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For 2023 - we are now fully retired from IT training.
We have made many, many friends over 25 years of teaching about Python, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, Java, C and C++ - and MySQL, Linux and Solaris/SunOS too. Our training notes are now very much out of date, but due to upward compatability most of our examples remain operational and even relevant ad you are welcome to make us if them "as seen" and at your own risk.

Lisa and I (Graham) now live in what was our training centre in Melksham - happy to meet with former delegates here - but do check ahead before coming round. We are far from inactive - rather, enjoying the times that we are retired but still healthy enough in mind and body to be active!

I am also active in many other area and still look after a lot of web sites - you can find an index ((here))
Recent News
Our visitors might want to bookmark this page! We update it regularly, telling you the latest news about our training and consultancy services, and pointing you in the direction of new resources on the web site as well.
We've again paused from training over Christmas, and are getting back up to speed in the new year of training. Well House Manor has remained open and occupied over Christmas - with even people checking in on Christmas day.
In the next few weeks we've Java, Perl, Python and Tcl - a busy January!
We're pausing from training over Christmas - after the private Apache / Tomcat course in Scotland that finishes on 22nd December, I don't stand in front of a class again until January 8th - Object orientation in PHP as a private course. They we've Linux, Regular Expressions, Python, Apache / Tomcat, and PHP in quick succession - see public dates!

We remain OPEN for course bookings and our hotel remains open too over Christmas and the New Year. No special events - just quiet, luxurious rooms for people visiting relatives in Melksham and looking for bed and breakfast.

Bookings are being taken for courses and rooms in January 2007 and beyond at "2006 prices". For the fist time in 3 years, our basic prices rise a little on 1st January but we will honour 2006 rates if you book and confirm in 2006. A good time to plan for the new year, then?
Public Courses transferred to Well House Manor on 13th October. If you're attending a course but don't live in this part of the country, we can now provide a large, well fitted en-suite rooms, contintental breakfast and internet access thoughout your stay - everything to high class hotel quality. Initial delegates are very impressed: "Thanks again for a great course - it has certainly given me a lot to think about, however the accompanying notes are excellent, so should help guide me through my future work. Also, the new hotel is great - you have both certainly taken the time to produce an excellent environment - one thing that struck me was the fact that I could not hear any noise from other rooms, which is unusual in any hotel."
SEVEN things to tell you about!
1. Public PHP and Perl courses, current training centre, September 2006
2. Public C, C++, MySQL, Python and Apache httpd and Tomcat courses, at our new training centre, October 2006
3. Linux, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Tcl / Tk courses, at our new training centre, November and December 2006
4. Our 2007 schedule now online
5. Private courses - limited availability for November and December
6. Business hotel in Melksham - we open in October and will welcome course delegates and other visitors to the town.
7. Free open source / technical weekend - 'Geekmas' - 25th and 26th November.
JUNE 2006
We have purchased "The Old Manor" - a B&B where many of our course delegates have stayed over the years, and we're converting it to a full business hotel - all rooms will be large, with en suite facilities, plenty of workspace and broadband internet access (wired and unwired). Opening is scheduled for later in the year ... watch here for news or have a look at the "Well House Manor" website.

The large conference room, purpose fitted Open Source library, kitchen and dining room will allow delegates to stay at the same venue where their training is based, making it a "home from home" thorough the course. On private courses, and on public courses with more than a handful of delegates, Well House Manor will be exclusively reserved for your course.
APRIL 2006
Advanced Perl, Ruby, C and C++, Tcl and Linux training courses are offered under our new options program which allows us to offer more possible dates for these niche public courses.
MARCH 2006
March 2006 was our busiest month ever! Read some of what has been going on this month on the Horse's Mouth - our daily tips, techniques and news feed.
We regularly upgrade and replace equipment so that you're always learning with up-to-date tools. We've just bought our third generation of projector - rising from 750 lumens for the first unit, through 2000 lumens to 3500 lumens for the new unit. At that brightness, we have to turn it down sometimes!

We've already added four more laptops to our fleet this year - class sizes remain a maximum of 7 on public courses so chances are you'll be using one of them (there's another 4 that are less than a year old too!) - and every piece of mains equipment that we may bring on private courses is now PAT tested.
A review of 2005 and a look forward to 2006 have been posted on The Horses's Mouth.

Public course schedule and private course availability for all of 2006 available for booking.
We'll not be running any courses between Christmas and the New Year - it's a rare chance for us to take a break after a record-breaking 2005 and recharge our batteries for what already looks set to be an even busier 2006. We will remain in daily contact by email to confirm bookings and to answer technical questions, and our office will be manned though with restricted hours to take telephone calls and to handle paperwork.

Most prices will remain UNALTERED from the start of 2006. The exceptions will be for private courses at customer sites, where we're making a few changes to our travel arrangements. Road traffic gets increasingly busy and there are some venues where we'll now be travelling out the night before, or waiting until the following day to return. There are also some venues that we'll now stay in your area rather than risk a daily commute from Melksham.

Details of current prices for:
B - Birmingham
BB - Blackburn
BD - Bradford
BR - Bromley
BS - Bristol
CF - Cardiff
CM - Chelmesford
CO - Colchester
CR - Croydon
CT - Canterbury
CV - Coventry
DA - Dartford
E - East London
EN - Enfield
EX - Exeter
FY - Fylde (Blackpool)
GL - Gloucester
HA - Harrow
HG - Harrogate
HU - Kingston upon Hull
IG - Ilford
IP - Ipswich
KT - Kingston upon Thames
LS - Leeds
LA - Lancaster
N - North London
NW - North West London
NR - Norwich
PR - Preston
RH - Redhill
RM - Romford
SE - South East London
SL - Slough
SR - Sunderland
SS - Southend
SW - South West London
TN - Tonbridge
TW - Twickenham
UB - Uxbridge
WD - Watford
WR - Worcester
YO - York

Price for bookings confirmed by 31st December will be honoured at the 2005 price, even if the course isn't run until 2006. These quotation pages will automatically show new prices from 1st January. If your postcode is not shown in the table above, the current price will hold until at least 31st March 2006.

Please enter your zipcode for other locations

GEEKMAS 26th and 27th November, 2005. Come along to our training centre (no charge) from late morning Saturday until early afternoon Sunday. An opportunity for past trainees, friends and other interested parties to meet, talk Perl, PHP, Python and more.

November 26th
  -- 13:00 - 14:00 - Arrive, welcome, bagettes for lunch
  -- We can collect meet you off the 13:35 train at Melksham station
• Introduction
• Mywellho - Mining the site to tailor to your need
• Simple Machines Forum - a new forum
• Dynamic Log database - watching users, denial of service, etc
• The growth of Python
• Open House
  -- 19:00 - adjourn to "The Refa" Balti house
Whilst we make no charge for Geekmas, we do ask that you "go Dutch" with us if you join us at the Refa.

November 27th
  -- Doors open 08:00
  -- Talks from 09:30
• Linking the httpd and Tomcat web servers - 2 x power ??
• Join v left join v three way join - MySQL
• Whence Perl, Java and Tcl?
• Wiki mapping and Web booking
• Open House
  -- Snax at lunchtime
  -- all over in time for the 13:46 train ... or stop for the
  -- 16:43 train if you're a sucker for informal techs.

A great 2 days was had by all ... lots of information and follow up articles in our solution centre and on The Horse's Mouth. Another next year?

The latest edition of "Of Course" is here! A new look and feel is coming to this web site (you'll see that this page has changed already). With the huge amount of information we've amassed on this web site over the years, we're going for easier navigation. We'll also be taking online bookings shortly; quietly over the last few months, we've linked our web site to our office systems ....
The train service to Melksham is under threat of severe cutbacks as from the end of next year - even though traffic has grown by 840% in 5 years, and 35% in the last year alone. Read all about it at our Save the Train website
JULY 2005
Our Python courses are listed on the Python events site, our Tcl courses are listed on the main Tcl training suppliers site, and our PHP courses are listed in the official PHP training calendar.

Well House Consultants provides training in Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL, Java, Tcl/Tk, and some Internet technologies. All our courses are written and presented by our own staff, and can be presented at your offices or at our training centre.

Course organisation and booking:

Public Courses (run at our training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire)
Private Courses (run at your offices)
Specially Run Courses (run at our training centre in Melksham, Wiltshire)

Course Agendas:
Technology Background for PHP
PHP Programming
Object Oriented Programming in PHP

Deploying Java Applications on Linux / Unix
Deploying Apache and Tomcat
Java Extra

Python Programming
Lua Programming

Deploying LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP
Linux Basics
Linux Administration
Linux Web Server

Learning to program in Perl
Perl Programming
Using Perl on the Web
Perl for Larger Projects
Perl Extra

Programming in C
C++ for C Programmers
C and C++ Programming

Tcl Programming

Information Request (brochure, etc)
Graham Ellis (Principal tutor)
Listing and schedule of public courses

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