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Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
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Devizes and Marlborough, Avebury and Pewsey
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4653Coats of arms - towns and authorities in Wiltshire
Wiltshire has a rich history, illustrated and celebrated in the coats of arms of the various towns and authorities in the area. These coats of arms shown in this post are (I consider) to be in the public domain. However, they remain the property of the body to whom they were granted, and their reproduction ...
4233Open for the new year - Imber
During the second world war, the British Army needed practise areas and took over the area around the village of Imber on Salisbury Plain to make the "Imber Ranges", requiring everyone to leave their homes. The village has never been returned to the original owners / occupiers, and to this day can only ...
670Architectural Heritage - Devizes
Looking around at the local town of Devizes on Sunday evening... ...all these pictures taken while our Kebab cooked! ...
3482Taking a boat down Caen Hill Locks
We had the opportunity today to help take a boat down the Caen Hill flight of locks on the Kennet and Avon canal, between us and Devizes. And to catch up too with our old friends Aouali and Roddy and their family. Some pictures of the boat and the surrounds. Enjoy, click on any image to see it larger. ...
3382What is the picture?
Here's a picture that I took yesterday evening ... I stopped and looked over a hedge and in place of fields that had previously been there ... ... a further view, and perhaps a more generous clue This is the new marina under construction at Foxhangers, with moorings for up to 250 boats. Once ...
3376Kennet and Avon - Walk from Bedwyn to Pewsey. TransWilts day out.
I first walked the Kennet and Avon canal from Pewsey to Bedwyn in the early 1970s ... in those days I lived in Kent, and travelled down on the only morning train to call at Pewsey, picking up a two hourly stopper back from Bedwyn later in the day. And in those days, the canal was weed infested, the ...
3284What to do in the evening during a Tcl course
Our training centre is set in a lovely part of the UK ... so you can come here to learn to program in Tcl (this week's course) and in the eveing see some beautiful countryside. Or perhaps arrive a day early, stop for an extra day and see Bath - just 12 miles from us - or Longleat, Lacock, Stonehenge ...
2830Poulshot Village Fete
After attending the opening of Dauncey Gardens in Melksham yesterday (the whole world was invited ;-) ), I went on to the Poulshot Village Fete in the afternoon. I'll tell you why as you read on. Poulshot is one of the smaller villages - nearer to Devizes than Melksham - with the largest village green ...
2687A lovely spring afternoon
Click on the lower picture to see it much larger (new window). Any idea where the pictures were taken? | | | | | V The top one is "The Crammer" pond in Devizes, Wiltshire | | | | | V And the lower one is ALSO Devizes ... it's Oliver's Castle, site of the battle of Roundway Hill ...
2443Contrasting Cambridge, Bristol and Wiltshire
When I'm in Cambridge, I try to stay as close as I can to where I'm working - and that's measured in driving minutes, rather that in miles. There are some places that are less than a mile apart as the crow files, but 20 minutes apart by road, with one way systems in place and uncrossed rivers and railways. ...
2362Thornham Farm Shop, Seend Cleeve, nr Melksham
The weekend ... and what an excellent opportunity to explore a lane I've often seen off the A361 just down from The Bell near Seend Cleeve. The track drops off the edge of the hill, across cattle grids and runs unfenced through fields of cows; it's narrow and you pull onto the grass to pass other ...
2146An evening excursion to Devizes and Avebury
It's the time of year when days are longer ... and after a training course, delegates (sometimes with the tutor acting as tour guide) gat a chance to see a little of Wiltshire. Midweek, early evening ... and places are quiet but the scenes and scenery remain magnificent. As well as delegates on courses, ...
1916Why I remember East Grafton
There are certain places that bring a poignant reminder to me when I drive through them - and one of those is the village of East Grafton, near Hungerford in Wiltshire. We passed through there on Saturday - for the first time in years - on a winter's drive around some of the parts of Wiltshire that ...
1846Old Piles of the South West
There's a great deal of learned speculation about the construction and reasons behind Silbury Hill (See Avebury) and a lot of digging has taken place over the years to research the issue - so much so that old shafts have collapsed in recent years leading to extensive remedial works. Yet Silbury Hill ...
1842Lua Course, and the Wiltshire Countryside too
With courses such as Lua Programming, our delegates come from far and wide - it's very much a niche subject, and that's why we provide facilities that are a little different to most training companies - such as our own hotel facilities. The wide spread of our delegates also means that we'll often be ...
1830Caen Hill and Olivers Castle
It's October - but yesterday was a lovely evening and after the course finished for the day, Mark (one of our delegates) and I went out and spent a brief period looking at some of the local countryside. This is canal side at Caen Hill - about five miles from us. A handful of miles further on, on the ...
1640Walking on The Wiltshire Downs
Summer is here! A lovely walk yesterday - on Roundway Hill Covert which is only about 6 miles from Melksham The Marlborough Downs fall away at Roundway Hill, where a battle was fought (1643) in the English Civil War. The next hill across is known as "Olivers Castle" after Oliver Cromwell. Behind ...
1635Spring in Devizes
Yesterday evening, Lisa and I got a breath of fresh air in Devizes - a beautiful Spring evening with leaves on the trees where 2 weeks ago there were just twigs. Moored at the wharf on the Kennet and Avon Canal was a cluster of modern narrowboats (and what a wonder it is that my modern camera let me ...
1346Evening, Devizes and Sells Green
Three pictures - taken by Lisa yesterday evening in an all-too-rare snatched couple of hours out. On the Kennet and Avon Canal below Prison Bridge, Devizes Moored outside the Black Horse, near the top of the Cane Hill flight of locks "The Three Magpies" at Sells Green - just 2 miles up the road from ...
1071Making a mountain out of a molehill
There are times that I take stock pictures - such as this one snapped yesterday, for use if ever I need to talk about making a mountain out of a molehill. The picture is of Silbury Hill ... Other pictures are take because the layout attracts and I look back at them later and I'm baffled as to what ...
1070Java Deployment course - lunch break
We've several delegates on this week's course who are visiting the UK from overseas, and haven't been to Wiltshire before ... and the other delegates are staying with us. But the daylight is still short, and touring at night is cold and you can't see much. So we started early today, then extended our ...
935Autumn leaves in Wiltshire - Potterne
Autumn in Wiltshire brings a great beauty to the countryside with the bright yellows and golden brown of the turning leaves in the low November sunlight. On Sunday, Dad and I walked over the hills near Potterne - a few miles from home in Melksham - with our cameras. You can see the beauty on the picture ...
865Catching the slope
I find it very hard to capture slopes and hilly tracks in photographs. What I feel is very hilly and quite spectacular out there on the ground turns out to be flat and boring when loaded in from camera and leaves me, let alone my audience, saying "so what". There's a similar issue with some of the ...
861Ballooning from Devizes
A lovely day yesterday, with a gentle south easterly breeeze. On the green at Devizes as we drove through at the end of the day, a great red monster was taking shape - a hot air balloon ride. First, an electric blower started the inflation and as the thing grew bigger, the gas burners were turned on; ...
854Morgans Hill
Friday evening, and a walk on the downs. We came across these two, supping on a nice juicy meal of cowpat that really was still as moist as when it was dropped; ah, the wonders of what once can do with a digital camera! Morgan's Hill, at the edge of the Downs on the Devizes to Calne road has been ...
825Pictures of the Vale of Pewsey
The Alton Barnes White Horse is cut into the hillside above the Vale of Pewsey, where the main railway and the Kennet and Avon Canal share the valley up to Savernake - a remote spot where they pass over the watershed into the valley of a tributary of the River Thames. Although we live only 10 miles ...
824Pictures of Avebury, Longleat and Dyrham
It's summer in Wiltshire, and in spite of being rushed off our feet with training (open source stuff), training (trying to save the local train service), and refurbishing a B&B into a hotel, we've both had a few chances to get out and take some pictures. This morning, I've spend a few minutes ...
809What to do during a Linux build
I remember doing Solaris builds a decade ago ... hanging around for occasional questions or to change the tapes from volume 1 to 2, 2 to 3 .... the bad ole days. These days, the Linux distributions really have it sussed out; most questions are asked early on, then the majority of the build runs from ...
Crofon, Wilts
Wilton Windmill
The Marlborough Downs from the Vale of Pewsey
Open top driving on the Downs
Sunflowers in the Vale of Pewsey
Ludgershall Castle
Bill pushes the lock gates closed
Hay rolls - harvest in Wiltshire
Strolling around Avebury
Honey Street
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