On this day ... what was I blogging and what happened in recent years?

2014Lacock Halt - former TransWilts Station - [read]

2012Stepping through a list (or an array) in reverse order - [read]

2010The World Company Register - is it another scam? - [read]

2009A B C D of GA and TN - [read]

2008All Change, Portsmouth Harbour - [read]

2007PHP adding arrays / summing arrays - [read]

2006Can some food be TOO different? - [read]

2005STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR and DATA - Perl file handles - [read]

2001Russia's orbiting Mir space station plunged into the South Pacific after its 15-years of use..

1999NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana gave formal approval for air strikes against Serbian targets. .

1998Germany's largest bank pledged $3.1 million to Jewish foundations as restitution for Nazi looting. .

1996Taiwan held its first democratic presidential elections. .

1994Luis Donaldo Colosio, Mexico's leading presidential candidate, was assassinated in Tijuana. Mario Aburto Martinez was arrested at the scene and confessed to the killing. .

1993U.N. experts announced that record ozone lows had been registered over a large area of the Western Hemisphere. .

1991Tories launch 'citizen charter'. Failing public service providers will be forced to offer customers cash refunds or face government budget cuts, the Prime Minister announces.

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