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Graham Ellis
Graham is a computer professional who has always enjoyed writing and giving training courses, as well as working with the nuts and bolts of systems and software.

After obtaining his honours degree in Computer Science, Graham worked in various technical, support and sales roles with an increasing training content in each.

Graham set up Well House Consultants in 1995, to train in Perl and internet-based subjects, and to provide consultancy and contract services in the same disciplines. Well House Consultant's subject range grew rapidly and he now covers Tcl, Python and PHP as well. He's a user of the technologies, as well as a teacher of them!

To further his own knowledge of the subjects he teaches, Graham takes time out to attend lectures, seminars and conferences and meet the "Gurus". He has visited both Canada and the USA to attend advanced seminars presented by Randal Schwartz, Tom Christiansen, Mark Lutz, Tim Bray and others there, and Southern Europe and Asia to see and meet Rasmus Lerdorf, Monty Widenius, David Axmark, Allison Randal and others. Closer to home, he has attended lectures by or met with Simon Cozens, Damien Conway and Malcolm Beattie. He has even taken part in a Perl quiz show hosted by Larry Wall, the "father" of Perl.

It takes more than raw technical knowledge and qualifications to make a good trainer; it also requires an enthusiasm, an ability to interact and an ability to handle any questions and situations. Here are some comments made by customers who have attended recent courses:

"Very Good Course - Well Taught"

"A most useful, well paced, understandable course"

"It's a good course for beginners"

"Interesting and fast moving"

"Excellent course, good learning environment. Quite nice to "get away from it all" in the countryside and learn without distraction"

"A real eye opener to the power of Perl. Really useful course given by a skilled Perl enthusiast"

"Useful introduction to OO and Java"

"The best course I have been on and have found that it has increased my knowledge to the level I require to enter my next job role"

"Graham is an excellent tutor. Well paced course and very open to questions"

And some more general comments from customers

"The course notes will make an excellent reference as I practise"

" ... yourself and Lisa are approachable ..."

" ... your premises are far superior ..."

"Having used the site for multiple spreadsheet entries under pressure today, I appreciate what a great job you've done for us"

For further information on Graham J Ellis, please visit or download his resume.

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