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Keynote article ...

What is coming up from Well House in 2013 - public Open Source / IT courses.

We're running public IT courses in Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Tcl, Lua, C and C++. Each of the programming language courses is available in two different forms, depending on the delegate's starting level - there are:
• courses for newcomers to programming, which make no assumption of prior knowledge and cover basic principles as well as the particular language itself,
• courses for delegates with prior programming experience, which allows these delegates to come on a course and start learning new material right from the start.
There are additional courses at a more advance level in PHP, Python and Perl, and also Linux / Web server deployment / Tomcat courses - associated technologies away for delegates who need to look after products and systems written in these open source languages and others, without necessarily needing to know how to do the actual analysis and programming.

All courses are scheduled at least 4 times a year, and the full schedule is published [here]. Some key course features:
• a maximum of 8 delegates ensuring excellent personal attention for the needs of each delegate
• no minimum number - you can book in confidences that course will run
• custom fitted training centre - all the facilities you need for learning
• course notes written by your tutor, who's also a user of the technology himself
• overnight accommodation available at the training centre
From a very "bold" list of slightly unusual features, other things follow and we end up with a product that's distinctly different - and for many delegates much better - in what we provide.

As well as training in our own centre, I occasionaly present or attend courses in other company's training centres, and that gives me an opportunity to learn from others facilities and methods. I can learn from their best principles, and follow those principles where appropriate. And I can also learn what doesn't work, and double-check our product to make sure it doesn't have any similar issues. Giving, or attending, a course that's in a room known as a "Goldilocks Room" (Always too hot or too cold), in a tight urban environment where there's no room outside for parking or inside to relax or even spread out your manual and set up your own laptop, and suffering "death by powerpoint" - where the tutor reads of a series of slides to you as his main delivery - isn't the best learning environment - but I see it provided all too often.

So what can I tell you about our public, 2013, courses.

• The notes we provide accompany the course, but they're not read to you (the delegate) as the main method of course delivery. The course is presented interactively - the tutor talking about, drawing diagrams, and writing programs to show tips and techniques, and using interactive feedback throughout the course. Short examples are written from scratch, longer examples may be pre-written, but the tutor will change the examples, show when they work (and when they don't), with the delegates having the opportunity to jump in, help identify what's wrong or what could be better with new code, and learning from the dynamic development environment rather than just from the static examples pre-prepared. It takes a technically very knowledgeable tutor to be able to do this, but the gains are huge. Our pre-written notes are typically skimmed through at the end of each section to ensure that the tutor hasn't overlooked any vital bullet points during the interactive presentation, and also to help the delegates appreciate the material that they'll leave the course with which is very much designed as a reference book for their later use.

• By having overnight accommodation at our training centre, we've turned a 9 - to - 5 setup where delegates arrive just in time for the course, and leave promptly at the end of the day, into something much more relaxed, and a much better learning experience - our training centre is our delegate's home for the week. And that means that, come 5 p.m. they can still ask the tutor questions, they can carry on with practical sessions for as long as they like - even taking our laptops up to their rooms if they like. And the rooms are fitted to four star standards, with our staff team being available from early in the morning to late in the evening just as in a regular hotel.

• Some delegates don't stay. It would be crazy for a delegate who lives 6 miles away in Trowbridge to stop overnight, for example. But the extended hour philosophy covers day delegates too. We're set up for people to walk in at any time from 7 a.m. if they wish, and to stick around to mid or late evening if they want to. And we find that out of "core" hours, delegates often socalise - walk into the town to eat together, perhaps play games, but also share discussions about their jobs, why they're on the course, and how the technology is helping (or will help) them. You may consider this "socialising" ... or you may consider it to be another tremendously useful facet you get from our courses - something you simply don't get in those places where you're being encouraged out of the door at the end of each day.

• Public course prices for 2013 remain as they were in 2012. That's 350.00 for the first day, plus 250.00 for each subsequent day of a course. If you're staying, add 60.00 per room per night, and I'm afraid you need to add VAT to the total bill. The course include lunch and all course materials, free parking, ... accommodation includes breakfast. There's unlimited coffee and soft drinks on tap. All you'll need to add will be an evening meal - plenty of eating places within walking distance, or feel free to order a delivery or bring in a takeaway. We're happy to pick you up if you arrive in our town by public transport, and we have 120 Mbit broadband freely available to you.

Have a look in our course schedule - [here] - at the course you're interested in; each item links to a full course description with all the details, and notes of alternative courses. If you're left with any questions, please email me ( or phone (01225 708225). We can take your booking by email or phone, and we also have online booking links from each of the course descriptions. In practice, we prefer you to email or phone so that we can discuss your needs ahead of time, ensure you're booking the right course, and so that I know when I'm presenting how to tune your particular course to best train you in the way you need.
(this article written on 2012-12-28)

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Training from Well House Consultants
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General Programming Topics
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PHP - the language and its application
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Java and the Java Environment
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Around, about and nearby to Wiltshire
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The Perl Programming Language and its use
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Client Side Languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
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Ruby and Ruby on Rails
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Tcl, Tcl/Tk and Expect
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Programming in Lua
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Python Programming
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[4534] Flask - complete MVC site to navigate around a data set - (new - 2015-10-13)
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[4532] Flask - first forms and responses with wtforms - (new - 2015-10-12)
[4531] Jinja2 - Flask templating - (new - 2015-10-11)
[4530] Requests in Flask - (new - 2015-10-11)
[4529] Flask - calling in the templating engine - (new - 2015-10-11)
[4528] Routing in Flask - (new - 2015-10-11)
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And also ...
[4548] Melksham - two small townships, or one big one? - (new - 2015-10-22)
[4526] Day trip to Lancaster - (new - 2015-10-10)
[4517] Black dog day - and Bobby still seeks his new home - (new - 2015-09-26)
[4516] Looking ahead on the blog - (new - 2015-09-25)
[4514] An update - and my absence in recent weeks
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Public Transport
[4578] Rail electrification - far, far too optimistic so over budget and late - (new - 2015-11-20)
[4577] An update - Melksham Link Canal and river - (new - 2015-11-14)
[4547] RUH Hopper - experience and thoughts forward - (new - 2015-10-20)
[4546] Is the RUH hopper a limited, duplicate service running unnecessarily and at high cost? - (new - 2015-10-18)
[4539] TransWilts public transport corridor - (new - 2015-10-15)
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Fun and Flames
[4392] Interview conditions,and other instructions to staff
[4304] Please do not ask me to be the chair!
[4282] On tipping - and the expectation of a tip
[4167] The important customers are the majority, not the celebrity
[4067] The woman, the television, the bullock and Darlington
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Keynote Articles
[3164] Brown - or Mrs Sally Brown, accountant from Whitstable?
[2384] Looking ahead to the Autumn season of training and accommodation
[2228] Where do I start when writing a program?
[2216] Past Delegate Offer - Summer Holiday / Weekend Break
[1975] Well House Manor Hotel - on plan for 2009 business guests
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Unclassfied Articles
[4582] A near-empty plate of pastries - sign of a breakfast enjoyed - (new - 2015-11-22)
[4576] If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium? - (new - 2015-11-11)
[4509] Throwing a die - exercise in Ruby
[4508] Melksham to London by train - dont buy more than you need
[4484] TransAtlantic crossing - the starter
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A little more about this newsletter ...

At Well House Consultants, we run niche IT training courses ... and we run a hotel for delegates on those courses and other visitors to Melksham too. And we make a lot of friends - have a lot of ambassadors with whom we want to keep in touch. So every day Graham (that's me, writing this piece) puts together an article or two which might include the latest sample programs that I've written during the current course, new information about Well House Manor - our business hotel, tips on search engine optimisation, announcements of upcoming public courses, pictures of local places, and even (on occasions) rants and whimsical pieces to keep those friends up to date and in touch. The feeds are available directlt via the Blog - "The Horse's Mouth", they're on our Twitter Feed and you can find me at my LinkedIn profile. But most people just want to look us up occasionally - every month or two, and then to catch up on the latest news just for their particular subjects of interest ... and that's what this newsletter is about

You'll find above the titles of ALL the new articles written in the last two months, listed by major subject area, and showing as (new) with their date of publication. You'll find additional articles in each category too - topping each category up to a minimum of five articles. And you'll find a link at the end of each section which lets you expand that section to show the titles of every article that's been published in that section. After all, "the old ones are often the best ones", aren't they?

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