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Melksham is a market town, mentioned in the Domesday book and originally steeped in the woollen, ropemaking and milk industries. After a heavy industrial age, it's now the home of a number of a modern high-tech industries ... and a great base for touring too.
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It's easy to get to Melksham, and there's things to do!

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4701Pretty at the station too
Melksham is looking lovely ... getting all spruced up for the "Britain in Bloom" competition. Thanks to the Melksham Rail User Group (and one or two members in particular!), the station too is looking much more welcoming and much less 'just functional'. Trains run 9 times a day (8 on Saturday, 7 on ...
4357Seeing Christmas Coming to Melksham
Billy, Gypsy, Lisa and I went out last night to see how Melksham's preparing for Christmas           ...
4169Around and about - Melksham
There's lots to do - much within hiking, walking or cycling distance of Melksham. The diagram's a quick reminder, and perhaps the basis for a publicity piece? Clockwise in black - Corsham - Bowood - Lacock - Devizes - Semington Canal - Hilperton Marina - Packhorse Bridge - Bradford on Avon - Holt ...
4151Tell me a bit about Melksham
• New Resident? • Visiting the town on business? • Tourist? • Looking for things for your visiting relatives to do? • Visiting the town to see where your forefathers lived? • Considering a move to Melksham? • Coming here on an exchange visit? Lots of reasons ...
4145After the storm
The hot, dry spell is broken - and a heavy downpour has washed and brightened Melksham.     ...
4141My pictures of Melksham Carnival, 13th July 2013
Pictures of Melksham Carnival, taken from the corner of Spa Road / Coronation Road / Warwick Crescent. Many of these pictures are taken into the light and it's very difficult to do justice in a photograph to the enclosed floats, where the pictures have to be shot into shadow too. Come and see the carnival ...
4119Melksham - Flower Town
Melksham looks lovely with flowers all around the town - and indeed the town has a floral history, as research by Lisa. See [here] for the full article The article's dated 1864, the picture shows "battle of the flowers" in 1912, and in 2013 we're taking part in "South West in Bloom" - judging on ...
4084New Pictures - Melksham Pack Horse Bridge
Beautiful Spring Weekend. Yesterday, Gypsy and I walked the fields near Melksham down to the Pack Horse Bridge over the River Avon. The bridge used to be part of a major driving route, but these days it's become just a public footpath - off the Melksham to Holt road, across fields and over the railway ...
811Melksham in Bloom
As part of our growing participation within the local community, we entered the front garden at our training centre into "Melksham in Bloom"... and we've just been notified that our garden has been awarded second place in the "most unusual garden" category and third in the prestigious and hard-fought ...
977Melksham and Norwich
Perhaps you've come across NORWICH, but have you come across MELKSHAM? "In the Second World War soldiers used to send letters home to their sweethearts with MELKSHAM written boldly on the back. It stood for May Everyone's Love Know Such Happiness As Mine" Source - the Knowhere guide ...
1341Moving to Melksham? Househunting map.
Do you know your Snowberry Lanes from your Shurnolds and your Snarleton Lanes from your Spas? If you're a long time resident of Melksham you might, but those of us who have only lived here for a few years sometimes overlook some areas of the town, and newcomers moving here - looking to rent or buy - ...
3960Picture - between Lacock and Melksham
I couldn't resist pulling off the road this morning as I drove from Chippenham to Melksham; between Lacock and Beanacre. The river Avon has burst its banks. Truely we have some beautiful countryside around us here. ...
3647Along the brook - East Melksham to Melksham
The final part of our walk yesterday was along Clacker's Brook - from the new outskirts of the town back to the centre. Rupert surveys the brook, from the new bridge that's been provided on the diverted public footpath New housing looks suprisingly imposing over the brook Goodness - what can I say? ...
2829Dauncey Gardens, Melksham
Yesterday was the grand opening of Dauncey Gardens - part of the new housing development to the East of Melksham by Persimmon homes. A big P.R. show by the company - with Town Criers, Carnival Queens, Majorettes, Morris Dancers, Press Photographers, Pimms and a Hog Roast, and of course a show home to ...
2739Melksham Scouts
St George's Day... and an excellent excuse for the Scouts, Cubs and Beavers of Melksham to hold a Jamboree. Here's the scene at 13:30 today, Sunday, as they marched past Well House Manor, band in the lead, to assemble at... the Assembly Hall. I'm rather suspecting that we had more that just Melksham's ...
1928Melksham Oak Community School, Melksham, Wiltshire
Melksham is growing, with 750 new homes approved, to be constructed in the very near future - just over the back, behind our home. And there's a new secondary school already being built, to be known as "Melksham Oak" and replacing the George Ward, which is tired and worn out. "Melksham Oak" is going ...
2497Brown horses in Melksham
You'll see white horses at Westbury, at Cherhill and Hackpen Hill and (if you know where to look) at Devizes and Marlborough too. But you won't often see four brown horses in Melksham - here, pictured at the end of our street this morning. It's been an interesting weekend. Yesterday, I was asked to ...
2262History is not always pretty
Around 200 years ago, Melksham was the largest town for many miles around - it dwarfed even places like Swindon. However, in the Victorian age it grew very much slower and it hasn't caught up yet. So looking around the town you'll find, hidden in odd corners, a very great deal of history. This particular ...
1986Walk to Bowerhill
I walked out - just a very short distance - to Bowerhill drop off the post earlier today. A fine, crisp, frost bedecked trip; here is a selection of the pictures as these articles have got very technical of late! The Old Spa houses, on the very edge of Melksham, still look out over fields This ...
830Butterflies in a Wiltshire garden
Painted Lady Seen, sometimes in abundance, in all parts of the British Isles, it is really a native of North Africa where it breeds in such extreme numbers that emigration is a necessity. Thistles are the principle food plant, but it's often seen on other plants such as Burdock, Mallow and Nettle. ...
3869How have Melksham shops changed in 60 years?
I'm amazed by how much Melksham has changed in the 12 years that Lisa and I have lived here with town centre shops coming and going... and so how much has changed since 1951? Nearly - but not quite - everything. The next exhibition at The Well House Collection - starting next weekend - will be the changing ...
3822Town Clean - Melksham
It poured with rain this morning, and then the sun came out for the Town Tidy. To the tune of "the twelve days of Christmas" • Three unlet shop's windows clean • Two bus shelters washed • And a memorial garden cleaned in a Riverside Park. Ian and I got the section by the Town Bridge ...
3735A walk around Melksham this morning. Can you place all of these?
A walk around Melksham this morning. Can you place all of these? I admit it - this was the other evening, but I like the picture! ...
3962Melksham welcomes visitors - new blue plaque trail and more
Melksham's new blue plaque trail looks forward to its first full year in 2013! Melksham was a significant settlement even before the time of William the Conqueror and the Doomesday book, and some of the stone from the original Saxon church can be seen if you know were to look. And through Georgian and ...
2329Great to be in Melksham
Well - I enjoyed - thoroughly enjoyed - my time in Guadalajara (see blog entry and more pictures) but it's lovely to be back home in Melksham. Looking through a few pictures today for images to illustrate specific articles, I have come across all of these recent ones that I haven't published before, ...
676Melksham, Wiltshire
Melksham is one of those towns that people have heard of, but they can't quite place. One of those towns that people bypass as they drive by, not knowing the friendly community that's there. It's our home, though, and we love it here. As you'll see from the stone block (photo, right) in one of the ...
957Improving the historic town of Melksham
On Tuesday night, we went along to the presentation by Melksham First of their design study for improving the environment in the town centre. Melksham's a lovely town - we've been saying that for years - but with a number of eyesores. There's a few things that could be improved at little cost, others ...
1451More PHP sample and demonstration programs
It's amazing how many little (and not so little) new programs and demonstrations I write - here are some from the last couple of days: • The Melksham / Bowerhill Christmas Quiz, 2007. Ten questions, work out the answers, click on a link at the bottom the page and it will be refreshed to tell you ...
3949Melksham Spa from Woolmore Farm
The days are getting shorter and the leaves are gone off the trees - Melksham Spa from Woolmore Farm this evening. ...
3944Melksham Christmas Lights, 2012
Longford Road Lights are back this year. Wow! ...
3864Guest Guide for Well House Manor and Melksham
Our inroom guest book at Well House Manor contains all the information that we expect guests to commonly need - it's our "Frequenly Asked Question" (FAQ). It also includes information about what there is to see and do in Melksham and in the surrounding area. Download / view [here] (or click on ...
3897Autumn scenes from Melksham
All taken last Sunday ... In the garden at Well House Manor Over the fields south of Bowerhill The corn is as high as a elephant's eye Kennet and Avon, near Giles' wood In the fields towards the canal ...
3837Evening behind Melksham Spa
The evenings are starting to draw in, and in the cool at the end of the day it's lovely to walk in the fields behind The Spa. Spectacular skies and open speces. ...
3771Fine evening, country walk from Melksham - pictures
For a couple of brief months in the summer, it's light enough after a day of training to go for a good walk in the countryside ... as we did on Tuesday evening down to The Barge at Seend. It's about 3 miles from out training centre and hotel at Well House Manor to "The Barge". The first mile ...
3744Short Web Addresses for Melksham
Web Addresses - URLs - get too long to remember, and they take up "real estate" in short messages. Which is why there are a number of shortening services out there, many of which are automatic. You really don't want to have to use up 60 characters of your 140 on Twitter with a URL, nor dictate 60 ...
3720Melksham ATC - freedom of the town
Pictures from this morning in Melksham - Melksham ATC is awarded freedom of the town ...
3712Some unpublished and historic pictures - Museum of Melksham
Melksham House - an old postcard from the collection of Simon Brewer I've just been tagging images - that's to help search engines identify what's shown in our various pictures. The way I do my tagging also tells me which pictures I've uploaded, but haven't blogged about, and I'm featuring some of ...
3704The Bowerhill Villager - a newsletter for Bowerhill, Melksham
The Bowerhill Villager is our local newsletter - it's published and printed monthly, and distributed to around 1,600 homes in Bowerhill and The Spa, Melksham. And it gets results! I know the team involved well (some very well), and I'll often hear how a holiday cottage that was advertised is now full ...
3703A Museum for Melksham History. Open from 12th May 2012.
On 12th May, we're opening "The Well House Collection" - a branch of the Melksham Museum. It's planned to be "A Rotating Exhibit to Celebrate All Things Melksham", and our first exhibit is the History of Transportation, starting with stagecoaches, and to include the Wilts & Berks Canal, Melksham ...
3697Events in Melksham - read all about them, and tell us about yours
"There's nothing happening in Melksham". Funny that people should say that when there's so much happening! On the Chamber of Commerce Diary alone the following events are listed: 16 Apr 2012 (Mon) Learning to Program in Perl 16 Apr 2012 (Mon) Deeper than Art? - King's Arms from 15:00 16 Apr 2012 ...
3692Deeper than Art - An exhibition of the tattoo Canvas - Melksham
Next Monday afternoon at the King's Arms - "An Exhibition of the Tattoo Canvas". It's amongst other updates recently added to our Melksham Events Diary recently. See Melksham Independent News Ad for more details. Further link - South of Heaven - Melksham's tattoo body art centre. ...
3657Basham Festival, Melksham, early August 2012 - a welcome
If you're coming to the Basham Festival, we look forward to welcoming you to the Melksham area. This is a festival that's going to be a weekend of great fun, and with all profits going to the wonderful Dorothy House local charity. I had quite a long and interesting chat with the festival curator ...
3659Welcome to Melksham - our new communities
Yesterday was the second of two days walking to and through the new housing area to the East of Melksham - sometimes known as the "Gateway" although there's a puzzle as to where it's the Gatweay to! With many developers, each with their own names for their own areas, it looks rather as if we'll have ...
3656TrainWest 2012 - 14th and 15th April, Melksham, Wiltshire
TrainWest 2012 takes place at the Christie Miller sports centre here in Melksham on 14th and 15th April. It's an event I always enjoy going to, with lots of layouts and trade stands - even though I'm very much a "Window Shopper" these days as I no longer have the time to get involved with Railway Modelling. ...
3644The way of the Prioress - Melksham history pictured today
I have often wondered about the series of walkways, roads and paths that lead from the centre of Melksham through the 'burbs and out into the fields to Redstocks and beyond, and Gypsy and I took the opportunity today to accompany Verity-Jane who "is commissioned to make a moving image work that looks ...
3646Exploring Melksham with a film maker
Ginkgo Projects have selected film maker Verity-Jane Keefe to make a film relating to the new development on the land to the East of Melksham - [details]. Verity-Jane was in Melksham today, and I joined her for a walk around some of the new housing area. Here's a selection of the pictures taken: Verity-Jane ...
3605Snow comes to Melksham, Wiltshire - pictures
Last night, I traveled home from Uni (City University, Islington) late in the evening ... Even in London, some snow was settling Chippenham Station at Midnight-10 ... a delayed 22:15 from Paddington drops off passengers on a slippery platform The station car park - vehicles of the stragglers, and ...
3569Images of the new year in Melksham
2012 has started with a lot of different weather - or perhaps every year does, but we've been out and about much more with two dogs rather than one, and with a Learning to Program in Tcl course running for delegates who are new to the UK, and wanted to look around (and I'm happy to show them!) at lunchtime. We ...
3543Some different pictures from Melksham
There are some pictures which are the conventional ones ... and there are others that you'll think later "I wish I recorded that". Here are some things that you may or may not have come across ... This map is around 200 years old - after the coming of the canal, but before the arrival of the railway. ...
3520Quintessentially English - scenes from our Wiltshire town
The bowling green - brilliant grass, the club house, and in the background tall trees through which you can see the tower of the church. A quintessentially English scene. Lunch at the Sports and Social club. The older generation gathers at lunchtime for a hot meal, and to meet their friends. ...
3525Melksham has a heart - come and see the pictures. Sunday, 11 to 3, Assembly Hall
Melksham has a heart! Earlier this month, I was taking pictures of people hugging each other in Melksham - to show Melksham has a heart, and to support Mel Scott's campaign for community defibrillators. The large montage is now in final checking ... it will be printed today, and it ...
3526Melksham has a Heart - Montage picture for sale
Melksham has a heart! Today was Mel Scott's fundraiser at the Assembly Hall, and we were delighted to support her. She's raising money for a community Defibrillator for Melksham, to help save lives if people have heart attacks ... One lady came up to me, and told me how her husband had a heart attack ...
2588Freddies Wood and the K and A Canal
I don't know who "Freddie" is ... but I came across "Freddie's Wood" today on my way back from the canal. It was a beautiful winter's day and after our walk down from Bowerhill (see here) we had turned right towards Bath, rather than left towards "The Barge", looking to explore the field path up to ...
3507Melksham Forward - meeting summary and pictures
Yesterday evening in the Assembly Hall, over 100 representatives of local groups and the community came together in "Melksham Forward" - a meeting arranged by the area board and Community Area Partnership to consider local inputs and priorities for the community / area plan - the strategic blueprint ...
3502Sunday Evening ... newest and oldest Melksham pictures
Out collecting a meal from the Refa, I stopped to take a quick picture of lights going up (and, thank you Paul, for the insite and quick demo). Picture up here ... probably before the lighters (is that's what to call them?) are home. By contrast, perhaps the oldest picture of Melksham I've posted ...
3499Images of Melksham
Some images of Melksham - showing various aspects of the town. But where was each one taken? All images taken within the last month, within the Melksham area. How many can you identify? These pictures will be used as the illustrations for my blog index page on Melksham - [here]. ...
3470Currently pictured in Melksham
Here's a recent selection of Melksham pictures ... I've got very technical of late, and I know there are some folks who have a look here occasionally to see where I've been walking the dog and what I've noticed. I tend to take (or at least publish) pictures that others might not ... The Spa Houses ...
3389Plenty to do in Melksham
Someone said to me that there's nothing to do in Melksham. But I don't believe them - I don't share that experience. In fact, I could do with 48 hours in the day to do all the things that I wanted. On Monday of this week, I was teaching a programming course (open to the public) - and I'm teaching ...
866A lazy programmer is a good programmer
I'm lazy. By which I mean, if a job can be done once in such a way that I don't have to keep doing it time and time again, then that's how I will try and do it, even if there's a bit more effort and cost at first. That's why (for example) we've laid an underground water pipe out to where we're planning ...
3337Home Grown Pigs, near Melksham Station
A forum post on The Melksham Forum about "what is there to do with visitors to melksham on a Sunday morning?" lead me to Home Grown Pigs, who are just about a hundred yards up the Bath Road. Not somewhere I had really come across ... but I took the opportunity of Saturday, when they were open for a ...
3305Getting away from the madding crowd - an intercontinental journey
Wednesday - near Orlando, Florida Friday - near Melksham, England It's lovely to be away and to see family (no, they're not all family), but it's lovlier to be home! Click on either image to enlarge. ...
3266Easter on the Canal - near Melksham, Wiltshire
Easter Sunday - and Dad, Gypsy and I took a walk from Brabazon Way on Bowerhill down to the Kennet and Avon Canal, along a section, and back through more industrial agriculture via the Great Bear. So many pictures ... Click on any image to see it larger, and to start a slide show from that ...
3258Morning in Melksham
This morning, I walked around Melksham's town centre really early, popping reminders about next Tuesday morning though the letterboxes on the various business doors. I love these walks around - it gives me a chance to look, to observe, and to think. And it's quick - they say that an errand that ...
3248What have these pictures in common?
Here are ten photos. They have something in common; have a look through them and see if you can work out what it is. Each of them has a link so that you can enlarge it, in a new window, up to four times (in area) its current size. Have you any thoughts as to what these have in ...
3232Around and about Melksham in more pictures
Yesterday, I took a walk around Melksham, and I took a whole lot of pictures. Most show features that may not have been photographed very often - for the record, if you like, and for giving thought to where the town may be in a number of years time. This "headline" picture shows equipment in the skateboard ...
3227Her favourite store
Today was pet's day at Gypsy's favourite store in Melksham ... so we went along, had a look, met some known friends and made some new ones, and came away with the most biggest supply of dog food (and some for the cat too) which should last us for a few days. I understand that Countrywide's new ...
3209Seeing Electricity Pylons near Melksham
With Melksham Electric Substation just to the north of the town, you can see lots of electric lines and Pylons in around the area; here they are striding off in lines up the Avon Valley towards Chippenham, following the TransWilts Railway line. Although most people would dislike the idea of a major ...
3050Views of Melksham - November 2010
I've been getting rather technical ... and I know this blog is read by a few folks who like to see what's old, what's new, what's odd and what's pretty in Melksham. So here are some picture all less that 2 weeks old, and all taken withing a mile and a half of home (one was actually taken out of the ...
3023Autumn walk from Bowerhill
The Autumn season ... and the leaves are changing from green to a rich variety of yellows, oranges and browns, and falling from the trees. A walk yesterday (great to get out for just an hour or two) took Gypsy and me across the fields from Brabazon Way on Bowerhill, through Freddie's Wood (Shown as Giles ...
2950Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, turns first sod in Melksham Link Canal
The Wilts and Berks Canal opened 200 years ago ... but only survived for just over a hundred years, as carriage of good moved away to rail and then back to road, from where the canal had taken it in the first place. But with canals now being a popular leisure time magnet - drawing people to cycle, to ...
2854Melksham Food and Drink Fair and Town Crier Competition
Sunday, 4th July. American Independence day. Melksham Food and Drink Festival Fair. Town Crier's competition in Melksham. T4 on the beach in Weston-super-mare. Heddington Steam Festival. Bristol Wine and Food Fair ... so much happens on summer weekends, in so few days. And that follows on from Atworth ...
2716Melksham in Pictures
I was feeling "out of sorts" yesterday - and the spring weather (and an urgent request for pictures for use by our twin town of Avon) gave me an excellent excuse to talk a walk round, spring clean my picture library, and put together a new slide show of Melksham. You can start the slide show [here]. ...
2708The bull on the footpath
There are certain paths - even though they are marked on the map as public footpaths - that I will decline to use. This animal is standing on one of them! More Semington Pictures ...
2691New brochures for the Melksham area
Yesterday, a big box of leaflets (with a carrier grumbling at the weight!) arrived - the 2010 brochures for many of the places near us such as Longleat, Lacock, Bowood, Stourhead ... and a few place that are quite close too. Chris spent a chunk of time today replacing 2009 brochures with 2010 ones ...
2665Early Spring walk in Melksham
The subject lines says it all, really! In the afternoon, full of a cold and not concentrating on other things, I was tempted into a long walk by an energetic and willing companion who - if you look very carefully - you'll find in one of these pictures. From top to bottom - the field behind ...
2585Consultation in Melksham, on Melkshams future
Melksham Community Area Partnership is holding a consultation eveny next Saturday at Melksham Town Hall, seeking the views of the people and businesses of Melksham on Wiltshire's core strategy - the plan is about Wiltshire as a whole, but Melksham is very much a part of the county, and we're one of the ...
2528Melksham Christmas Lights
It's December ... and the Christmas lights are coming out. A tree appears here, a string of lights there, and the odd magic wand to say "this is a special time of the year". (It was special in previous years too - {link}) But this is Melksham, and Christmas lights here are special - the construction ...
2480Pantomimes around Melksham - 2009/2010 season
There's a lot happening in Melksham and the surrounding area - have a look at the diary of events. Picture - Andy Pandy and Goldilocks make a couple at the end of last year's Melksham Comedy Club panto [report] This year' pantomime season ... Footlights present Aladdin at the Arc Theatre, Trowbridge, ...
2349Businesses effected by road works in Melksham
"Businesses Open as Usual" say the signs on the High Street in Melksham ... currently (and for 14 weeks) a one-way system while various pavement works are being done. Who wrote that sign? ... for he certainly doesn't know Melksham! I took my customers into one of the businesses in the effected area ...
2297Standing on the corner, Melksham Carnival
Yesterday was Melksham's "Party in the Park" and Carnival ... the Carnival Parade running from the car park of Cooper Avon Tires at about 6 p.m., looping through the town centre, with a variety of walking groups and floats. On days like this, Well House Manor is ideally placed as we're close enough ...
2253Walks in and around Melksham, Wiltshire
Melksham is a town with a history around every corner - a guest at the hotel on Saturday morning was asking me a few questions, and I've put together a few of the walks that I enjoy from the hotel. To show you how much there is to see on each of these walks, I have also listed out all of the places ...
2175Melksham in pictures
I'm following up a huge batch of technical posts with a reminder of what a great place Melksham is to live in and to visit. Pictures here all taken during the first 10 days of May 2009, in Melksham. Young leaves on the trees, on the footpath that runs behind Laburnum Drive, Beech Avenue and Larch Close. ...
2168In honour of the photograph, I present ... a walk from Reybridge to Lacock
                      A walk from Reybridge to Lacock where William Henry Fox Talbot took the first reversal process photograph. 2 miles beside the river, across fields, past the abbey, through the village and back via the paths. Some ...
2142Riverside Development
Bradford-on-Avon is about six miles from Melksham, and another of the five towns on West Wiltshire; in fact it's the smallest, about half the size of Melksham. We popped over there at lunch time today and it was lovely to see people out with their boats, children and dogs. Vibrant, and we had to queue ...
2066Melksham Industrial
Around about the time of the Second World War, Melksham had a higher proportion of its are given over to industrial use than any other town in Great Britain - my source of this information being the current mayor. And to this day, this quiet little market town has a surprising range of industrial and ...
2064East of Melksham Countryside
Lisa, Dad and I went out for a walk behind our home yesterday afternoon - the view above is from the fields, looking across to Snarleton Lane. The same sort of scene must repeat itself a thousand times across the land ... but it still has a certain beauty. On the fields across towards Snowberry ...
2043Confidence, Customer Service and Tourism in Melksham
I was very disappointed to miss the "business opportunities / where do we go from here" meeting in Melksham last week - organised by the Town Council and with support from many including the Chamber of Commerce. But Lisa (who is on The Chamber Committee) did go along, listened, let me know what happened ...
2008The Month Ahead - What is happening in Melksham
OK - I admit it - I am lazy, so the list above moves forward through all the events I have in my calendar and you shouldn't find lots of old stuff hanging around. And I'll teach you how to make this easy on our PHP Techniques Course. If you have an event to submit, email me - and ...
1977Going round the block
Have you ever looked for a pattern in the roads where you live? Where to you end up if you turn alternately left, and right, and left, and right? Such is my mind that at times in the past (and now too, it seems!) I wonder about such things. Out or our gate, right, left, right, left, right, left and ...
929Presenting Melksham - for a weekend away in Wiltshire
I do my best presentations when under pressure. ((Important NOTE to wife / staff / cat - DON'T pressure me every morning)). By which I mean that a new presentation or one I'm not quite prepared for even though I know my subject can, I think, sparkle with a freshness that's not there if it's been wellprepared ...
1117Newport Male Voice Choir
The Newport Male Voice Choir came by coach to Melksham last night, and sang at the Mayor's reception - an annual event at the assembly hall, this year raising money for Alzheimer's Charities. Watching the singers on the stage, I couldn't help noticing the wide range of facial expressions - some singers ...
1436A little touring help during a business trip to England
Helping visitors to Melksham who are staying with us to see a little bit of the surrounding area ... we're encouraging people to ask, as we love to help - and to help people see what they want and stay in their comfort zone too. "Many guests at Well House Manor are in the town on business, and are often ...
1360Asda in Melksham - Welcome or not?
Update - 26th September. I have just taken a phone call from one of the gentlemen we met, wishing to clarify a few points. He'll be writing a separate email to me, which I'll add to this thread, but in the meantime I would like to confirm: 1. Asda have publicised their plans, as far as they go at ...
1368Getting the local voice heard
I'm always a little bit amazed when a letter or a posting here actually gets noiced to the extent of generating a reaction back to me, and back to the community. So I was a little amazed to get a phone call from Asda this afternoon ... based on my posting of a few days ago, in which I expressed concern ...
1343Melksham Laundrette
It always amazes me to find all the things we have close at hand here in Melksham. After looking up several directories and searching around - calling a place in Trowbridge that couldn't accommodate our customer today and trying one in Westbury that wasn't answering their phone we found what we were ...
1330While waiting for Melksham Post Office
"That's the longest queue I've ever seen here" said the chap outside Melkshm Post Office yesterday. It was the first of the month, it was Saturday, and it was within about an hour of lunchtime to I suppose it was no wonder that the crowd control lines were full and then the line headed out through ...
1271Till the cows come home
I took a walk last night in the countryside behind our house - the public footpath off he lane that runs between is as 404 and our neighbour at 404B. And here in the fields, the cows are grazing on Woollamore farm. Over the hedges, the houses of Melksham Spa look our over the countryside of the ...
1266Party in the Park
Today was "Party in the park" in Melksham, and I was running the joint Save the Train / Melksham Railway Development Group stand - setup from 11:30, open at 14:00, close at 18:00 ... and, yes, I enjoy this sort of thing. As you can see, the weather smiled on us and I couldn't resist snapping this picture ...
1206Where and When - can you place the picture?
Do you recognise the location? Or perhaps the part of the country? Can you tell when this picture was taken - is it recent, or from many years ago? The picture was taken yesterday - 26th May 2007. In Wiltshire too. Melksham. To be precise, at the Christie Miller sports centre on Bowerhill. It's ...
1177Sorting out for a site map
It's only when someone says "let's add a site map" that you realise justy how much old "stuff" there is to exclude, and how many different automated directories you have on a web site - or rather that's what I have found ... so it's been a long day "knife and fork"ing though directories and databases! ...
1137Wiltshire Circles
Wiltshire is a county of historic circles at an architectural scale. Most famous is Stonehenge and the other stone circle at Avebury. Less famous is Woodhenge ... and yesterday I can across another circle, much more temporary and in a different material: The view from our bedroom window! ...
879Tuesday night is party night
The young ladies of Melksham have a reputation for partying - indeed, I was talking with an old boy outside Well House Manor this evening as I locked up, and he was telling me how, at his home behind the Tavern and the King's Arms, he gets little peace on summer evenings when they're all in the gardens. Here's ...
847Image maps for navigation - a straightforward example
Image maps can be a really simple and effective way of selecting from a series of options - a little bit more flexible that straightforward HTML links. We use an image map on every one of of main "Well House Consultants" pages - click on any on the languages named in our banner, and you'll be taken ...
805Melksham Carnival Parade
Every year, there's a carnival parade in Melksham .... and this year, we went along. Crowds Gather before the Parade Around 10 or a dozen floats passed us, and a number of other vehicles ... a long parade with many, many participants. Here's the WaneY Edge Cafe's float, styled on "Allo Allo". The ...
437Outside of the box
It sometimes pays to look "outside of the box" and it sometimes needs someone else to see that there IS a box there in the first place. We live on the outskirts of Melksham, near the site of the former RAF Melksham base which has now been developed into the Bowerhill part of the town; the former training ...
Melksham Carnival
Melksham Bridge
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