - Delegates at Well House
stimz.jpg.jpg image - Bus outside Well House Manor
stir03.jpg.jpg image - Stirling Bridge
stir04.jpg.jpg image - Stirling Castle at night
stir05.jpg.jpg image - Shopping street in Stirling
stmarys.jpg.jpg image - St Marys Halt, Lydney
stmc1.jpg.jpg image - St Michael's Church, Melksham
stmcd.jpg.jpg image - Sundial at St Michael's Church, Melksham
stmcg.jpg.jpg image - St Michael's Church - on gate to Place Road
stmcl.jpg.jpg image - Lych Gate at church yard entrance, Melksham
stmcrws.jpg.jpg image - To Melksham's Riverside walk
stmichas1.jpg.jpg image - St Micahels and All Saints, Melksham
stmichas2.jpg.jpg image - St Michaels, Melksham
stmitf.jpg.jpg image - St Martins in the Field
stof1.jpg.jpg image - Stoford Bridge
stof2.jpg.jpg image - River Wylye at Stoford
stolen.txtPlain text file
stoncirc.jpg.jpg image - Stonehenge
stonebus.jpg.jpg image - by bus from Salisbury
stonecircle.jpg.jpg image - Avebury Stone Circle
stonecrowd.jpg.jpg image - Tourists at Stonehenge
stonepiles.jpg.jpg image - Stone piles - a story
stoneview.jpg.jpg image - A popular tourist attraction
stopper.jpg.jpg image - Train calls at Melksham
stoubal.jpg.jpg image - Ballustrades in Stone at Stourhead
stoucyc.jpg.jpg image - Pausing at Stourhead
stoudrive.jpg.jpg image - Walking up the drive to Stourhead
stoug1.jpg.jpg image - Stourhead Gardens
stoug2.jpg.jpg image - Geese beside the lake, Stourhead
stoug3.jpg.jpg image - The bridge over the lake at Stourhead
stouhouse.jpg.jpg image - The main house at Stourhead
stoureagle.jpg.jpg image - After a long walk at Stourhead, visit the Spread Eagle
stourthrough.jpg.jpg image - Stourhead revisited
stp1.jpg.jpg image - St Paul's Cathedral
stpst.jpg.jpg image - St Pauls Cathedral Steps
straightear.jpg.jpg image - Straight tear
stroud1.jpg.jpg image - Stroud
stroud2.jpg.jpg image - Stroud
stroud3.jpg.jpg image - Stroud
stt050307a.jpg.jpg image - Crowds gather for a train meeting
stt050307b.jpg.jpg image - Graham addresses Save the Train meeting
stt050307c.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants exhibition panel
stt050307d.jpg.jpg image - Display panels for Save the Train
stt050307e.jpg.jpg image - Ready for save the Train meeting
stt050307f.jpg.jpg image - Save the Train meeting, 5.3.07
studperl.jpg.jpg image - Perl Students
style.jpg.jpg image - There is a variety of stiles on the paths
subaqua.jpg.jpg image - Underneath Dundas Aquaduct
subsouth.jpg.jpg image - Looking South from Melksham's Subway
summereve.jpg.jpg image - Summer Evening
sumwk1.jpg.jpg image - Python course lunch, Well House Consultants
sumwk2.jpg.jpg image - Caen Hill, Devizes
sumwk3.jpg.jpg image - Chamber of Commerce Committee Meeting
sumwk4.jpg.jpg image - Setting Sun, The Barge, Seend
sunstat.jpg.jpg image - Sculpture at Reykjavik
suntr.jpg.jpg image - Train has been replaced by a bus!
svart.jpg.jpg image - Skatafell
swanage1.jpg.jpg image - Paddle Steamer Waverly at Swanage
swanmation.jpg.jpg image - The Ballet of the Swans
swanscrossing.jpg.jpg image - A sign of the times?
swanseatrain.jpg.jpg image - The Swansea Train at Swindon
swansoncrammer.jpg.jpg image - Church and Crammer, Devizes
swarkcath.jpg.jpg image - Southwark Cathedral
swf_deployment_diagram.jpg.jpg image - Flash Deployment
swic1.jpg.jpg image - In the centre of Swindon
swic2.jpg.jpg image - Top of town
swic3.jpg.jpg image - The old railway museum, Swindon
swic4.jpg.jpg image - A busy day for the shops
swin158.jpg.jpg image - Class 158 at Swindon
swisal.jpg.jpg image - Silly train fares - 30 pounds direct, or 18 pounds with a change
swmart.jpg.jpg image - Swallow or Martin?
swob.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire Business of the Year award dinner
swstn1.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Station - the train from Westbury has just arrived
swstn2.jpg.jpg image - Both railway and cycle are much more environmentally friendly modes of transport than either the car of the bus
swstn3.jpg.jpg image - having arrived on the local train, passengers transfer to the express to London
swstn4.jpg.jpg image - The Southampton train (via Melksham and Salisbury) awaits departure.
swt_homebound.jpg.jpg image - South West Trains - Homebound
swtbanner.jpg.jpg image - South West Trains
symbolic.jpg.jpg image - A Symbolic Link - how it works
sys2.jpg.jpg image - Two systems per delegate
t.jpg.jpg image - Christchurch
t2000.trainvbus.jpg.jpg image
t2by1.jpg.jpg image - near Trowbridge at dawn
t_yellow.jpg.jpg image - Daffodils on "The Spa" Roundabout
ta1.jpg.jpg image - Tyler, Alyssa, Lisa and Graham
ta2.jpg.jpg image - Looking Ahead
ta3.jpg.jpg image - Walking into the future together
ta5.jpg.jpg image - View from our room - Blue Ridge
tabby.jpg.jpg image - Tintern Abbey
tabletopics.jpg.jpg image - Table Topics
tallwall.jpg.jpg image - The Tall Wall
tam01.jpg.jpg image - Tamworth
tam02.jpg.jpg image - Tamworth
tam03.jpg.jpg image - Tamworth
tandape.jpg.jpg image - Tyler, Alyssa and Lisa at Pewsey
tandawe.jpg.jpg image - Tyler and Alyssa
tangmere1.jpg.jpg image - Another view at RAF Tangmere
tangmere2.jpg.jpg image - Hawket Hunter at Tangmere
tartan.jpg.jpg image - A Tartan
taski.jpg.jpg image - Skiing above lake Tahoe
taste.jpg.jpg image - Taste in washbasins
tatemodern.jpg.jpg image - The Tate Modern, Bankside
tattoostands.jpg.jpg image - Royal Mile
tautra.jpg.jpg image - Taunton Station
taxiline.jpg.jpg image - Taxis on Oxford Street
tboo.jpg.jpg image - Save the Train display board, Taunton
tbr3.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 3
tbusatc.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge and Melksham bus at Chippenham Station
tccanal.jpg.jpg image - Thames and Severn Canal - Company finances
tcl08.jpg.jpg image - From the Albany train towards New York
tcl_tk_expect_courses.jpg.jpg image - Tcl, Tk and Expect courses - UK
tconba.jpg.jpg image - Coach park in Bath - waiting area
tcry1.jpg.jpg image - Town Crier of Melksham
tcry2.jpg.jpg image - Town Crier of Ilfracombe
tcsg.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Community Sensory Garden
tcwhmguest.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Terms and Conditions - Customer view
tcwhmstaff.jpg.jpg image - Terms and Conditions for a hotel as explained to the staff
tdbc.jpg.jpg image - Taunton Station
tebayeve.jpg.jpg image - Evening at Tebay services, Cumbria
tebays1.jpg.jpg image - Outside Tebay Service Area
tebays2.jpg.jpg image - From the restaurant at Tebay services
tebays3.jpg.jpg image - A heron on the roof
tek4014.jpg.jpg image - Tektronix 4014-1 Computer Graphics Terminal
tern1.jpg.jpg image - Icelandic Tern
tfro.jpg.jpg image - Manor
thaibarn.jpg.jpg image - The Thai Barn
thebelfast.jpg.jpg image - Second World War destroyer - the Belfast
theclink.jpg.jpg image - The Clink Museum, London South Bank
thesanctuary.jpg.jpg image - Tha Sanctuary
thingleybranch.jpg.jpg image - The Weymouth line at Thingley
thingleymain.jpg.jpg image - An Intercity 125 from Bristol to London
thinlines.jpg.jpg image - First Great Western Route Diagram
threemagpies.jpg.jpg image - The Three Magpies, Sells Green
thumbcards.jpg.jpg image - Thumbnails of Melksham
tieup2.jpg.jpg image - Tied up in Izmir, Turkey
tim.jpg.jpg image - Punting (or being punted) on the Cam
timeofyearnow.jpg.jpg image - Trains only at night
tinact.jpg.jpg image - Characters in Costume for the visitors at Tintern Abbey
tinall.jpg.jpg image - Tintern Abbey in all its glory
tinriver.jpg.jpg image - Tintern Abbey from across the river Wye
tipolo1.jpg.jpg image - Polo at Tidworth
tipolo2.jpg.jpg image - Getting ready for polo at Tidworth
tksimple.jpg.jpg image - A Simple Tcl/Tk GUI
tktable.jpg.jpg image - Sample of the TkTable widget
tl.jpg.jpg image - Cosham
tm2sp.jpg.jpg image - Thames Modern to St Pauls
tmarch.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Temple Meads - Arch
tmbck.jpg.jpg image - Outside Temple Meads station, Bristol
tollgate1.jpg.jpg image - Tollgate Cafe, Pennsylvania
tollgate2.jpg.jpg image - Pennsylvania - the Tollgate Cafe
tolondon.jpg.jpg image - Scene at the Tower of London
tom_404_cha.jpg.jpg image - Error page 404 / changed / Tomcat
tom_404_def.jpg.jpg image - Error page 404 / standard / Tomcat
tomc08.jpg.jpg image - Amtrak from New York to Albany
tomcat_course.jpg.jpg image - Apache httpd and Tomcat courses (UK)
tomcat_load.jpg.jpg image - Tomcat Loading
tomcatbook.jpg.jpg image - Tomcat Book
tomcatrubberduck.jpg.jpg image - Defauly Mime type for Apache Tomcat
toolsoftrade.jpg.jpg image - A Coputer trainer's tools of trade
top10_5.jpg.jpg image - Supporting the Melksham Train service
top158.jpg.jpg image - Call 158 train to Swindon
top552.jpg.jpg image - Withdrawn - said 'not to be used'!
topakip.jpg.jpg image - Topkapi Palace, Istanbul
topbeech.jpg.jpg image - Beechfield, Beanacre, Melksham
toptea.jpg.jpg image - Above a teapot
toptrow.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge
tortoiseshell.jpg.jpg image - Small Tortoiseshell butterfy
touristlikes.jpg.jpg image - Tourist Traffic Jam in Wiltshire near Melksham
towardfrome.jpg.jpg image - London Bound - an HST seat
towardlondon.jpg.jpg image - Using a 125 for a semifsat service
towardplain.jpg.jpg image - Erlstoke - walk toward salisbury plain
towelrack1.jpg.jpg image - Where should we put this towelrack
towerbridge.jpg.jpg image - Tower Bridge - raised to let a boat through
towerpisa.jpg.jpg image - The Leaning tower of Pisa (in biscuits and cheese)
townbus.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Town Bus
townhall.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Town Hall on the Market Place
townhallmkm.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Town Hall
tpe158t.jpg.jpg image - on a train at Taunton
tquay.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Temple Quay Development
tr.jpg.jpg image - Corsham Court
tr404share.jpg.jpg image - The training room at 404, The Spa - Well House Consultants headquarters
tr_coming.jpg.jpg image - Getting ready for training
tr_fag.jpg.jpg image - Remains of a smokers day
tr_ready.jpg.jpg image - Ready for training
tract1.jpg.jpg image - Avebury
tract2.jpg.jpg image - Olivers Casle
tract3.jpg.jpg image - Olivers Castle
tradeorlando.jpg.jpg image - tradeorlando trade orlando
tragr1.jpg.jpg image - Train Graph
tragr3.jpg.jpg image - Train diagram
tragra2.jpg.jpg image - Diagram of train problems
tragra4.png.png image
trailpark.jpg.jpg image - Parking up for a walk near Derry Hill
train.jpg.jpg image - A train pulls in to Melksham Station
train4.jpg.jpg image - The Melksham Train
trainfull.jpg.jpg image - Another train of tourists arrives in Melksham ;-)
training1.jpg.jpg image - A Well House Consultants training room
training15_1.jpg.jpg image - A training set up for 15 delegates
training15_2.jpg.jpg image - We're set up for high tech courses
training15_3.jpg.jpg image - Plenty of room - set up for a class of 15
training2.jpg.jpg image - Training at Well House Consultants
trainlatent.jpg.jpg image - Latent Public Transport Users
trainmakes.jpg.jpg image - What a difference a train makes
tral2.jpg.jpg image - An early evening Weymouth train stops a Trowbridge in August 2005
tralpha.jpg.jpg image - On the platform at Trowbridge. The train is headed from CarDiff to Portsmouth
tramm1.jpg.jpg image - A lot of hard work for a lovely result
tramm2.jpg.jpg image - Heavy engineering works on the running gear
tramm3.jpg.jpg image - This is not Melksham
tramm4.jpg.jpg image - The tram is stripped down to the ground
tramm5.jpg.jpg image - Crich, Derbyshire
transporterbridge.jpg.jpg image - Newport Transporter Bridge
transwilts_sign.jpg.jpg image - Signup Screen - Transwilts
transwiltsplatform.jpg.jpg image - Swindon Bay Platform
tratex.jpg.jpg image - Train Text
travelbybus.jpg.jpg image - Travel by bus to Princes Street, Edinburgh
trbristol.jpg.jpg image - The view from someone else's training room
treefogsmall.jpg.jpg image - A small picture of trees in the fog
treestand.jpg.jpg image - on The Marlborough Downs
trgeog.jpg.jpg image - Geographic Train Issues
trigger.jpg.jpg image - Trigger the horse
trim.jpg.jpg image - Trim Castle, Ireland
trixie.jpg.jpg image - All the trick at Subway
trmelksham.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, Melksham
trojail.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge old Jail
troom404.jpg.jpg image - Training room at Melksham Spa
troomberks.jpg.jpg image - Berks - training room for small groups, Melksham
troomwilts.jpg.jpg image - Wilts - training room for larger groups, Melksham
tropic1.jpg.jpg image - Car in the rain
tropic2.jpg.jpg image - Water pours off our awning
trow300.jpg.jpg image - The 18:09 from Melksham arrives
trow301a.jpg.jpg image - The early evening train from Swindon to Southampton pauses at Trowbridge
trow301b.jpg.jpg image - Please open the doors
trow302.jpg.jpg image - Passengers join
trow303.jpg.jpg image - off to Westbury, Salisbury and Southampton
trowbridge1.jpg.jpg image - The park in Trowbridge
trowbridge2.jpg.jpg image - The Town hall and The Isaac Pitman
trowbridge3.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Town Hall
trowcentre.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge town centre
trowhist.jpg.jpg image - Georgian building in Trowbridge
trowmist.jpg.jpg image - Mists near Trowbridge
trownew.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge station - now
trowold.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge station - then
trowpost.jpg.jpg image - Train Posters at Trowbridge Station
trsarn1.jpg.jpg image - Take two slices of bread
trsarn2.jpg.jpg image - Spread margarine on both and Marmite on one
trsarn3.jpg.jpg image - Add crumbled Stilton Cheese
trsarn4.jpg.jpg image - Add slices of onion
trsarn5.jpg.jpg image - Add slices of tomato
trsarn6.jpg.jpg image - Place the other slice of bread on top
trsarn7.jpg.jpg image - Cut along the leading diagonal
trswi7.jpg.jpg image - Swidnon - the train from Melksham
trswi8.jpg.jpg image - Melksham train from Swindon
trucks.jpg.jpg image - Parked Trucks
trust.jpg.jpg image - Trust the customer
trux.jpg.jpg image - Kings Street Car park
tshedtm.jpg.jpg image - Temple Meads - Old Station
tsq1.jpg.jpg image - Trafalgar Square
tsw0.jpg.jpg image - Steam, Swindon - Christian Wolmar speaks
tsw1.jpg.jpg image - Bristol (South West Trains)
tsw2.jpg.jpg image - Bristol (Cross Country Trains)
tsw3.jpg.jpg image - Bradford-on-Avon
tsw4.jpg.jpg image - Travel Watch South West, Taunton
tsw5.jpg.jpg image - Westbury Station
tsw6.jpg.jpg image - Southampton Station
tsw7.jpg.jpg image - Bradford-on-Avon Station
tsw8.jpg.jpg image - Westbury Station
tsw9.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
tsw_.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
tswa.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Assembly Hall
tswb.jpg.jpg image - Pantomime
tswc.jpg.jpg image - The line to Radstock
tt1.jpg.jpg image - a hard timetable to read
tt2.jpg.jpg image - A difficult timetable to read
tts1.jpg.jpg image - In Taunton town centre
tts2.jpg.jpg image - shopping in Taunton
tuleek.jpg.jpg image - Tudor [or Mock Tudor] buildings in Leek
tunroad.jpg.jpg image - The coast road runs over Glacier washout
turffarm.jpg.jpg image - A turf-roofed farm
turnthis.jpg.jpg image - An empty station platform
tv_sl.jpg.jpg image - TV in hotel, Maidenhead
tvcentre.jpg.jpg image - TV Centre, White City
tvwatch.jpg.jpg image - Playing Video games
tw2009lost.jpg.jpg image - The lost timetable
twash1.jpg.jpg image - No such variable
twash2.jpg.jpg image - Phase 2
twash3.jpg.jpg image - Phase 1
twbridge.jpg.jpg image - Tower Bridge and the Belfast, Pool of London
twline.jpg.jpg image - Transwilts map
twmelk1.jpg.jpg image - TransWilts, Melksham
twmelkrhp.jpg.jpg image - Red Hot Pokers, Melksham
twmfull.jpg.jpg image - Full Transwilts map
twmhalf.jpg.jpg image - Smaller transwilts map
twowb.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge Station from Bridge Houes
twsw.jpg.jpg image - Travel Watch South West
twswnameplate.jpg.jpg image - TWSW
twswpowercar.jpg.jpg image - Travelwatch Southwest at Westbury
tyandal.jpg.jpg image - Tyler and Alyssa
typicalengland.jpg.jpg image - England - Typical Picture
typicalireland.jpg.jpg image - Ireland - typical picture
typicalscotland.jpg.jpg image - Scotland - typical picture
typicaltravellers.jpg.jpg image - Typical Train Travellers
typicalwales.jpg.jpg image - Typical Wales
tyredamage.jpg.jpg image - Tyre damage
u.jpg.jpg image - Sea Front Christchurch
uclinlith.jpg.jpg image - Union Canal, Linlithgow
ucrail1.jpg.jpg image - Building a train - 1
ucrail2.jpg.jpg image - Building a train - 2
ucrail3.jpg.jpg image - Complete new train
uegrounds.jpg.jpg image - University of Essex grounds
ukwhcnight.jpg.jpg image - A plot of nighttime visitors
ukwhmhistory.jpg.jpg image - Visitors to Well House Manor web site
ulls1.jpg.jpg image - Ullswater
ulls2.jpg.jpg image - Ullswater
ulls3.jpg.jpg image - Ullswater
unclesam.jpg.jpg image - Uncle Sam - statue, Troy, NY State
underclock.jpg.jpg image - Meet me under the clock at Paddington
undertap_sl.jpg.jpg image - Getting kettle under tap
updateidletasks1.jpg.jpg image - Update Idletasks initial screen
updateidletasks2.jpg.jpg image - Update Idletasks Intermediate screen
updateidletasks3.jpg.jpg image - Update idletasks final screen
upperclyde.jpg.jpg image - Upper Clyde
uppergorge.jpg.jpg image - Upper Gorge, Cheddar
upsant.jpg.jpg image - Crowds at Melksham Station
usegads.jpg.jpg image - Get your visitors to pay for your site
v.jpg.jpg image - Swan
v6index.jpg.jpg image - v6 website
v7index.jpg.jpg image - v7 website
vachip.jpg.jpg image - Chipmunk!
vacolvinbase.jpg.jpg image - Mill Wheel, Colvin Run Mill
vacolvincanada.jpg.jpg image - Canada Geese
vacolvinheron.jpg.jpg image - Heron
vacolvintop.jpg.jpg image - Headrace and Mill - Colvin Run Mill
variableflow.jpg.jpg image - PHP - how to prevent injection attacks
vc2.jpg.jpg image - Venice Cruise Ship
venice1.jpg.jpg image - Venice - one of the narrower canals
venice2.jpg.jpg image - Venice - a decorative stall
venice3.jpg.jpg image - Venice - view from departing cruise boat
venice4.jpg.jpg image - Venice - St Peter's from the sea
venn_intersect.jpg.jpg image - Venn diagram - non intersecting and intersecting
vftr.jpg.jpg image - Liverpool - Liver building and new flats
vhostproxy.jpg.jpg image - Virtual Hosting and Proxying combined on a web server
viabath.jpg.jpg image - Liverpool from Melksham, via bath
viadid2.jpg.jpg image - From the West to Oxford - change at Didcot
viadidcot.jpg.jpg image - ]From the West to Oxford - change at Didcot
victoria_la.jpg.jpg image - Lancaster
viewline.jpg.jpg image - Watching the races
views.jpg.jpg image - Watching the world from the White Horse
vikchurchi.jpg.jpg image - Inside the church at Vik
vikchurcho.jpg.jpg image - Vik Church set against the hill
village.jpg.jpg image - Model village near The Hague
vitail.jpg.jpg image - Virgin Atlantic tailfin
vj1.jpg.jpg image - Track crosses railway - Verney Junction
vj2.jpg.jpg image - Mothballed railway - Oxford to Bletchley
vj3.jpg.jpg image - The platform at Verney Junction
vj4.jpg.jpg image - Verney Arms, Verney Junction
vj5.jpg.jpg image - Middle Claydon - Level Crossing
vj6.jpg.jpg image - Middle Clayon - Platform
vj7.jpg.jpg image - Between Bicester and Calvert
vj8.jpg.jpg image - near Bicester
vlon1.jpg.jpg image - The London Eye
vlon2.jpg.jpg image - Graffiti in London
vlon3.jpg.jpg image - A London Bus
vlon4.jpg.jpg image - Centre Point, London
vlon5.jpg.jpg image - The Ivy, London
vlon6.jpg.jpg image - Houses of Parliament, Westminster
vlon7.jpg.jpg image - London Tourists
vlon8.jpg.jpg image - Nelsons Column, London
vlon9.jpg.jpg image - The Nellie Dean, Soho, London
vocc06.jpg.jpg image - Evening Train from Swindon, 2006
vocc07.jpg.jpg image - Evening Train from Swindon, 2007
vok.jpg.jpg image - The wettest town in Iceland
vscity.jpg.jpg image - Night view from an aircraft
vsdoinflight.jpg.jpg image - What we do in flight to USA
vslowbus.jpg.jpg image - Bus from Westbury to Swindon
vstip.jpg.jpg image - Wing Tip of Virgin Atlantic aircraft
vswing.jpg.jpg image - Wing and Engine - Virgin Atlantic
vto.jpg.jpg image - Patney and Chirton - old footbridge
vto2.jpg.jpg image - Footbridge Finial, Patney and Chirton
vto3.jpg.jpg image - Through the bolt hole
vto4.jpg.jpg image - Platform Remains, Patney and Chirton
vto5.jpg.jpg image - Freight Train
vto6.jpg.jpg image - Footbridge, Patney and Chirton
vto7.jpg.jpg image - Field Margin
vto8.jpg.jpg image - Road Bridge (East)
vto9.jpg.jpg image - Remote
vtoa.jpg.jpg image - 125 at Patney and Chirton
w.jpg.jpg image - Party in the Park
w3map.png.png image
w703h1.jpg.jpg image - Hotel Hallway
w703h2.jpg.jpg image - Outside
w703h3.jpg.jpg image - Room 3
w703h4.jpg.jpg image - A Bedroom
w703h5.jpg.jpg image - Internet Access
w703h6.jpg.jpg image - Stained Glass and Emergency Exit
wabbey.jpg.jpg image - Westminster Abbey
wachoviaroanoke.jpg.jpg image - Wachovia, Roanoke
waddies.jpg.jpg image - Wadworth Brewery, Devizes
wadodd.jpg.jpg image - Odd horse - Waddies
wah.jpg.jpg image - Waiting for visiting relatives at Heathrow Arrivals
waldensworld.jpg.jpg image - Advert for a talk in Trowbridge
waneyedge.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Carnival - Waney Edge float
want1.jpg.jpg image - A wide variety of interesting buildings and shops around the market square at Wantage
want2.jpg.jpg image - The Statue of Alfred the Great in Wantage Market Place
want3.jpg.jpg image - Old Timber Clad buildings show a great history in Wantage
want4.jpg.jpg image - But there are other things go photograph as well as Alfred ...
want5.jpg.jpg image - Wantage Market Square
wantshop.jpg.jpg image - We want a fun shop here
warmi1.jpg.jpg image - Warminster High Sreet
warmi2.jpg.jpg image - One of the many churches in Warminster
warr1.jpg.jpg image - Warrington
warr2.jpg.jpg image - Warrington
warrior_pomo.jpg.jpg image - The Warrior - first Ironclad
warwick.jpg.jpg image - Warwick Castle
was_station.jpg.jpg image - East Grafron Station
wastefruit.jpg.jpg image - Waste Land crop of fruit
watchers.jpg.jpg image - What are they watching?
waterstreet.jpg.jpg image - Water Street, Salisbury
waterturbine.jpg.jpg image - Water Turbine at Bowerhill
waveng.jpg.jpg image - Steam Engine, P.S. Waverley
wb1.jpg.jpg image - Market Hall, Wootton Bassett
wbarch.jpg.jpg image - Clackers Brook culvert, Wilts and Berks canal, Melksham
wbcb.jpg.jpg image - Lisa stands halfway up the Wilts and Berks embankment over Clackers Brook
wbforest.jpg.jpg image - Wilts and Berks path, behind Melksham Forest
wbfwall.jpg.jpg image - Remains of a Bridge, Wilts and Berks Canal
wbhump.jpg.jpg image - Where the Wilts and Berks canal used to pass under the Melksham to Devizes Road
wbirt1.jpg.jpg image - Westonbirt
wbirt2.jpg.jpg image - Westonbirt
wbirt3.jpg.jpg image - Westonbirt
wbirt5.jpg.jpg image - Westonbirt
wbirtbee.jpg.jpg image - Wildlife at Westonbirt - a bee on a thistle
wbirtcafe.jpg.jpg image - Cafe at Westonbirt, evening
wbirtwalk.jpg.jpg image - Westonbirt Arboretum
wboy.jpg.jpg image - We are finalists - business of the year
wboyfpq.jpg.jpg image - Business of the year plaque
wboyphp.jpg.jpg image - PHP / Business of the year
wbswin.jpg.jpg image - Course of the old canal in Swindon
wc2pub.jpg.jpg image - Northumberland Avenue
wcc_m9_1.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire County Council Letter
wcc_m9_2.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire County Council letter
wcctop.jpg.jpg image - Wicked CaKe Company gets rave reviews
wcdov1.jpg.jpg image - The White Cliffs from on a ferry
wcfsst.jpg.jpg image - Westbury Cement Factory, setting sun
weaverbridge.jpg.jpg image - Bridge over the Weaver, Acton Bridge
webdiag.jpg.jpg image - Web Server Diagram
webdoorstatus.jpg.jpg image - Frontg Door status on the Web
wedbase.jpg.jpg image - Wedding accommodation - Melksham
weewall.jpg.jpg image - Lowered Wall
wej.jpg.jpg image - The Black Farmer
wej2.jpg.jpg image - Perhaps our future MP?
wejj07.jpg.jpg image - Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones gives an inspirational talk
welshmenatbrs.jpg.jpg image - Welsh men at Bristol Airport
wensum.jpg.jpg image - River Wensum at Norwich
werehome.jpg.jpg image - Lisa and Charlie at Home
westaukland.jpg.jpg image - West Aukland
westend_meal.jpg.jpg image - A Meal in the West End
westendmelksham.jpg.jpg image - The West End, Melksham
westlake.jpg.jpg image - The lake near the station, Westbury
westminster.jpg.jpg image - Victoria Street
weststack.jpg.jpg image - Westbury Cement Works
weststation.jpg.jpg image - Westbury Station
westtrain.jpg.jpg image - One of Wessex trains local services
westwiltshousing.jpg.jpg image - 2008 - Houses but no trains
westwiltstrain.jpg.jpg image - 2005 - Trains but no houses
wetland.jpg.jpg image - Canal boat turning,Calne, Wiltshire
weybe1.jpg.jpg image - On the beach at Weymouth
weycart.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Cartoon
weyches.jpg.jpg image - Chesil Beach from Portland
weyimglim1.jpg.jpg image - Scatter plot of web site visitors
weyimglim5.jpg.jpg image - Web site visitors plotted by location in the British Isles
weymouth1.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Beach on a hot autumn day
weypb.jpg.jpg image - Portland Bill
weypq.jpg.jpg image - A Quarry on Portland
weyquay.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Quay Station - out of use
weyrad.jpg.jpg image - Radipole lake (RSPB), Weymouth
weyright.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth
weyrx.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth
weys.jpg.jpg image - Seaside Scene, Weymouth
weytop.jpg.jpg image - An Open Top bus in Weymouth Harbour area
weywiz.pdf.pdf document
wez22.jpg.jpg image - Cranmore, East Somerset Railway
wez23.jpg.jpg image - London, Paddington
wez24.jpg.jpg image - Melksham - there shoould be a station with a godd train service here!
wez25.jpg.jpg image - Kemble Station - Tetbury Platform
wez26.jpg.jpg image - Railroad museum at Sacrement0
wez27.jpg.jpg image - Bristol Temple Meads
wez28.jpg.jpg image - Coal Train at Bradford-on-Avon
wez29.jpg.jpg image - Dual Gauge Track - California
wezis.jpg.jpg image - Where is this?
wezis2.jpg.jpg image - Melksham
wezis3.jpg.jpg image - Trowbridge
wezis4.jpg.jpg image - Bath
wgsntboutline.jpg.jpg image
whattodo.jpg.jpg image - How to work a Lock - Devizes flight
whbookshop.jpg.jpg image - White Horse Book shop, Marlborough
whclogo.jpg.jpg image - Well House Consultants Logo
whereme.jpg.jpg image - Almost Disused Platform
whereme2.jpg.jpg image - Bus
whereme3.jpg.jpg image - Sainsburys
whereme4.jpg.jpg image - Path to Station
wherezit2.jpg.jpg image - Westbury, Wilts
whitecity1.jpg.jpg image - Finishing line, 1908 Olympics
whitecity2.jpg.jpg image - To celebrate Olympics past
whitecity3.jpg.jpg image - Summer at White City
whitecity4.jpg.jpg image - One of the BBC's buildings
whitecity5.jpg.jpg image - Construction around White City
whitecity6.jpg.jpg image - A Perl training session at the BBC
whitecroft.jpg.jpg image - Whitecroft, Forest of Dean railway
whitlight.jpg.jpg image - Whitworth Room, light and shadow
whm06_out.jpg.jpg image - Outside Well House Manor before refurb
whm06_wilts.jpg.jpg image - The main training room in a prior life
whm07_br05.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 5, May 2007
whm07_out.jpg.jpg image - Outside Well House Manor, 2007
whm07_wilts.jpg.jpg image - "The Wilts" as a training room
whm20060610.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, June 06
whm20060610a.jpg.jpg image - June 06 - Well House Manor
whm48_1.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor - now
whmad.jpg.jpg image - Advert for Well House Manor - Melksham Hotel
whmbedtab5.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 5
whmbybyke.jpg.jpg image - Travel by Motor Byke to Melksham
whmcmptolhr.jpg.jpg image - National Express from Chippenham to Heathrow
whmd1.jpg.jpg image - The Old Willow Tree
whmd12.jpg.jpg image - A happy, skippy picture
whmd3.jpg.jpg image - Stripper at work
whmfaqcards.jpg.jpg image - Room cards and FAQ for the hotel
whmglass.jpg.jpg image - Stained Glass at Well House Manor
whminsidemkm.jpg.jpg image - Inside Well House Manor, Melksham
whmoutsidemkm.jpg.jpg image - The grounds of Well House Manor
whmpatio.jpg.jpg image - Patio at Well House Manor
whmroof.jpg.jpg image - Melksham from the rooftops
whmroof2.jpg.jpg image - From the roof of Well House Manor
whmsite.jpg.jpg image - The Well House Manor web site
whmsnow.jpg.jpg image - Its snowing at Well House Manor
whmsnow3.jpg.jpg image - Melksham in the Snow
whmtodayjan09.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor today
whmtop.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 5, Well House Manor
whmvert.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor
whmweb.jpg.jpg image - Spider's Web, Well House Manor
whmxc3.jpg.jpg image - Roads in the snow
whmxmascard.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor in the Snow
whmxmc2.jpg.jpg image - Night at the hotel
whoho.jpg.jpg image - Wivenhoe House
whothis.png.png image
whriver.jpg.jpg image - Wivenhoe House, Essex - tough access for training
widcombebl.jpg.jpg image - Widcome bottom lock
wiltonbridge.jpg.jpg image - The Old River Bridge in Wilton
wiltonchurch.jpg.jpg image - Wilton Churchyard
wiltsbase.jpg.jpg image - Martin prepares the Wilts
wiltsmayors.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire Mayors
wim1.jpg.jpg image - The ladies of the Villager
wim2.jpg.jpg image - Exhausted at the end of the evening
wim3.jpg.jpg image - A Welsh theme to the table and meal too
wim4.jpg.jpg image - All Welsh ladies have a soft spot for Tom Jones, it is said
wim5.jpg.jpg image - Although Ann was even more moved by personal gifts from Paul O'Grady
wim6.jpg.jpg image - When you finish your desert, you can have some cheese and biscuits
wim7.jpg.jpg image - The special guest arrives
wim8.jpg.jpg image - Lets take another picture in case that one doesn't come out
winline.jpg.jpg image - The winning line at Larkhill
winner.jpg.jpg image - Missed the winner again, Larkhill
wk1bath.jpg.jpg image - Bathroom 1
wk1bed2.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 2
wk1beds.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 4
wk1break.jpg.jpg image - Bread for Breakfast
wk1course.jpg.jpg image - Course at Well House Manor
wk1lounge.jpg.jpg image - Lounge at Well House Manor
wk1outer.jpg.jpg image - Outside our Melksham Training Cnetre
wk1whit.jpg.jpg image - Whitworth
wlbridge.jpg.jpg image - The Bridge at West Lavington
wlchurch.jpg.jpg image - West Lavington Church
wllane.jpg.jpg image - A Lane in West Lavington
wm2c.jpg.jpg image - World Map
wmall.jpg.jpg image - Wilton Windmill
wmcathedral.jpg.jpg image - Westmister Roman Catholic Cathedral
wmdets.jpg.jpg image - Wilton windmill - turning sails to the wind
wmh06_br5.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 6, May 2006, before refurnishment
wmhsnow2.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor in the Snow
wmpoppy.jpg.jpg image - Poppys near Wilton Windmill
wmsoc1.jpg.jpg image - Soccer at Well House Manor
wmsoc2.jpg.jpg image - Relaxing at tea break on a Linux course
wmsoc3.jpg.jpg image - Shell History Commands
wmwt.jpg.jpg image - A couple of miles from Wilton Windmill - what's this?
wn8001.jpg.jpg image - Chippenham
wn8002.jpg.jpg image - Montpelier
wn8003.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth
wn8004.jpg.jpg image - Yeovil Pen Mill
woodburn.jpg.jpg image - West Woodburn
woodfield.jpg.jpg image - Woodhenge - the field and markers
woodford.jpg.jpg image - Woodford, on the Salisbury Avon
woodmeal.jpg.jpg image - Stop for a riverside meal
woodorder.jpg.jpg image - but then you see there's order to the stones
woodrand.jpg.jpg image - At first, the pattern looks random ...
woolygone.jpg.jpg image - Woolworths has gone
workbase.jpg.jpg image - Lisa's work base
workdesk_sl.jpg.jpg image - Hotel workdesk, Maidenhead
workinginroanoke.jpg.jpg image - Roanoke - working in hotel room
worldbackground.jpg.jpg image - World Map for free use
worldbackground2.jpg.jpg image - Free World Map
worle.jpg.jpg image - Worle station bridge
worlwide.jpg.jpg image - The world can be reached from our public PC
worthit.jpg.jpg image - Their sign ...
wosit.jpg.jpg image - Please choose a title
wptra.jpg.jpg image - Public Transport in Wiltshire
wrlock.jpg.jpg image - Wootton Rivers Lock
wrongendofstick.jpg.jpg image - Getting hold of the wrong end of the stick
wrwater.jpg.jpg image - Water leaks through the gates at Wootton Rivers
wsbarea.jpg.jpg image
wsbbx.jpg.jpg image - Westbury - the road proposed to be bypassed
wsbby.jpg.jpg image - The A350 in Westbury
wsg.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire School of Gymnastics
wskimus.jpg.jpg image - Science Museum, Wroughton
wst04.jpg.jpg image - Westbury Station
wst05.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth - train outing from Melksham
wstationedin.jpg.jpg image - Waverley Station and Balmoral Hotel
wsto1.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Station
wsto2.jpg.jpg image - Bus to start our day trip to Weymouth
wtitem.jpg.jpg image - Wiltshire Times article
wtx1.jpg.jpg image - Crowds going to see Father Christmas
wtx2.jpg.jpg image - Father Christmas in Swindon
wtx3.jpg.jpg image - Father Christmas in the Melksham train
wuther.jpg.jpg image - Above Haworth - Bronte's Moors
wvalsc.jpg.jpg image - Welsh Valley Scene
wwb2.jpg.jpg image - Black Farmer Sausages at the West Wilts Show
wwbetter.jpg.jpg image - Selling Well House Manor - and the train too
wwdcgame.jpg.jpg image - Where should additional housing go in West Wiltshire
wwmdirectory.jpg.jpg image - Adams / wwmdirectory
wwrail.jpg.jpg image - West Wilts Rail Map
wwsam.jpg.jpg image - Graham at the West Wilts Show
wwsballo.jpg.jpg image - West Wilts Show - balloons
wwscot.jpg.jpg image - Scots on stage in Trowbridge
wwshow1.jpg.jpg image - Cramped FSB stand - day one
wwshow2.jpg.jpg image - Wheelchair navigation of a mudbath - West Wilts Show
wwshow3.jpg.jpg image - County show - the traditional mud
wwspupp.jpg.jpg image - Puppets at the West Wilts Show
wwssb.jpg.jpg image - Sion Bretton at the West Wilts Show
wxflowchart.jpg.jpg image - wxPython Flowcahrt
wxsammy.jpg.jpg image - wxPython Journey Planner
wxseminar.jpg.jpg image - Wilts Seminar
wy1.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Harbour
wy2.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Beach
wy3.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Marina
wy4.jpg.jpg image - Radipole Lake Reserve
wy5.jpg.jpg image - The Chesil Beach from Portland
wy6.jpg.jpg image - Weymouth Harbour
wyvern.jpg.jpg image - Swindon's Wyvern Theatre
x.jpg.jpg image - Bowling in Christchurch
x18tt_20181223.png.png image
x18tt_20181224.png.png image
x18tt_20181227.png.png image
x18tt_20181228.png.png image
x18tt_20181229.png.png image
x18tt_20181230.png.png image
x18tt_20181231.png.png image
x18tt_20190101.png.png image
x18tt_20190102.png.png image
xdecorashers.jpg.jpg image - Ashers Cafe, Melksham Wiltshire
xdecorcoc.jpg.jpg image - Melksham Chamber of Commerce Christmas Dinner
xdecorljub.jpg.jpg image - Christmas decorations in Slovenia
xdecorsanta.jpg.jpg image - Santa Claus
xdecorsmkm.jpg.jpg image - Christmas in Melksham
xdecortrain.jpg.jpg image - Santa on the train to Melksham
xdecorwaddies.jpg.jpg image - Wadworths brewery, Devizes, Wiltshire
xevent.jpg.jpg image - Christmas Event - the aftermath
xhorse1.jpg.jpg image - Histon Horse
xhorse2.jpg.jpg image - Histon Horse
xhorse3.jpg.jpg image - Histon Horse
xhorse4.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge Horse
xmgard1.jpg.jpg image - In the garden
xmgard2.jpg.jpg image - December decorations
xmhouse.jpg.jpg image - Longford Road, Melksham
xml_html.jpg.jpg image - How does XML relate to HTML?
xmroad.jpg.jpg image - Christmas lights in Melksham
xmt1.jpg.jpg image - The Train pulls in
xmt2.jpg.jpg image - Christmas on the train
xmt3.jpg.jpg image - Train Tickets
xmt4.jpg.jpg image - On the bypass
xmt5.jpg.jpg image - At the Station without a train
xnov.jpg.jpg image - Testing the Christmas Lights in Novemner
xojb.jpg.jpg image - From a hotel room in Manchester
xsur1.jpg.jpg image - Queensway Corner, Melksham
xsur2.jpg.jpg image - Spa Road Spar
xsur3.jpg.jpg image - The Spa on Christmas Morning
xsur4.jpg.jpg image - Spa Road, Melksham
xsur5.jpg.jpg image - The morning after the night before
xx_aa.jpg.jpg image - Coffee Pot
xx_bb.jpg.jpg image - Cake
xx_cc.jpg.jpg image - Crumpets
xx_dd.jpg.jpg image - Teacup
xx_ee.jpg.jpg image - Sliced Orange
xx_ff.jpg.jpg image - Sink
xx_gg.jpg.jpg image - Tree Rings
xx_vv.jpg.jpg image - Boness Docks
xx_ww.jpg.jpg image - Buds
xx_xx.jpg.jpg image - Arthur Trotter
xx_yy.jpg.jpg image - Alton Towers
xx_zz.jpg.jpg image - Garden at Alton Towers
xz1.jpg.jpg image - Swavesey Travel Lodge
xz2.jpg.jpg image - Long Term Roadworks
xz3.jpg.jpg image - Heated towel rail, Travel Lodge
xz4.jpg.jpg image - Cambridge Traffic
xz5.jpg.jpg image - ... tiny coffee supplied
xz6.jpg.jpg image - Big coffee advertised ...
xz7.jpg.jpg image - In Swavesey Travel Lodge
xz8.jpg.jpg image - Travel Lodge Entrance
y.jpg.jpg image - High Street
yahya.jpg.jpg image - A Perl trainee
yayah.jpg.jpg image - Student on course in Saudi Arabia
yearon_1.jpg.jpg image - Well House Manor, 1 year on
yearon_2.jpg.jpg image - Ready for a meal in the Whitworth
yearon_3.jpg.jpg image - The Wilts ready for a conference
yearon_4.jpg.jpg image - A Training Course
yearon_5.jpg.jpg image - Bedroom 3, 1 year on
yellow.jpg.jpg image - The landscape is fragile - tread with care
yellowlines.jpg.jpg image - Yellow lines on platform edge
yern2.jpg.jpg image - A tern searches for food
york1.jpg.jpg image - The River Ouse in York, setting Sun
yorkgate.jpg.jpg image - City Gate, York
yorkshambles.jpg.jpg image - York, The Shambles
yorkstation.jpg.jpg image - York Station
yousif.jpg.jpg image - Open Source trainee, course in Saudi Arabia
ysf.jpg.jpg image - Course delegate, Dharhan
ystradv.jpg.jpg image - Old Railway viaduct, Ystrad Mynach
z.jpg.jpg image - Pedestrian and cyclist lights
zed08.jpg.jpg image - Wylye Valley, Wiltshire
zone3.jpg.jpg image
zoom2.jpg.jpg image - We want a train to stop - not zoom through
zoomthrough.jpg.jpg image - HS125 zooms through Melksham

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