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Longhope Hotel

There's something experimental about this post. You'll wonder why I'm talking about hotel and accommodation facilities in a village in the Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire, or in the Orkneys, and providing you with links to Longhope in the Orkneys and to The Farmer's Boy. And at the same time why I'm accompanying the post Longhope Hotel article - illustrationwith images which show interesting features but are or questionable relevance to staying in Gloucestershire, or traveling to Orkney or other far highlands and islands in Scotland.

I post on many subjects - from open source to railways, from hotel operation to family, and about places I have been. But I'm certain that I've never been to Longhope in the Orkneys, nor indeed to Kirkwall or Hoy (though I would love to visit to give a course there!). I may have passed through the Longhope in Gloucestershire at some time - perhaps on my way to Hay on Wye or Monmouth - but is hasn't struck in my memory - I haven't stopped there overnight - not even for Bed and Breakfast.

So - why the post? An email tells me that our website only comes up on page 3 on a search using the words Longhope and hotel and offers to attempt to get us onto the top for people looking for accommodation in that town, for the payment of eighty pounds as a retainer, and further monies up to 300 pounds if they achieve success, and then a forty pound per month fee to keep us there. Of course, as far as I'm concerned I found the whole thing slightly entertaining - we lack en-suites in Longhope, Gloucstershire, we have no rooms in which you can stay in Longhope, Orkney, so the approach was so far of the mark to be laughable. But I do recall in the past that a delegate joked about "anything Melksham comes to Well House in a search" and I disabused him by pointing out we weren't listed under "Melksham Florist". So he used that term (as I'm using Hotel and Longhope) and some associated flowery words in a forum post,and up we sprung.

I don't know how much such mentions, off-topic, work today. So I've carefully described things here - looking at stopping near the Severn, traveling off Scotland by ferry, mentioning famous things like the Longhope Lifeboat and Blackhammer Cairn, and talking about bars and breakfast, bedrooms and sea views, to see how the land lies these days. In many ways, I hope this page hadn't sprung up for you if you've been looking for Longhope or to stay there - if it has, I can only apologies for my effective advertising - and suggest that you follow links such as [here] for Longhope in the Orkneys or [here] for Longhope in the Forest of Dean.

illustration for Longhope Hotel articleAnd yet ... having written about lovely villages of which I have no knowledge, I think and realise that I *have* heard of at least one of them previously - if you played a word association game with me you might say "Longhope" and I would have said "lifeboat". And, pressed, I could have pointed to the Shetlands or the Orkneys, and told of Vikings and open countryside to walk in, and sea. Of long summer evenings and a dark midwinter. A lovely place for a holiday one of these years, and if we could find en-suite accommodation that welcomes pets in Longhope, then why not?

And on our own pages, you'll find pictures of St Braivels Castle and a review of the future of railway preservation which are both Forest of Dean stories ... indeed, we *did* stay at the Lindors Hotel in the Wye Valley a couple of years back, after much calling around to find available guest houses in the Coleford area, with which we were out of luck on an August Bank Holiday.

I'll revisit my Hotel in Longhope page - this page - from time to time. Currently one of our sites comes in at about number 100 for the term used at the place I looked, and I'll see what happens - and update you here and elsewhere. The illustrations are of Somerset, by the way - Bath and Radstock. Our own hotel - Well House Manor - is in Wiltshire, a lovely county to stay in, but very different to the Welsh Marches or the Scottish Offshore Islands.

And having been reading about Longhope, it's now somewhere I would like to see given a chance. Funny what a random email about a hotel can do, isn't it?

Update - 48 hours after initial publication of this blog article about the Longhope Hotel, and we have reached the first page - "above the fold" too.
(written 2010-11-16, updated 2010-12-04)

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