Poll history - First Great Western Coffee Shop

279132 Oct 2023When you get off a bus, do you:
279061 Oct 2023Should bus heritage / history topics be covered on the Coffee Shop?
2782429 Aug 2023Which of these - if any - reflect your rail us?
2719325 Aug 2023Why did / would you go to the Imber bus running day
2778418 Aug 2023Which of these is THE most important thing for the rail industry to resolve?
2764510 Jul 2023Which of the following would you agree with (batch 1)
2765013 Jul 2023Heritage posts - area to cover?
276244 Jul 2023Do you use the WiFi service offered on trains you use
2757012 Jun 2023Love it or hate it?
275556 Jun 2023How are train strikes affecting you?
2745616 May 2023Have you ever been unable to see images in a post even if others are commenting on them?
274324 May 2023Would you share with a hungry child?
2741928 Apr 2023Do you think we should introduce some rail services on Boxing Day?
2735612 Apr 2023Where should Paddington service run to daily - select furthest points from London to the west?
273367 Apr 2023What GWR train has the best WIFI connectivity?
2727119 Mar 2023First Group - doing a good job?
272385 Mar 2023Which of these extras would consider suitable for an extra charge?
2721622 Feb 2023Which are the most urgent matters that need taking up for passengers
2720622 Feb 2023If you are travelling alone, what seat do you choose?
271251 Feb 2023Which of these have you used, International from your home station
2706120 Jan 2023Have you added the forum to your address book or made other arrangements to ensure we stay in contact?
2706012 Jan 2023Please choose one:
2702328 Dec 2022How was YOUR Christmas Day? How will you remember Christmas 2022
2700930 Dec 2022Is it being "selfish" if you get on a bus or train a stop early to ensure there is space?
2699824 Dec 2022If you could ask Santa to restore a public national rail passenger service during 2023, where would it run to?
268396 Nov 2022Is "Nobody with any sense would rely on the trains" a correct analysis?
268365 Nov 2022What is the most scenic south Wales valley line?
267554 Oct 2022Airport closure (Doncaster) - what to you think?
2663319 Aug 2022What is suppressing your train use?
2656827 Jul 2022Who would be the best next prime minister for YOU on the transport agenda?
265664 Aug 2022Do you plan more or less train travel than normal this summer?
2653814 Jul 2022Do you love the puzzle of challenge of working out your journey times and cost
2652012 Jul 2022Official public vote between 6 places - but where would you choose?
264985 Jul 2022Have you used a Flexi season? Might you in the future?
2648129 Jun 2022If someone really needed your immediate help, would you give it?
264179 Jun 2022Could you manage with just a "carry on" for a week's holiday
261933 Apr 2022Do you own any old British Railways station totems
2612410 Mar 2022Of your journeys by train in the last FIVE years, what percentage involved a change of train along the way?
261157 Mar 2022Would you use a replacement
2606327 Feb 2022Which of these do you use regularly for grocery shopping?
259697 Feb 2022Have you travelled on The Ghan?
2585317 Jan 2022How strong do you like your coffee?
2579727 Dec 2021Where shall we meet next year?
2575619 Dec 2021Which day ranger is best?
2575219 Dec 2021Are they OK as is, or should I change them?
2568927 Nov 2021Which FIVE of these would you like to see as the next 5 to get a regular national rail passenger service back?
2559826 Oct 2021What is your the maximum reasonable wait for a connecting service on a regional journey?
2558330 Oct 2021Do you think there should be more trains Reading to Basingstoke on the weekend?
254841 Oct 2021Should we cover (any) model railway issues on the forum?
2547929 Sep 2021Which of the following apply to YOU concerning consultations?
2543412 Sep 2021What do you think is the real reason that SWR's Bristol service is slated for withdrawal in December?
2542314 Sep 2021Which of these electric personal vehicles would you use (if road legal)?
2531210 Aug 2021Which (choose up to 6) ticket types will you use for most of your train journeys in 2022?
252884 Aug 2021On platform announcements - are there too many
2519910 Jul 2021Will YOU wear a mask when using public transport after 19th July?
2519612 Jul 2021Which of these are significant stumbling blocks putting people off coming to use trains?
251823 Jul 2021Coffee Shop AGM - location / Didcot Area / Saturday afternoon. Which could you make?
251543 Jul 2021Are there too many on train announcements?
2512826 Jun 2021Have you cruised?
2510619 Jun 2021Do you have a neighbourhood plan for your area?
250838 Jun 2021How many dogs do you have living with you?
250596 Jun 2021Should Wightlink Ferries Become Part of Great British Railways?
2502124 May 2021What should the base colour(s) of the new livery for GBR be?
250061 Jun 2021It looks like the new body to administer rail will be called 'Great British Railways'. What do members think of this name?
2499717 May 2021Have you had a coronavirus vaccination? Which one? One of two?
249888 Jun 2021When do you expect GWR IETs to return to full availability.
2498712 May 2021When do you expect GWR long distance services will be back to near (90%) normal?
2490623 Apr 2021How often have you visited Scotland?
2488718 Apr 2021Have you visited Northern Ireland?
2481128 Mar 2021Have you posted polls to the Coffee Shop?
2480426 Mar 2021What do you think of the new Class 769 Fleet?
2476522 Mar 2021What's the most scenic cornish branch line in your opinion?
2472810 Mar 2021When it becomes reasonable to commute again, what do you expect to do?
247213 Mar 2021What would you call the new "Network Rail"
246801 Mar 2021Do you think the line from Cardiff-Swansea should be electrified for the IETs?
2466325 Feb 2021What train do you think is most suitable for this route?
2466225 Feb 2021Do you think GWR should run a Cardiff Central service as well as Swansea?
2462117 Feb 2021I would very much like to attend the Coffee Shop's AGM if ...
2459116 Feb 2021What rolling stock would you lay on for an as yet hypothetical G7 leaders trip on the St Ives Branch?
2454920 Jan 2021Do you drink tea while browsing the Coffee Shop
2453618 Jan 2021Which of these can you identify?
2452421 Jan 2021If you sign up for a railway group newsletter/update, how often do you need to be in touch before you forge them?
2448616 Jan 2021Which destination(s) would you suggest for a day trip, Summer 2021
2443131 Dec 2020Which on-train catering offerings would you most likely patronise?
2442327 Dec 2020Which National Rail termini have you visited?
242731 Dec 2020Will you be travelling by train over the Christmas / New Year holiday?
2414525 Oct 2020Is it correct to describe a 51.50 fare from London to Bristol as "cheap"?
2410617 Oct 2020How many of these are within 15 minutes walk of your residence?
2404130 Sep 2020Do you think the new system will be designed ...
2404030 Sep 2020Would you like to see the new system designed ...
2393826 Aug 2020Does my "connecting train" page work for you on phones, tablets and laptops?
238566 Aug 2020Which new station will open next, from these runners
237315 Jul 2020What will put you off travelling by bus in the near future?
237306 Jul 2020How will Exeter's first train under electric power reach there?
2348124 May 2020What was your "last normal" picture?
2345015 May 2020Might you come along if "Tuesday Club" started at ...
233172 May 2020Which London termini would you recommend for architecture?
231849 Apr 2020Which of these would you recommend that friends visiting London should see?
2313628 Mar 2020Should we offer support to the transport industry and government as outlined below
229491 Mar 2020What things would do the old way? (select options where you like the (*) option)
225005 Jul 2020Do you have old timetables?
2246027 Nov 2019Transport policies - who would you vote for on transport policy alone?
2232324 Oct 2019Has someone close to you (or you yourself) been sexually harassed on public transport?
2219921 Sep 2019What would you like to ask GWR in relation to services from December?
2218717 Sep 2019Which of these pictures are REALLY bad??
2205413 Aug 2019Which are the most important factors to YOU when you elect to travel by train?
216418 Jun 2019Will you be attending the AGM in Taunton on 8th June?
2160219 May 2019What will you be doing on Saturday 18th May 2019
2119617 Mar 2019Should this group adopt the interim constitution for the period to the initial AGM?
211433 Mar 2019How many of these triplets can you identify?
211073 Mar 2019When arriving at Paddington by train, how do you travel on towards your final destination
2104918 Feb 2019What (if anything) do you drive?
2082721 Dec 2018Which Stations should be (re)opened
2052124 Oct 2018Which of these lines / areas do YOU travel in more than very occasionally
2047610 Oct 2018Should HS2 go ahead as planned, be replaced by the Rees-Mogg idea, or something else?
2043230 Sep 2018Which is the most, second most, least reliable for a morning journey
2036718 Sep 2018Should there be seat reservations on the Cardiff - Portsmouth service?
203421 Oct 2018Would you wish to attend an advisory meeting in February 2019 / Coffee Shop, the way forward
202752 Sep 2018Brexit Bonus - should Network Rail drop EU regulations to cut costs?
201547 Aug 2018Fare system - ways of buying a ticket. Select all that you support
201537 Aug 2018What basket / overall fare scheme philosophy would be your preference?
201527 Aug 2018Which of these do you believe should be seriously considered for inclusion in a restructured fare system?
201353 Aug 2018What should we call the line from Paddington via Pewsey to Plymouth?
2001416 Jul 2018Where should Cross Country stop?
1602226 Jun 2018What should be running From Ryde to Shanklin in 5 years time?
1950623 Mar 2018Would you like to see an easement such as this one in general UK use?
1949420 Mar 2018Should we make changes to our moderation / admin techniques?
1947017 Mar 2018Do you know what a siding is?
191847 Jan 2018Who do you think is responsible for the current wave of disruption
191646 Jan 2018What do YOU want to discuss with regard to the next GW franchise?
190624 Dec 2017Would you like to join us to discuss GWRFranchise and Community Rail Consultations?
190275 Dec 2017Would you take the next train or wait for one specific routing?
187982 Oct 2017What do you call mealtime if you eat soon after 7 p.m.
186816 Jul 2020Should Mr Grant have been allowed to travel without buying another ticket?
1847826 Jul 2017Should you give up your seat to a breastfeeding mother?
1844717 Jul 2017Taxi - is it right to get in and out on the right not the left
1839430 Jun 2017Are service gaps in the middle of the day a good idea?
182372 May 2017Should the Greater South West be co-ordinating en blok?
1821520 Apr 2017Should I set up a multiple choice pictorial rail quiz?
180314 Mar 2017Are you or have you considered standing for election as a local councillor?
1786817 Jan 2017What do you think the line pairs should be called?
1778011 Jan 2017What action should you take if your train does not stop at your scheduled station?
175039 Oct 2016Have you taken part in this quiz?
174843 Oct 2016Do you agree with George Monbiot's suggestions?
1726726 Jul 2016Do you keep receipts for things like seeds until the plants are fully grown?
1713113 Jun 2016Do your neighbours know their station?
1649527 Nov 2015We have issues with the rendering of special characters. What should we do?
1612228 Aug 2015When do you normally arrive at the station for your outward journey?
1606119 Aug 2015Should the railways be renationalised?
1605612 Aug 2015Please choose one of the following for a donation.
160245 Aug 2015Have you ever
158999 Jul 2015Could you cycle between home and station for your daily commute?
157178 May 2015Who did you vote for in the 2015 General Election?
153387 May 2015Voting for which political party is most likely to result in the expansion and development of Britain's rail network?
1510829 Dec 2014What are you doing / did you do on Boxing day?
149583 Dec 2014Would you welcome new class 278 trains?
1490419 Nov 2014The Accidental Loaf - Is It Art?
148376 Nov 2014What do you think is acceptable in terms of parking for using a train?
148173 Nov 2014Do you go the same way out and back on your most regular journey involving a train?
5560neverWhat is the best way to deal with squirrels - whether of the grey or red variety?
144837 Sep 2014What's the best time of day for you?
14459neverShould Scotland be independent?
140758 Jun 2014Working day - from when to when?
139314 May 2014When will you sit, and when do you stand even if a seat is available?
1364810 Mar 2014Do you agree that London-Plymouth via Okehampton would involve a journey time nearer to 4 hours?
134106 Jan 2014What chance of you carrying on with leisure day trips in extremely bad weather?
1301114 Oct 2013Station home - which of those options would you use? (detailed scenario below)
1239712 May 2013Does it matter if you're delayed by an hour?
120846 Mar 2013Which of these best describes the end of your working day?
113399 Oct 2012What type(s) of animal do you like to pet after a rail journey?
11185neverWhat should we do about the runway capacity crunch?
11147neverWhen can you come?
11060neverWith the recent electrification projects and the alleged wavering over HS2, do people think it will get axed?
10961neverShould Boris take charge of London rail services. So for FGW/Crossrail it would be as far as West Drayton/Greenford and Heathrow
1053523 Mar 2012Where should Lee visit today?
1034817 Feb 2012Travelling for a time critical and important meeting do you choose ...
15505 Feb 2012Should members abbreviations appear as acronyms?
102364 Feb 2012Do you use QR codes?
1018622 Jan 2012How many of these are you sure you can place?
9437neverWhat is your opinion of HS2?
93992 Sep 2011What makes YOUR changing train experience a good one?
91576 Jul 2011Should Ashley Hill Station Be Re-opened?
90147 Jun 2011What influences your choice of train the most?
864124 May 2011Who do YOU think should be awarded the WCML franchise?
83466 Feb 2011At what age would you first allow your SON to travel alone by train?
83456 Feb 2011At what age did YOU first travel alone by train?
82214 Jan 2011How many passenger train services will call at Melksham station on Tuesday 04/01/2011?
82153 Jan 2011How Many Westbury-Swindon (and vv) Route Services Will Be Cancelled On 02/01/2011?
642924 Mar 2010Does FGW take you door to door?
61541 Feb 2010Below is an scan of two formats of timetable used by FGW. Is the one on the [b][u]right[/u][/b] a Pocket or a Mini timetable?
602212 Jan 2010Which Route Should be upgraded to allow 140 mp.ph trains.
598031 Dec 2009Best Unstaffed station in Cornwall
5813neverWhat should I have done with his architects drawings......
57912 Dec 2009So, do we like the font LARGER or smaller or back to what it was?
560512 Nov 2009Should the available money be
52719 Sep 2009How should "The Coffee Shop" help with responses to the GW RUS?
4918neverFGW HSTs an improvement?
489027 Jun 2009If someone creates a poll on here, should a Don't Know/Don't Care option be compulsory?
4889neverCotswold Line what do you want?
4868neverHave the changes I have just made to the HTML
4587neverWhat is your overall opinion of FGW's service over the last 10 years?
4592neverIf SWT offered Eurostar through ticketing cheaper than FGW would it persaude you to use Eurostar services?
4510neverShould we scrap evening peak ticket restrictions?
4509neverShould we scrap/reduce the quantity of "Advance" fares, and replace them with cheaper "Off-Peak (Day)" and more "Super Off-Peak" fares?
4296neverInspired by a YouTube video, who will the Coffee Shop pick?
218610 Feb 2009Should we ...
4242neverPick your 3 least favourite liveries
39575 Dec 2008Are we a Rail User Group
3882neverwho wants commuter services between okehampton and exeter at peak times?
325015 Aug 2008How often would you like to see train running information updated?
2764neverDoes the downtime inconvenience you?
2735neverMore west of england trains for:
2621neverPoll: So, according to another thread, we all hate the refurbed HSTs! What do you hate most:
2307neverPoll: There are many infrastructure improvements which are needed on lines in the region. However, a lack of funding means that few will be carried out. So which TWO do you want to happen as a priority? Also see notes below.
1811neverWhich types of stock are the best for local/stopping/commuter travel?
1810neverWhich types of stock do you think are best for long distance travel in the UK? Is it:
168825 Feb 2008Which Of These Makes/Would Make Best Use Of Disused Rail Lines/Trackbed?
1581neverPoll: What do you think of the 08 fare strike? It was:
1277never**Poll**: First Great Western are an incompetent company? What do you think should happen to it?
944neverDo you think Andrew Haines can turn around the fortunes of FGW? Or has too much damage been done?
925neverHow old are you?
905neverDo You Like Refreshed HST's?

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