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OPTIONS for niche public courses
Our "Options" program offers public courses on specialist subjects that you won't find offered elsewhere. If you've got three or more trainees looking for this training, you might find that a private course is more appropriate as it can be scheduled flexibly and tailored to suit your needs.
Some of the subjects we teach are typically used by teams of just one or two people at each of our customers sites, and public courses are the ideal way for each individual to learn. Some other subjects are typically used by larger groups of people for whom private courses are the most logical choice.

But what happens once you've got your team trained up and a new member arrives? What if you're the exception and you're a team of one who'll be using Tcl/Tk?

Under the "options" program, Well House Consultants offers scheduled public courses covering material that's predominantly offered privately. Every couple of months, we put aside a week in our schedule for courses covering subjects such as LAMP deployment and Perl for Larger Projects and we'll run whichever subjects are called for by our customers - that may be one longer course in the week, or two shorter ones.

Well House Consultants offers a NO CANCELLATION GUARANTEE. If you book and confirm a course (under the options program or otherwise), we promise to run the course even if you're the only trainee. We even extend the same promise to a provisional booking, under which you can hold a place open for up to 72 hours while you get signoff and raise booking paperwork.

Under the Options program, once our training facilities have been scheduled for a specific course we won't be able to offer the alternatives that were being offered and our web site will be updated to reflect that. This does mean that dates that were on offer for (say) C++ may cease to be available if no places had been booked or held. So it's in your interest to book early for these courses - they're a rare opportunity to learn a niche subject in a very small group, taught by the expert who actually wrote the course.

The options program currently applies to the following courses:
Ruby Programming
Linux Basics
Linux Administration
Linux Web Server
Programming in C
C++ for C Programmers
C and C++ Programming
Deploying LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP
Using Perl on the Web
Perl for Larger Projects
Tcl Basics
Regular Expressions

The following public courses run regularly and are NOT part of the options program:
Technology Background for PHP
PHP Programming
Object Oriented Programming in PHP
Python Programming
Learning to Program in Perl / Perl Programming
Perl Programming
Deploying Apache and Tomcat

We also offer special single days to cover extra material that's not covered on any public courses under our "extra" program:
Perl Extra
Java Extra

Note - each "options" course is limited to three presentations per year. Once a course is scheduled for definite during an option week, it will no longer be offered during the next option week.

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