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FSB - an update.

Last Tuesday, I got a phone call at lunch time asking me if I could attend - as a witness - a D&D (Dispute and Disciplinary) hearing of the FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) at Bath that afternoon. Unsurprisingly, I was giving a training course and couldn't oblige, but the D&D committee went out of their way to receive my input starting at 9 p.m. that evening, and lasting for over an hour.

Why me in particular? Well it wasn't me in particular - the hearing into allegations made by an employee of the FSB against the chair of our branch which had led to her being suspended from office for well over a year lasted for most of the week. I didn't comment earlier as it was "sub judice" (I think that's the term), but I am now happily able to report the verdict that cleared both our chair and her husband of the matters for which they were suspended for in late spring / early summer of last year.

The Committee's decision is a "narrow" one in that whilst it clears Marion and Malcolm, that's as far as the committee can go. As I understand it, it is beyond their remit to actually lift the suspension. Now you would think in the interests of common justice that such a lifting would happen immediately, with full recompense and re-instatement of Marion and Malcolm, wouldn't you. We'll have to wait and see on that one. With just the occasional exception, I've learned as I've watched this matter from the sidelines that the FSB is much more a member-led organisation in word than in deed.

If you would like to read back to my previous articles on this subject:

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Business to Business Speed networkingAnd this is what the FSB should be about in my view - a business networking event on 20th April 2007 (yes, 18 months ago) where we had an opportunity to meet 19 other local businesses for our mutual benefit.

deVere Hotel, SwindonAnother view of what the FSB should be doing. The Wilshire Business of the Year awards, 13th December 2006, in Swindon where we were finalists and teh FSB sponsored one of the sections

Here's hoping that the FSB can get its eye back on the ball soon ... that we can soon benefit again from our membership as we were doing in the Spring of last year, being piloted by a committee in North and West Wilts that we have elected from amongst all of our members, without exclusions, diversions or suspensions preventing it.

Update - November 2009. This article has recently been brought to my attention as being potentially biased, incomplete or in error. I am happy to make necessary additions to complete the story or reflect other views, and to correct any error of fact. See here

(written 2008-10-07, updated 2009-11-29)

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