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Hello World - a good traditional start to a Java course

All programming courses, it seems, start with a "Hello World" program. It's almost a tradition and while I'm not one of those people who follows traditions just for their sake, traditions usually are founded on good reason. This one is, and we follow it!

When you come new to a programming language, you want to see an overview of the picture of how it works very quickly. You want to see how to write the source code, what the shortest program looks like, and also how to store, compile (if necessary) and run the program. You want to make sure that all your tools such as compilers, virtual machines (whatever they are / if your need them) and run time libraries exist and are correctly loaded, and that everything is on the right path and with the right permissions. Most of these things will be automatically there in most cases ... but you need to be reassured and to check with the shortest of programs. Take the car out for a test drive before you start any real journeys!

On yesterday's Learning to Program in Java course, we started off with a look at the Java environment - JVM, JRE, JDK and put components such as the java compiler and jvm ('java') into place. Then we wrote this simple program into a file called Adam.java

public class Adam {
  public static void main(String [] args) {
    System.out.println("Ello Wurld");

and compiled and ran it:

Dorothy-2:java grahamellis$ javac Adam.java
Dorothy-2:java grahamellis$ java Adam
Ello Wurld
Dorothy-2:java grahamellis$

It might all look very basic - but even here there are some traps to catch the unwary - for example:

• To compile you do give the extension as you're giving a file name in the current directory.

• To run, you do NOT give an extension as it's looking for a path on the CLASSPATH which may be a file, or it may be within a jar.

During the course, I said a lot more - filled the class in on lots of other things and had them writing other and more complex code once we had the test drive out of the way. With Java , a language that's really very much better for the substantial application that the one liner, the structuring into functions is vital from day one, as is the interfacing to other resources and by the middle of the day we had progressed from a program called Adam to oe called Chloe - with command line inputs, variables, calculations, internal methods and more. If you want to take a look at Chloe, she's here.
(written 2009-09-22)

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