Bowerhill Christmas Quiz '07

"How Many Years Between" ... Christmas quiz 2007. Prepared for the Bowerhill Villager team, but anyone else is welcome to play!

You are given two events in history in each questions and you are asked to work our how many years passed between them. For example, if you were asked for the number of years between the death of Queen Victoria (which was 1901) and the coming to the throne of Elizabeth II (1953) the answer would be 52 years.

When you have completed all the questions and noted down what you think the answers are, you can see how you did by clicking the link at the bottom of the page which will add the answers in.

Playing competitively? if so, the winner of each question is the one who comes nearest to the right number - one point per question!

Question 1:
"How many years between the Opening of RAF Melksham and its closure".

Question 2:
"How many years between the building of The Spa to encourage visitors to come to the town and the opening of the Tourist Information Centre?"

Question 3:
"How many years between the granting of a market charter to Melksham and the moving of the market to the cental car park?

Question 4:
"How many years between the formation of Melksham's Masonic Lodge and the first stage performance by Gary Glitter and his Glitter band at the Assembley Hall?

Question 5:
Years from the First Royal Christmas message broadcast on radio to the first Royal Christmas message fully broadcast on TV

Question 6:
Years between St Francis of Assisi assembling the first nativity scene and the Scone of Scone being stolen from Westmister Abbey on Christmas Day

Question 7:
How many years between the sale of Melksham House to Avon Rubber and its sale together with the tire business to Coopers?

Question 8:
How many years between the first and second openings of Melksham Station?

Question 9:
Building of the first purpose built library in the county (Melksham) and building the bypass

Question 10:
Years from excavation of the Wilts and Berks Canal to its abandonment

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