Speed Networking Event at Well House Manor

Please ensure you are registered and get your number!
18:00 - 18:15 - Arrival, teas, coffees, soft drinks. Please have a look round the hotel and facilities, and have a look in bedrooms 3 and 4 (upstairs) which are open for viewing.
18:15 - 18:30 - Introduction and arrangements
18:30 - 19:30 - Networking, part 1
19:30 - 20:00 - Buffet supper and further drinks. Please feel free to look around some more.
20:00 - 21:00 - Networking, part 2

Networking arrangments ...

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This Event has been arranged on behalf of the Federation of Small Businesses by Well House Consultants.
Well House Manor, your venue for this event, is owned and operated by Well House Consultants. We offer five double or twin rooms to business visitors to Melksham. Our rooms are all en suite, fitted to the highest of standards. Our rates are 80 pounds per room (single occupancy) or 95 per room (double), including continental breakfast, unlimited internet access, ad full use of all the facilities.

Well House Manor is available for business meetings and conferences - our two rooms (the Wilts and the Berks) being fully equipped, and we can offer a range of service options to suit.

Well House Consultants run training courses in programming languages such as Perl, PHP and Python, and in other internet technologies such as web server deployment, Linux, MySQL and Tomcat at Well House Manor, and on customer sites around Europe. Please see http://www.wellho.net or email Graham Ellis (graham@wellho.net).
Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 7NY
web: http://www.wellhousemanor.co.uk
email: lisa@wellho.net (hotel bookings), graham@wellho.net (conferences)

Copyright Well House Consultants, 2007. Rates quoted are for 2007.
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<title>Speed Networking for businesses</title>
<h1>Speed Networking Event at Well House Manor</h1>
Please ensure you are registered and get your number!<br>
<b>18:00 - 18:15</b> - Arrival, teas, coffees, soft drinks.
<i>Please have a look round the hotel and facilities, and have a look in bedrooms 3 and 4 (upstairs) which are open for viewing.</i>
<b>18:15 - 18:30</b> - Introduction and arrangements
<b>18:30 - 19:30</b> - Networking, part 1
<b>19:30 - 20:00</b> - Buffet supper and further drinks. Please feel free to look around some more.
<b>20:00 - 21:00</b> - Networking, part 2

<h1>Networking arrangments ...</h1>
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<li>Introduce YOURSELF and your business
<li>Listen while your FELLOW NETWORKER introduces himself 
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<li>Listen while your FELLOW NETWORKER introduces himself 
<li>Introduce YOURSELF and your business
<?php ?>
<li>Can you do any business together?
<li>Can you refer business?
<li>Can you share information / intelligence?<br><br>
<li>Exchange Cards
<li>Exchange Literature
<li>Agree any follow up.</font>
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<h1>Please REMAIN in this seat all evening 
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<h1>Please move one seat LEFT for your next contact
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This Event has been arranged on behalf of the Federation of Small Businesses by Well House Consultants.
Well House Manor, your venue for this event, is owned and operated by Well House Consultants.  We offer five double or twin rooms to business visitors to Melksham. Our rooms are all en suite, fitted to the highest of standards. Our rates are 80 pounds per room (single occupancy) or 95 per room (double), including continental breakfast, unlimited internet access, ad full use of all the facilities.<br><br>Well House Manor is available for business meetings and conferences - our two rooms (the Wilts and the Berks) being fully equipped, and we can offer a range of service options to suit.<br><br>
Well House Consultants run training courses in programming languages such as Perl, PHP and Python, and in other internet technologies such as web server deployment, Linux, MySQL and Tomcat at Well House Manor, and on customer sites around Europe.  Please see http://www.wellho.net or email Graham Ellis (graham@wellho.net).
Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road, Melksham, Wilts, SN12 7NY<br>
web: http://www.wellhousemanor.co.uk<br>
email: lisa@wellho.net (hotel bookings), graham@wellho.net (conferences)<br><br>
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