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For 2021 - online Python 3 training - see ((here)).

Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
We can now offer tailored online training - small groups, real tutors - works really well for groups of 4 to 14 delegates. Anywhere in the world; course language English.

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python 2, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc.

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You'll find out about the local Gym and swimming pool, taxi services, hairdressers and doctors on this page. If you're a local business and would like a mention, please let us know.
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4327Good, stable, reliable local businesses
I took a phone call from Robin Denton, of Denton's directories. For as long as we've lived in Melksham, "Denton's" has been delivered every year and has been the direcory of choice that we keep to hand when looking for local numbers. We have a limited marketing budget (and a limited need to advertise ...
4254Where is Melksham Market? In the Market Place, every Tuesday
Good to see the market back in the Market Place yesterday, to have the opportunity to purchase some excellent fresh fish, and to talk with the traders who were saying that it had been an excellent day. So that's Melksham Market Place, every Tuesday. Fresh fish from Newlyn, shellfish from Billingsgate, ...
4019Coffee Shop in Melksham
Want a cup of coffee in Melksham? Then pop into Well House Manor - we'll serve you from any time from early in the morning until mid evening. You'll get a mug of bean to cup coffee, a slice of tiffin or flapjack, free parking (and you're welcome to walk into town to shop), a comfortable seat, a fire ...
3597Niche businesses in Melksham. From glass painting to Tcl and Lua courses.
Melksham has a number of excellent shops and other establishments selling niche products and services - things that you won't find in other nearby towns or (in some cases) in any other towns at all. Do you know what is behind each of the shop fronts? Do you walk into the new shops to see what's there? ...
851Emergency First Aid Training
As part of our business, we're very conscious that we have customers to look after at our training centre and that they could have accidents or be taken ill at any time; and that will be all the more of a concern when we offer overnight accommodation, and widen our customer base / operation to a full ...
3337Home Grown Pigs, near Melksham Station
A forum post on The Melksham Forum about "what is there to do with visitors to melksham on a Sunday morning?" lead me to Home Grown Pigs, who are just about a hundred yards up the Bath Road. Not somewhere I had really come across ... but I took the opportunity of Saturday, when they were open for a ...
2793They do weddings, we do courses.
I've heard it said that the locals are often the worst people to ask about what there is to see and do in their own area - and indeed you'll find a lot of people in Melksham who can't tell you a great deal about The Courts, the Round House, the Church, the taxi services and the hotels. But then ... why ...
2591Melksham Hotel, B and B or business accommodation?
What IS "Well House Manor"? The following is a draft of what I'll be saying at the Food and Drink festival launch tomorrow morning .. posted here because it gives as really good overview of what we are! I would like to welcome you to Well House Manor, to the launch breakfast for the Melksham Food and ...
2027Who sticks by you in the snow?
There are those businesses who will go out of their way to continue to provide a the best service they can in the inclement weather, and there are those who will abandon even their regular customers in the snow - "fair weather friends". It's been interesting to learn who falls into which group this ...
2021Short health and safety course
We're a training company, and we believe in getting our staff trained. Today, being a quiet day, Chris and Sharon attended a Health and Safety course run by Switch Training in Malmesbury. Chris called in shortly before the start to confirm that he had found the place ... and said he would let me know ...
1894Shopping in Melksham
On Thursday, 27th November, Melksham is hosting a late night Christmas shopping event. Businesses that will be open until 8 p.m. include: Amber Home Appliance Centre [link] Andy York Photography [link] Arthouse Cafe [link] Castle News Chinese Medicine Centre Clinton Cards Cobblers Bench Cornerstone ...
1883Spa Road Garage and Convenience Store, Melksham
It's "Children in Need" day, ... a fact I was reminded of when I popped into our local garage on Spa Road in Melksham Bruce and his team are always very welcoming when Sharon, Chris or myself pops in to buy the morning papers for Well House Manor (no standard order - we tailor to our guests) and I'm ...
1655A date for your diary - 16th July 2008
We're big fans of working with other local businesses which is why we're members of various local business groups, and why we run "Speed Networking Evenings" - they're great for us too! Business to Business Networking Evening at Well House Manor If you run a business, buy from or sell to business in ...
1559Calling on Melksham / Trowbridge / Devizes / Chippenham businesses
We're running another Speed Networking event on Wednesday, 19th March 2008 - an excellent opportunity for each of 20 local businesses to meet 19 other businesses - for five minutes each. . In five minutes, you'll have a minute or two to introduce yourself and your product, a minute of two to listen ...
1394Business to Business Networking - North and West Wilts / Melksham
We held our third Speed Networking event of the year at Well House Manor yesterday evening ... and our third great success. 20 businesses books ... with everyone to spend five minutes with each other business attending, with a break for a buffet half way through an exhilarating evening. Everyone ...
1257Data cabling (Cat 5e), Melksham, Wiltshire
Isn't it amazing how you look far and wide for a service ... only to find that what you're needing is available in the next street. And so it was with our network cabling. We met Matt Coyle at our speed networking event last Thursday, and asked him about our floor network points that haven't worked ...
1253Key new contacts
Our networking event on Thursday evening was a great success; many new contacts were made and everyone was very busy from just after 6 all the way through to 9 ... spending no more that 5 minutes with each other company present. Each individual contact was an opportunity to explore another local business, ...
1250Business speed networking - a place tonight!
Tonight is our Melksham Speed Networking Evening for local businesses to get together, spend a just a couple of minutes introducing themselves, and then seeing how and if they should be working together. "It's amazing what you can find in Melksham" we always say, and we're also reminded that even local ...
1208Meet other local businesses in Melksham
Update - 22nd June 2007 We're now fully booked for Thursday, 28th June, but will run another event in the Autumn (Tuesday 16th October 2007) for another group of up to 20 Melksham businesses. It won't be the same old faces each time either, as we'll only be taking a maximum of 5 "repeat" bookings, ...
1223Asda opening large new store in Melksham
Breaking News in Melksham is that Asda, the supermarket chain, is looking to build a large supermarket with 28000 square feet, 250 parking spaces and create 300 jobs on the outskirts of the town at "West Country Farmers" near the railway. Currently, we have a smaller Sainsbury's and a Somerfield in the ...
1085Lawrence Webb's Melksham Taxi service
Course delegates have arrived by car, by taxi, by train, by bus, by motorcycle, by coach, by pushbike and on foot. We're just waiting for a delegate to come by boat and moor up on the Kennet and Avon Canal that's about 2 miles from us. Lawrence Webb (01225 706805) collect delagates from last week's ...
894Where quality costs less
We've tried to buy locally where we can in our refit of Well House Manor - and that's meant first Melksham, then Wiltshire before looking further afield. Some excellent suppliers have come through, but there's some bare faced cheekiness in some suppliers. "Where quality costs less" said the tag on ...
315Supporting local business
With us living and working in Melksham ... I had to choose tyres from Avon Rubber (the biggest company in the town - manufacturers of products such as - err - tyres) I just had to choose their product when my car needed new shoes at 36000 miles. I fondly hope they were made in the town; I'm told that ...
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The local laundrette and betting shop.
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