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Swindon and Salisbury, Chippenham and Calne, Melksham and Marlborough, Devizes and Downton.
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4702Up and down TransWilts - some pictures off the rails!
Been busy ... VERY busy ... so let me just share a few pictures from the last couple of weeks.               ...
4084New Pictures - Melksham Pack Horse Bridge
Beautiful Spring Weekend. Yesterday, Gypsy and I walked the fields near Melksham down to the Pack Horse Bridge over the River Avon. The bridge used to be part of a major driving route, but these days it's become just a public footpath - off the Melksham to Holt road, across fields and over the railway ...
829Where to go within 30 minutes of Melksham
I often thought of writing a book "within about an hour", describing some of the places to go and see within about an hour of where I live - indeed, that's much of the inspiration for the data on our share pages system which starts you at Melksham Truth be known - it doesn't need to be "within an hour" ...
3989Plenty to see and do - even in Winter - on a Well House Manor weekend
Even in January, there's plenty for weekend guests to Well House Manor in Melksham, Wiltshire to see and do. Lacock Abbey, Fox Talbot Museum, Corsham Court, Stourhead, Avebury Museum, Steam, Bath Pump Room and the Wiltshire Heritage Museum are all open, and there's plenty more in Bath, Swindon, Salisbury ...
38062011 Census results - initial figures for Wiltshire.
The first results from the 2011 census have been released ... showing various population statistics over wide geographic areas. [download site]. The population of England rose from 49,138,831 in the 2010 census to 53,012,500 in 2011 - that's a rise of 7.9% (permanent residents of all ages). The population ...
3800Fancy a weekend away? Try Well House Manor in Melksham, Wiltshire
Wiltshire is a beautiful county, and Melksham has some gems, and is an excellent touring base too. This is the Pack Horse Bridge - perhaps 300 years old - a short distance downriver from the town. And we're just 4 miles from Lacock, 6 miles from Bradford-on-Avon, and the bus direct to Bath city centre ...
3723Bank Holiday Monday, so it was pouring with rain.
We have visitors staying at the hotel who arrived over the weekend from China, and wanted to see Stonehenge today. It's when you get a request like that that you realise just how impractical this is - especially on a bank holiday - by public transport. So I ran them over to Stonehenge, which I've seen ...
3729Then and now pictures of Melksham - on show through the summer
Are you intrigued by the same view taken many years apart? Two pictures of Melksham station (roughly from the same spot), dated "Circa 1940" and Friday, 11th May 2012. There are many more old pictures of Melksham, and new pictures too, on show in the Well House Collection - a museum for Melksham ...
3513Olympic Torch - dates and places in Wiltshire in 2012
The route of the Olympic Torch through Wiltshire has been announced and is detailed on the Olympic website. put your postcode into their page [here] to find out where it passes near you. Tuesday 22nd May 2012 Frome Southwick Trowbridge Bradford on Avon Bath Wednesday 23rd May 2012 Chippenham ...
1399Pictures Framed
A comment the other day reminded me just how powerful picture frames are - as shown in these pictures of Wiltshire. All offset by the photographic composition. Select individual images to enlarge them! ...
2923Fresh air and beautiful places in Wiltshire
After all of our hotel guests had arrived yesterday, we were able to take a brief break - do a little shopping [no pictures] and get a breath of fresh air. We're only a short drive from the Westbury White Horse; we went onto Salisbury Plain just above the horse and breathed in the countryside - ran ...
2882Seeing Wiltshire - from a Melksham base
Last weekend was a busy one - we were running a training course for delegates from outside the UK, and as they didn't leave until Sunday we showed them around - "did the tourist thing" with them. Pictures follow. Advert 1 - for delegates on courses who wish to stay an extra day or two - there's PLENTY ...
2888Recent Pictures
In each case, click on the link for a whole page of larger pictures! Bath Spa University. Pictures of the University at Newton St Loe, taken at Kimberly's Graduation Foxhangers, Kennet and Avon Canal. Pictures taken on a walk with the dog the other day! Sway, near Lymington, Hampshire Taken when I ...
2750Views of Wessex
Melksham Oak Community School near completion - the signs are up, and the oak tree itself is looking somewhat more pretty with spring leaves. More pictures [here]. Where is this magnificent building? Is it Rome or Athens, perhaps? No - it's the old Court House in Devizes and, regrettably, it's in ...
2713History is all around us
Some images from the last few days - all taken close to home in Melksham (some very close indeed!) ... Woolmore House at Bowerhill on the Melksham to Devizes Road was built by George Hulbert in 1631. It is believed to have been built to a plan of Inigo Jones. [source]. Also [here]. Erected in 1838 ...
2594Melksham Area - your community view is sought
Today was a very public consultation in the Town Hall in Melksham, where the Community area partnership (who's role is to gather and promote the views and aspirations of the Melksham area community) held "Open House" on the core strategy. Newly set up, with a first meeting last December, the Melksham ...
2288Wiltshire Community Area Partnerships
A few days ago, I wrote about all the new structures at Wiltshire Council; I was having trouble working out what they all did, and I don't think I am the only one having trouble understanding it. (See that article). I got stuck at "Community Partnerships" or "Community Area Partnerships" which seemed ...
2411Further North - long summer days and lovely countryside
I live further north than the city of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan at 50°37' [Latitude]. And much further north than Ottawa, where I was cautioned against walking 400 yards to a restaurant in deep winter because of the bitter cold. Ottawa is at 45°24'. Where I live is 51°32' North. Living so ...
1859Wiltshire at dawn - the tourist trail
With the clocks going back at the weekend, it's no longer possible for us to show delegates on our courses some of the lovely Wiltshire countryside after we're done with training for the day. Which is a great shame when there are lovely places like Lacock Abbey around. So this morning ... we went ...
2279Understanding the new local government structure in Wiltshire
Government is bound to be complex, but I have this uneasy feeling that two layers of local government that I didn't understand have been replaced by one layer (and a sub-layer) that are almost as complex ... and which I think Joe Public still may not understand. You can download this diagram (full ...
2176Balloon Journey in Wiltshire
Three years ago, just before we opened Well House Manor, Lisa and I watches as the Triumph Balloon took off from the Green in Devizes ... and on Sunday night we watched that same balloon land in the field behind our house.                  ...
2128Wiltshire - where everybody matters
On 1st April, Wiltshire went Unitary, combining four district councils and a county into a single unitary authority with a population a shade under 450,000. And from buildings to dust carts, the labels and logos have changed: "Wiltshire - Where Everybody Matters" ... and I'm very glad to have that ...
1981Bitter cold
It's bitterly cold here in Wiltshire at the moment (and the "Global Warming folks are hibernating, it seems!), but how to express that in pictures? A slight sprinkling of snow, ice on the driveway gives something of a clue: In words, I can tell you of feeling cold (that's unusual for me!) and of ...
1112Bank Holiday country breaks in Melksham, Wiltshire
Had a busy few months since Christmas? Fancy a relaxing long weekend break in one of the most beautiful counties in Southern England, staying in a luxury room in a quiet private hotel? Regular readers and delegates on our courses may already have read a lot about Well House Manor in Melksham, but ...
1106Spring Pictures
A lovely day today ... and a first opportunity this spring to go out and take some local pictures. Can you place any of them? 1. 2. 3. 4. Answers follow .... stop scrolling if you want to maintain the mystery for a minute. blah blah (space filler) And the answer are .... No. 4 is ... Prior ...
1521Evening drive across the roof of Wiltshire
A crisp winter's day ... and a shopping trip to Swindon. A late afternoon drive back over the Marlborough Downs. In Devizes, the pond by the green - the Crammer - shimmered as the light went down, with trees silhouetted against the sky. Caen Hill Locks on the canal run through the town, and as ...
1428Travel Across Wiltshire - the game
What better way to learn about efficient public transport than to play a game to get you around from one place to another? And what better way to generate a new Tk canvas example, and a new PHP page too, than to prepare such a game on our web site. The board looks like this: If you select this link ...
1156Two by One by Wiltshire
Four pictures of Wiltshire at a 2:1 aspect ratio ... all taken in the last few days. Trowbridge, Marlborough Downs, Devizes and Kingsdown Golf Club We love in a lovely county. No hotel availability for the Mayday bank holiday Friday, but if you fancy a long weekend in this lovely area we have ...
1129Golfing, Wiltshire (near Melksham)
With some of the loveliest countryside in Southern England, where better to enjoy a short golfing break than in Wiltshire. Choose between courses as contrasting as the North Wilts Golf club on the flank of the Marlborough Downs and the more gentle Lafarge course at Westbury, nestling under the White ...
971Wiltshire letterboxes
I've been updating our Wiltshire pages overnight, taking the big OPEN SOURCE TRAINING banners off the top so that we can make the pages of more general interest to all our hotel guests. What to replace the banner by? I started off looking for 740 x 87 pixel images and concluded, rapidly, that that ...
946Look around this mouth.
What have these in common? Alton Barnes, Cherhill, Devizes, Hackpen Hill, Marlborough, Uffington, Westbury and York. Need another clue? Add Cerne Abbas, Dunstable and Fovant in the same genre. And there's another clue in the title. You've probably got it quite quickly .... and here are some links ...
942Index of Pictures
Over the last year or so, we've accumulated a very large number of pictures on this site and in the last 6 months or so they've gradually found their way into the MySQL database of images that we have in the background. With some 1000 of the 1500 being labelled up with descriptors, why not make them ...
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game01.php   Choosing start and end points for a game   Draw a Tk Canvas using Ordnance Survey data
tracks.txt   OS data for Wiltshire Public Transport
Iford Manor and bridge
Topiary at Longleat
Longleat House
Flowers at Lacock
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