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Trowbridge, the county town of Wiltshire, Bradford on Avon, Westbury, Warminster and Melksham are the five old market towns that make up West Wilts.
Articles and tips on this subjectupdated
4653Coats of arms - towns and authorities in Wiltshire
Wiltshire has a rich history, illustrated and celebrated in the coats of arms of the various towns and authorities in the area. These coats of arms shown in this post are (I consider) to be in the public domain. However, they remain the property of the body to whom they were granted, and their reproduction ...
4623Rambling from Westbury
A lovely late morning walk from Westbury Station - Wessex Wanderer Railway Walks - followed by lunch at the Railway Tavern and a train trip home.         Good that trains now work to allow this ... good to meet up with folks from FOSBR and talk about plans and directions - ...
3722Walking by the wiver
The doggies and I went for a walk down by the wiver towards Twowbwidge today. And we took some lovely pictures. There were lots of twains wunning by today - the main Bewks and Hants line being closed for wepair. And a beautiful cloudy sky. This last week, The Sun got itself into twouble by picking ...
3641Swindon to Trowbridge - transport and travel options
Swindon to Trowbridge - transport and travel options Swindon is a town that's so big it really should be a city. Trowbridge is the country town of Wiltshire, which more or less surrounds Swindon, and there's a great deal of business and commuter travel between the two. If I want ideally to leave at ...
3498Which West Wilts Town? A picture quiz for you
These are recent pictured that I've taken in West Wiltshire (using the old definiton to include Trowbridge, Melksham, Warminster, Westbury, Bradford-on-Avon and the surrounding countryside. Can you tell which image was taken in which town? More resources / previous articles on West Wiltshire ...
3493West Wilts Rail User Group - Walk yesterday from Bradford-on-Avon to Trowbridge
The purpose of our journeys by train are many and varied. And the West Wilts Rail user's group (web site [here]) exists to "give a voice to West Wiltshire Rail Users on timetables and their concerns about the general service." That's normally through a series of meetings at which guest speakers appear ...
3216Images of a Spring Walk
Gypsy and I took a walk from Semington to Staverton along the canal. Back via the River Avon and Whaddon. In both directions, she walked to the west of me - ahead and excited on the way out, getting a little tired and draggy on the way back. We I took plenty of pictures ... and many of them ...
3195Sunny day - Clanger and Picket Woods, Shearwater, and Westbury
Delene's mum Nellie returns to South Africa during this week, so we took the opportunity of a sunny day to go out quite near to home, and see Westbury, Warminster, Heytesbury, Shearwater, and the back of the Longleat Estate. Some pictures ... All things you can see (and there's ...
938Bratton and Edington new town, Wiltshire
To meet the extra housing needs of an expanding population in the next 20 years, an additional 11,000 to 12,500 new homes are to be built around the villages of Bratton and Edington in West Wiltshire. The population of the new town will rise to approximately 30,000 by 2026, so making it comparable ...
2852Atworth Village Fete - on the Melksham Community Area Partnership stand
"Would you like to buy some fairy cakes for tea?" - "How should Atworth village and the areas around develop up to the year 2026?" "Toss the wellie, sir? How far can you throw it?" - "What are your major unitary controlled concerns about living in this area at the moment?" "Can I have 30p please Dad ...
2709Old trackways and routes near Melksham
I've often wondered why Statton's Walk leads into the road past the Co-op, through Dorset Crescent and out into the countryside on a public footpath that's well defined at first but then crosses another path, and a broken style. It can only then be followed by scanning the far side of the field and spotting ...
2677Blowing out the winter cobwebs
Spring was here for the first time this weekend - and Sunday afternoon was an opportunity to blow out the cobwebs a few miles from home on the Westbury White Horse. ...
2305Hot Tap at West Wilts Show
The West Wilts Show at Trowbridge concluded at 5 p.m. yesterday ... and yesterday was the day that we saw the children and their parents, in addition to the more limited range of people who had been able to come along during the working and school week on Thursday and Friday. Which was rather good, ...
2302See us at the West Wilts Show
The West Wilts show runs today (Thursday, 23rd July) and Friday and Saturday in Trowbridge. We will be in the "Melksham" tent - covering Well House Manor hotel, Well House Consultants courses, the Train Service Improvement Campaign, the Melksham Map, the Chamber of Commerce ... all on an 18 foot stand. Do ...
2224Trowbridge - a missed opportunity? Melksham - into the breach?
Trowbridge is the county town of Wiltshire, and it a long and illustrious history, some magnificent Georgian buildings, the River Biss and a canal which brings tourists through the area already. However, I've had to ask Lisa (who is a professional graphic artist) to 'Photoshop' my headline picture ...
2142Riverside Development
Bradford-on-Avon is about six miles from Melksham, and another of the five towns on West Wiltshire; in fact it's the smallest, about half the size of Melksham. We popped over there at lunch time today and it was lovely to see people out with their boats, children and dogs. Vibrant, and we had to queue ...
2131Patterns in street names
Walk up Red Hat Lane and turn left onto Ubuntu Avenue. Carry on across Suse Street as far as Knoppix Road, Debian Way and Slackware Crescent, off which you'll find Fedora Close. We have clusters of streets named after birds, trees, flowers and even world war 2 heros in Melksham. Perhaps Trowbridge ...
929Presenting Melksham - for a weekend away in Wiltshire
I do my best presentations when under pressure. ((Important NOTE to wife / staff / cat - DON'T pressure me every morning)). By which I mean that a new presentation or one I'm not quite prepared for even though I know my subject can, I think, sparkle with a freshness that's not there if it's been wellprepared ...
1030Hotel for Trowbridge
Tailored for the business traveller ... our rooms all feature wired and wireless internet connections (broadband), large, flat screen TVs, large uncluttered desks with plenty of power points, mini fridges, laptop safes. And that's in addition to the hospitality trays, en-suite facilities, etc, that you ...
1834Seend, near Melksham, Wiltshire
We're only a couple of miles from the Kennet and Avon canal - and for each of the last three evenings, in this Indian Summer, I've taken a stroll down there. Trying out my new camera in the half light, I'm going to show you some picture - this one of a heron is mediocre, I know, but some of the others ...
1103Dilton Marsh
I was up and out early this morning - to visit the station at Dilton Marsh where commuter trains were slashed last December (but not half as much as had been planned) and are threatened again from this December. Now I'm not a poet, and I feel that the anachronisms that John Betjamin describes would ...
1710At the Westbury Bypass Enquiry
Last night was the evening session of the Westbury Bypass enquiry that's presently running in that town, and Lisa and I attended and listened with interest. A bit of history. The town of Westbury is the largest town on the A350 that remains unbypassed and although the traffic delays through there ...
1583Businesses in West Wiltshire - networking
Yesterday evening, we ran our first Speed Networking event of the year at Well House Manor. Over two one-hour sessions, each of 20 companies attended got to meet the other 19 companies who were with us, moving around the tables every five minutes. I find it a very educational excerise to provide an ...
1252Westbury Bypass - how it would effect Melksham
There is a proposal (perhaps slightly more than a proposal now!) for a bypass to take traffic on the A350 road that heads North - South through Wiltshire out of the town of Westbury and route it to the east of the town, quite close to the Westbury White Horse. I had a chance to pop in to an exhibition ...
1154As I came back from Tesco
Early morning mist over the fields near Trowbridge - this morning just before 6 ...
880Celebration circles
Ever since man wanted to praise, to memorialise or to celebrate, he's chosen the circle as one his favourite geometric forms. Stonehenge, just a short distance up the road from us, is the ancient form ... but there's many more modern forms too. The modern stone circle - rather a different form - ...
840Computers, Brides and Cream Teas
Every so often, we have a technical purchasing "burst" and approach some unexpecting computer salesman, ask him about his products, and startle him with "we'll have three, and two printers please". Yesterday was one of those days. Now that everything's coming together at Well House Manor, we're able ...
842Dramatic Skys at Longleat
The days are getting a little cooler - thank goodness - and the cloudless hot days of summer are gone. Some heavy clouds, mellowing the colour and tones, give rise to gentle tones that, frankly, can look a little drab on the web page. There are, though, compensations. This image here, late in the day ...
812Minimal Signage
Anyone who's been to our training centre will know that we believe in minimal signage - not for us a whole raft of don't do this and don't do that posters .... mind you, there are some times that a sign is necessary. Here's a picture taken at Longleat, about 10 miles from us. A loveely afternoon, ...
814Melksham Railway Calendar 2007
"Save The Train" - Pictures and captions for the TransWilts Train Calendar, 2007 January / February 2007 "The Train Home". The TransWilts service from Swindon to Salisbury provides a lifeline for towns and villages such as Melksham (pop 24,000), Dilton Marsh, Dean and Dunbridge. March / April 2007 Lacock ...
804The Courts, Holt
Yesterday afternoon, we visited "The Courts" - an early Georgian House in the nearby village of Holt - with wonderful National Trust gardens are arboretum. More pictures at the Save the Train website and also here on our Wiltshire pages ...
713Pictures from my travels
In the last couple of weeks, I seem to have been all over the country and I've just uploaded a whole raft of pictures ... with the addition of accommodation to my "brief" this year, I'm collecting a whole load of Wiltshire snaps to use the very best on our new sites, and you'll find much of the new raw ...
Bradford on Avon station
The Courts, Holt
A Bird at the dying pool, the Courts
The lanes to Iford
Entertainment at Longleat
Longleat - the fountains
Great Chalfield House
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