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The Horse's Mouth - Ezine reader's index

"The Horse's Mouth" is an online magazine - the ramblings of Graham Ellis. I'm very fortunate to come across a lot of interesting people in my work, and they inspire me to think and to write. You'll find a mixture of technical tips on the subjects we teach, things we have learnt from our own website and wider, and pictures, thoughts and wider comment.

The beauty of the net is that you can search and read as much - or as little - as you like. You can even add your comments if you wish; although we can't offer you the same anonimity nor a "freedom of speech", I'm going to encourage you to post of views that don't agree with mine and only in what I consider to be exceptional circumstances will I remove or modify your material.

Selected Articles
How to do multidimensional arrays (or rather lists and hashes) in Perl
Tcl - apparently odd behaviour of string trimleft
Multiple buttons calling the same proc in wish (tcl/tk)
Perl functions such as chop change their input parameters
New in Java 7 - and why we are not running public Java 7 courses
Adding Expect on top of Tcl - what is it and where can I get a training course to learn about it?
Comparing loop commands in Tcl
Trapping errors in Tcl - the safety net that catch provides
Images of the new year in Melksham
Telling which ServerAlias your visitor used - useful during merging domains
First of the year
Initial thoughts - response to GW Rail Franchise Consultation for Wiltshire
What would an appropriate train service on the TransWilts line mean
I wish I was not a special case
How big is a web page these days? Does the size of your pages matter?
Christmas Day - for unique pictures
Happy Christmas ... a Christmas morning walk in Melksham
Melksham, Month by month through 2011
Well House Consultants - Open Source Programming Courses for 2012
Python or Lua - which should I use / learn?
Melksham Christmas Lights - Town, Shops and Private Houses
Aeryn at 1
Football league tables - under old and new point system. Python program.
Learning more about our web site - and learning how to learn about yours
Changes to morning routines
Melksham Training Centre and Hotel internet speed - how does it compare?
Some terms used in programming (Biased towards Python)
Provide a useable train service, and people will use it!
Well House Manor - perhaps the best hotel rooms in Melksham
Dark mornings, dog update, and Python and Lua courses before Christmas
Using Perl to generate multiple reports from a HUGE file, efficiently
The difference between dot (a.k.a. full stop, period) and comma in Perl
Finding all matches to a pattern in Perl regular expressions
Looking for hotel rooms in Melksham over Christmas? We still have some availability
Some different pictures from Melksham
What order are operations performed in, in a Perl expression?
I loves Melksham
Easy session example in PHP - keeping each customers data apart
Separating program and artwork in PHP - easier maintainance, and better for the user
Santa Train - another successful trip - 4th December 2011
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This is a page archived from The Horse's Mouth at http://www.wellho.net/horse/ - the diary and writings of Graham Ellis. Every attempt was made to provide current information at the time the page was written, but things do move forward in our business - new software releases, price changes, new techniques. Please check back via our main site for current courses, prices, versions, etc - any mention of a price in "The Horse's Mouth" cannot be taken as an offer to supply at that price.

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