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Creating a new thread
In order to start a discussion on a subject, you must create a thread, you can do this by clicking the start new thread button on the boardindex page.
Posting a reply
To reply to a post, you can click the post a reply button at the top or at the button of the table. If you want to insert a quote to which you are replying, you can click the quote button of the post.
For obvious reasons standard HTML code cannot be used in posts. Instead YaBB allows the use of YaBB Bulletin Board Code (YaBBC) in posts. YaBBC is similar to HTML, but safe and standardized for bulletin board use.
Type This   For This
[url=http://www.grahamellis.co.uk]SITE[/url]   SITE
[url]http://www.grahamellis.co.uk[/url]   http://www.grahamellis.co.uk
[img width=80 height=40]http://site.com/image.gif[/img]  
[b]Bold[/b]   Bold
[i]Italic[/i]   Italic
[u]Underlined[/u]   Underlined
[s]strikethrough[/s]   strikethrough
[color=Red]Red text[/color]   Red text
[move]stuff[/move]   stuff
[shadow=color,glow width, #characters wide]TEXT[/shadow]   Shadowed Text
[glow=color,glow width, #characters wide]TEXT[/glow]   Glowing Text
[flash]http:/site.com/flash.swf[/flash]   Flash Movie
[quote]Quoted text[/quote]  
Quoted text
Emoticons are a simple way to express your emotion in your posting. They can help you indicate whether you are joking, happy, sad, or a variety of other things. Each YaBB emoticon uses standard chat-style key-strokes, so it requires no thinking on your part.


Emoticon Type this...
??? or ?!?

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