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Let me tell you a little bit about beetroot ...

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All About Daisy the Donkey's next Day out.

If you've nothing else to do on 25th, come and see her!

This is a training page, to demonstrate how you can use PHP to vary the text in a web page without any HTML knowledge - providing a systenm where any authorised user can update the news. We teach this technique on our PHP Programming course if you're new to PHP. More advanced techiques are taught on our PHP Techniques Workshop.

If you want to try out the edit facility on this page, you can add ?edit=6 on the end of the URL and - magically - you'll get a text edit box. You can even (for this demo!) select here to have it happen automatically. On your live site ... you'll want to have a rather more secure 'password', of course, and you'll enter it via a password box, change it from time to time, and so on.

Note - the text you enter is "scrubbed" to avoid code injection attacks, and the live demonstration on our server has a few extra lines in its code which are there to secure our server, bearing in mind we have in effect told you our password!

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