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mouthweekly0.952[link] Learning to program - variables and constants
mouthweekly0.952[link] Learning to program - comments, documentation and test code
mouthweekly0.952[link] Learning to Program - the conditional statement (if)
mouthweekly0.952[link] Learning to program - Loop statements such as while
mouthweekly0.936[link] A year of changes for Lisa and Graham Ellis, and Well House
mouthweekly0.905[link] Public training courses - upcoming dates
mouthweekly0.889[link] Real life PHP application using our course training MVC example
mouthweekly0.889[link] Changing what operators do on objects - a comparison across different programming languages
mouthweekly0.889[link] Coats of arms - towns and authorities in Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.874[link] A reminder of the key issues to consider in moving from Python 2 to Python 3
mouthweekly0.874[link] Scons - a build system in Python - building hello world
mouthweekly0.859[link] Expect with Ruby - a training example to get you started
mouthweekly0.859[link] Reading and parsing a JSON object in Ruby
mouthweekly0.844[link] Visiting Los Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
mouthweekly0.844[link] Nesting decorators
mouthweekly0.844[link] The oldest part of Los Angeles
mouthweekly0.844[link] BODMAS - the order a computer evaluates arithmetic expressions
mouthweekly0.844[link] Well House Consultants - Python courses / what's special.
mouthweekly0.829[link] Object factories in C++, Python, PHP and Perl
mouthweekly0.829[link] The power of scripting
mouthweekly0.829[link] Why populate object with values as you construct them?
mouthweekly0.829[link] Rail user groups worried about what is happening on the buses
mouthweekly0.829[link] Testing new algorithms in PHP
mouthweekly0.829[link] Where does Wiltshire bus subsidy money come from?
mouthweekly0.829[link] One line scripts - Awk, Perl and Ruby
mouthweekly0.814[link] A warm welcome awaits you at Well House Manor, Melksham
mouthweekly0.814[link] Embedding more complex code into a named block
mouthweekly0.814[link] Regex Reference sheet
mouthweekly0.814[link] San Juan Capistrano
mouthweekly0.814[link] Using Object Oriented Tcl and the Tk toolkit together - real life example
mouthweekly0.814[link] What do people use the bus for in Wiltshire - survey interim results.
mouthweekly0.814[link] Command line parameter handling in Python via the argparse module
mouthweekly0.814[link] Preprocessor directives in C and C++ - what they mean
mouthweekly0.814[link] with in Python - examples of use, and of defining your own context
mouthweekly0.814[link] Defining an object that is a modified standard type in Python
mouthweekly0.814[link] Well House Manor - Still five out of five!
mouthweekly0.814[link] The technical article feed continues - personal updates more proactive on Facebook now!
mouthweekly0.814[link] Revisiting - should I stand for Melksham Without Parish Council in May?
mouthweekly0.814[link] Celebrating our diversity rather than discriminating for it
mouthweekly0.814[link] Thoughts on the new Blackmore Ward of Melksham Without Parish
mouthweekly0.814[link] Our best hotel customers help us ... to help them ... be our best customers.
mouthweekly0.814[link] Some gems from Intermediate Python
mouthweekly0.814[link] When do I use the this keyword in C++?
mouthweekly0.814[link] Pretty at the station too
mouthweekly0.814[link] Python, Tcl, Lua and other Open Source programming courses for 2018
mouthweekly0.814[link] C - why is slow to write and debug) but fast to run?
mouthweekly0.814[link] What teach you in a week stays with you for a decade
mouthweekly0.814[link] Learning not just what a program does, but how to design it in the first place.
mouthweekly0.814[link] TransWilts Partner Update for Melksham Area Board
mouthweekly0.814[link] Some gems from an introduction to Python
mouthweekly0.814[link] Up and down TransWilts - some pictures off the rails!
mouthweekly0.814[link] Accessing variables across subroutine boundaries - Perl, Python, Java and Tcl
mouthweekly0.814[link] Searching a Json or XML structure for a specific key / value pair in Python
mouthweekly0.814[link] Final day of training at Well House Manor - Python, Lua, Tcl and C/C++ continue at The Spa, Melksham
mouthweekly0.814[link] Melksham trial train service is to be made permanent
mouthweekly0.814[link] Hungarian, Camel, Snake and Kebab - variable naming conventions
mouthweekly0.814[link] Training course and hotel room prices - 2016
mouthweekly0.814[link] Equality (in Python)
mouthweekly0.814[link] PC Plod - alive and scaremongering in Wiltshire?
mouthweekly0.799[link] The TransWilts Community Intergrated Transport Corridor
mouthweekly0.799[link] Buses in Wiltshire - potential changes and where we stand at the moment
mouthweekly0.799[link] Rumours of bus changes by First in Wiltshire - what we know and suspect
mouthweekly0.799[link] The story behind the bus cuts, and what they could mean
mouthweekly0.799[link] Campaigning for a sensible bus solution and not against anyone!
mouthweekly0.799[link] Remember to ask the question before you listen for the answer
mouthweekly0.799[link] Melksham Rail Development Group becoming Melksham Rail Users Group
mouthweekly0.799[link] The end of competition on a bus route - the effects from then end of the 234
mouthweekly0.799[link] Buses - how did we get into the situation we are in?
mouthweekly0.799[link] Saudi Arabia or Weymouth?
mouthweekly0.799[link] How are bus support payments currently calculated?
mouthweekly0.799[link] Web Server Admin - some of those things that happen, and solutions
mouthweekly0.799[link] Why is bus funding a much hotter topic than a new set of traffic lights?
mouthweekly0.799[link] Separating detailed data code from the main application - Ruby example
mouthweekly0.799[link] Starting MySQL. ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file - how we fixed it.
mouthweekly0.799[link] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 5 (services and prices)
mouthweekly0.799[link] Object and Static methods - what is the difference; example in Python 3
mouthweekly0.799[link] Getting to the Royal United Hospital - the Hopper and the alternatives
mouthweekly0.799[link] Learning to program - what are algorithms and design patterns?
mouthweekly0.799[link] Identifying the first and last records in a sequence
mouthweekly0.799[link] Regular Expressions for the petrified - in Ruby
mouthweekly0.799[link] Running shell (operating system) commands from within Ruby
mouthweekly0.799[link] What would the Wiltshire Council bus cuts mean for Melksham?
mouthweekly0.799[link] From last July (2015)
mouthweekly0.799[link] Pressure selling in the fire safety business
mouthweekly0.799[link] Easy data to object mapping (csv and Python)
mouthweekly0.799[link] What is happening on the 231 bus? What are you going to do about it?
mouthweekly0.799[link] A small teaching program - demonstration of principles only
mouthweekly0.799[link] Associative objects - one object within another.
mouthweekly0.799[link] Caching results in an object for efficiency - avoiding re-calculation
mouthweekly0.799[link] Singleton design pattern - examples and uses
mouthweekly0.799[link] Moving from mysql to mysqli - simple worked example
mouthweekly0.799[link] Ruby training, half a world away
mouthweekly0.799[link] Where does Ruby load modules from, and how to load from current directory
mouthweekly0.799[link] Designing a base class and subclasses, and their extension, in C++
mouthweekly0.799[link] Wiltshire Supported Bus consultation - final few days
mouthweekly0.799[link] Spring at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.799[link] Identifying and clearing denial of service attacks on your Apache server
mouthweekly0.799[link] Learning to program in Java - yes, we can help.
mouthweekly0.799[link] Regression testing - via a very short C testing framework
mouthweekly0.799[link] Encapsulating logic in functions and structs - the C approach to Object Oriented techniques
mouthweekly0.799[link] What are callbacks? Why use them? An example in Python
mouthweekly0.799[link] Extracting data from backups to restore selected rows from MySQL tables
mouthweekly0.799[link] Rambling from Westbury
mouthweekly0.799[link] Using an MVC structure - even without a formal framework
mouthweekly0.799[link] Image indexer / thumbnail display scripts in PHP
mouthweekly0.799[link] The changing face of Christmas
mouthweekly0.784[link] Adding a PHP build option, rotating an image based on camera data, and a new look at thumbnails in PHP
mouthweekly0.784[link] Happy New Year. Our customers are our ambassadors
mouthweekly0.784[link] Setting up and tearing down with the Python with keyword
mouthweekly0.784[link] A Java servlet that is also a stand alone program. And a server that is also a web client.
mouthweekly0.784[link] Breich Station - current pictures, and future options
mouthweekly0.784[link] Profiling your Python program
mouthweekly0.784[link] FileMaker Day to Unix Time conversion
mouthweekly0.784[link] Perl 6 - a Practical Extraction and Reporting example!
mouthweekly0.784[link] The principle of mocking - and the Python Mock package
mouthweekly0.784[link] What is the difference between a function and a method?
mouthweekly0.784[link] Selecting RECENT and POPULAR news and trends for your web site users
mouthweekly0.784[link] Principles or a GUI and their practical application using wxPthon
mouthweekly0.784[link] Testing your new class - first steps with cucumber
mouthweekly0.784[link] A quiet Sunday afternoon
mouthweekly0.784[link] Working out distance between places, using OS grid references and a program in Tcl
mouthweekly0.784[link] A near-empty plate of pastries - sign of a breakfast enjoyed
mouthweekly0.784[link] Learning how to be a more effective community partner
mouthweekly0.784[link] Lua - using modules to add your own utilities
mouthweekly0.784[link] Updating image labels
mouthweekly0.784[link] Conditional operators in Python
mouthweekly0.784[link] To Oceanside and San Clemente Pier
mouthweekly0.784[link] When to check an object type - Python isinstance example
mouthweekly0.784[link] Loving programming in Python - and ready to teach YOU how
mouthweekly0.784[link] Extending your bash shell with aliases, functions and extra commands
mouthweekly0.784[link] TransWilts - robust these days - no longer the first service to be cancelled
mouthweekly0.784[link] Convering from Python 2 to Python 3 - an update, and the 2to3 utility
mouthweekly0.784[link] Welcome to July. Picture labelling continues!
mouthweekly0.784[link] Thurday images
mouthweekly0.784[link] Image library - labelling continues!
mouthweekly0.784[link] Further picture labelling!
mouthweekly0.784[link] Third and final set of older picture for today
mouthweekly0.784[link] Labelling images
mouthweekly0.784[link] Lua, Tcl, Python, C and C++ courses - at our Melksham HQ or on your site - forward from July 2017
mouthweekly0.784[link] Three months in community rail pictures
mouthweekly0.784[link] Some thoughts on the closure proposal for Breich station
mouthweekly0.784[link] Rotary Talk, 25/7/2017
mouthweekly0.784[link] Learning from travelling further afield
mouthweekly0.784[link] Our changing world
mouthweekly0.784[link] Japanese and Malaysian food in Melksham
mouthweekly0.784[link] Philosophy behind object design - and how I applied in to a Java example
mouthweekly0.784[link] From single block to structure and object oriented programming
mouthweekly0.784[link] Back and continuing to feed pictures!
mouthweekly0.784[link] Thin application, thick objects - keep you main code simple. Example in Ruby
mouthweekly0.784[link] Not wanted here - hotel guests who will not be happy
mouthweekly0.784[link] Looking forward to the autumn.
mouthweekly0.784[link] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - my final Presidents report
mouthweekly0.784[link] Melksham - two small townships, or one big one?
mouthweekly0.784[link] Mapping an array / list without a loop - how to do it in Perl 6
mouthweekly0.784[link] Why you should vote for Lisa in Melksham Central
mouthweekly0.784[link] From and Import in Python - where is the module loaded from?
mouthweekly0.784[link] More pictures - final labelling set for today
mouthweekly0.784[link] Classes and object - first steps in Perl 6
mouthweekly0.784[link] Still teaching Tcl in 2016?
mouthweekly0.784[link] Which (virtual) host was visited? Tuning Apache log files, and Python analysis
mouthweekly0.784[link] Introspecion in Perl 6
mouthweekly0.784[link] TransWilts / Press and Publicity report for AGM / 30th January 2015
mouthweekly0.784[link] Finding sum, minimum, maximum and average in Python (and Ruby)
mouthweekly0.784[link] Java web application for teaching - now with sessions and clustering / load balancing demonstrations
mouthweekly0.784[link] The spirit of Java - delegating to classes
mouthweekly0.784[link] Checking MySQL database backups have worked (not failed)
mouthweekly0.784[link] Some thoughts on 2017, and looking forward to 2018
mouthweekly0.784[link] 2017 - the final six months
mouthweekly0.784[link] GW franchise - my response
mouthweekly0.784[link] Perl, PHP, Python, Lua, Tcl, C++, Ruby - final public courses for 2015
mouthweekly0.784[link] Sale of effects and furniture - 12th and 13th August 2017
mouthweekly0.784[link] A big change in August
mouthweekly0.784[link] Saturday morning at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.784[link] A good example of recursion - a real use in Python
mouthweekly0.784[link] Course dates - from October 2016 to December 2017
mouthweekly0.784[link] Buses - not about the buses, but about the people who use the buses
mouthweekly0.784[link] Back in the saddle again - excellent open source course from Well House Consultants
mouthweekly0.784[link] Moderation - and the tendency to over-moderate
mouthweekly0.784[link] Java Utility class - flexible replacement for array. Also cacheing in objects and multiple catch clauses example.
mouthweekly0.784[link] We not only teach PHP and Python - we teach good PHP and Python Practice!
mouthweekly0.784[link] Pictures for Wednesday
mouthweekly0.784[link] Coverage map in Tcl - how many times has each proc been called?
mouthweekly0.784[link] Image feed for Tuesday ...
mouthweekly0.784[link] A second batch of images for today
mouthweekly0.784[link] Variables, Pointers and References - C and C++
mouthweekly0.784[link] Catching up on labelling more images
mouthweekly0.784[link] Progress on moving from Python 2 to Python 3 - training for both versions
mouthweekly0.784[link] Writing Python 2 such that Python 3 is easy
mouthweekly0.784[link] Left shift operator on an output stream object - C++
mouthweekly0.770[link] Moving from C to C++ - Structured to Object Oriented - a lesson for engineers
mouthweekly0.770[link] Working out the costs of running a bus service through the day
mouthweekly0.770[link] Training Course schedule for summer and autumn 2016
mouthweekly0.770[link] PHP training - refreshed modern course, backed up by years of practical experience
mouthweekly0.770[link] Hello Flask world / Python web micro framework
mouthweekly0.770[link] Election results - what if we had a party list system?
mouthweekly0.770[link] People matter - but there is a tradeoff between different people in there
mouthweekly0.770[link] TransWilts Community Interest Company AGM - 13 Feb 2016, Swindon
mouthweekly0.770[link] Chippenham to Salisbury by public transport - what we have and what we could have
mouthweekly0.770[link] Should we get an AA or Visit Wiltshire hotel assessment?
mouthweekly0.770[link] A brilliant finish to 2014 training and business guests, and a look to 2015
mouthweekly0.770[link] Rosslare to Fishguard - foot passenger on the ferry
mouthweekly0.770[link] What FGW passengers want to talk about / and PHP programming to find out
mouthweekly0.770[link] Home in Melksham to Gatwick Airport - easy by public transport
mouthweekly0.770[link] Testing in Python 3 - unittest, doctest and __name__ == __main__ too.
mouthweekly0.770[link] Reading in XML in Ruby with xmlsimple
mouthweekly0.770[link] Leopardstown to Rosslare by train
mouthweekly0.770[link] Reading from a URL, and reading Json, from your Tcl script
mouthweekly0.770[link] Exceptions in Ruby - throwing, catching and using
mouthweekly0.770[link] Sorting in Python 3 - and how it differs from Python 2 sorting
mouthweekly0.770[link] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 3
mouthweekly0.770[link] Keyboard reader for Java programming newcomers
mouthweekly0.770[link] Making travel time useful time on public transport
mouthweekly0.770[link] String handling in C - new examples of extracting integers from a string
mouthweekly0.770[link] Supported Bus Services in Wiltshire - analysis of written-in comments
mouthweekly0.770[link] The Weymouth Wizard - Saturdays in August from Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.770[link] Prining a pound sign from Python AND running from the command line at the same time
mouthweekly0.770[link] On the problems of a printed train timetable
mouthweekly0.770[link] Alternating valuses / flip-flop / toggle - example in Ruby
mouthweekly0.770[link] Significant work - beyond helloworld in Ruby
mouthweekly0.770[link] Processing data line by line - iterator in Ruby with yield
mouthweekly0.770[link] Ruby testing with RSpec - a new example
mouthweekly0.770[link] In your room at Well House Manor, Melksham, Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.770[link] The end, or the start?
mouthweekly0.770[link] Catching failed commands and not crashing the program in Tcl
mouthweekly0.770[link] Unique word locator - Python dict example
mouthweekly0.770[link] Sometimes you wonder about people. And perhaps you should not.
mouthweekly0.770[link] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 1
mouthweekly0.770[link] Json load from URL, recursive display, Python 3.4
mouthweekly0.770[link] Month, Day, Year number to day of week and month names in Python - English and Swedish
mouthweekly0.770[link] Programming with random numbers - yet re-using the same values for testing
mouthweekly0.770[link] Newark to New York - the PATH suburban railway
mouthweekly0.770[link] Unittest of a Flask application including forms
mouthweekly0.770[link] Neighbourhood Plan - travel and transport thoughts
mouthweekly0.770[link] Yesterday, Weymouth
mouthweekly0.770[link] No cold sales calls please - but delighted to hear from others!
mouthweekly0.770[link] Learning to program sample program - past its prime, but still useful
mouthweekly0.770[link] Wiltshire supported bus service consultation, early 2016 - interim results published
mouthweekly0.770[link] Misusing statistics? - the seedy side of election campaigning
mouthweekly0.770[link] Ruby - the second rung of learning the language
mouthweekly0.770[link] Flask and unittest - hello web app test world
mouthweekly0.770[link] Around the world from Melksham
mouthweekly0.770[link] Mallory Place bus stop - services to Bath
mouthweekly0.770[link] Swindon, Chippenham and Melksham - day trips by train to Weymouth start for 2016
mouthweekly0.770[link] Simple C structs - building up to full, dynamic example
mouthweekly0.770[link] Effect on external factors on traffic to our web sites - an update
mouthweekly0.770[link] Frosty morning, beauty of Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.770[link] Melksham Rail Development Group - a celebration of 20 years
mouthweekly0.770[link] Flexible public courses - residential or commuting, programming newcomer or experienced, C or C++
mouthweekly0.770[link] Fishguard to Melksham - third part of Dublin journey
mouthweekly0.770[link] Upcoming election - Chippenham Constituency - the major candidates compared
mouthweekly0.770[link] Lisa writes - on the referendum vote today
mouthweekly0.770[link] Almost so wrong, but perhaps it's right for some?
mouthweekly0.770[link] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 2
mouthweekly0.770[link] Test driven development, and class design, from first principles (using C++)
mouthweekly0.770[link] Recursion in Python - the classic example
mouthweekly0.770[link] Obfurscated code - it might work, but is it maintainable?
mouthweekly0.770[link] Course Schedule - October 2015 to June 2016
mouthweekly0.770[link] Sorting a dict in Python
mouthweekly0.770[link] Who was Doctor Beeching and what was his axe?
mouthweekly0.770[link] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 4
mouthweekly0.770[link] Annual review of Melksham Matters for Chamber of Commerce AGM
mouthweekly0.756[link] Formatting and outputting your own classes in C++
mouthweekly0.756[link] Graphing presentations in Python - huge data, numpy and matplotlib
mouthweekly0.756[link] Additional Python courses added to our schedule
mouthweekly0.756[link] Challenging the IT course business model
mouthweekly0.756[link] Well House Consultants - course prices for 2014
mouthweekly0.756[link] Scenario outlines - tables of values to test - in Gherkin / Cucumber
mouthweekly0.756[link] Buffet review - taking the price into account
mouthweekly0.756[link] Happy Christmas from the Well House Manor team
mouthweekly0.756[link] Is the RUH hopper a limited, duplicate service running unnecessarily and at high cost?
mouthweekly0.756[link] Using Perl 6 to analyse and report on data
mouthweekly0.756[link] Build up classes into applications sharing data types in Ruby
mouthweekly0.756[link] Running an operating system command from your Python program - the new way with the subprocess module
mouthweekly0.756[link] Management view - TransWilts and transport at the end of 2015
mouthweekly0.756[link] repeat until in Lua - a one or more rather than a zero or more loop
mouthweekly0.756[link] Questions for First (West of England)
mouthweekly0.756[link] Binomial Coefficient (Pascal Triangle) objects in Java
mouthweekly0.756[link] Java -making sure you have the right versions
mouthweekly0.756[link] Commenting out an echo killed my bash backup script
mouthweekly0.756[link] Call for help counting passengers - TransWilts, 12th to 14th December
mouthweekly0.756[link] What is make? What is gcc?
mouthweekly0.756[link] Objects - from physical to virtual or abstract - Java
mouthweekly0.756[link] Rail electrification - far, far too optimistic so over budget and late
mouthweekly0.756[link] Fixing damaged MySQL tables - Error 1712 and Error 2013
mouthweekly0.756[link] XML handling in Python - a new teaching example using etree
mouthweekly0.756[link] Keeping you Tkinter display up to date while monitoring
mouthweekly0.756[link] Function prototype - what they are and why you should use them - C and C++
mouthweekly0.756[link] Passing information into functions in C - by name, by value
mouthweekly0.756[link] Classic style OO code - in Lua
mouthweekly0.756[link] Hello World in C++ - a first program, with the process explained
mouthweekly0.756[link] Allocation of memory for objects in C++ - Stack v Heap
mouthweekly0.756[link] Reaction in Radstock to new First bus prices
mouthweekly0.756[link] RUH Hopper - experience and thoughts forward
mouthweekly0.756[link] Python examples - updates under way
mouthweekly0.756[link] An update - Melksham Link Canal and river
mouthweekly0.756[link] Flexibility in input - read from file, web resource or keyboard
mouthweekly0.756[link] How healthy are the stars of stage and screen?
mouthweekly0.756[link] Looking Forward - TransWilts Community Rail Partnership and TransWilts CIC
mouthweekly0.756[link] Binary data handling - Python and Perl
mouthweekly0.756[link] Improved test in Cucumber with RSpec
mouthweekly0.756[link] Java - converting an integer to a fixed length string
mouthweekly0.756[link] Cucumber example - test::unit, scenario outlines, datafile driven test
mouthweekly0.756[link] Guide exercise to help you learn Gherkin, Cucumber and Rspec
mouthweekly0.756[link] Even more images!
mouthweekly0.756[link] Backup procedures - via backup server
mouthweekly0.756[link] Bash ... some new scripts to - handling user input
mouthweekly0.756[link] Regression Testing my website - Cucumber and Watir
mouthweekly0.756[link] Strings in C - strncmp strncpy and friends
mouthweekly0.756[link] 21 places to get your train and bus timetables for TransWilts
mouthweekly0.756[link] Images ... continued
mouthweekly0.756[link] Hello World - in Perl 6
mouthweekly0.756[link] Perl - version 6 - official version launched at Christmas
mouthweekly0.756[link] Refactoring Perl applications to give them a rosy future
mouthweekly0.756[link] Moving on from Sunnyside and Devizes
mouthweekly0.756[link] Spike solution, refactoring into encapsulated object methods - good design practise
mouthweekly0.756[link] Easy example - data record to object and object to data record mapping in Ruby
mouthweekly0.756[link] Happy Christmas - and a Christmas thought
mouthweekly0.756[link] Clarrissa-Marybelle - too long to really fit?
mouthweekly0.756[link] RUby - loading, using, changing, storing JSON format data
mouthweekly0.756[link] Behaviour and test driven development in Ruby using RSpec
mouthweekly0.756[link] RSpec - Ruby testing (stand alone example / no cucumber)
mouthweekly0.756[link] Accessing a MySQL database from Python with mysql.connector
mouthweekly0.756[link] Everything is a string - even a list
mouthweekly0.756[link] A comparison of the public transport alternatives to the Royal United Hospital, Bath - from Melksham.
mouthweekly0.756[link] Lua - changes to how integers and floats are handled - 5.2 to 5.3
mouthweekly0.756[link] Mutable v Immuatble objects in Python, and the implication
mouthweekly0.756[link] Method, Class, Module, Package - how to they relate in Python?
mouthweekly0.756[link] Reading command line parameters in Python
mouthweekly0.756[link] Pytest - starting example
mouthweekly0.756[link] Python formatting update - including named completions
mouthweekly0.756[link] shell - bash. Writing conditional tests and statements - the options available
mouthweekly0.756[link] Reviewing TransWilts performance 2015-16
mouthweekly0.756[link] Different views of a Welsh Valley - but headed home
mouthweekly0.756[link] The Campus in Melksham - name, logo, and livery choice
mouthweekly0.756[link] Tables with values and code in Lua - looks like an object?
mouthweekly0.756[link] A Welsh valley - what the transport looks like in 2015
mouthweekly0.756[link] Test framework for TCL - Tcltest - some examples
mouthweekly0.756[link] Pytest - second example beyond hello world
mouthweekly0.756[link] Sorting by key or by comparator - Perl 6
mouthweekly0.756[link] Not standing as your local councillor
mouthweekly0.756[link] Deciding whether to use parameters, conditional statements or subclasses
mouthweekly0.741[link] Welcoming genuine forum posters quickly - but turning away off topic advertisers
mouthweekly0.741[link] Loading packages in your Tcl program
mouthweekly0.741[link] Shuffling a list - Ruby and Python
mouthweekly0.741[link] Python base and inherited classes, test harness and unit testing - new examples
mouthweekly0.741[link] Sockets, time handling and keyboard interrupt handling in C
mouthweekly0.741[link] Does a for loop evaluate its end condition once, or on every iteration?
mouthweekly0.741[link] Java - an update of the basics
mouthweekly0.741[link] Test Driven Development - a first example of principle in C
mouthweekly0.741[link] Why has the hourly Chippenham to Trowbridge train been withdrawn?
mouthweekly0.741[link] Final examples for 2014 - and a look at our 2015 training course options
mouthweekly0.741[link] Open source programming courses - October to December 2015
mouthweekly0.741[link] Well House Consultants / Well House Manor - Prices for 2015
mouthweekly0.741[link] Flowchart to program - learning to program with Well House
mouthweekly0.741[link] Flask - first forms and responses with wtforms
mouthweekly0.741[link] PHP - some quick fixes if scripts have issues, and how to use our support
mouthweekly0.741[link] Does Santa Claus need a CRB check?
mouthweekly0.741[link] Problem ... I want to print a series of numbered forms
mouthweekly0.741[link] Looking ahead on the blog
mouthweekly0.741[link] Getting people to and from Melksham Station - not 20 but 700 times a day
mouthweekly0.741[link] TransWilts public transport corridor
mouthweekly0.741[link] A behaviour driven example of writing a Java program
mouthweekly0.741[link] What and where are the Azores?
mouthweekly0.741[link] Routing in Flask
mouthweekly0.741[link] How to avoid too many recalculations within an object
mouthweekly0.741[link] Flask - complete MVC site to navigate around a data set
mouthweekly0.741[link] Defining the behaviour of your web site and testing that it works
mouthweekly0.741[link] Four in a Bed - most popular answers
mouthweekly0.741[link] Passing arrays into functions in C
mouthweekly0.741[link] Sunday train times - 17th May to 6th September 2015
mouthweekly0.741[link] Monday to Friday / TransWilts train times from 18 May to 11th December 2015
mouthweekly0.741[link] An example of Model-View-Controller techniques in a Perl / CGI script
mouthweekly0.741[link] Behaviour Driven Development / Ruby and Cucumber
mouthweekly0.741[link] Catching up on a week all in a single post (?)
mouthweekly0.741[link] Ruby - where one statement ends and the next begins
mouthweekly0.741[link] Separating your code for easier testing, understanding and re-use; example in Ruby
mouthweekly0.741[link] Forgotten / lost MySQL root password
mouthweekly0.741[link] Tcl - a new example for data reformatting
mouthweekly0.741[link] What does Tcl do if you try to run a command that is not defined?
mouthweekly0.741[link] In favour of adoption rather than puppy purchase - dogs!
mouthweekly0.741[link] Server program written in Tcl using sockets
mouthweekly0.741[link] Peak weekend - where there are still rooms near Melksham
mouthweekly0.741[link] example of SQLite using a local database file through SQLalchemy
mouthweekly0.741[link] SQLAlchemy - first examples with a Python Object Relationship Mapping system
mouthweekly0.741[link] Crossing between continents
mouthweekly0.741[link] Sessions in flask
mouthweekly0.741[link] Jinja2 - Flask templating
mouthweekly0.741[link] Flask - calling in the templating engine
mouthweekly0.741[link] Servlet v JSP (Java Server Page). What is the difference?
mouthweekly0.741[link] An update - and my absence in recent weeks
mouthweekly0.741[link] Pictures from around Rekjavik
mouthweekly0.741[link] Yesterday - off on leg one of our holiday
mouthweekly0.741[link] Are administration / review charges on hotel guests acceptable?
mouthweekly0.741[link] Day trip to Lancaster
mouthweekly0.741[link] Wiltshire Police - assuming someone is guilty just on the say-so of a member of the public?
mouthweekly0.741[link] Politics and the railway the connects Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.741[link] Celebration pictures, year 1
mouthweekly0.741[link] Segmentation Fault, Segmentation Violation, Bus Error, Stack Smashing
mouthweekly0.741[link] Learning from the others - Community Rail
mouthweekly0.741[link] Rail Conference, Nottingham
mouthweekly0.741[link] TransWilts Link - meeting notes from 19th October
mouthweekly0.741[link] The Royal Albert Bridge as you do not normally see it
mouthweekly0.741[link] People in New York
mouthweekly0.741[link] Seeing Christmas Coming to Melksham
mouthweekly0.741[link] Java - factory method, encapsulation, hashmap example
mouthweekly0.741[link] Election day, 2015
mouthweekly0.741[link] Taking my life in my hands in Swansea
mouthweekly0.741[link] Perl - still a very effective language indeed for extracting and reporting
mouthweekly0.741[link] New car park at Melksham Station - ideal for commuters from Seend, Hilperton, Yarnbrook and Holt
mouthweekly0.741[link] Requests in Flask
mouthweekly0.741[link] Swindon to Westbury train services - Saturdays from 23rd May 2015
mouthweekly0.741[link] Black dog day - and Bobby still seeks his new home
mouthweekly0.727[link] Java Inheritance example - group of classes - step by step
mouthweekly0.727[link] Campus - about the logos / way marks you have been choosing from
mouthweekly0.727[link] Test Driven Development in Python - Customer Comes First
mouthweekly0.727[link] Melksham Community Campus - which of these potential signs do you like?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Talk and walk to promote train service - Melksham Carnival
mouthweekly0.727[link] Seventh stay away this year - and it's still only February!
mouthweekly0.727[link] Facebook marketing - early experiences
mouthweekly0.727[link] TransWilts CRP - walking in Melksham Carnival
mouthweekly0.727[link] Want to help us improve transport in Wiltshire? Here is how!
mouthweekly0.727[link] Shell - Grep - Sed - Awk - Perl - Python - which to use when?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Preparing data through a little bit of Perl
mouthweekly0.727[link] Using object orientation for non-physical objects
mouthweekly0.727[link] Images of our rail promotion campaign
mouthweekly0.727[link] Json is the new marshall, pickle and cPickle / Python
mouthweekly0.727[link] Elements of an exception in Python - try, except, else, finally
mouthweekly0.727[link] The unbalanced relationship between customer and provider
mouthweekly0.727[link] Chippenham - Melksham - Trowbridge, public transport over Easter (2014)
mouthweekly0.727[link] A booking that looks too good to be true? It probably is too good to be true!
mouthweekly0.727[link] Python - even named code blocks are objects
mouthweekly0.727[link] Change to Libel and Defamation laws from 1st January 2014
mouthweekly0.727[link] Pictures of Melksham Heritage Discovery Fair
mouthweekly0.727[link] Can a legitimate forum post become illegal a year later?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Upgrading our training systems to all the current stable versions
mouthweekly0.727[link] Well House Consultants - Public Training Course times for 2014
mouthweekly0.727[link] Reading files, and using factories to create vectors of objects from the data in C++
mouthweekly0.727[link] Wind Turbines - beauty or menace?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Interview conditions,and other instructions to staff
mouthweekly0.727[link] Overnight accommodation in Melksham - if Well House Manor is full!
mouthweekly0.727[link] Eurpoean Elections, and other elections ahead. Some thoughts on campaigns and policies
mouthweekly0.727[link] Teaching CodeIgniter - MVC and PHP
mouthweekly0.727[link] Managing the window size (and layout) in Tcl/Tk
mouthweekly0.727[link] If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Java example - for loop and conditionals from course exercise
mouthweekly0.727[link] Splitting Java strings and extracting numbers
mouthweekly0.727[link] The Best Bed and Breakfast in Melksham?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Using the lead - passing arrays and other collections in Java
mouthweekly0.727[link] Python - an interesting application
mouthweekly0.727[link] Setting up and using a dict in Python - simple first example
mouthweekly0.727[link] Global Regular Expression matching in Ruby (using scan)
mouthweekly0.727[link] Installing Cucumber on Ubuntu - cannot load such file -- mkmf (LoadError) message
mouthweekly0.727[link] Second step Cucumber and Gherkin - beyond Hello World
mouthweekly0.727[link] Installing Cucumber (Ruby)
mouthweekly0.727[link] Tcl variable names - no real limits!
mouthweekly0.727[link] A new Tcl/tk example - a window to show system status
mouthweekly0.727[link] Objects in Tcl - iTcl - updated first steps example
mouthweekly0.727[link] Dot or Colon separator between table name and member in Lua - what is the difference?
mouthweekly0.727[link] Metatables, Metamethods, classes and objects in Lua
mouthweekly0.727[link] Sending a message to the server and changing text on a page when a button is pressed
mouthweekly0.727[link] Crisp morning, fast run
mouthweekly0.727[link] A first graph with Matplotlib in Python
mouthweekly0.727[link] Location, location location. And a chance of a giggle!
mouthweekly0.727[link] Sharing my personal best of 2013
mouthweekly0.727[link] Combining tests into suites, and suites into bigger suites - Python and unittest
mouthweekly0.713[link] Reading and checking user inputs - first lessons - Ruby
mouthweekly0.713[link] 20 minutes in to our 15 minutes of fame
mouthweekly0.713[link] Arrays in Java - an introduction for newcomers
mouthweekly0.713[link] Four time target - good news. Four time prediction - poor forecasting.
mouthweekly0.713[link] Learning to Program - how we start to teach you at Well House Consultants
mouthweekly0.713[link] Writing the perfect program in Tcl?
mouthweekly0.713[link] Spike solution, refactored and reusable, Python - Example
mouthweekly0.713[link] A radical proposal - a cheap and effective way to provide home to city commuter transport
mouthweekly0.713[link] Well House Consultants, Well House Manor, First Great Western Coffee shop, TransWilts / 2014 web site reports
mouthweekly0.713[link] Officially overcrowded in the first year
mouthweekly0.713[link] Multiple yields and no loops in a Python generator?
mouthweekly0.713[link] Python varables - checking existance, and call by name or by value?
mouthweekly0.713[link] Really Simple Class and Inheritance example in Python
mouthweekly0.713[link] Python - comparison of old and new string formatters
mouthweekly0.713[link] A little thing can make a big difference
mouthweekly0.713[link] Handling JSON in Python (and a csv, marshall and pickle comparison)
mouthweekly0.713[link] A year of rail memories!
mouthweekly0.713[link] Please do not ask me to be the chair!
mouthweekly0.713[link] TransWilts train services - up from 2 to 8 per day
mouthweekly0.713[link] Musings on a Welsh town
mouthweekly0.713[link] Bank Holiday Monday - pictures of a great train trip to Weymouth
mouthweekly0.713[link] Why are bus fares so high?
mouthweekly0.713[link] Excellent Railfuture conference, but some setup lessons
mouthweekly0.713[link] Clear, concise examples - Ruby classes and objects.
mouthweekly0.713[link] Moving community rail support from amateur to professional
mouthweekly0.713[link] Libre Office - unable to get past REOPEN WINDOWS? question
mouthweekly0.713[link] Rooms available tonight - how to code an algorithm from first principles
mouthweekly0.713[link] Collections in Python - list tuple dict and string.
mouthweekly0.713[link] Melksham Campus - how is it going - October 2014
mouthweekly0.713[link] Tell me a bit about Melksham
mouthweekly0.713[link] Good, stable, reliable local businesses
mouthweekly0.713[link] Wedding Reception preps at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.713[link] My pictures of Melksham Carnival, 13th July 2013
mouthweekly0.713[link] A quiet evening in Melksham - awaiting Santa
mouthweekly0.713[link] Melksham to London by train - dont buy more than you need
mouthweekly0.713[link] Web Frameworks - nested templates
mouthweekly0.713[link] Misty Melksham Morning
mouthweekly0.713[link] Too many Staffies, too many lurchers
mouthweekly0.713[link] Regular Expression Substitution - Tcl
mouthweekly0.713[link] A hidden hotel gem in Melksham
mouthweekly0.713[link] Tcl + Tk (Wish) - an introduction and revision example
mouthweekly0.713[link] What can you and I learn from online quizzes?
mouthweekly0.713[link] A long day on the trains, but a rewarding one
mouthweekly0.713[link] Conditionals, loops and methods in Ruby - a primer with simple examples
mouthweekly0.713[link] Folk music train, Westbury to Swindon round trip, 14th December 2014
mouthweekly0.713[link] Travelling to and from courses - much easier from December 2013
mouthweekly0.713[link] Public courses - Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, C and C++ - autumn 2013 and through 2014
mouthweekly0.713[link] Who are we - Lisa, Graham, Gypsy and Billy
mouthweekly0.713[link] What a difference a year makes
mouthweekly0.713[link] Exception, Lambda, Generator, Slice, Dict - examples in one Python program
mouthweekly0.713[link] Official - Trowbridge and Melksham to London train improvements
mouthweekly0.713[link] First Java Application - calculating the weight of a tablecloth
mouthweekly0.713[link] Special General Meeting, Adoption of Constitution for TransWilts Community Rail Partnership
mouthweekly0.713[link] Sunday is never quiet at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.713[link] Throwing a die - exercise in Ruby
mouthweekly0.713[link] Extended Weekend - but not a quiet one!
mouthweekly0.713[link] Passenger survey at Chippenham - report and pictures
mouthweekly0.713[link] Where are you? How to write a geosensitive application
mouthweekly0.713[link] Melksham to Bath and Zigzag buses - at a turning point?
mouthweekly0.713[link] Why are people using the TransWilts?
mouthweekly0.713[link] TransWilts Trains - running a successful campaign talk
mouthweekly0.713[link] Incrementing a variable in Java - Pre and Post Increment
mouthweekly0.713[link] Splitting out code into name blocks for clarity and reusability
mouthweekly0.713[link] Command line and file handling in C
mouthweekly0.713[link] A long and disappointing evening
mouthweekly0.713[link] Template / design pattern for C++ constructor and accessors
mouthweekly0.713[link] Handling failures / absences of your backend server nicely
mouthweekly0.713[link] C++ in 2 days
mouthweekly0.713[link] Even in the dark of night, the train comes bearing passengers
mouthweekly0.713[link] A THANK YOU to those who have brought the new train service to fruition
mouthweekly0.713[link] TransWilts Community Rail Partnership - formally constituted
mouthweekly0.713[link] Guest Guide for Well House Manor and Melksham
mouthweekly0.713[link] Train and Rail Travel - who runs it and where do I ask questions?
mouthweekly0.713[link] My first official measure - Passenger Entrys and Exits - revisited 9 years later
mouthweekly0.713[link] When I am old, what will worry me?
mouthweekly0.713[link] TransAtlantic crossing - the starter
mouthweekly0.713[link] A request for all of Melksham transport groups to work integrated
mouthweekly0.713[link] Christmas day in Melksham
mouthweekly0.713[link] Melksham Regular Public Transport Map - as at August 2013
mouthweekly0.700[link] Democracy - alive and well with the beauty pagent starting up again
mouthweekly0.700[link] How effective is our publicity?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Future Swindon - Westbury train services. At current level into the future?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Train Online article - ACoRP / TransWilts introduction
mouthweekly0.700[link] Some questions on how our Community Rail Partnership works
mouthweekly0.700[link] Metrics - historic and current TransWilts train use
mouthweekly0.700[link] Train fare look expensive? There may be a cheaper option
mouthweekly0.700[link] National Express replaced by train and by Megabus from Chippenham to London
mouthweekly0.700[link] A different vision for the future
mouthweekly0.700[link] Celebration of the fruits of LSTF, and of the people who have helped and are helping
mouthweekly0.700[link] Making a personal gain from a more expensive business hotel stay
mouthweekly0.700[link] The bedrooms at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.700[link] A Question series posed to Melksham Tourist information
mouthweekly0.700[link] Four in a Bed - the story continues
mouthweekly0.700[link] Updated staff systems helps us look after our customers better
mouthweekly0.700[link] National TV - Melksham - 9th January 2013, Pre-alert.
mouthweekly0.700[link] New Pictures - Melksham Pack Horse Bridge
mouthweekly0.700[link] It always happens to me when I'm in Borehamwood!
mouthweekly0.700[link] Questions from children about Melksham Campus
mouthweekly0.700[link] Open for the new year - Imber
mouthweekly0.700[link] A lovely meal in Swindon - just a short walk from the station
mouthweekly0.700[link] Lazy operators in Lua - what they mean, and examples
mouthweekly0.700[link] A long overdue meeting - a steeping stone towards coordinate transport user inputs
mouthweekly0.700[link] Survey - Journeys
mouthweekly0.700[link] Staveton Halt, former station between Trowbridge and Melksham
mouthweekly0.700[link] Perl design patterns example
mouthweekly0.700[link] How do I post automatically from a PHP script to my Twitter account?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Thin end of the wedge - plan to be thicker in 2014
mouthweekly0.700[link] Riots in Melksham
mouthweekly0.700[link] How should we choose our Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Training around the world - easy payment in pounds Sterling
mouthweekly0.700[link] TV show appearance - how does it effect your web site?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Allocating memory dynamically in a static language like C
mouthweekly0.700[link] Using Python to analyse last years forum logs. Good coding practise discussion.
mouthweekly0.700[link] Some tips and techniques for huge data handling in Python
mouthweekly0.700[link] Storing your intermediate data - what format should you you choose?
mouthweekly0.700[link] More or less back - what happened to our server the other day
mouthweekly0.700[link] Melksham Resident? Commuter? Save yourself 2000 pounds and 100 hours in 2014, and have a better journey!
mouthweekly0.700[link] Why we teach Lua
mouthweekly0.700[link] Weekend breaks by train to Melksham, Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.700[link] Lua courses - an update
mouthweekly0.700[link] On tipping - and the expectation of a tip
mouthweekly0.700[link] A demonstration of how many Python facilities work together
mouthweekly0.700[link] Cacheing class for Python - using a local SQLite database as a key/value store
mouthweekly0.700[link] Five lessons learned or re-learned on my travels
mouthweekly0.700[link] Making use of huge data, object orientation, unit testing and frameworks
mouthweekly0.700[link] JSON from Python - first principles, easy example
mouthweekly0.700[link] Certification
mouthweekly0.700[link] Facebook marketing - who are we reaching?
mouthweekly0.700[link] POETS day at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.700[link] The Horse is back!
mouthweekly0.700[link] Has your Twitter feed stopped working? Switching to their new API
mouthweekly0.700[link] Embedding Lua to perform tailored code at an interval
mouthweekly0.700[link] A comment on comments in PHP
mouthweekly0.700[link] It may be cheaper to buy in bulk
mouthweekly0.700[link] Melksham Rail Link
mouthweekly0.700[link] Splitting the difference with PHP
mouthweekly0.700[link] Broughton Gifford Halt, TransWilts Railway Line
mouthweekly0.700[link] Comparing four VERY different places to stay
mouthweekly0.700[link] TransWilts - first day pictures
mouthweekly0.700[link] Easter Weeks - Melksham to Weymouth
mouthweekly0.700[link] You wait a long time - then buses come in threes. It's timetabled that way!
mouthweekly0.700[link] Taking Greyhounds and Lurchers to London for the day
mouthweekly0.700[link] Line, block and nested comments - Lua compared to other languages
mouthweekly0.700[link] Swindon to Weymouth - by train, the traditional way - 2014
mouthweekly0.700[link] Wiltshire and Melksham Transport - what is going on?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Setting up your MacBook Air as a mobile broadband router
mouthweekly0.700[link] Polishing the Perl courses - updated training
mouthweekly0.700[link] A longer Python ... training course
mouthweekly0.700[link] A bright new gem - updated Ruby training
mouthweekly0.700[link] Where is Melksham Market? In the Market Place, every Tuesday
mouthweekly0.700[link] Shell, Awk, Perl of Python?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Simple OO demonstration in C++, comparison to Python
mouthweekly0.700[link] Introducing your product to Well House Consultants - single, personally tuned email please
mouthweekly0.700[link] Zigzag bus - forward for the future, or decaying service?
mouthweekly0.700[link] An evening in Glasgow
mouthweekly0.700[link] Disambiguation - PHP List
mouthweekly0.700[link] Lacock Halt - former TransWilts Station
mouthweekly0.700[link] Python, PHP, Ruby, C, Lua, etc ... course prices held for the rest of 2014
mouthweekly0.700[link] Updated delegate computers - nine of the best
mouthweekly0.700[link] Mallory Place, The Spa, Wellington Drive, Melksham - a Christmas present for you
mouthweekly0.700[link] Taking the lead, not the dog, for a walk.
mouthweekly0.700[link] Saturday train to Swindon - two weeks in
mouthweekly0.700[link] MVC and Frameworks - a lesson from first principles in PHP
mouthweekly0.700[link] Out of doors (mostly) at Well House in Melksham
mouthweekly0.700[link] Public courses - Autumn 2014 and 2015
mouthweekly0.700[link] Upcoming public courses from Well House Consultants
mouthweekly0.700[link] How well do you know Perl and / or Python?
mouthweekly0.700[link] What is a web framework?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Well House - booking through agents
mouthweekly0.700[link] Using your own laptop on our courses - now even easier!
mouthweekly0.700[link] String formatting in Lua - string.format as a wrapper for sprintf
mouthweekly0.700[link] Passing variable between PHP pages - hidden fields, cookies and sessions
mouthweekly0.700[link] Building up from a small PHP setup to an enterprise one
mouthweekly0.700[link] Should a hotel accept guests who book for just one night?
mouthweekly0.700[link] Over a pound a kilometre - my bus in Weston-super-mare
mouthweekly0.686[link] Web and console - same principle, same code - Ruby example
mouthweekly0.686[link] Three cheers for the staff at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.686[link] Los Angeles - post modern transport system
mouthweekly0.686[link] Frameworks - learning through exploring and understanding data sources
mouthweekly0.686[link] The VERY basics of a web page ... and web site
mouthweekly0.686[link] Melksham Market - every Tuesday
mouthweekly0.686[link] Rail services in Wiltshire - up in the air? We need to say what is best required.
mouthweekly0.686[link] Setting and publishing your hours to suit your customer base
mouthweekly0.686[link] Report on the last year - Melksham Railway Developement Group for Melksham Without Parish Council
mouthweekly0.686[link] New train service - launch plans and timetable links
mouthweekly0.686[link] Draft Westbury - Melksham - Swindon train times, from December 2014
mouthweekly0.686[link] An alternative format for a new train service timetable
mouthweekly0.686[link] Bus times - Melksham to Bath from 28th July 2013
mouthweekly0.686[link] Different perl examples - some corners I rarely explore
mouthweekly0.686[link] From Structured to Object Oriented Programming.
mouthweekly0.686[link] Python or Lua - which should I use / learn?
mouthweekly0.686[link] Inheritance, Composition and Associated objects - when to use which - Python example
mouthweekly0.686[link] A further chance to see Melksham on TV
mouthweekly0.686[link] The important customers are the majority, not the celebrity
mouthweekly0.686[link] Really Simple Rails
mouthweekly0.686[link] Ruby / SQLite3 example program, showing JOIN v LEFT JOIN
mouthweekly0.686[link] Which database should I use? MySQL v SQLite
mouthweekly0.686[link] If elif elif elif - multiway selection in Python
mouthweekly0.686[link] Lists in Tcl - fundamentals in a commented source code example
mouthweekly0.686[link] Coffee Shop in Melksham
mouthweekly0.686[link] The components of an Apache httpd / Tomcat / MySQL stack and what each does
mouthweekly0.686[link] Helping search engines with appropriate 400 error codes
mouthweekly0.686[link] Thun, Switzerland
mouthweekly0.686[link] A fond memory
mouthweekly0.686[link] Welcome to Salford and Oldham
mouthweekly0.686[link] Great beauty, but great natural danger
mouthweekly0.686[link] Travelogue - from the Netherlands to London via Hook and Harwich
mouthweekly0.686[link] A few more trains means a LOT more passengers. Why?
mouthweekly0.686[link] Not treading water, but not risking the ship for a 0.5th of tar either
mouthweekly0.686[link] Mapping road accidents in Melksham and elsewhere too
mouthweekly0.686[link] People WILL walk to the station in Melksham, but they need a path and trains
mouthweekly0.686[link] Booking for Santa, Melksham Railway Development Group, 8th December 2013
mouthweekly0.686[link] Python and Tcl courses, November, UK (Melksham) ... just a few places left
mouthweekly0.686[link] Around and about - Melksham
mouthweekly0.686[link] Reaching a hotel standard where 99% of guests would return - and maintaining that standard
mouthweekly0.686[link] Getting the best hotel rates - customer and hotelier viewpoints
mouthweekly0.686[link] Pimms and Croquet at Well House Manor - 7th September 2013
mouthweekly0.686[link] After the storm
mouthweekly0.686[link] Pimms and Croquet - Melksham Festival of Food and Drink
mouthweekly0.686[link] Herman Miller coming to Melksham - the Chamber of Commerce is briefed
mouthweekly0.686[link] Wedding Photos - Kim Ellis to Kyle Londors, 22nd August 2013
mouthweekly0.686[link] With the Shpigs and Donkeys
mouthweekly0.686[link] International and off island travel from Melksham
mouthweekly0.686[link] Using our non-found page to help look for missing persons
mouthweekly0.686[link] Formatting options in Python
mouthweekly0.686[link] Wedding from Well House Manor - an excellent base in Melksham
mouthweekly0.686[link] Finding all the unique lines in a file, using Python or Perl
mouthweekly0.686[link] A weekend away - Four in a Bed returns to Happy Donkey Hill
mouthweekly0.686[link] What would the extra trains from Melksham mean to your journey?
mouthweekly0.686[link] August Bank Holiday - day out from Melksham to London or Weymouth
mouthweekly0.686[link] The coffee of the Stars comes to Melksham
mouthweekly0.686[link] Looking to the future at Melksham Station
mouthweekly0.686[link] Using a vector within an object - C++
mouthweekly0.686[link] Changing transport and destinations - looking forward to a good future
mouthweekly0.686[link] Exceptionally, I sign a petition - on a life and death issue for Irish dogs
mouthweekly0.686[link] A positive progress behind the scenes
mouthweekly0.686[link] Python functions - an introduction to how they work
mouthweekly0.686[link] A course is not just for a year - its for a career
mouthweekly0.686[link] Exception handling in Tcl
mouthweekly0.686[link] A busy week, and a long flight
mouthweekly0.686[link] Upcoming courses at Well House Manor - Ruby, Python, Perl
mouthweekly0.686[link] From Salford
mouthweekly0.686[link] Annual Accounts - a big job for a small business
mouthweekly0.686[link] New trains for 2014 - Swindon to Westbury. Meetings Melksham, Swindon, Trowbridge, Chippenham and Westbury
mouthweekly0.686[link] Showing what programming errors look like - web site pitfall
mouthweekly0.686[link] Bus changes to Bath - good idea, but I despair at information available
mouthweekly0.686[link] Using web services to access you data - JSON and RESTful services
mouthweekly0.686[link] Improving travel advise information in Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.686[link] Grumbling about trains? Buses can be far worse!
mouthweekly0.686[link] SQL databases from Python - an SQLite example
mouthweekly0.686[link] Cascading Style Sheets and formatting your web page
mouthweekly0.686[link] Endorsed Perl, Python and PHP training - Tcl, Lua, Ruby and C too!
mouthweekly0.673[link] Handling requests to a forum - the background process
mouthweekly0.673[link] An easy way to comply with the new cookie law if your site is well designed
mouthweekly0.673[link] Moving from a warning system to a control system - PHP, forum spammers
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in Python - training course - The fundamentals in depth, and an introduction to applications such as GUI design and Data Munging.
mouthweekly0.673[link] In the hills above Harlech, and on the coast too
coursemonthly0.673[link] Tcl - the Tk Toolkit - training course - The Graphic Application of Tcl through Tk
coursemonthly0.673[link] Tcl Programming - training course - The Tcl programming language, and Expect
coursemonthly0.673[link] PHP Programming - training course - Learn PHP, and its use as a Web-scripting language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to program in PHP - training course - Learn PHP, and its use as a Web-scripting language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Intermediate PHP for the leisure market - training course - A weekend getting the very best out of PHP
coursemonthly0.673[link] Java Bootcamp - training course - An intense course on Java programming, Servlets and JSPs
coursemonthly0.673[link] The MySQL Relational database - training course - Structure, Installation, Administration, Database Design and Programming through SQL
mouthweekly0.673[link] Web server efficiency - saving repetition through caches
coursemonthly0.673[link] Python Programming - training course - The fundamentals in depth, and an introduction to applications such as GUI design and Data Munging.
mouthweekly0.673[link] Teaching OO - how to avoid lots of window switching early on
mouthweekly0.673[link] Melksham Area - Unitary Council results, May 2013
mouthweekly0.673[link] Our day trip by train from Swindon, Chippenham and Melksham to Weymouth
mouthweekly0.673[link] Agenda for Wiltshire Link Travel groups meeting, Saturday 1st December 2012
mouthweekly0.673[link] The painful cost of local travel to Melksham
mouthweekly0.673[link] The woman, the television, the bullock and Darlington
mouthweekly0.673[link] A busy January
mouthweekly0.673[link] Why the long gap?
mouthweekly0.673[link] Do I need to initialise variables - programming in C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby or Java.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Fundamentals of Web Design - training course - Designing a site using HTML and CSS and making it visible on the Internet
mouthweekly0.673[link] Quiet little town? Advanced Technology Centre?
mouthweekly0.673[link] Really good friends - four in a bed!
mouthweekly0.673[link] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - Report for AGM, 21st May 2013
coursemonthly0.673[link] Beginning PHP for the leisure market - training course - Learn how to make you web site more dynamic
mouthweekly0.673[link] Filtering PHP form inputs - three ways, but which should you use?
mouthweekly0.673[link] Multiple page web applications - maintaining state - PHP
mouthweekly0.673[link] Even early on, separate out your program from your HTML!
mouthweekly0.673[link] PHP sessions - a best practice teaching example
mouthweekly0.673[link] Injection Attacks - PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript - and how to neutralise them
mouthweekly0.673[link] Automed web site testing scripted in Ruby using watir-webdriver
mouthweekly0.673[link] Your PHP website - how to factor and refactor to reduce growing pains
mouthweekly0.673[link] Further recent PHP examples
mouthweekly0.673[link] Python Properties - how and why
mouthweekly0.673[link] Seamless, integrated IT - we have a long way to go!
mouthweekly0.673[link] Setting up strings in PHP
mouthweekly0.673[link] Apache httpd - a robust, open source web server
mouthweekly0.673[link] Well House Manor, Melksham - on national TV next week
mouthweekly0.673[link] Private and Public - and things between
mouthweekly0.673[link] Perl Dancer - from installation to your first real application
mouthweekly0.673[link] Arrays in PHP - contain different and even mixed data types
mouthweekly0.673[link] West Coast (of Wales) - railway and stations in pictures
mouthweekly0.673[link] Python network programming - new FTP and socket level examples
mouthweekly0.673[link] Weymouth vis the TransWilts - the day out today
mouthweekly0.673[link] Fancy a day at the seaside? Weymouth from Melksham
mouthweekly0.673[link] The Kernel, Shells and Daemons. Greek Gods in computing
mouthweekly0.673[link] American Circus in Melksham
mouthweekly0.673[link] Quick and easy - showing Python data hander output via a browser
mouthweekly0.673[link] The first Luas of the morning
mouthweekly0.673[link] Soft furnishings up a Welsh Mountain
mouthweekly0.673[link] Identity in Python
mouthweekly0.673[link] A reminder of why we opened Well House Manor for our customers
mouthweekly0.673[link] 10 reasons why I travel the night before a course starts
mouthweekly0.673[link] Expecting nothing, but prepared for anything
mouthweekly0.673[link] Backups by crossover between network centres - setting up automatic scp transfers
mouthweekly0.673[link] Sessions, forms and validation in CodeIgniter - early examples
mouthweekly0.673[link] Train works for me!
mouthweekly0.673[link] Palty or Parliamentary?
mouthweekly0.673[link] Is Lua an Object Oriented language?
mouthweekly0.673[link] Snog, Marry, Avoid
mouthweekly0.673[link] Django - first steps - Updated
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to program in PHP - training course - Learn PHP, and its use as a Web-scripting language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to program in C++ - training course - a conversion course for programmers in other languages
mouthweekly0.673[link] Fancy a weekend away? Try Well House Manor in Melksham, Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.673[link] Identifying your real customers and keeping them well informed fast
mouthweekly0.673[link] TransWilts meeting ...
mouthweekly0.673[link] Sand to Arabia, Coals to Newcastle or Woodburners to Russia
mouthweekly0.673[link] PHP revision ... by example.
mouthweekly0.673[link] How does PHP work?
mouthweekly0.673[link] While, for, foreach or something else to loop.
mouthweekly0.673[link] Learning about Object Orientation in PHP - a new set of examples
mouthweekly0.673[link] Objects in PHP - Revision
mouthweekly0.673[link] A variety of continental breakfasts
mouthweekly0.673[link] Perl Dancer - a Perl Framework - Installation and first test
mouthweekly0.673[link] Ruby - a teaching example showing many of the language features in short but useful program
coursemonthly0.673[link] Getting your public sector data online - training course - The technologies that allow web access.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Custom course - training course - Custom course
mouthweekly0.673[link] Christmas in June? Melksham hotel bookings and Santa train
mouthweekly0.673[link] Early morning - welcoming business and leisure guests to Melksham
mouthweekly0.673[link] Easy pricing, quick and easy checkout
mouthweekly0.673[link] Pushing down the advertised price, pushing up the total price charged.
mouthweekly0.673[link] International Melksham - industry, and beautiful countryside
mouthweekly0.673[link] Spring at Well House Manor - Teas and Coffees, Museum, Garden, Rooms
mouthweekly0.673[link] Melksham - Flower Town
mouthweekly0.673[link] Being an amateur hotel inspector helps me run a professional hotel
mouthweekly0.673[link] Sunday - no longer a day of rest
mouthweekly0.673[link] What might you find at a tiny bed and breakfast?
mouthweekly0.673[link] More things to make sure that we do NOT do ...
mouthweekly0.673[link] Fine evening, country walk from Melksham - pictures
mouthweekly0.673[link] Where are we now? On holiday!
mouthweekly0.673[link] Installing Lua 5.2.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.4
mouthweekly0.673[link] New timetables from 28th July - bus routes 271 and 272
mouthweekly0.673[link] Web site - fully back!
coursemonthly0.673[link] Intermediate Python - training course - Getting the very best of Python for the self-taught and relative newcomer
mouthweekly0.673[link] Extended and Associated objects - what is the difference - C++ example
mouthweekly0.673[link] Melksham welcomes visitors - new blue plaque trail and more
coursemonthly0.673[link] Fundamentals of Web Design - training course - Designing a web site using HTML and CSS and making it visible on the Internet
coursemonthly0.673[link] Java Extra - training course - Subjects not covered on regular public courses!
mouthweekly0.673[link] River nearly bursting its banks in Melksham
mouthweekly0.673[link] Melksham Visitors Map - Bus routes and train lines to and from the town
mouthweekly0.673[link] Public transport for international arrivals into Melksham
mouthweekly0.673[link] Chippenham - Melksham - Trowbridge bus changes next month
coursemonthly0.673[link] Deploying Java applications on Linux and Unix - training course - Learn to install and support applications under Linux/Unix with Apache, Tomcat and MySQL
coursemonthly0.673[link] Deploying Apache and Tomcat - training course - How to source, install, configure and support Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat for the deployment of Java Web Applications.
mouthweekly0.673[link] Whether you have programmed before or not, we can teach you Python
mouthweekly0.673[link] Want to escape the Olympics? Learn to program in the countryside!
coursemonthly0.673[link] Object Oriented programming with PHP - training course - Making best use of PHP in larger applications
coursemonthly0.673[link] Deploying LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL Perl / PHP / Python - training course - Installing and supporting applications under Open Source technologies
coursemonthly0.673[link] Extra Days - training course - Subjects not covered on regular public courses!
coursemonthly0.673[link] Perl Bootcamp - training course - The fundamentals of the language.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Programming in C - training course - Conversion to C for experienced programmers.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in C - training course - For delegates with no prior programming experience
coursemonthly0.673[link] C++ for C Programmers - training course - Learn Object Orientation and the C++ language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Java Programming for the Web - training course - Learn to write server- or client-side applications in Java.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Linux Basics - training course - Fundmentals for new users of Linux-based servers.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in Perl - training course - Learning Perl - whether you're new to programming or 'converting'.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Technology for PHP - training course - A lead-in day for our PHP Programming course
coursemonthly0.673[link] Perl for Larger Projects - training course - Objects, huge data, SQL databases, XML, efficiency and other topics.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Perl Programming - training course - Programming Perl - for newcomers to the language
coursemonthly0.673[link] PHP Techniques - training course - Using PHP to write efficient, maintainable web applications.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Using Perl on the Web - training course - CGI, mod-Perl, and other standards. Sessions, cookies, content management, etc.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in Java - training course - Writing Java programs for newcomers to programming.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Lua Programming - training course - Learning to program in Lua and make good use of the language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in Ruby - training course - A Modern, Object Oriented, Portable Scripting language.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Ruby Programming - training course - A Modern, Object Oriented, Portable Scripting language.
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to program in C++ - training course - a conversion course for programmers in other languages
coursemonthly0.673[link] Tcl Programming - training course - The Tcl programming language, and Expect
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in Tcl - training course - The Tcl programming language, and Expect
coursemonthly0.673[link] PHP Programming - training course - Learn PHP, and its use as a Web-scripting language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Perl Programming - training course - Converting to Perl for experienced progarmmers
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to program in Lua - training course - Learning to program in Lua and make good use of the language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Learning to Program in Perl - training course - Learning Perl - whether you're new to programming or 'converting'.
coursemonthly0.673[link] C and C++ Programming - training course - a conversion course for programmers in other languages
coursemonthly0.673[link] Ruby on Rails - training course - The Ruby framework for web applications
coursemonthly0.673[link] Perl Extra - training course - Subjects not covered on regular public courses!
coursemonthly0.673[link] Lua Programming - training course - Learning to program in Lua and make good use of the language
coursemonthly0.673[link] Linux Web Server - training course - Using your Linux system as a Web server with LAMP
coursemonthly0.673[link] The Django Web Framework - training course - Writing web applications, effienctly and maintainable, in Python for the deployment of Java Web Applications.
coursemonthly0.673[link] C and C++ Programming - training course - a conversion course for programmers in other languages
coursemonthly0.673[link] Linux Admin Bootcamp - training course - Looking after your Linux server
coursemonthly0.673[link] Linux Administration - training course - An introduction to System Administration for Web Server admins
coursemonthly0.673[link] Regular Expressions - training course - Making the most of Pattern Matching
mouthweekly0.673[link] Well House Staff Party
mouthweekly0.673[link] Python Programming class for delegates who have already self-taught the basics
mouthweekly0.673[link] Packing a tar, jar or war file - best practise
mouthweekly0.659[link] Evening behind Melksham Spa
mouthweekly0.659[link] stdClass in PHP - using an object rather than an associative array
mouthweekly0.659[link] Learning more about our web site - and learning how to learn about yours
mouthweekly0.659[link] The Accidental Hotelier
mouthweekly0.659[link] Upcoming courses and availabiity
mouthweekly0.659[link] Know Python or PHP? Want to learn Perl too?
mouthweekly0.659[link] Bus times - Chippenham Station to Melksham, with London connections
mouthweekly0.659[link] Plenty to see and do - even in Winter - on a Well House Manor weekend
mouthweekly0.659[link] Melksham Community - Annual Report / MCAP
mouthweekly0.659[link] Curl and curling from PHP
mouthweekly0.659[link] CodeIgniter - an excellent PHP framework with an easy start point
mouthweekly0.659[link] Public Transport across Wiltshire - a new map
mouthweekly0.659[link] Official Star ratings for hotels - still worth having?
mouthweekly0.659[link] A couple of new fast-start PHP examples
mouthweekly0.659[link] Costa Coffee in Melksham - is it a good idea?
mouthweekly0.659[link] What makes Well House Manor different?
mouthweekly0.659[link] Spraying data from one incoming to series of outgoing files in Perl
mouthweekly0.659[link] Naming blocks of code, structures and Object Orientation - efficient coding in manageable chunks
mouthweekly0.659[link] Apple Pressing Day 2012
mouthweekly0.659[link] Django Training Courses - UK
mouthweekly0.659[link] Linux Web Server - User Roles, User Accounts, and shared administration
mouthweekly0.659[link] Melksham to Chippenham (Station) bus services - times and routes
mouthweekly0.659[link] Using Pygments to colour our training examples
mouthweekly0.659[link] Easier public transport from Melksham to Bristol Airport
mouthweekly0.659[link] Distributed, Balanced and Clustered Load Sharing - the difference
mouthweekly0.659[link] Images of Melksham you havent seen before
mouthweekly0.659[link] Tips on Tomcat - moving applications around
mouthweekly0.659[link] Some advise for guest speakers at meetings
mouthweekly0.659[link] Community Transport - Pewsey, Taunton, and the whole picture too
mouthweekly0.659[link] Mixed mode travel - Information systems
mouthweekly0.659[link] Melksham - a town of some remarkable people
mouthweekly0.659[link] How a for loop works Java, Perl and other languages
mouthweekly0.659[link] Five new fans at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.659[link] The Xxxxx Guest House in Xxxxxxxxxxx - my stay reviewed
mouthweekly0.659[link] Art, Catering, Transport - Melksham Campus Elements - reaching local experts
mouthweekly0.659[link] An email marathon
mouthweekly0.659[link] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - join us in our future
mouthweekly0.659[link] Special weekend at Well House Manor - come and see Wiltshire
mouthweekly0.659[link] New guest ... becoming returning guest
mouthweekly0.659[link] Afternoon Teas and Breakfasts at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.659[link] Conference and Meeting Rooms available in Melksham
mouthweekly0.659[link] What is on OUR pond?
mouthweekly0.659[link] The PHP course this week is in... Salford
mouthweekly0.659[link] New bus times - Melksham to Bath
mouthweekly0.659[link] On reading a new hotel review
mouthweekly0.659[link] Formatting output - why we need to, and first Python example
mouthweekly0.659[link] Onward from Brussels
mouthweekly0.659[link] On board Eurostar - a running commentary
mouthweekly0.659[link] Dark mornings, dog update, and Python and Lua courses before Christmas
mouthweekly0.659[link] Learning to use existing classes in Perl
mouthweekly0.659[link] Using Perl to read an RSS feed off a web site and extract data - via LWP and XML modules
mouthweekly0.659[link] Seed Swap at Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.659[link] Report on the last year - Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Melksham Without Parish Council
mouthweekly0.659[link] Wiltshire Public Transport User Group co-ordination
mouthweekly0.659[link] Forwarding a whole domain, except for a few directories - Apache http server
mouthweekly0.659[link] An overpractical test of our backup strategy!
mouthweekly0.659[link] HTML tags uses in these blog articles
mouthweekly0.659[link] Special characters in HTML
mouthweekly0.659[link] Two trains a day ... how many fares to London? Guess!
mouthweekly0.659[link] Over a hundred welcoming businesses - Melksham Town Centre
mouthweekly0.659[link] Red, yellow, green or pink dog? Yellow Dog Project
mouthweekly0.659[link] The Information age - not yet truly with us?
mouthweekly0.659[link] Stripes of Snow
mouthweekly0.659[link] Rooms ready for guests - each time, every time, thanks to good system design
mouthweekly0.659[link] Melksham to Steam in Swindon, by train - great day out
mouthweekly0.659[link] Geekmas 2012 - celebrating open source languages such as Perl, PHP and Python
mouthweekly0.659[link] Backups, Codebase, Strategy and more - dealing with forum incidents
mouthweekly0.659[link] Acceptable User Policy / vexatious interacter
mouthweekly0.659[link] 9 years, and 4000 articles on
mouthweekly0.659[link] Email from Christopher Columbus to announce finding America?
mouthweekly0.659[link] Caching Design Patterns
mouthweekly0.659[link] Business meetings in Melksham - Well House Manor
mouthweekly0.659[link] How to stop forms on other sites submitting to your scripts
mouthweekly0.659[link] The highs and lows of customer service - Cheltenham
mouthweekly0.646[link] Returning guests - a sign of a good product. Cream teas and hotel rooms.
mouthweekly0.646[link] Alan Turing - 1912 to 1954
mouthweekly0.646[link] Programming languages - what are the differences between them?
mouthweekly0.646[link] Our examples work with any recent version of PHP
mouthweekly0.646[link] Solution looking for a problem? Lookahead and Lookbehind
mouthweekly0.646[link] Well House Manor on Four in a Bed - the ongoing story
mouthweekly0.646[link] 2011 Census results - initial figures for Wiltshire.
mouthweekly0.646[link] Picture - between Lacock and Melksham
mouthweekly0.646[link] Ruby v Perl - a comparison example
mouthweekly0.646[link] Some TestWise examples - helping use Ruby code to check your web site operation
mouthweekly0.646[link] Reporting the full stack trace when you catch a Python exception
mouthweekly0.646[link] Multiple identical keys in a Python dict - yes, you can!
mouthweekly0.646[link] Sample answers to training course exercises - available on our web site
mouthweekly0.646[link] Spike solutions and refactoring - a Python example
mouthweekly0.646[link] Getting more than a yes / no answer from a regular expression pattern match
mouthweekly0.646[link] With us for a year already!
mouthweekly0.646[link] vargs in Python - how to call a method with unknown number of parameters
mouthweekly0.646[link] Sigils - the characters on the start of variable names in Perl, Ruby and Fortran
mouthweekly0.646[link] First match or all matches? Perl Regular Expressions
mouthweekly0.646[link] Twerp - A person regarded as insignificant and contemptible
mouthweekly0.646[link] Possessive Regular Expression Matching - Perl, Objective C and some other languages
mouthweekly0.646[link] Legal change - You need to obtain user consent if you use cookies on your website
mouthweekly0.646[link] Arrays of arrays - or 2D arrays. How to program tables.
mouthweekly0.646[link] How many times ... has this loco headed west through Tenby? - Python exceptions
mouthweekly0.646[link] Cruising on the Mersey Ferry?
mouthweekly0.646[link] What is coming up from Well House in 2013 - public Open Source / IT courses.
mouthweekly0.646[link] The Melksham News - July 2012 - Part 1, Campus and Chamber of Commerce
mouthweekly0.646[link] Why do we need a Model, View, Controller architecture?
mouthweekly0.646[link] Zend / layout of MVC and other files in an example application (PHP)
mouthweekly0.646[link] Testing code coverage (have I tested everything?) in PHP
mouthweekly0.646[link] Testing classes for your PHP website with PHPUnit
mouthweekly0.646[link] PHP variables - dynamically typed. What does that mean?
mouthweekly0.646[link] Why you should use objects even for short data manipulation programs in Ruby
mouthweekly0.646[link] Optional positional and named parameters in Python
mouthweekly0.646[link] Learning to program in ...
mouthweekly0.646[link] Finding the total, average, minimum and maximum in a program
mouthweekly0.646[link] When you should use Object Orientation even in a short program - Python example
mouthweekly0.646[link] Ruby Documentation through rdoc
mouthweekly0.646[link] Ruby - standard operators are overloaded. Perl - they are not
mouthweekly0.646[link] Private, Protected, Public in Ruby. What about interfaces and abstract classes in Ruby?
mouthweekly0.646[link] Load path, load and require in Ruby, and a change from 1.8 to 1.9
mouthweekly0.646[link] Hello World - Ruby on Rails - a checklist of each step
mouthweekly0.646[link] Short Web Addresses for Melksham
mouthweekly0.646[link] The week before Christmas
mouthweekly0.646[link] Python timing - when to use a list, and when to use a generator
mouthweekly0.646[link] this or self - what are they, and what is the difference? (Python)
mouthweekly0.646[link] Backquote, backtic, str and repr in Python - conversion object to string
mouthweekly0.646[link] Lisa is home today ...
mouthweekly0.646[link] The Melksham News - July 2012 - Part 2, TransWilts Rail, Wilts and Berks Canal
mouthweekly0.646[link] Google Analytics and the new UK Cookie law
mouthweekly0.646[link] Red sky at night
mouthweekly0.646[link] Weather pictures
mouthweekly0.646[link] Challenge for a photographer
mouthweekly0.646[link] Black dogs at Halloween
mouthweekly0.646[link] Not everyone has a computer - 9 more ways to learn about the Melksham Campus
mouthweekly0.646[link] How much parking should there be at Melksham Campus?
mouthweekly0.646[link] Christmas Bus Schedule for Melksham - First Bus
mouthweekly0.646[link] Melksham Bus Issues - to be raised at First Bus Customer Panel
mouthweekly0.646[link] Exploring the area ... Ynys, near Harlech
mouthweekly0.646[link] The Experience

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