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Lisa and Graham served on the executive committee of the Chamber of Commerce from 2000 to 2017

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Questions from children about Melksham Campus

Children ask us the most challenging of questions... here are some addressed to the chair of the "Melksham SCOB" - in other words to chap who's spearheading much of the Melksham Campus thought locally.

1) When are facilities being moved and will they stay the same? Will any be added to or taken away?
2) How will you fit everything in a smaller building?
3) Is the blue pool / Christie Miller being demolished? Why?
4) When will the campus be built?
5) What will happen to Melksham House? Will you build next to it?
6) What is being built, destroyed or relocated?
7) What will the campus look like?
8) Have you thought about the environment and the consequences?
9) Are you doing this for improvements?

That looks like a pretty complete list of questions that I would ask. Let me add three more I might ask.

10) Where can I be involved?
11) What is the SCOB?
12) Where can I find out more?

Now - I'm actually a member of this "SCOB" thing and I know a bit about some of these things. So let me have a go at a few answers. Nothing here will represent official policy, and there are confidential things like tenders and bids which I can't talk about for commercial reasons.

1) When are facilities being moved and will they stay the same? Will any be added to or taken away?

The Library, the Canberra youth facilities, sport facilities at Christie Miller, swimming from the Blue Pool, and various Wiltshire Council services are to be moved to the new Campus. They are part of the services that councils are required to provide. There are other facilities which may move to the Campus, and there are facilities already located at Melksham House that may remain there which they would like to provide, but don't have to.

Over the past year, Wiltshire Council and the SCOB which is helping and advising their area board has met with all the interested current users and user groups, and other possible users too, that it has identified, listened to what they need and what they would like and worked out what it thinks is the best combination before final decisions are made on optional items. It has been helped in this by the Community Area Partnership, which did a detailed consultation a while ago.

The facilities which are being moved to the new campus (or to other new sites in the case of football and rugby) have been there for many years, and the people planning their future need to look ahead to what the next 20 to 30 years will bring. Things have already changed a great deal since the current venues were set up already, and so there will be changes - things added where there is a new requirement, or taken away where there is now no need of more that enough local provision elsewhere. The SCOB prefers to have the limited money spent on providing things that are different and will be used, and not on overproviding or competing with local businesses. No-one knows what will be wanted in 2023 or 2033, so we also have to allow for things to change in the future as best as we can.

There will be additions, there will be things that are no longer available in their current form, through the SCOB has committed to listen to all existing users and help plan and suggest ways ahead at the very least. It may sound harsh, but things change and we can't waste money on something which will only be used by a very few people for a short time. But there is some excellent news in the second answer on this...

2) How will you fit everything in a smaller building?

Some existing facilities are only used for a very small part of the day or part of the week or year, and lay unused for the rest of the time. The new Campus will offer a heavy element of multiuse space, so that a lot more can be done by sharing. For example the same space might be used an evening club area for young people and a luncheon club for our retired community, and changing facilities can be shared - though there will be separate web side and dry side areas. And we're looking at a shared reception area rather than a separate one for every facility.

Modern design techniques and materials provide space efficient opportunities that weren't available even 10 years ago, and remember that whilst the building is smaller, it won't be small - it will be huge. And we'll look at the issues that causes under "what will the campus look like".

3) Is the Blue Pool / Christie Miller being demolished? Why?

Both Christie Miller and the Blue Pool are closing. The buildings at Christie Miller were constructed in such a way that they became very expensive indeed to repair and keep open a while back, and the best solution is a new build. To repair the weak roof alone, if it got storm damaged, would cost a significant part of the price of the new campus because of problems with asbestos, which we now know to be very dangerous when worked on. So that building will demolished.

The equipment in the Blue Pool is, likewise, very expensive indeed to run, and the steel framed building has itself suffered from an aggressive environment inside as well as out. It's not such a clear case as Christie Miller; it's certain that the pool needs to be moved, but a decision on the building itself has yet to be announced.

4) When will the campus be built?

If all goes according to current plans, you should see work start next year. Things should then happen quickly, although some of the work may need to be phased to ensure that the work which will effect the Rugby and Football clubs won't start until they're in a position to carry on at new grounds.

There's been a huge amount of work so far in listening to people's aspirations and looking for a fair, legal and pratical way of meeting as many of them as practical. That work's made extra hard by some groups giving realistc forecasts for the future, and others presenting optimistic forecasts of what they would like to achieve, and by the difficulty of reaching everyone - there's no one way. Now that's been done (and some last minute considerations given - you may have seen from the press - to Doctor's surgery and Post Office Counter), the architects and all their specialist teams and helpers are drawing up plans, working with groups and subgroups, and going forward with getting the Campus worked out to be put through the planning process to make sure it's sensible for everyone in general at the end of this year. That needs to be done before the building can start.

5) What will happen to Melksham House? Will you build next to it?

Parts of Melksham House have great historic interest, and are a lovely building that we'll be proud to preserve as a part of our heritage, but other parts are much newer and (somewhat ironically) worn out and would be expensive to keep. The historic and useful sections - the frontage and the main hall - will be incorporated into the new design. The outline design that's already been made public shows replacement building with a much lower operating and maintenance cost behind the existing frontage and hall, and a new building across where the football club currently plays. This needs to be tall enough for a badminton hall, but it will be far enough away to not overpower the older part. A link unit / reception between the old and new section will provide a unified reception area.

6) What is being built, destroyed or relocated?

Final plans haven't yet been made... and you'll find many answers above. I haven't yet mentioned what happens to the old Canberra or Library. Like most of the other off-campus sites, they'll be sold for reuse or redevelopment. We can be pretty sure that Christie Miller will be demolished; it's up to the new owners of the other buildings to decide what to do with them, and that will be subject to what's allowed under planning laws.

Some services and facilities which are currently at Melksham House or at the buildings being replaced may not be provided in the new Campus - that's especially things which are business related. We don't want to spend public money on competing with Melksham's businesses, nor duplicating what's already available nearby. For example, Wiltshire Council is on record as saying that it won't be providing what is effectively a pub.

7) What will the campus look like?

The only drawings / pictures published so far come from the outline plans presented to the Area Board earlier this year, and more detail about what it will look like will come as a result of the design work going on at the moment. However, I'll tell you what I can.

Approaching Melksham Campus from the Market Place, you'll still see and drive through the area of trees at the front of the site, and indeed at first glance Melksham House will look much as it does today. However, to the left of the current building, you'll see a new connecting building linking across to a larger new building standing where the football pitch is currently located, and there will be a new main entrance into that connecting building.

When you enter the connecting building, which should be light and airy (lot of glass?) you'll be able to turn to your right for council / library / social type services and to your left for sport, and looking ahead you'll see the Edwardian Ladies' swimming pool (it's there at the moment) forming an attractive courtyard / centre piece.

8) Have you thought about the environment and the consequences?

Very much so, yes. There are official targets for things like CO2 emissions, but we've thought further and deeper and longer on some elements. But having said that, the most environmentally friendly of all approaches can also require a lot of time and effort to look after, and may have a limited life expectation, and we can't allow ourselves to go too many extra steps if it makes the campus last for a shorter time, or cost so much in staffing to run that we have to shorten hours. Those may not be the sort of consequences you're asking about, but they're important ones.

But your question about the environment makes me think of other things which we have had to think about too. How do we make the campus accessible and inclusive of everyone, and to afford everyone respect and dignity too. Whether people arrive on foot, by car, or by public transport. Whichever side of the campus they approach from. Whether they're fit and sporty, or if they're not as able bodied as most of us are fortunate to be. Whether they're young or old. And we have to look at the working environment for the staff, for the regular user, for the occasional user, and for the neighbours too.

9) Are you doing this for improvements?

We're doing this to ensure that facilities are available for the next 30 years. Some things are already out of date, and they would have become more and more so, and less and less right for what people want and need. There is no point in providing services that aren't used very much any more - it's far better to spend the same money providing things that people want... that's an improvement.

10) Where can I be involved?

We ran a whole series of pubic consultations (or rather the Community Area Partnership did so) when the question of what should we have in the Campus was raised, and that input has been taken into account - every single extra suggestion has been considered. And as we've moved forward, every group who will be involved has been consulted / given their inputs. Not only local groups, but sports regulatory bodies and the like, so that what we get built will be what the community wants, and will meet competition and other standards for the future.

Detailed design is now underway, and the time for general ideas and consultations is past. However, there are subgroups of the SCOB looking at each individual area with the architects and specialist services, and they welcome and canvas the thoughts of their groups on detail as the design progresses. The design will be put to the Area Board for approval / choice later in the year, and will go forward to a series of planning application; there's a further public input opportunity at those.

Anyone's welcome to contact any member of the SCOB - I'm very receptive to inputs and happy to answer questions and put things forward. I'm going to be involved in the overall look and feel, and looking at transport issues, over the next few months to ensure that there's a welcoming and Melksham ownership and feel about the campus, and that it's easy and safe to access (the word "porous" has been used) from all sides.

11) What is the SCOB?

I probably should have answered this question first!

Wiltshire Council - to which the Melksham area elects 6 councillors - are building Campuses or re-arranging existing facilities into Campuses all across Wiltshire - that's about 20 areas. And it's that area board of 6 councillors who's job it is to look after the local needs for their campus. However, they're very busy indeed, and have appointed a group of local people to what's called the "Shadow Community Operations Board" to do the detailed local work, liaise with local user and organisation, and with council staff ("officers") and architects and specialists.

There are about 10 of us on the SCOB and we meet every 2 weeks at the moment, and we have subgroups too. We represent various interests - swimming pool users, "dry side" sports, Melksham Town, Community area partnership and safety, youth and education, older and disabled people, businesses, the other parishes in the Melksham area, and we're chaired by one of the elected councillors with excellent support from one or more Wiltshire Council officers. All local members are unpaid volunteers.

The SCOB reports to the Area Board and when there's a major point in the scheme we make recommendations to them which they approve or ask us to change. In practise, we're well in touch with them between such points, and something would have gone really badly wrong if the Area Board rejected what we advised. But then we have just had local elections, 3 out of the 6 councillors on the Area Board are new and one of the SCOB members has changed, so we may find that there's a little redirection in the next month or so.

Wiltshire Council's experts, and the architects and specialist that we and they work with, are experienced at projects such as this one, and so they know far more about how to do it and what to advise than we do. It's also much easier for them to simply roll out solutions which are as standard and conventional as possible across the whole county. Add to that the need to make some very hard decisions - money isn't unlimited, and we simply can't afford to do everything that everyone wants. Add further that Wiltshire Council doesn't want to duplicate facilities to the extent of something being underused, nor to compete with commercial businesses. And we end up with a very interesting juggling act, in which the SCOB was a purely advisory role. In many ways, it's just as new for the council officers to be working with and sharing with a local committee (and more work for them explaining things to us), just as it's hard for us on the SCOB to accept things which are sometimes sprung on us.

I have liked the SCOB's role to being one where we gently blow wind into the council's sails to encourage it along in a direction that's suitable for the Melksham area. If we didn't blow at all, we would end up with a standard product that may or may not fit. If we blow too hard, we'll rip the sails, or the council will take some sails down, and we'll end up with less input. And if we fail to get the campus boat into the right harbour, as the local names attached to the project, we'll be the ones who people will look to as responsible for that failure - of course, as a purely advisor body such criticism would be convenient for others involved, but not realistic.

12) Where can I find out more?

Take a look at the SCOB's web site: where you'll find updates and ongoing reports. There's information in the local newspapers from time to time, and I update the Chamber of Commerce every month. Other SCOB members keep their groups informed. There are updates at the area board meetings, which are open to the public, and update notices are posted at current facilities from time to time. Anyone's welcome to get in touch with me or other SCOB members, and most of us enjoy helping explain to people what we're doing and how we're doing it. I'm afraid there's no one way to reach everyone, and if you get in touch to ask such questions you're helping us fill the gaps.

And finally

If there's another question that you would like me to answer, please get in touch!

All views expressed are personal ones and don't necessarily reflect the views of other SCOB members, councillors or officers - though on most things we're pretty much in line with each other!
(written 2013-05-26, updated 2013-06-08)

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Web server efficiency - saving repetition through caches
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Weymouth vis the TransWilts - the day out today
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Installing Lua 5.2.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.4
POETS day at Well House Manor
Perl Dancer - from installation to your first real application
Perl Dancer - a Perl Framework - Installation and first test
Using object orientation for non-physical objects
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This is a page archived from The Horse's Mouth at - the diary and writings of Graham Ellis. Every attempt was made to provide current information at the time the page was written, but things do move forward in our business - new software releases, price changes, new techniques. Please check back via our main site for current courses, prices, versions, etc - any mention of a price in "The Horse's Mouth" cannot be taken as an offer to supply at that price.

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