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All together - class, factory, comparable, exception, files, strings, arrays
this example from a Well House Consultants training course
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This example is described in the following article(s):
   • Ruby - a training example that puts many language elements together to demonstrate the whole - [link]

Source code: rs06 Module: R050
# Sample line of data from file:

# 3230 BPW BS34 8PU ST 623796 51.5138357449 -2.5426595271
# Bristol Parkway 1456350 1633280 1789848 1897941 2084200 2041548

# The real power of a language can be seen when all the parts of it come together - which
# is what we've done in this example. You should find a link from the web page on which this
# sample is posted to explain many of the element that are used

class Station
        include Comparable
        def initialize(parts)
                fn = %w(four tlc postcode grid lat long name 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010)
                @info = Hash.new
                for num in 0...fn.length
                        @info[fn[num]] = parts[num]
        def get(name)
                return @info[name]
        def set(name,val)
                return (@info[name] = val)
        def Station.factory(raw)
                parts = raw.chomp.split("\t")
                if parts[7].to_i > 0 && parts[12].to_i > 0
                        result = Station.new(parts)
                        result = nil
                return result
        def to_s
                return @info["name"] + "[" + @info["tlc"] + "]"
        def + (second)
                obdata = Hash.new
                @info.keys.each do |element|
                        p element
                        obdata[element] = @info[element] + second.get(element)
                # etc .... for the expert on stations to work out how codes would go

                result = second.clone
                result.set("name","Grand Central")

                return result

        def <=> (second)
                diff = @info["2010"].to_i - second.get("2010").to_i
                return diff
# --------------------------------------------------------

        fho = File.new("railstats.xyz","r")
rescue StandardError
        STDERR.puts "oops!"

table = Hash.new
while lyne = fho.gets
        if gotten = Station.factory(lyne)
                code = gotten.get("tlc")
                table[code] = gotten

table.keys.each do |tlc|
        if table[tlc].get("name") =~ /ington/
                puts "#{table[tlc]} saw #{table[tlc].get("2010")} passengers"

sbf = table["SBF"]
sbv = table["SBV"]

sbc = sbf + sbv
puts sbc

if sbf < sbv
        puts "#{sbf} is the quieter"
        puts "#{sbv} is the quieter"


        puts "Shoelaces tied"



munchkin:chruby grahamellis$ ruby rs06
Cramlington[CRM] saw 87374 passengers
Cheddington[CED] saw 69732 passengers
Workington[WKG] saw 165218 passengers
Pleasington[PLS] saw 8878 passengers
Adlington (Cheshire)[ADC] saw 13618 passengers
Erdington[ERD] saw 575628 passengers
Adlington (Lancashire)[ADL] saw 94610 passengers
Brinnington[BNT] saw 70816 passengers
Durrington-On-Sea[DUR] saw 656790 passengers
Widdrington[WDD] saw 6398 passengers
Darlington[DAR] saw 2164428 passengers
Acklington[ACK] saw 268 passengers
Accrington[ACR] saw 279442 passengers
Teddington[TED] saw 2222352 passengers
Lidlington[LID] saw 21028 passengers
Ruskington[RKT] saw 80838 passengers
Willington[WIL] saw 10318 passengers
Hayes & Harlington[HAY] saw 1581238 passengers
Warblington[WBL] saw 32690 passengers
Warrington Bank Quay[WBQ] saw 1073842 passengers
Bebington[BEB] saw 1136626 passengers
Cuddington[CUD] saw 53368 passengers
Warrington Central[WAC] saw 1007372 passengers
Wennington[WNN] saw 3222 passengers
Orpington[ORP] saw 4867836 passengers
Watlington[WTG] saw 107956 passengers
Aldrington[AGT] saw 157872 passengers
Bridlington[BDT] saw 401594 passengers
Hillington East[HLE] saw 201690 passengers
Kensington Olympia[KPA] saw 1833537 passengers
Harlington[HLN] saw 290378 passengers
Hillington West[HLW] saw 232424 passengers
Leamington Spa[LMS] saw 1772398 passengers
Paddington[PAD] saw 29104198 passengers
Heckington[HEC] saw 55022 passengers
Newington[NGT] saw 139902 passengers
Harrington[HRR] saw 20518 passengers
Heighington[HEI] saw 7538 passengers
Birchington-On-Sea[BCH] saw 273564 passengers
Eastrington[EGN] saw 1380 passengers
Cressington[CSG] saw 424174 passengers
Lymington Pier[LYP] saw 160450 passengers
Chessington North[CSN] saw 492516 passengers
Lymington Town[LYT] saw 202518 passengers
Chessington South[CSS] saw 505480 passengers
Stoke Newington[SKW] saw 439528 passengers
Wellington[WLN] saw 533368 passengers
Wallington[WLT] saw 1772890 passengers
Collington[CLL] saw 132246 passengers
Grand Central[SBV]
St.Budeaux Ferry Road[SBF] is the quieter
Shoelaces tied

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