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A bit like shutting the door after the horse has bolted .... Here are answers to questions that I asked the best part of 2 weeks ago, which were handed in printout form to the chair of the meeting ("they will be answered before the meeting"). I have now just found them online

What I asked:

The sustainability appraisal report suggests that option 3 could "affect the viability of town centre businesses". That's not just saying it would make life harder for them - it's saying that it would force them to close.

How many businesses, employing how many, would be lost over what period, at what costs to the town's economy?

What compensating new private business would develop at / around the campus?

Is this business change reflected in the costings provided at a general level, or at a council level with things like changes to town centre parking revenue?

Answer given:

In the event that the area board and subsequently Cabinet approve the proposal to develop campus facilities on the Woolmore Farm site then it is intended that some form of economic impact assessment be carried out.

The Council has also submitted an EU funding bid for support for incubator units and start-up businesses, which specifically mentions Melksham. Officers of the Council would be very happy to work with any Shadow Community Operations Board to help develop this aspect of the project, which officers would hope would focus on the town centre area.

Furthermore, as part of the development of the Core Strategy, officers from the Council •[99]s Economic Development team will be at Seend Community Centre on 12 April; we would encourage anyone with an interest in the future economic growth of Melksham to attend.

And I asked:

Cooper Tires has reduced its workforce over the years, and questions have been asked with regard to their long term need for a site as large as they have close to the town centre and river. Have there been any discussions with Cooper Tires / and consideration given to an option on that site - perhaps a riverside option? If not, why not? If there have been, why was the option ruled out?

Answer given:

There have not been any discussions regarding the campus proposals with Cooper Tires to date. However, assuming local members resolve to support the proposed single site campus, all land options would be re-evaluated based on an advertised request for owners of available land to come forward for consideration.

Cooper Tires are an independent landowner and company who at any time may approach the Council with a proposal if they wish. The Council has no influence over this.

Full answer set via:



a) I don't believe my first set of questions was answered. The response is at a tangent to the information requested; I surmise that they're saying "we don't know, but we have great thoughts and would like you to come to another meeting".

b) There could be a chink of light here ...
(written 2011-04-01)

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