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For 2021 - online Python 3 training - see ((here)).

Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
We can now offer tailored online training - small groups, real tutors - works really well for groups of 4 to 14 delegates. Anywhere in the world; course language English.

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python 2, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc.
C Programming v Learning to Program in C. Which course?

We offer two C courses - varying depending on the background of the delegates.

For delegates who have prior programming experience, our two day Programming in C course will help them convert from VB, or Perl or Java or Fortran or Cobol ... the course assumes a knowledge of programming techniques such as the use of variables, conditionals and loops, and the naming of blocks of code for re-use in what are know variously as "functions", "subroutines", "methods" or "procedures".

For delegates who are new to programming, our three day Learning to Program in C course covers the background principles that I've just mentioned above, and in the context of C programming, which is then followed on the second and third day by the same material as we cover on the C Programming course.

By offering two courses, we provide our delegates with a course that is far better tuned to their needs than a "one size fits all" course would do, and by joining the two courses together after the initial "learning to" day, we provide group interaction within the class for the benefit of all concerned - this use of an extra day on the front is something that we do with other languages that we teach too, and although it sometimes provides an element of questioning along the lines of "which course should I book?" it does allow us to provide a course which is gentle enough for the newcomer, AND a course which isn't boringly slow for the experience programmer who's converting.

If you're looking for other programming languages, you'll find we apply the same principle to PHP, Python, Ruby, lua, tcl, and Java.

In Perl, the two courses are combined from day 1, and in C++ we offer a third course, which is even more advanced in its starting point - it's for those who have prior expericence in the C language which forms a part of C++. So
Learning to program in C++ for newcomers to programming. 5 days.
C and C++ programming for delegates with prior programming experience - but NOT in C. 4 days.
C++ programming for delegate who are already C programmers, and who need to add C++ to their skills. 2 days.
(written 2009-03-17, updated 2009-03-18)

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