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Melksham Food and Drink Festival, 2010

The Melksham Food and Drink Festival, 2010, takes place from 25th June to 4th July at various venues in and around the Melksham area ... and the launch breakfast will be this coming Thursday (21st January) at Well House Manor - we'll be serving our signature healthier option breakfast, including fresh baked breads, fruits, and local produce ... with fresh ground coffee from our "bean to cup" machine, and freshly squeezed orange and grapefruit juice too.

Food demonstrations - 2009As host for the launch breakfast (and perhaps because of my role with the Chamber of Commerce!), I've just given a live interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire to let their listeners know about the festival ... and what it will bring. And there's nothing like doing a radio interview to clear the head and reduce the even down to its essential!

Picture - Peter Vaughan, Chef / Patron at the Bistro and Cookery School in Devizes, cooks some healthy dishes with fare traded local products at the Melksham Assembely Hall

At Melksham Food FestivalThis is the second Melksham food and drink festival ... and the first one, held last year, was a big success - so this year, it's a case of gently building on the event that'a already working well. Once again, Martin Blunos and Peter Vaughan will be the faces of the festival ... but this time the festival will be at the end of June and beginning of July, rather than early in May. And the food festival market day will conclude the festival rather than open it this year, and it's time to co-incide with the Town Crier Competition.

Picture - A wide variety of food was server in the Market place, from good simple food on simple stalls through to a rich variety of foods of the world, including this colourful bus representing the caribbean

Melksham Food Festival 2009 - Melksham HouseFor visitors to the festival - you'll be very welcome, and you'll be able to eat at a wide variety of local restaurants, many of who will be arranging special events, you'll be able to enjoy a wide variety of takeaway outlets, many which are regulars inthe town and others of which are festival visitors, and you'll be able to purchase local produce from shops and stalls in the town and festival, which will culminate in the grounds of Melksham House

For businesses - food suppliers, restaurants, hotels and anyone else in the food and hospitality business, now is the time to get involved. Open your doors, encourage new custom, and make a splash. Establish new contacts, and use the festival to market your product. There are contact details if you want to take part on the Melksham Food and Drink Festival web site.

Picture - If your business isn't in Melksham's Town Centre, you can take a 'pitch' for the Food Festival Market in the grounds of Melksham House, and be at the heart of the activities there

If you're coming to Melksham for the Food and Drink festival, why not stay at Well House Manor? We're just a few hundred yards up the road from the Market Place, Assembly Hall and Melksham House, and we're set up to welcome both business guests if you're taking part in the festival, and leisure visitors who are coming to Melksham - "a Vale of Fabulous Flavours"..

Well House Manor is open all year, and welcomes business guests, and people vititing the area on leisure. We offer high quality rooms in a quiet setting, just five minutes walk from the Town Centre. We're large enough to have the advantages of a hotel, and small enough to really care for our customers and provide them with a home away from home.

For a full diary of other events in Melksham, see [here] on the website of the Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
(written 2010-01-17)

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