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World Trade Register - Certainly NOT worth 2985 Euros.

World Trade Register - poor valueI find it very hard to read fine type that's all in a single paragraph, and I also find it hard to follow text when it's all capitals - so I have taken the "Small Print" of an invitation from the "World Trade Register" and reformatted ot to make it more readable ...

The signing of this document represents the acceptance of the following conditions and the conditions stated in "the terms and conditions for insertion" on web page www.world-traderegister.com.
The signing is legally binding and gives you the right of an insertion in the online database of the world trade register which can be accessed via the internet, and a cd rom with world businesses is granted, all in accordance with the contract conditions stated in "the terms and conditions for insertion" on web page www.world-traderegister.com.
The validation time of the contract is three years and starts on the eighth day after signing the contract. The insertion is granted after signing and receiving this document by the service provider.
I hereby order a subscription with service provider eu business services ltd "world trade register". I will have an insertion into its database for three years. The price per year is euro 995. The subscription will be automatically extended every year for another year, unless specific written notice is received by the service provider or the subscriber two months before the expiration of the subscription.
Your data will be recorded.
The place of jurisdiction in any dispute arising is the service provider's address. The agreement between the service provider and the subscriber is governed by the conditions stated in "the terms and conditions for insertion" on web page www.world-traderegister.com

Hmmm ... that is an unsolicited offer that I will NOT be taking up. A three year subscription at a total cost of nearly 3000 Euros to a directory that I've found little mention of, and inclusion on a CD ROM with unknown circulation figures seems a poor use of a marketing budget. And I find their much larger text which states simply To update your company profile, please print, complete and return this form. Updating is free of charge. Only sign if you want to place an insertion. to be, frankly, misleading. Further, since I last blogged about this offer (or perhaps it was about a similar one - the World Company Register), I've heard from a number of people who have signed up not realising the cost hidden in the smallprint, and have found themselves on the receiving end of rather robust debt collection.

We will NOT be signing up to the World Trade Register. Nor can I think of any of our customers, clients, or contacts for whom I feel it would be a good move.

(written 2011-07-09)

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World Trade Register - Certainly NOT worth 2985 Euros.
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