December 23, 2016

Python examples - updates under way

A major update of online Python examples is underway ready for 2017 - with almost all historic source files bing updated to run seamlessly under Python 3, whilst being written to remain functional under Python 2.7 too.

This does mean that some older methods such as has_key on dicts now only appear within older blog articles, having been replaced by a much more pythonesque in ... and that some examples will no longer run under Python 2.6 or older. I decided to use the shortened syntax for the format method added at 2.7 and pretty well the standard everyone uses in Python 3, rather than a longer format, in updating the examples - looking forward to the future, but with a secure commitment tour existing customer base who have a great deal of legacy code running in recent versions of Python 2.

Modules with source code example updates more or less completed include

Introduction to Python
Python Fundamentals
Conditionals and Loops
Functions, modules and packages
Lists and Tuples
Object Oriented Python
Dictionaries in Python
Python String Handling

Training is now over for 2016 ... it's been a very busy last couple of months. I have private bookings for the first two weeks in January - first public course is Learning to Program in Python starting on 23rd January, and Python Programming staring the following day.

Further example update announcements will follow over the next 2 weeks ... looking forward to 2017!

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