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[4770] GW franchise - my response
[4769] Python, Tcl, Lua and other Open Source programming courses for 2018
[4768] 2017 - the final six months
[4767] Some thoughts on 2017, and looking forward to 2018
[4766] Moving on from Sunnyside and Devizes
[4765] Breich Station - current pictures, and future options
[4764] Some thoughts on the closure proposal for Breich station
[4763] Regex Reference sheet
[4762] Coverage map in Tcl - how many times has each proc been called?
[4761] Looking forward to the autumn.
[4760] Rotary Talk, 25/7/2017
[4759] Sale of effects and furniture - 12th and 13th August 2017
[4758] Even more images!
[4757] Images ... continued
[4756] Learning how to be a more effective community partner
[4755] Back and continuing to feed pictures!
[4754] A quiet Sunday afternoon
[4753] Lua, Tcl, Python, C and C++ courses - at our Melksham HQ or on your site - forward from July 2017
[4752] Welcome to July. Picture labelling continues!
[4751] Final day of training at Well House Manor - Python, Lua, Tcl and C/C++ continue at The Spa, Melksham
[4750] Thurday images
[4749] Pictures for Wednesday
[4748] A second batch of images for today
[4747] Image feed for Tuesday ...
[4746] Image library - labelling continues!
[4745] More pictures - final labelling set for today
[4744] Updating image labels
[4743] Further picture labelling!
[4742] Third and final set of older picture for today
[4741] Catching up on labelling more images
[4740] Labelling images
[4739] A year of changes for Lisa and Graham Ellis, and Well House
[4738] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - my final Presidents report
[4737] Why you should vote for Lisa in Melksham Central
[4736] Our changing world
[4735] Revisiting - should I stand for Melksham Without Parish Council in May?
[4734] Thoughts on the new Blackmore Ward of Melksham Without Parish
[4733] Python examples - updates under way
[4732] Reviewing TransWilts performance 2015-16
[4731] To Oceanside and San Clemente Pier
[4730] San Juan Capistrano
[4729] The oldest part of Los Angeles
[4728] Visiting Los Alamitos Bay Yacht Club
[4727] Learning from travelling further afield
[4726] TransWilts Partner Update for Melksham Area Board
[4725] Writing Python 2 such that Python 3 is easy
[4724] From and Import in Python - where is the module loaded from?
[4723] Conditional operators in Python
[4722] Embedding more complex code into a named block
[4721] When to check an object type - Python isinstance example
[4720] Celebrating our diversity rather than discriminating for it
[4719] Nesting decorators
[4718] Defining an object that is a modified standard type in Python
[4717] with in Python - examples of use, and of defining your own context
[4716] Profiling your Python program
[4715] Well House Manor - Still five out of five!
[4714] The technical article feed continues - personal updates more proactive on Facebook now!
[4713] Equality (in Python)
[4712] A reminder of the key issues to consider in moving from Python 2 to Python 3
[4711] Convering from Python 2 to Python 3 - an update, and the 2to3 utility
[4710] Searching a Json or XML structure for a specific key / value pair in Python
[4709] Some gems from Intermediate Python
[4708] Scons - a build system in Python - building hello world
[4707] Some gems from an introduction to Python
[4706] Melksham trial train service is to be made permanent
[4705] Course dates - from October 2016 to December 2017
[4704] Three months in community rail pictures
[4703] What do people use the bus for in Wiltshire - survey interim results.
[4702] Up and down TransWilts - some pictures off the rails!
[4701] Pretty at the station too
[4700] Obfurscated code - it might work, but is it maintainable?
[4699] Melksham Rail Development Group - a celebration of 20 years
[4698] Lisa writes - on the referendum vote today
[4697] Month, Day, Year number to day of week and month names in Python - English and Swedish
[4696] Programming with random numbers - yet re-using the same values for testing
[4695] Melksham Rail Development Group becoming Melksham Rail Users Group
[4694] Supported Bus Services in Wiltshire - analysis of written-in comments
[4693] Wiltshire supported bus service consultation, early 2016 - interim results published
[4692] How are bus support payments currently calculated?
[4691] Real life PHP application using our course training MVC example
[4690] Buses in Wiltshire - potential changes and where we stand at the moment
[4689] Training Course schedule for summer and autumn 2016
[4688] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 5 (services and prices)
[4687] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 4
[4686] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 3
[4685] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 2
[4684] Melksham Station - as at May 2016 - Part 1
[4683] Saudi Arabia or Weymouth?
[4682] One line scripts - Awk, Perl and Ruby
[4681] Ruby testing with RSpec - a new example
[4680] Processing data line by line - iterator in Ruby with yield
[4679] Reading in XML in Ruby with xmlsimple
[4678] Expect with Ruby - a training example to get you started
[4677] Swindon, Chippenham and Melksham - day trips by train to Weymouth start for 2016
[4676] Running shell (operating system) commands from within Ruby
[4675] Exceptions in Ruby - throwing, catching and using
[4674] Alternating valuses / flip-flop / toggle - example in Ruby
[4673] Separating detailed data code from the main application - Ruby example
[4672] Annual review of Melksham Matters for Chamber of Commerce AGM
[4671] Ruby training, half a world away
[4670] The end, or the start?
[4669] Buses - how did we get into the situation we are in?
[4668] Sorting a dict in Python
[4667] Wiltshire Supported Bus consultation - final few days
[4666] Spring at Well House Manor
[4665] Chippenham to Salisbury by public transport - what we have and what we could have
[4664] Mallory Place bus stop - services to Bath
[4663] Easy data to object mapping (csv and Python)
[4662] Recursion in Python - the classic example
[4661] Unique word locator - Python dict example
[4660] What is happening on the 231 bus? What are you going to do about it?
[4659] Prining a pound sign from Python AND running from the command line at the same time
[4658] The end of competition on a bus route - the effects from then end of the 234
[4657] Rumours of bus changes by First in Wiltshire - what we know and suspect
[4656] Identifying the first and last records in a sequence
[4655] Image indexer / thumbnail display scripts in PHP
[4654] Getting to the Royal United Hospital - the Hopper and the alternatives
[4653] Coats of arms - towns and authorities in Wiltshire
[4652] Testing new algorithms in PHP
[4651] Pressure selling in the fire safety business
[4650] Why populate object with values as you construct them?
[4649] Object and Static methods - what is the difference; example in Python 3
[4648] Why is bus funding a much hotter topic than a new set of traffic lights?
[4647] On the problems of a printed train timetable
[4646] Sometimes you wonder about people. And perhaps you should not.
[4645] What are callbacks? Why use them? An example in Python
[4644] In your room at Well House Manor, Melksham, Wiltshire
[4643] From last July (2015)
[4642] A small teaching program - demonstration of principles only
[4641] Using an MVC structure - even without a formal framework
[4640] Who was Doctor Beeching and what was his axe?
[4639] Working out the costs of running a bus service through the day
[4638] TransWilts Community Interest Company AGM - 13 Feb 2016, Swindon
[4637] People matter - but there is a tradeoff between different people in there
[4636] Rail user groups worried about what is happening on the buses
[4635] Encapsulating logic in functions and structs - the C approach to Object Oriented techniques
[4634] Regression testing - via a very short C testing framework
[4633] String handling in C - new examples of extracting integers from a string
[4632] Remember to ask the question before you listen for the answer
[4631] What would the Wiltshire Council bus cuts mean for Melksham?
[4630] The story behind the bus cuts, and what they could mean
[4629] Making travel time useful time on public transport
[4628] Associative objects - one object within another.
[4627] Caching results in an object for efficiency - avoiding re-calculation
[4626] Singleton design pattern - examples and uses
[4625] Where does Wiltshire bus subsidy money come from?
[4624] Campaigning for a sensible bus solution and not against anyone!
[4623] Rambling from Westbury
[4622] Frosty morning, beauty of Wiltshire
[4621] The power of scripting
[4620] Perl 6 - a Practical Extraction and Reporting example!
[4619] Buses - not about the buses, but about the people who use the buses
[4618] Pytest - second example beyond hello world
[4617] Pytest - starting example
[4616] Still teaching Tcl in 2016?
[4615] Questions for First (West of England)
[4614] PC Plod - alive and scaremongering in Wiltshire?
[4613] Our best hotel customers help us ... to help them ... be our best customers.
[4612] TransWilts - robust these days - no longer the first service to be cancelled
[4611] Hungarian, Camel, Snake and Kebab - variable naming conventions
[4610] Sorting by key or by comparator - Perl 6
[4609] Mapping an array / list without a loop - how to do it in Perl 6
[4608] Introspecion in Perl 6
[4607] Classes and object - first steps in Perl 6
[4606] Using Perl 6 to analyse and report on data
[4605] Hello World - in Perl 6
[4604] Perl - version 6 - official version launched at Christmas
[4603] Happy New Year. Our customers are our ambassadors
[4602] Training course and hotel room prices - 2016
[4601] Management view - TransWilts and transport at the end of 2015
[4600] A big change in August
[4599] Happy Christmas - and a Christmas thought
[4598] 21 places to get your train and bus timetables for TransWilts
[4597] Not standing as your local councillor
[4596] Call for help counting passengers - TransWilts, 12th to 14th December
[4595] Python formatting update - including named completions
[4594] XML handling in Python - a new teaching example using etree
[4593] Command line parameter handling in Python via the argparse module
[4592] A comparison of the public transport alternatives to the Royal United Hospital, Bath - from Melksham.
[4591] From single block to structure and object oriented programming
[4590] Progress on moving from Python 2 to Python 3 - training for both versions
[4589] Principles or a GUI and their practical application using wxPthon
[4588] What teach you in a week stays with you for a decade
[4587] shell - bash. Writing conditional tests and statements - the options available
[4586] Extending your bash shell with aliases, functions and extra commands
[4585] What is make? What is gcc?
[4584] Bash ... some new scripts to - handling user input
[4583] Back in the saddle again - excellent open source course from Well House Consultants
[4582] A near-empty plate of pastries - sign of a breakfast enjoyed
[4581] Thin application, thick objects - keep you main code simple. Example in Ruby
[4580] Easy example - data record to object and object to data record mapping in Ruby
[4579] Behaviour and test driven development in Ruby using RSpec
[4578] Rail electrification - far, far too optimistic so over budget and late
[4577] An update - Melksham Link Canal and river
[4576] If it's Tuesday it must be Belgium?
[4575] Learning not just what a program does, but how to design it in the first place.
[4574] repeat until in Lua - a one or more rather than a zero or more loop
[4573] Classic style OO code - in Lua
[4572] Tables with values and code in Lua - looks like an object?
[4571] Lua - using modules to add your own utilities
[4570] A warm welcome awaits you at Well House Manor, Melksham
[4569] Lua - changes to how integers and floats are handled - 5.2 to 5.3
[4568] Moderation - and the tendency to over-moderate
[4567] Japanese and Malaysian food in Melksham
[4566] C - why is slow to write and debug) but fast to run?
[4565] Allocation of memory for objects in C++ - Stack v Heap
[4564] Perl, PHP, Python, Lua, Tcl, C++, Ruby - final public courses for 2015
[4563] Formatting and outputting your own classes in C++
[4562] Left shift operator on an output stream object - C++
[4561] Hello World in C++ - a first program, with the process explained
[4560] Variables, Pointers and References - C and C++
[4559] When do I use the this keyword in C++?
[4558] Well House Consultants - Python courses / what's special.
[4557] Function prototype - what they are and why you should use them - C and C++
[4556] Strings in C - strncmp strncpy and friends
[4555] Preprocessor directives in C and C++ - what they mean
[4554] Passing information into functions in C - by name, by value
[4553] RUby - loading, using, changing, storing JSON format data
[4552] Scenario outlines - tables of values to test - in Gherkin / Cucumber
[4551] Testing your new class - first steps with cucumber
[4550] Build up classes into applications sharing data types in Ruby
[4549] Clarrissa-Marybelle - too long to really fit?
[4548] Melksham - two small townships, or one big one?
[4547] RUH Hopper - experience and thoughts forward
[4546] Is the RUH hopper a limited, duplicate service running unnecessarily and at high cost?
[4545] Method, Class, Module, Package - how to they relate in Python?
[4544] RSpec - Ruby testing (stand alone example / no cucumber)
[4543] Saturday morning at Well House Manor
[4542] The principle of mocking - and the Python Mock package
[4541] Setting up and tearing down with the Python with keyword
[4540] Unittest of a Flask application including forms
[4539] TransWilts public transport corridor
[4538] Flask and unittest - hello web app test world
[4537] example of SQLite using a local database file through SQLalchemy
[4536] Json load from URL, recursive display, Python 3.4
[4535] SQLAlchemy - first examples with a Python Object Relationship Mapping system
[4534] Flask - complete MVC site to navigate around a data set
[4533] Sessions in flask
[4532] Flask - first forms and responses with wtforms
[4531] Jinja2 - Flask templating
[4530] Requests in Flask
[4529] Flask - calling in the templating engine
[4528] Routing in Flask
[4527] Hello Flask world / Python web micro framework
[4526] Day trip to Lancaster
[4525] What does Tcl do if you try to run a command that is not defined?
[4524] Tcl - a new example for data reformatting
[4523] Catching failed commands and not crashing the program in Tcl
[4522] Loading packages in your Tcl program
[4521] Should we get an AA or Visit Wiltshire hotel assessment?
[4520] No cold sales calls please - but delighted to hear from others!
[4519] Course Schedule - October 2015 to June 2016
[4518] Open source programming courses - October to December 2015
[4517] Black dog day - and Bobby still seeks his new home
[4516] Looking ahead on the blog
[4515] Why has the hourly Chippenham to Trowbridge train been withdrawn?
[4514] An update - and my absence in recent weeks
[4513] Yesterday, Weymouth
[4512] The Weymouth Wizard - Saturdays in August from Wiltshire
[4511] The Royal Albert Bridge as you do not normally see it
[4510] Learning from the others - Community Rail
[4509] Throwing a die - exercise in Ruby
[4508] Melksham to London by train - dont buy more than you need
[4507] In favour of adoption rather than puppy purchase - dogs!
[4506] Peak weekend - where there are still rooms near Melksham
[4505] Regular Expressions for the petrified - in Ruby
[4504] Where does Ruby load modules from, and how to load from current directory
[4503] Separating your code for easier testing, understanding and re-use; example in Ruby
[4502] Reading and parsing a JSON object in Ruby
[4501] Defining the behaviour of your web site and testing that it works
[4500] The TransWilts Community Intergrated Transport Corridor
[4499] Significant work - beyond helloworld in Ruby
[4498] Ruby - where one statement ends and the next begins
[4497] Around the world from Melksham
[4496] Sunday train times - 17th May to 6th September 2015
[4495] Swindon to Westbury train services - Saturdays from 23rd May 2015
[4494] Monday to Friday / TransWilts train times from 18 May to 11th December 2015
[4493] Forgotten / lost MySQL root password
[4492] Almost so wrong, but perhaps it's right for some?
[4491] Web Server Admin - some of those things that happen, and solutions
[4490] What and where are the Azores?
[4489] Election results - what if we had a party list system?
[4488] Election day, 2015
[4487] Starting MySQL. ERROR! The server quit without updating PID file - how we fixed it.
[4486] Newark to New York - the PATH suburban railway
[4485] Misusing statistics? - the seedy side of election campaigning
[4484] TransAtlantic crossing - the starter
[4483] Moving from mysql to mysqli - simple worked example
[4482] People in New York
[4481] Extracting data from backups to restore selected rows from MySQL tables
[4480] Crossing between continents
[4479] Pictures from around Rekjavik
[4478] Home in Melksham to Gatwick Airport - easy by public transport
[4477] Yesterday - off on leg one of our holiday
[4476] Upcoming election - Chippenham Constituency - the major candidates compared
[4475] New car park at Melksham Station - ideal for commuters from Seend, Hilperton, Yarnbrook and Holt
[4474] Effect on external factors on traffic to our web sites - an update
[4473] Fishguard to Melksham - third part of Dublin journey
[4472] Rosslare to Fishguard - foot passenger on the ferry
[4471] Leopardstown to Rosslare by train
[4470] Testing in Python 3 - unittest, doctest and __name__ == __main__ too.
[4469] Sorting in Python 3 - and how it differs from Python 2 sorting
[4468] Four in a Bed - most popular answers
[4467] Neighbourhood Plan - travel and transport thoughts
[4466] Moving from C to C++ - Structured to Object Oriented - a lesson for engineers
[4465] Sockets, time handling and keyboard interrupt handling in C
[4464] Catching up on a week all in a single post (?)
[4463] Rail Conference, Nottingham
[4462] Server program written in Tcl using sockets
[4461] Reading from a URL, and reading Json, from your Tcl script
[4460] Using Object Oriented Tcl and the Tk toolkit together - real life example
[4459] Managing the window size (and layout) in Tcl/Tk
[4458] A new Tcl/tk example - a window to show system status
[4457] Test framework for TCL - Tcltest - some examples
[4456] Objects in Tcl - iTcl - updated first steps example
[4455] Working out distance between places, using OS grid references and a program in Tcl
[4454] Everything is a string - even a list
[4453] Tcl variable names - no real limits!
[4452] Binary data handling - Python and Perl
[4451] Running an operating system command from your Python program - the new way with the subprocess module
[4450] Deciding whether to use parameters, conditional statements or subclasses
[4449] Spike solution, refactoring into encapsulated object methods - good design practise
[4448] What is the difference between a function and a method?
[4447] Overnight accommodation in Melksham - if Well House Manor is full!
[4446] Combining tests into suites, and suites into bigger suites - Python and unittest
[4445] Graphing presentations in Python - huge data, numpy and matplotlib
[4444] Elements of an exception in Python - try, except, else, finally
[4443] Seventh stay away this year - and it's still only February!
[4442] Mutable v Immuatble objects in Python, and the implication
[4441] Reading command line parameters in Python
[4440] A first graph with Matplotlib in Python
[4439] Json is the new marshall, pickle and cPickle / Python
[4438] Loving programming in Python - and ready to teach YOU how
[4437] Adding a PHP build option, rotating an image based on camera data, and a new look at thumbnails in PHP
[4436] Accessing a MySQL database from Python with mysql.connector
[4435] Images of our rail promotion campaign
[4434] Public training courses - upcoming dates
[4433] Different views of a Welsh Valley - but headed home
[4432] Java web application for teaching - now with sessions and clustering / load balancing demonstrations
[4431] A Java servlet that is also a stand alone program. And a server that is also a web client.
[4430] The spirit of Java - delegating to classes
[4429] Wind Turbines - beauty or menace?
[4428] Using the lead - passing arrays and other collections in Java
[4427] Java example - for loop and conditionals from course exercise
[4426] FileMaker Day to Unix Time conversion
[4425] A Welsh valley - what the transport looks like in 2015
[4424] Looking Forward - TransWilts Community Rail Partnership and TransWilts CIC
[4423] Campus - about the logos / way marks you have been choosing from
[4422] Objects - from physical to virtual or abstract - Java
[4421] How healthy are the stars of stage and screen?
[4420] Flexibility in input - read from file, web resource or keyboard
[4419] Java Inheritance example - group of classes - step by step
[4418] Melksham Community Campus - which of these potential signs do you like?
[4417] Crisp morning, fast run
[4416] Challenging the IT course business model
[4415] Buffet review - taking the price into account
[4414] Java - converting an integer to a fixed length string
[4413] Binomial Coefficient (Pascal Triangle) objects in Java
[4412] Java -making sure you have the right versions
[4411] Location, location location. And a chance of a giggle!
[4410] A good example of recursion - a real use in Python
[4409] Setting up and using a dict in Python - simple first example
[4408] Additional Python courses added to our schedule
[4407] Python - even named code blocks are objects
[4406] Fixing damaged MySQL tables - Error 1712 and Error 2013
[4405] Backup procedures - via backup server
[4404] Which (virtual) host was visited? Tuning Apache log files, and Python analysis
[4403] The unbalanced relationship between customer and provider
[4402] Finding sum, minimum, maximum and average in Python (and Ruby)
[4401] Selecting RECENT and POPULAR news and trends for your web site users
[4400] Commenting out an echo killed my bash backup script
[4399] The Campus in Melksham - name, logo, and livery choice
[4398] Accessing variables across subroutine boundaries - Perl, Python, Java and Tcl
[4397] TransWilts / Press and Publicity report for AGM / 30th January 2015
[4396] Java Utility class - flexible replacement for array. Also cacheing in objects and multiple catch clauses example.
[4395] Preparing data through a little bit of Perl
[4394] Philosophy behind object design - and how I applied in to a Java example
[4393] Splitting Java strings and extracting numbers
[4392] Interview conditions,and other instructions to staff
[4391] Refactoring Perl applications to give them a rosy future
[4390] Checking MySQL database backups have worked (not failed)
[4389] Cucumber example - test::unit, scenario outlines, datafile driven test
[4388] Global Regular Expression matching in Ruby (using scan)
[4387] Regression Testing my website - Cucumber and Watir
[4386] Guide exercise to help you learn Gherkin, Cucumber and Rspec
[4385] A booking that looks too good to be true? It probably is too good to be true!
[4384] Installing Cucumber on Ubuntu - cannot load such file -- mkmf (LoadError) message
[4383] Improved test in Cucumber with RSpec
[4382] Second step Cucumber and Gherkin - beyond Hello World
[4381] Installing Cucumber (Ruby)
[4380] Behaviour Driven Development / Ruby and Cucumber
[4379] Well House Consultants / Well House Manor - Prices for 2015
[4378] What FGW passengers want to talk about / and PHP programming to find out
[4377] Designing a base class and subclasses, and their extension, in C++
[4376] Well House Consultants, Well House Manor, First Great Western Coffee shop, TransWilts / 2014 web site reports
[4375] Final examples for 2014 - and a look at our 2015 training course options
[4374] Test driven development, and class design, from first principles (using C++)
[4373] A long and disappointing evening
[4372] Template / design pattern for C++ constructor and accessors
[4371] Why are people using the TransWilts?
[4370] Conditionals, loops and methods in Ruby - a primer with simple examples
[4369] Ruby - the second rung of learning the language
[4368] Shuffling a list - Ruby and Python
[4367] A year of rail memories!
[4366] Changing what operators do on objects - a comparison across different programming languages
[4365] The changing face of Christmas
[4364] Christmas day in Melksham
[4363] A quiet evening in Melksham - awaiting Santa
[4362] What a difference a year makes
[4361] Multiple yields and no loops in a Python generator?
[4360] Python - comparison of old and new string formatters
[4359] How to avoid too many recalculations within an object
[4358] A brilliant finish to 2014 training and business guests, and a look to 2015
[4357] Seeing Christmas Coming to Melksham
[4356] Object factories in C++, Python, PHP and Perl
[4355] C++ in 2 days
[4354] Wiltshire Police - assuming someone is guilty just on the say-so of a member of the public?
[4353] Celebration pictures, year 1
[4352] A long day on the trains, but a rewarding one
[4351] A little thing can make a big difference
[4350] Keyboard reader for Java programming newcomers
[4349] When I am old, what will worry me?
[4348] Taking my life in my hands in Swansea
[4347] Arrays in Java - an introduction for newcomers
[4346] A behaviour driven example of writing a Java program
[4345] Incrementing a variable in Java - Pre and Post Increment
[4344] Python base and inherited classes, test harness and unit testing - new examples
[4343] Politics and the railway the connects Wiltshire
[4342] My first official measure - Passenger Entrys and Exits - revisited 9 years later
[4341] Segmentation Fault, Segmentation Violation, Bus Error, Stack Smashing
[4340] Simple C structs - building up to full, dynamic example
[4339] Command line and file handling in C
[4338] Passing arrays into functions in C
[4337] Learning to program sample program - past its prime, but still useful
[4336] Test Driven Development - a first example of principle in C
[4335] Flexible public courses - residential or commuting, programming newcomer or experienced, C or C++
[4334] Splitting out code into name blocks for clarity and reusability
[4333] Misty Melksham Morning
[4332] First Java Application - calculating the weight of a tablecloth
[4331] Musings on a Welsh town
[4330] Java - factory method, encapsulation, hashmap example
[4329] Does Santa Claus need a CRB check?
[4328] Folk music train, Westbury to Swindon round trip, 14th December 2014
[4327] Good, stable, reliable local businesses
[4326] Learning to program - comments, documentation and test code
[4325] Learning to program - what are algorithms and design patterns?
[4324] Learning to program - variables and constants
[4323] Learning to program - Loop statements such as while
[4322] Learning to Program - the conditional statement (if)
[4321] Are administration / review charges on hotel guests acceptable?
[4320] An example of Model-View-Controller techniques in a Perl / CGI script
[4319] PHP - some quick fixes if scripts have issues, and how to use our support
[4318] Learning to Program - how we start to teach you at Well House Consultants
[4317] Java - an update of the basics
[4316] Too many Staffies, too many lurchers
[4315] Welcoming genuine forum posters quickly - but turning away off topic advertisers
[4314] PHP training - refreshed modern course, backed up by years of practical experience
[4313] Moving community rail support from amateur to professional
[4312] Officially overcrowded in the first year
[4311] Melksham Campus - how is it going - October 2014
[4310] Problem ... I want to print a series of numbered forms
[4309] Even in the dark of night, the train comes bearing passengers
[4308] What can you and I learn from online quizzes?
[4307] Identifying and clearing denial of service attacks on your Apache server
[4306] Four time target - good news. Four time prediction - poor forecasting.
[4305] Learning to program in Java - yes, we can help.
[4304] Please do not ask me to be the chair!
[4303] Libre Office - unable to get past REOPEN WINDOWS? question
[4302] Sunday is never quiet at Well House Manor
[4301] Perl - still a very effective language indeed for extracting and reporting
[4300] Public courses - Autumn 2014 and 2015
[4299] The Best Bed and Breakfast in Melksham?
[4298] Python - an interesting application
[4297] Lua courses - an update
[4296] Polishing the Perl courses - updated training
[4295] A longer Python ... training course
[4294] A bright new gem - updated Ruby training
[4293] Certification
[4292] The Horse is back!
[4291] Train Online article - ACoRP / TransWilts introduction
[4290] National Express replaced by train and by Megabus from Chippenham to London
[4289] It may be cheaper to buy in bulk
[4288] Some questions on how our Community Rail Partnership works
[4287] TransWilts CRP - walking in Melksham Carnival
[4286] Reaction in Radstock to new First bus prices
[4285] Pictures of Melksham Heritage Discovery Fair
[4284] Talk and walk to promote train service - Melksham Carnival
[4283] Can a legitimate forum post become illegal a year later?
[4282] On tipping - and the expectation of a tip
[4281] A different vision for the future
[4280] Making use of huge data, object orientation, unit testing and frameworks
[4279] Upcoming public courses from Well House Consultants
[4278] Future Swindon - Westbury train services. At current level into the future?
[4277] Sending a message to the server and changing text on a page when a button is pressed
[4276] Swindon to Weymouth - by train, the traditional way - 2014
[4275] Eurpoean Elections, and other elections ahead. Some thoughts on campaigns and policies
[4274] String formatting in Lua - string.format as a wrapper for sprintf
[4273] Dot or Colon separator between table name and member in Lua - what is the difference?
[4272] Lazy operators in Lua - what they mean, and examples
[4271] Line, block and nested comments - Lua compared to other languages
[4270] Embedding Lua to perform tailored code at an interval
[4269] Survey - Journeys
[4268] Metrics - historic and current TransWilts train use
[4267] How effective is our publicity?
[4266] Facebook marketing - who are we reaching?
[4265] A lovely meal in Swindon - just a short walk from the station
[4264] Weekend breaks by train to Melksham, Wiltshire
[4263] Chippenham - Melksham - Trowbridge, public transport over Easter (2014)
[4262] Updated staff systems helps us look after our customers better
[4261] Updated delegate computers - nine of the best
[4260] Why we teach Lua
[4259] Upgrading our training systems to all the current stable versions
[4258] Keeping you Tkinter display up to date while monitoring
[4257] Over a pound a kilometre - my bus in Weston-super-mare
[4256] Train fare look expensive? There may be a cheaper option
[4255] Making a personal gain from a more expensive business hotel stay
[4254] Where is Melksham Market? In the Market Place, every Tuesday
[4253] Easter Weeks - Melksham to Weymouth
[4252] Staveton Halt, former station between Trowbridge and Melksham
[4251] Broughton Gifford Halt, TransWilts Railway Line
[4250] Lacock Halt - former TransWilts Station
[4249] An evening in Glasgow
[4248] Metatables, Metamethods, classes and objects in Lua
[4247] You wait a long time - then buses come in threes. It's timetabled that way!
[4246] Python, PHP, Ruby, C, Lua, etc ... course prices held for the rest of 2014
[4245] It always happens to me when I'm in Borehamwood!
[4244] Disambiguation - PHP List
[4243] Taking Greyhounds and Lurchers to London for the day
[4242] A busy January
[4241] Four in a Bed - the story continues
[4240] Melksham Rail Link
[4239] Facebook marketing - early experiences
[4238] A Question series posed to Melksham Tourist information
[4237] Why the long gap?
[4236] Using Python to analyse last years forum logs. Good coding practise discussion.
[4235] Sharing my personal best of 2013
[4234] Change to Libel and Defamation laws from 1st January 2014
[4233] Open for the new year - Imber
[4232] Not wanted here - hotel guests who will not be happy
[4231] Well House Consultants - Public Training Course times for 2014
[4230] Well House Consultants - course prices for 2014
[4229] Thin end of the wedge - plan to be thicker in 2014
[4228] Mallory Place, The Spa, Wellington Drive, Melksham - a Christmas present for you
[4227] Happy Christmas from the Well House Manor team
[4226] Saturday train to Swindon - two weeks in
[4225] Melksham Resident? Commuter? Save yourself 2000 pounds and 100 hours in 2014, and have a better journey!
[4224] TransWilts - first day pictures
[4223] Democracy - alive and well with the beauty pagent starting up again
[4222] Five lessons learned or re-learned on my travels
[4221] Celebration of the fruits of LSTF, and of the people who have helped and are helping
[4220] Thun, Switzerland
[4219] TransWilts train services - up from 2 to 8 per day
[4218] A THANK YOU to those who have brought the new train service to fruition
[4217] New train service - launch plans and timetable links
[4216] Los Angeles - post modern transport system
[4215] Great beauty, but great natural danger
[4214] A busy week, and a long flight
[4213] Formatting options in Python
[4212] Python functions - an introduction to how they work
[4211] Handling JSON in Python (and a csv, marshall and pickle comparison)
[4210] If elif elif elif - multiway selection in Python
[4209] Lists in Tcl - fundamentals in a commented source code example
[4208] Tcl + Tk (Wish) - an introduction and revision example
[4207] Exception handling in Tcl
[4206] Writing the perfect program in Tcl?
[4205] Regular Expression Substitution - Tcl
[4204] With the Shpigs and Donkeys
[4203] A weekend away - Four in a Bed returns to Happy Donkey Hill
[4202] Excellent Railfuture conference, but some setup lessons
[4201] Looking to the future at Melksham Station
[4200] Endorsed Perl, Python and PHP training - Tcl, Lua, Ruby and C too!
[4199] Draft Westbury - Melksham - Swindon train times, from December 2014
[4198] New trains for 2014 - Swindon to Westbury. Meetings Melksham, Swindon, Trowbridge, Chippenham and Westbury
[4197] Python and Tcl courses, November, UK (Melksham) ... just a few places left
[4196] Official - Trowbridge and Melksham to London train improvements
[4195] Booking for Santa, Melksham Railway Development Group, 8th December 2013
[4194] TransWilts Link - meeting notes from 19th October
[4193] Using our non-found page to help look for missing persons
[4192] A positive progress behind the scenes
[4191] Getting people to and from Melksham Station - not 20 but 700 times a day
[4190] A radical proposal - a cheap and effective way to provide home to city commuter transport
[4189] Who are we - Lisa, Graham, Gypsy and Billy
[4188] Extended Weekend - but not a quiet one!
[4187] Not treading water, but not risking the ship for a 0.5th of tar either
[4186] Melksham to Bath and Zigzag buses - at a turning point?
[4185] TransWilts Trains - running a successful campaign talk
[4184] A fond memory
[4183] Reaching a hotel standard where 99% of guests would return - and maintaining that standard
[4182] Welcome to Salford and Oldham
[4181] Grumbling about trains? Buses can be far worse!
[4180] Exceptionally, I sign a petition - on a life and death issue for Irish dogs
[4179] Changing transport and destinations - looking forward to a good future
[4178] Where are you? How to write a geosensitive application
[4177] Setting and publishing your hours to suit your customer base
[4176] International and off island travel from Melksham
[4175] An alternative format for a new train service timetable
[4174] What would the extra trains from Melksham mean to your journey?
[4173] Train and Rail Travel - who runs it and where do I ask questions?
[4172] Public courses - Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, Lua, Tcl, C and C++ - autumn 2013 and through 2014
[4171] Mapping road accidents in Melksham and elsewhere too
[4170] Herman Miller coming to Melksham - the Chamber of Commerce is briefed
[4169] Around and about - Melksham
[4168] Travelling to and from courses - much easier from December 2013
[4167] The important customers are the majority, not the celebrity
[4166] Pimms and Croquet - Melksham Festival of Food and Drink
[4165] Improving travel advise information in Wiltshire
[4164] Melksham Market - every Tuesday
[4163] TransWilts Community Rail Partnership - formally constituted
[4162] Pimms and Croquet at Well House Manor - 7th September 2013
[4161] Python varables - checking existance, and call by name or by value?
[4160] Bank Holiday Monday - pictures of a great train trip to Weymouth
[4159] People WILL walk to the station in Melksham, but they need a path and trains
[4158] Wedding from Well House Manor - an excellent base in Melksham
[4157] Wedding Photos - Kim Ellis to Kyle Londors, 22nd August 2013
[4156] A further chance to see Melksham on TV
[4155] Wedding Reception preps at Well House Manor
[4154] August Bank Holiday - day out from Melksham to London or Weymouth
[4153] Rooms available tonight - how to code an algorithm from first principles
[4152] Why are bus fares so high?
[4151] Tell me a bit about Melksham
[4150] Melksham Regular Public Transport Map - as at August 2013
[4149] Bus changes to Bath - good idea, but I despair at information available
[4148] Special General Meeting, Adoption of Constitution for TransWilts Community Rail Partnership
[4147] A hidden hotel gem in Melksham
[4146] A few more trains means a LOT more passengers. Why?
[4145] After the storm
[4144] Getting the best hotel rates - customer and hotelier viewpoints
[4143] Bus times - Melksham to Bath from 28th July 2013
[4142] Passenger survey at Chippenham - report and pictures
[4141] My pictures of Melksham Carnival, 13th July 2013
[4140] Riots in Melksham
[4139] Out of doors (mostly) at Well House in Melksham
[4138] Should a hotel accept guests who book for just one night?
[4137] Early morning - welcoming business and leisure guests to Melksham
[4136] How do I post automatically from a PHP script to my Twitter account?
[4135] Introducing your product to Well House Consultants - single, personally tuned email please
[4134] Setting up your MacBook Air as a mobile broadband router
[4133] In the hills above Harlech, and on the coast too
[4132] Using your own laptop on our courses - now even easier!
[4131] West Coast (of Wales) - railway and stations in pictures
[4130] Soft furnishings up a Welsh Mountain
[4129] Simple OO demonstration in C++, comparison to Python
[4128] Allocating memory dynamically in a static language like C
[4127] Exploring the area ... Ynys, near Harlech
[4126] Where are we now? On holiday!
[4125] The first Luas of the morning
[4124] Chippenham - Melksham - Trowbridge bus changes next month
[4123] New timetables from 28th July - bus routes 271 and 272
[4122] Well House - booking through agents
[4121] Has your Twitter feed stopped working? Switching to their new API
[4120] American Circus in Melksham
[4119] Melksham - Flower Town
[4118] We not only teach PHP and Python - we teach good PHP and Python Practice!
[4117] Is Lua an Object Oriented language?
[4116] International Melksham - industry, and beautiful countryside
[4115] More or less back - what happened to our server the other day
[4114] Teaching CodeIgniter - MVC and PHP
[4113] Wiltshire and Melksham Transport - what is going on?
[4112] Really good friends - four in a bed!
[4111] Zigzag bus - forward for the future, or decaying service?
[4110] TransWilts meeting ...
[4109] What might you find at a tiny bed and breakfast?
[4108] The painful cost of local travel to Melksham
[4107] Snog, Marry, Avoid
[4106] Web server efficiency - saving repetition through caches
[4105] Our day trip by train from Swindon, Chippenham and Melksham to Weymouth
[4104] Weymouth vis the TransWilts - the day out today
[4103] Questions from children about Melksham Campus
[4102] Installing Lua 5.2.2 on Mac OS X 10.7.4
[4101] POETS day at Well House Manor
[4100] Perl Dancer - from installation to your first real application
[4099] Perl Dancer - a Perl Framework - Installation and first test
[4098] Using object orientation for non-physical objects
[4097] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - Report for AGM, 21st May 2013
[4096] Perl design patterns example
[4095] Django - first steps - Updated
[4094] Python Properties - how and why
[4093] More things to make sure that we do NOT do ...
[4092] Identity in Python
[4091] A reminder of why we opened Well House Manor for our customers
[4090] Test Driven Development in Python - Customer Comes First
[4089] Quick and easy - showing Python data hander output via a browser
[4088] Some tips and techniques for huge data handling in Python
[4087] Python network programming - new FTP and socket level examples
[4086] Cacheing class for Python - using a local SQLite database as a key/value store
[4085] JSON from Python - first principles, easy example
[4084] New Pictures - Melksham Pack Horse Bridge
[4083] Spring at Well House Manor - Teas and Coffees, Museum, Garden, Rooms
[4082] Training around the world - easy payment in pounds Sterling
[4081] Pushing down the advertised price, pushing up the total price charged.
[4080] Fancy a day at the seaside? Weymouth from Melksham
[4079] Melksham Area - Unitary Council results, May 2013
[4078] Train works for me!
[4077] Palty or Parliamentary?
[4076] Web site - fully back!
[4075] Further recent PHP examples
[4074] A comment on comments in PHP
[4073] Learning about Object Orientation in PHP - a new set of examples
[4072] Splitting the difference with PHP
[4071] Setting up strings in PHP
[4070] Passing variable between PHP pages - hidden fields, cookies and sessions
[4069] Even early on, separate out your program from your HTML!
[4068] Arrays in PHP - contain different and even mixed data types
[4067] The woman, the television, the bullock and Darlington
[4066] MVC and Frameworks - a lesson from first principles in PHP
[4065] Handling requests to a forum - the background process
[4064] Apache httpd - a robust, open source web server
[4063] Backups by crossover between network centres - setting up automatic scp transfers
[4062] Sessions, forms and validation in CodeIgniter - early examples
[4061] Seamless, integrated IT - we have a long way to go!
[4060] CodeIgniter - an excellent PHP framework with an easy start point
[4059] Curl and curling from PHP
[4058] The highs and lows of customer service - Cheltenham
[4057] stdClass in PHP - using an object rather than an associative array
[4056] An overpractical test of our backup strategy!
[4055] Using web services to access you data - JSON and RESTful services
[4054] On Salford Docks - mind over matter?
[4053] Frameworks - learning through exploring and understanding data sources
[4052] The PHP course this week is in... Salford
[4051] On reading a new hotel review
[4050] A couple of new fast-start PHP examples
[4049] Business meetings in Melksham - Well House Manor
[4048] Art, Catering, Transport - Melksham Campus Elements - reaching local experts
[4047] Looking for Creative Design, Catering and Transport inputs to help with Melksham Campus
[4046] Over a hundred welcoming businesses - Melksham Town Centre
[4045] Linux Web Server - User Roles, User Accounts, and shared administration
[4044] What to do on a wet weekend in Melksham?
[4043] Bus stop audit - what is missing?
[4042] Bright Spring Morning
[4041] Report on the last year - Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Melksham Without Parish Council
[4040] Report on the last year - Melksham Railway Developement Group for Melksham Without Parish Council
[4039] Seed Swap at Well House Manor
[4038] Using Pygments to colour our training examples
[4037] Cascading Style Sheets and formatting your web page
[4036] HTML tags uses in these blog articles
[4035] Special characters in HTML
[4034] The VERY basics of a web page ... and web site
[4033] Official Star ratings for hotels - still worth having?
[4032] Easier public transport from Melksham to Bristol Airport
[4031] Showing what programming errors look like - web site pitfall
[4030] What is on OUR pond?
[4029] Exception, Lambda, Generator, Slice, Dict - examples in one Python program
[4028] Really Simple Class and Inheritance example in Python
[4027] Collections in Python - list tuple dict and string.
[4026] The coffee of the Stars comes to Melksham
[4025] Backups, Codebase, Strategy and more - dealing with forum incidents
[4024] SQL databases from Python - an SQLite example
[4023] Melksham to Chippenham (Station) bus services - times and routes
[4022] A request for all of Melksham transport groups to work integrated
[4021] Spike solution, refactored and reusable, Python - Example
[4020] Melksham Community - Annual Report / MCAP
[4019] Coffee Shop in Melksham
[4018] Afternoon Teas and Breakfasts at Well House Manor
[4017] Acceptable User Policy / vexatious interacter
[4016] Red, yellow, green or pink dog? Yellow Dog Project
[4015] Upcoming courses and availabiity
[4014] Costa Coffee in Melksham - is it a good idea?
[4013] Web Frameworks - nested templates
[4012] A course is not just for a year - its for a career
[4011] From Salford
[4010] Really Simple Rails
[4009] Clear, concise examples - Ruby classes and objects.
[4008] Reading and checking user inputs - first lessons - Ruby
[4007] Which database should I use? MySQL v SQLite
[4006] Ruby / SQLite3 example program, showing JOIN v LEFT JOIN
[4005] New guest ... becoming returning guest
[4004] Annual Accounts - a big job for a small business
[4003] Web and console - same principle, same code - Ruby example
[4002] Images of Melksham you havent seen before
[4001] Helping search engines with appropriate 400 error codes
[4000] 9 years, and 4000 articles on
[3999] Handling failures / absences of your backend server nicely
[3998] Travelogue - from the Netherlands to London via Hook and Harwich
[3997] Servlet v JSP (Java Server Page). What is the difference?
[3996] Tips on Tomcat - moving applications around
[3995] Onward from Brussels
[3994] On board Eurostar - a running commentary
[3993] Two trains a day ... how many fares to London? Guess!
[3992] Conference and Meeting Rooms available in Melksham
[3991] Email from Christopher Columbus to announce finding America?
[3990] Stripes of Snow
[3989] Plenty to see and do - even in Winter - on a Well House Manor weekend
[3988] Three cheers for the staff at Well House Manor
[3987] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - join us in our future
[3986] Rail services in Wiltshire - up in the air? We need to say what is best required.
[3985] Special weekend at Well House Manor - come and see Wiltshire
[3984] 20 minutes in to our 15 minutes of fame
[3983] Upcoming courses at Well House Manor - Ruby, Python, Perl
[3982] Using a vector within an object - C++
[3981] Melksham - a town of some remarkable people
[3980] Well House Manor in the snow
[3979] Extended and Associated objects - what is the difference - C++ example
[3978] Teaching OO - how to avoid lots of window switching early on
[3977] A variety of continental breakfasts
[3976] Easy pricing, quick and easy checkout
[3975] Being an amateur hotel inspector helps me run a professional hotel
[3974] TV show appearance - how does it effect your web site?
[3973] Well House Manor on Four in a Bed - the ongoing story
[3972] Four in a Bed - comment on results
[3971] The Experience
[3970] Comparing four VERY different places to stay
[3969] Four in a Bed comes to Melksham tonight
[3968] Expecting nothing, but prepared for anything
[3967] Hotel bedroom - even larger TV!
[3966] Our examples work with any recent version of PHP
[3965] Well House Manor, Melksham - on national TV next week
[3964] What is coming up from Well House in 2013 - public Open Source / IT courses.
[3963] National TV - Melksham - 9th January 2013, Pre-alert.
[3962] Melksham welcomes visitors - new blue plaque trail and more
[3961] Well House Staff Party
[3960] Picture - between Lacock and Melksham
[3959] Testing code coverage (have I tested everything?) in PHP
[3958] Testing classes for your PHP website with PHPUnit
[3957] The week before Christmas
[3956] Zend / layout of MVC and other files in an example application (PHP)
[3955] Building up from a small PHP setup to an enterprise one
[3954] Lesson 1 in programing - write clean, reuseable and maintainable tidy code
[3953] Objects in PHP - Revision
[3952] PHP revision ... by example.
[3951] Christmas Bus Schedule for Melksham - First Bus
[3950] 10 reasons why I travel the night before a course starts
[3949] Melksham Spa from Woolmore Farm
[3948] Quiet little town? Advanced Technology Centre?
[3947] this or self - what are they, and what is the difference? (Python)
[3946] Moving from a warning system to a control system - PHP, forum spammers
[3945] vargs in Python - how to call a method with unknown number of parameters
[3944] Melksham Christmas Lights, 2012
[3943] With us for a year already!
[3942] Santa Trip - Melksham Railway Development Group, 2012
[3941] Building an object based on another object in Perl
[3940] Run other processes from within your Perl program
[3939] Lots of ways of doing the same thing in Perl - list iteration
[3938] A long overdue meeting - a steeping stone towards coordinate transport user inputs
[3937] Agenda for Wiltshire Link Travel groups meeting, Saturday 1st December 2012
[3936] Lisa is home today ...
[3935] Whether you have programmed before or not, we can teach you Python
[3934] Multiple identical keys in a Python dict - yes, you can!
[3933] Behind Melksham Spa - Mood Mist over wet fields.
[3932] River nearly bursting its banks in Melksham
[3931] Optional positional and named parameters in Python
[3930] Reporting the full stack trace when you catch a Python exception
[3929] Melksham Bus Issues - to be raised at First Bus Customer Panel
[3928] Storing your intermediate data - what format should you you choose?
[3927] First match or all matches? Perl Regular Expressions
[3926] Filtering PHP form inputs - three ways, but which should you use?
[3925] Red sky at night
[3924] The bedrooms at Well House Manor
[3923] 35 minutes is only a slight delay on our railway service
[3922] Twerp - A person regarded as insignificant and contemptible
[3921] On rememberance, on war, and on preventing the war cycle
[3920] Challenge for a photographer
[3919] What is a web framework?
[3918] Multiple page web applications - maintaining state - PHP
[3917] BODMAS - the order a computer evaluates arithmetic expressions
[3916] PHP variables - dynamically typed. What does that mean?
[3915] How does PHP work?
[3914] While, for, foreach or something else to loop.
[3913] How many times ... has this loco headed west through Tenby? - Python exceptions
[3912] Sand to Arabia, Coals to Newcastle or Woodburners to Russia
[3911] How well do you know Perl and / or Python?
[3910] Identifying your real customers and keeping them well informed fast
[3909] Every Customer Counts
[3908] Black dogs at Halloween
[3907] Weather pictures
[3906] Taking the lead, not the dog, for a walk.
[3905] How should we choose our Wiltshire Police and Crime Commissioner?
[3904] Want to help us improve transport in Wiltshire? Here is how!
[3903] Python Programming class for delegates who have already self-taught the basics
[3902] Shell - Grep - Sed - Awk - Perl - Python - which to use when?
[3901] How much parking should there be at Melksham Campus?
[3900] The Xxxxx Guest House in Xxxxxxxxxxx - my stay reviewed
[3899] Father Christmas to be on train in Melksham
[3898] The course must go on - improvements to tutor travel plans, with immediate effect
[3897] Autumn scenes from Melksham
[3896] An email marathon
[3895] Flowchart to program - learning to program with Well House
[3894] A wet Saturday
[3893] Public Transport across Wiltshire - a new map
[3892] Distributed, Balanced and Clustered Load Sharing - the difference
[3891] The components of an Apache httpd / Tomcat / MySQL stack and what each does
[3890] Here comes Santa - on the train from Melksham to Swindon on 2nd December 2012
[3889] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - whence in 2013 and beyond?
[3888] What a difference a year made - Melksham Campus
[3887] Inheritance, Composition and Associated objects - when to use which - Python example
[3886] Formatting output - why we need to, and first Python example
[3885] Default local - a good choice by the author of Python
[3884] Pictures - across the park, French Weir and River Tone, Taunton
[3883] Apple Pressing Day 2012
[3882] Community Transport - Pewsey, Taunton, and the whole picture too
[3881] Wiltshire Public Transport User Group co-ordination
[3880] Chamber of Commerce - looking forward in Melksham and in Wessex
[3879] Mixed mode travel - Information systems
[3878] From Structured to Object Oriented Programming.
[3877] Public Transport Services - from and to Melksham
[3876] October to December 2012 - Public Courses
[3875] Using CGI and Perl to put a simple application online. Sometimes still the best way.
[3874] Using Perl to read an RSS feed off a web site and extract data - via LWP and XML modules
[3873] Henbury loop, Bristol - a freight railway line with passenger potential?
[3872] Trains across Wiltshire - an update on the TransWilts
[3871] On getting noticed for the right reasons when you ask about job availability
[3870] Writing more maintainable Perl - naming fields from your data records
[3869] How have Melksham shops changed in 60 years?
[3868] How to make an ohno cake
[3867] The difficult interface between the business, council and voluntary sectors
[3866] Celebrate! Buses from Meksham to Bath
[3865] What makes Well House Manor different?
[3864] Guest Guide for Well House Manor and Melksham
[3863] Five new fans at Well House Manor
[3862] Forwarding a whole domain, except for a few directories - Apache http server
[3861] Melksham Food Festival - the food fayre - pictures
[3860] Melksham to Steam in Swindon, by train - great day out
[3859] Youve Been Selected for the 2012 Edition of the Global Registry
[3858] The apple crop of 2012
[3857] Why has the mouth not said much for the last week or two?
[3856] Edwardian day with Croquet - Well House Manor, 8th September 2012 - Pictures
[3855] Mad week done - so come for Croquet
[3854] Busmans Holiday - I like being a busman
[3853] Blanford Forum, Dorset
[3852] Static variables in Python?
[3851] Who is this? Picture Puzzle
[3850] Bus times - Chippenham Station to Melksham, with London connections
[3849] New bus times - Melksham to Bath
[3848] Where do I find .... (Our hotel FAQ)
[3847] The Accidental Hotelier
[3846] Signs of Autumn
[3845] Good cause giving - getting the charity beggars off the street
[3844] Rooms ready for guests - each time, every time, thanks to good system design
[3843] Caching Design Patterns
[3842] Relax at Well House Manor - gardens, fountain, hotel
[3841] Copying, duplicating, cloning an object in PHP
[3840] Autoload in PHP
[3839] Spraying data from one incoming to series of outgoing files in Perl
[3838] Guest review - Well House Manor, Melksham
[3837] Evening behind Melksham Spa
[3836] In the garden at Well House Manor
[3835] The Information age - not yet truly with us?
[3834] Geekmas 2012 - celebrating open source languages such as Perl, PHP and Python
[3833] Learning to use existing classes in Perl
[3832] A busy day at Well House Manor - so come in and make it even busier!
[3831] Our Melksham Hotel is not quiet - but we are waiting to give you a quiet welcome. Big difference!
[3830] Traversing a directory in Perl
[3829] Training courses - rest of 2012, 2013 and January 2014
[3828] Pimms and Croquet in Edwardian Melksham - 8th September 2012 - Food Festival Event
[3827] Melksham Community Apple Pressing Day
[3826] TransWilts trains - what the next franchise period will bring
[3825] Well House Manor - direct hotel bookings help us improve the customer experience
[3824] Planned for a quiet period during the Olympics - but it is far from that!
[3823] Know Python or PHP? Want to learn Perl too?
[3822] Town Clean - Melksham
[3821] Well House Manor at Dawn ... and later in the day
[3820] PHP sessions - a best practice teaching example
[3819] Packing a tar, jar or war file - best practise
[3818] Making things happen - litter and ASB and lost dogs in Melksham
[3817] Fpdf - generating .pdf documents easily from your PHP program
[3816] Want to escape the Olympics? Learn to program in the countryside!
[3815] The Melksham News - July 2012 - Part 2, TransWilts Rail, Wilts and Berks Canal
[3814] Returning guests - a sign of a good product. Cream teas and hotel rooms.
[3813] Injection Attacks - PHP, SQL, HTML, Javascript - and how to neutralise them
[3812] The Melksham News - July 2012 - Part 1, Campus and Chamber of Commerce
[3811] Associated Classes - using objects of one class within another
[3810] Reading files, and using factories to create vectors of objects from the data in C++
[3809] Dwarf Exception Unwind Info
[3808] Can you put names to faces?
[3807] Reading (and writing) files in C++
[3806] 2011 Census results - initial figures for Wiltshire.
[3804] Scenes from commuting by train
[3803] A Walk on the South Bank
[3802] What a difference a year makes
[3801] A year ago today, a server upgrade and a new Perl example
[3800] Fancy a weekend away? Try Well House Manor in Melksham, Wiltshire
[3799] Ruby Documentation through rdoc
[3798] When you should use Object Orientation even in a short program - Python example
[3797] zip in Python
[3796] Backquote, backtic, str and repr in Python - conversion object to string
[3795] Like a bathroom company with no plumbers
[3794] Should hotel staff sit on the toilet in the customer bedrooms?
[3793] Excellent Rail News - what it really means
[3792] Managing daemons from a terminal session
[3791] The Kernel, Shells and Daemons. Greek Gods in computing
[3790] Solution looking for a problem? Lookahead and Lookbehind
[3789] More than just matching with a regular expression in PHP
[3788] Getting more than a yes / no answer from a regular expression pattern match
[3787] Melksham Pride - the Chamber of Commerce, and the future
[3786] Improving Wiltshire Rail Offer - it WILL be happening
[3785] Programming languages - what are the differences between them?
[3784] Steam train calls at Melksham - Pictures
[3783] Load path, load and require in Ruby, and a change from 1.8 to 1.9
[3782] Standard methods available on all objects in Ruby
[3781] Private, Protected, Public in Ruby. What about interfaces and abstract classes in Ruby?
[3780] Ruby of Rails - cleanly displaying model data in the view
[3779] Adding validation to form entries and sticky fields - Ruby on Rails
[3778] Providing a form to allow the user to add data to the model - Ruby on Rails
[3777] Multiple views in a single appication - sharing common parts of the template - Ruby on Rails
[3776] Some traps it's so easy to fall into in designing your web site
[3775] Alan Turing - 1912 to 1954
[3774] Melksham - a new dawn
[3773] Ruby on the web - a simple example using CGI
[3772] Hello World - Ruby on Rails - a checklist of each step
[3771] Fine evening, country walk from Melksham - pictures
[3770] Sample answers to training course exercises - available on our web site
[3769] Muttable v immutable and implications - Ruby
[3768] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - looking to our future shape. Pivotal meeting next Tuesday
[3767] How well do you know Melksham?
[3766] Python timing - when to use a list, and when to use a generator
[3765] Christmas in June? Melksham hotel bookings and Santa train
[3764] Shell, Awk, Perl of Python?
[3763] Spike solutions and refactoring - a Python example
[3762] Learning to program - the if statement. Python.
[3761] Melksham - placed 2254 out of 2255. What can be done about it?
[3760] Why you should use objects even for short data manipulation programs in Ruby
[3759] The five oldest blogs and the horses mouth
[3758] Ruby - standard operators are overloaded. Perl - they are not
[3757] Ruby - a teaching example showing many of the language features in short but useful program
[3756] Ruby on Rails - how it flows, and where the files go
[3755] Cruising on the Mersey Ferry?
[3754] Eyes Wide Open
[3753] Adding a passcode to a directory
[3752] Melksham Visitors Map - Bus routes and train lines to and from the town
[3751] Public transport for international arrivals into Melksham
[3750] Matching opening hours to when customers can come in and buy
[3749] Removal of water safety equipment, and how to use a lifesaver ring
[3748] Not everyone has a computer - 9 more ways to learn about the Melksham Campus
[3747] An easy way to comply with the new cookie law if your site is well designed
[3746] Google Analytics and the new UK Cookie law
[3745] Legal change - You need to obtain user consent if you use cookies on your website
[3744] Short Web Addresses for Melksham
[3743] Sunday - no longer a day of rest
[3742] Dysenni Valley, and nearby
[3741] Low carbon and other environmental lessons for the Melksham Campus?
[3740] Looking and Learning - even on Holiday
[3739] Go green - business seminar in Melksham
[3738] Adoptive homes sought for abandoned babies
[3737] Postcards from Barmouth
[3736] Abstraction
[3735] A walk around Melksham this morning. Can you place all of these?
[3734] QR codes with marketing logos embedded
[3733] More hazards of modern life
[3732] Ten more visitors to your premises every day?
[3731] Now Open - A Museum for Melksham. Come in and see us.
[3730] What is a metatable? How do I set one up? How do I use them? Lua
[3729] Then and now pictures of Melksham - on show through the summer
[3728] The future needs for rail services to Melksham - change needed; current service an insult
[3727] Using Lua tables as objects
[3726] Press Release - Museum to explore the story of Melksham
[3725] Lua Tables
[3724] Learning to Program in Lua - public / open training course / class
[3723] Bank Holiday Monday, so it was pouring with rain.
[3722] Walking by the wiver
[3721] Naming blocks of code, structures and Object Orientation - efficient coding in manageable chunks
[3720] Melksham ATC - freedom of the town
[3719] Strawberry Cream Teas, Well House Manor, Melksham, starting this weekend
[3718] Splitting a record into individual data values in C
[3717] Returning extra results from a function in C
[3716] Learning C++ - a design pattern for your first class
[3715] Changing face - Filton
[3714] Just 12 winners? Or 371 or more? Town Centres.
[3713] Verticals ... last month
[3712] Some unpublished and historic pictures - Museum of Melksham
[3711] Kiss
[3710] Encouraging business in Melksham and its neighbourhood - keep business local??
[3709] Queen to visit eight Wiltshire areas - will she know what she misses in the other 13 areas?
[3708] Strawberry Cream Teas in Melksham - available every day this summer
[3707] Converting codons via Amino Acids to Proteins in Perl
[3706] An exciting Chamber of Commerce AGM - sound like an Oxymoron?
[3705] Django Training Courses - UK
[3704] The Bowerhill Villager - a newsletter for Bowerhill, Melksham
[3703] A Museum for Melksham History. Open from 12th May 2012.
[3702] Digital Champions think that Well House Manor is a champion venue!
[3701] Refresh and Revision training class days - Perl / PHP / Python / Lua / Ruby / Tcl / C / C++
[3700] Why do people use chains rather than independent traders?
[3699] Bristol 50? Bristol 25?
[3698] How to stop forms on other sites submitting to your scripts
[3697] Events in Melksham - read all about them, and tell us about yours
[3696] Melksham government and business organisations
[3695] Functions are first class variables in Lua and Python
[3694] Special __ methods you can use in Lua metatables
[3693] Wiltshire Business Support Service
[3692] Deeper than Art - An exhibition of the tattoo Canvas - Melksham
[3691] Back in Cambridge to give a Lua course
[3690] Changes in Lua 5.2 - Garbage Collection
[3689] Can I cycle or ride my mobility scooter on the pavement?
[3688] Shopkeepers take an Easter break too
[3687] Binary / bitwise operations in Lua with the standard bit32 library
[3686] The goto statement in Lua
[3685] Programming Standards in Lua
[3684] Once upon a Maundy Thursday
[3683] Weak references in Lua - what are they, and why use them?
[3682] Melksham Business Newsreel
[3681] Kicking up a stink, the Victorian way?
[3680] How can I run multiple web servers behind a single IP address?
[3679] Setting up your Linux system as a firewall using iptables
[3678] Potteries and Staffordshire in the Sunshine
[3677] Some advise for guest speakers at meetings
[3676] Rising prices, changing habits and society
[3675] Spring 2012
[3674] Off to walk the dogs
[3673] Object oriented or structured - a comparison in Python. Also writing clean regular expressions
[3672] Melksham Train Service - please support the TransWilts case for regular trains
[3671] Future train services in Wiltshire - please write in to support a better service
[3670] Reading Google Analytics results, based on the relative populations of countries
[3669] Stepping through a list (or an array) in reverse order
[3668] Kings Cross - new concourse - between Python in Cambridge and Objective C in London
[3667] A modern area of Cambridge - some thoughts provoked?
[3666] Makefile variables - defined internally, from the command line and from the environment
[3665] Will will smile?
[3664] Error checking in a Python program - making your program robust via exceptions
[3663] Changing shops and organisations - Melksham, the last and next five years
[3662] Finding all the unique lines in a file, using Python or Perl
[3661] Keeping forum and blog comments clean
[3660] A Pivotal Incident - learning how to welcome your guests
[3659] Welcome to Melksham - our new communities
[3658] Using Make for a distribution
[3657] Basham Festival, Melksham, early August 2012 - a welcome
[3656] TrainWest 2012 - 14th and 15th April, Melksham, Wiltshire
[3655] Sights and scenes - more London trip pictures
[3654] On a sunny afternoon in London
[3653] What is happening in 59 days time in Melksham?
[3652] A Complete makefile example
[3651] Makefile - some basics, and a demonstration
[3650] Possessive Regular Expression Matching - Perl, Objective C and some other languages
[3649] A single action for multiple iPad / iPhone buttons, and animation
[3648] iPad and iPhone programming - our seminar weekend with Xcode
[3647] Along the brook - East Melksham to Melksham
[3646] Exploring Melksham with a film maker
[3645] Keeping our hotel looking like new, by using our gained experience
[3644] The way of the Prioress - Melksham history pictured today
[3643] Hotel food, Melksham - enjoy the variety of the American way
[3642] Wiltshire Travel Times - Chippenham, Trowbridge, Salisbury and other places too
[3641] Swindon to Trowbridge - transport and travel options
[3640] Sessions (Shopping Carts) in Django - the Python Web Framework
[3639] Demonstration of a form using Django
[3638] Sorting dicts and arrays in Tcl
[3637] April, May and June 2012 - Public Open Source Programming Courses
[3636] Best tenner I ever spent?
[3635] Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_STRING on brand new web site - why?
[3634] Defining database relations in your Django model
[3633] Nesting Templates in Django
[3632] What is Make?
[3631] Getting around Dublin by public transport - some observations
[3630] Serialsing and unserialising data for storage and transfer in Perl
[3629] Sharing lots of values in Tcl without having lots of global declarations
[3628] Historic Drawings from near Melksham
[3627] Meeting Report - Tuesday 21st Feb - to Melksham Chamber of Commerce from Shadow Community Operations Board
[3626] There is so much to see travelling by train
[3625] An update on Billy the Greyhound and Gypsy the Lurcher
[3624] Why do we need a Model, View, Controller architecture?
[3623] Some TestWise examples - helping use Ruby code to check your web site operation
[3622] Loading Ruby classes - where does Ruby look?
[3621] Matching regular expressions, and substitutions, in Ruby
[3620] Finding the total, average, minimum and maximum in a program
[3619] Ruby v Perl - a comparison example
[3618] lists and struct::list in Tcl - Introduction to struct::list and examples
[3617] The fileutil package and a list of file system commands in Tcl
[3616] Bus top - colours of London
[3615] Historic documents for Wiltshire
[3614] Tcl - dicts - a tutorial and examples
[3613] Keeping Business Local. But is that realistic?
[3612] Help to get online in Melksham
[3611] A customer thanks Well House Manor
[3610] Training to do a job, or training to pass an exam?
[3609] How do classes relate to each other? Associated Classes
[3608] Design Patterns - what are they? Why use them?
[3607] Designing your application - using UML techniques
[3606] Gypsy and Billy enjoy the snow
[3605] Snow comes to Melksham, Wiltshire - pictures
[3604] Melksham Campus - a blog you can read, and a place you can comment
[3603] Another cold night
[3602] Emerging proposals for land to the east of Spa Road, Melksham
[3601] Rail Travel - has it become more unreliable?
[3600] Visa, MasterCard and American Express - changing payment profiles
[3599] Seeing how Melksham has changed over the years, via an iPad
[3598] Melksham Civic Awards - report and pictures
[3597] Niche businesses in Melksham. From glass painting to Tcl and Lua courses.
[3596] Want to learn iPad and iPhone programming? Come along and learn with me for free.
[3595] Looking up
[3594] Back to Uni
[3593] Chars, char arrays and strings in C. Some early cautions and pitfalls.
[3592] Are we one man, one vote? No, and we never have been.
[3591] Integer types, and integer overflows, in C
[3590] Defining, declaring and initialising variables in C
[3589] Promoting a single one of your domains on the search engines
[3588] Learning about how to help people learning - and retaining
[3587] C++ Courses - do I get official certification at the end of my Well House course?
[3586] Emergency First Aid Provision at Well House Manor - part of the service
[3585] The changing Hotel and Bed and Breakfast business in Melksham
[3584] QR codes - graphics images that provide quick phone links
[3583] Expanding a list of parameters in Tcl - {*} and eval
[3582] Tcl collections - lists, dicts and array
[3581] Perl - calls to methods that use => - what do they mean?
[3580] Melksham Area - buses, trains, cycles, and roads. Meeting, 17.1.2012
[3579] Transport in Cambridgeshire - seen by an outside observer. What can Wiltshire learn?
[3578] A busy start to 2012
[3577] How to do multidimensional arrays (or rather lists and hashes) in Perl
[3576] Tcl - apparently odd behaviour of string trimleft
[3575] Multiple buttons calling the same proc in wish (tcl/tk)
[3574] Perl functions such as chop change their input parameters
[3573] New in Java 7 - and why we are not running public Java 7 courses
[3572] Adding Expect on top of Tcl - what is it and where can I get a training course to learn about it?
[3571] Comparing loop commands in Tcl
[3570] Trapping errors in Tcl - the safety net that catch provides
[3569] Images of the new year in Melksham
[3568] Telling which ServerAlias your visitor used - useful during merging domains
[3567] First of the year
[3566] Initial thoughts - response to GW Rail Franchise Consultation for Wiltshire
[3565] What would an appropriate train service on the TransWilts line mean
[3564] I wish I was not a special case
[3563] How big is a web page these days? Does the size of your pages matter?
[3562] Christmas Day - for unique pictures
[3561] Happy Christmas ... a Christmas morning walk in Melksham
[3560] Melksham, Month by month through 2011
[3559] Well House Consultants - Open Source Programming Courses for 2012
[3558] Python or Lua - which should I use / learn?
[3557] Melksham Christmas Lights - Town, Shops and Private Houses
[3556] Aeryn at 1
[3555] Football league tables - under old and new point system. Python program.
[3554] Learning more about our web site - and learning how to learn about yours
[3553] Changes to morning routines
[3552] Melksham Training Centre and Hotel internet speed - how does it compare?
[3551] Some terms used in programming (Biased towards Python)
[3550] Provide a useable train service, and people will use it!
[3549] Well House Manor - perhaps the best hotel rooms in Melksham
[3548] Dark mornings, dog update, and Python and Lua courses before Christmas
[3547] Using Perl to generate multiple reports from a HUGE file, efficiently
[3546] The difference between dot (a.k.a. full stop, period) and comma in Perl
[3545] Finding all matches to a pattern in Perl regular expressions
[3544] Looking for hotel rooms in Melksham over Christmas? We still have some availability
[3543] Some different pictures from Melksham
[3542] What order are operations performed in, in a Perl expression?
[3541] I loves Melksham
[3540] Easy session example in PHP - keeping each customers data apart
[3539] Separating program and artwork in PHP - easier maintainance, and better for the user
[3538] Santa Train - another successful trip - 4th December 2011
[3537] Letting the foster parents know ... too little or too much?
[3536] UK Mapping Data - and more to come - under government Open Data measures
[3535] Melksham, Luxury Hotel Rooms, Christmas.
[3534] Learning to program in PHP - Regular Expression and Associative Array examples
[3533] No message - just doggy pictures of the new doggy
[3532] Sharing the user experience - designing a form with the customer in mind
[3531] Blowing our trumpet about Melksham
[3530] A typical weekend??
[3529] Sharpness, Gloucestershire - a place in transport history
[3528] December courses - PHP, Python, Perl - and a weekend Lua course
[3527] Melksham - changing times, an opportunity for the future
[3526] Melksham has a Heart - Montage picture for sale
[3525] Melksham has a heart - come and see the pictures. Sunday, 11 to 3, Assembly Hall
[3524] Metaclasses (Python) and Metatables (Lua)
[3523] When competition is not a good idea - Melksham Bus Absurdity
[3522] Networking - North and West Wilts FSB Style
[3521] Emergency First Aid at Work (HSE) training in Melksham - places available for 19.1.2012
[3520] Quintessentially English - scenes from our Wiltshire town
[3519] Python - current versions and implementations (CPython, Jython, IronPython etc)
[3518] Melksham House / Melksham Campus - Seniors Input Sought
[3517] Tags used in writing this blog
[3516] Regular Expression modifiers in PHP - summary table
[3515] PHP - moving from ereg to preg for regular expressions
[3514] Microblogging - what I should have tweeted in the last 48 hours
[3513] Olympic Torch - dates and places in Wiltshire in 2012
[3512] A colleague and friend who changed my life
[3511] Melksham has a heart - have your picture taken and support the defibrillator appeal
[3510] The skull above the door in Melksham Town Hall
[3509] Operator Overloading, Exceptions, Pointers, References and Templates in C++ - new examples from our courses
[3508] Destructor methods in C++ - a primer
[3507] Melksham Forward - meeting summary and pictures
[3506] Cold call contacts - preference services and turning off spam sales approaches
[3505] Well House Manor - Winter Warmers - Open 7 days a week, 11 to 5 ++
[3504] Coaches from Trowbridge and Melksham to London
[3503] Melksham House - a community facility
[3502] Sunday Evening ... newest and oldest Melksham pictures
[3501] Santa Claus - on the train from Melksham on 4th December 2011
[3500] Campus Shadow - a great responsibility
[3499] Images of Melksham
[3498] Which West Wilts Town? A picture quiz for you
[3497] Not the same language - but based on the same constructs
[3496] Melksham - Business to Business Speed Networking - build ahead for 2012
[3495] Looking forward - Chamber of Commerce has 2012 and beyond on the agenda
[3494] Databases - when to treat the rules as guidelines
[3493] West Wilts Rail User Group - Walk yesterday from Bradford-on-Avon to Trowbridge
[3492] Upcoming events in and about Melksham - more dates for your diary
[3491] Who is knocking at your web site door? Are you well set up to deal with allcomers?
[3490] How not to call when job seeking ...
[3489] Python courses and Private courses - gently updating our product to keep it ahead of the game
[3488] Python sets and frozensets - what are they?
[3487] Public transport - road and rail
[3486] How important is public transport to people in the Melksham area?
[3485] Perl - retrieving and caching web resources
[3484] A Melksham Timeline - Domesday to present day
[3483] Canals, watererways in the Melksham area
[3482] Taking a boat down Caen Hill Locks
[3481] Some thoughts in answer to some Melksham Campus questions
[3480] Direct Message: Really horrible blog about you ... a clever phishing trip, said to be from an MP
[3479] Practical Extraction and Reporting - using Python and Extreme Programming
[3478] Testing your Python classes with the unittest package - how to
[3477] Choosing your Python GUI - wx, Qt, Tk or GTK?
[3476] Tkinter - an easy to use Python Graphic User Interface - introductory examples
[3475] Havant - Shop Frontages.
[3474] Python Packages - groupings of modules. An introduction
[3473] Picture - Havant Station at Dusk
[3472] Static variables in functions - and better ways using objects
[3471] Vintage Bus Running Day in Warminster. An example of good bus practise.
[3470] Currently pictured in Melksham
[3469] Teaching dilemma - old tricks and techniques, or recent enhancements?
[3468] Python string formatting - the move from % to str.format
[3467] Charities v Charitable. The cost of collecting your donation.
[3466] Passing of Steve Jobs - R.I.P.
[3465] How can I do an FTP transfer in Python?
[3464] Passing optional and named parameters to python methods
[3463] Busy weekend of contrasts.
[3462] Hangers, luggage and possessions
[3461] From flowchart to program - code design for the newcomer
[3460] Flying Colours!
[3459] Catching the fishes first?
[3458] On this day ... one PHP script with three uses
[3457] Away to train - but still around by video for Melksham meetings
[3456] Stepping stones - early coding, and writing re-usable code quickly
[3455] MySQL, MySQLi, PDO or something else - how best to talk to databases from PHP
[3454] Your PHP website - how to factor and refactor to reduce growing pains
[3453] Reading and using emails including enclosures on your web server.
[3452] Which or ATOC - who reads train fares right?
[3451] Why would you want to use a Perl hash?
[3450] A threat in the post? Poor marketing practise from Smiletrain?
[3449] Apache Internal Dummy Connection - what is it and what should I do with it?
[3448] Checking all the systems on a subnet, using Expect and Tk
[3447] Needle in a haystack - finding the web server overload
[3446] Awk v Perl
[3445] Perl and CGI - simple form, and monitoring script.
[3444] Take the dog on a lead - do not carry her. Perl references.
[3443] Getting more log information from the Apache http web server
[3442] A demonstration of how many Python facilities work together
[3441] Pressing ^C in a Python program. Also Progress Bar.
[3440] Research is exciting. But should routine be automated?
[3439] Python for loops - applying a temporary second name to the same object
[3438] Melksham to become a part of Trowbridge?
[3437] Light bulbs
[3436] Moving from scripting to Object Orientation in Python
[3435] Sorta sorting a hash, and what if an exception is NOT thrown - Ruby
[3434] Sundays - and over eating
[3433] Exceptions - a fail-safe way of trapping things that may go wrong
[3432] 3 digit HTTP status codes - what are they, which are most common, which should be a concern?
[3431] Ruby at both extremes of your website
[3430] Sigils - the characters on the start of variable names in Perl, Ruby and Fortran
[3429] Searching through all the files in or below a directory - Ruby, Tcl, Perl
[3428] How many days to Christmas?
[3427] What is on the Melksham Agenda?
[3426] Automed web site testing scripted in Ruby using watir-webdriver
[3425] Our National Autograss Champion, from Melksham
[3424] Divide 10000 by 17. Do you get 588.235294117647, 588.24 or 588? - Ruby and PHP
[3423] 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 12?
[3422] Assigning values to variables within other statements - Ruby
[3421] Ruby off the Rails?
[3420] Making best use of the new enthusiasm for Melksham
[3419] Data that we use during our training courses, and other training resources
[3418] Tcl packages, pkg_mkIndex, pkgIndex.tcl -what are they and why use them.
[3417] What is a namespace and why do we need them?
[3416] Storing Tcl source code encoded, and running via your own C program
[3415] User defined sorting and other uses of callbacks in Tcl and Tk
[3414] Passing back multiple results in Tcl - upvar and uplevel
[3413] If its Sunday, must it be Weymouth?
[3412] Handling binary data in Perl is easy!
[3411] Single and double quotes strings in Perl - what is the difference?
[3410] A review of the Summer Sunday extra trains on the TransWilts line
[3409] When variables behave differently - Tie in Perl
[3408] Journey home by public transport for a Bank Holiday
[3407] Perl - a quick reminder and revision. Test yourself!
[3406] Not multidimentional arrays - but lists of lists. Much more flexible. Perl!
[3405] Where do businessmen stay in Melksham?
[3404] Buses on the Cambridge Guided Busway
[3403] Last chance this summer - Swindon and North Wiltshire to Weymouth by through train
[3402] That spec is a kingfisher ...
[3401] Open Source Training Schedule - learn a programming language - in Autumn 2011 or 2012
[3400] $ is atomic and % and @ are molecular - Perl
[3399] From fish, loaves and apples to money, plastic cards and BACS (Perl references explained)
[3398] Perl - making best use of the flexibility, but also using good coding standards
[3397] Does a for loop evaluate its end condition once, or on every iteration?
[3396] Tables as Objects in Lua - a gentle introduction to data driven programming
[3395] Parallel but not really parallel. Moving game characters. Coroutines in Lua.
[3394] The difference between lists and strings - Tcl
[3393] Rodwell Trail, Weymouth
[3392] What costs 8.20 from Melksham, or 22.30 via Chippenham?
[3391] For programmers who use Internet Explorer as their browser
[3390] Printing objects in C++
[3389] Plenty to do in Melksham
[3388] Templates in C++ - defining a family pattern of methods / functions
[3387] Eating out in Melksham - where we like for lunch.
[3386] Adding the pieces together to make a complete language - C
[3385] Do university courses teach the right things for life at work later on?
[3384] Loops - a comparison of goto, while and for
[3383] Are people who walk into Melksham being asked to subsidise parking?
[3382] What is the picture?
[3381] Report - day trip from Swindon / Chippenham / Melksham to Weymouth
[3380] Melksham Jelly - An Occasional Office for Home Workers
[3379] Sorting data the way YOU want it sorted
[3378] New product - ensuring that supply matches demand
[3377] What do I mean when I add things in Perl?
[3376] Kennet and Avon - Walk from Bedwyn to Pewsey. TransWilts day out.
[3375] How to interact with a Perl program while it is processing data
[3374] Speeding up your Perl code
[3373] Another busy Week at Well House Manor ... pictures from the midweek
[3372] Wearing the new London uniform
[3371] From Wiltshire to Weymouth on Sundays
[3370] Standing Challenge
[3369] Local Council leads bans on many activities
[3368] Well House Manor hotel, Melksham - recommended to you by our customers
[3367] Google +1 - what is it?
[3366] Specification, Design, Implementation, Testing and Documentation - stages of a (Java) programming project
[3365] Turning bright delegates into bright and knowledgable ones
[3364] Dogs Legs on the Dogleg
[3363] Should we take sponsored adverts on our site?
[3362] Swindon, Chippenham and Melksham to Weymouth - Sunday Train Service Starts
[3361] Blowing our own trumpet - MySQL resources
[3360] Melksham Carnival, 2011 - pictures
[3359] Cash and Cheque policy - UK Hotel
[3358] Upcoming Programming courses ... High Summer, 2011
[3357] Business, priorities, and volunteering
[3356] Holiday patterns - just the art, not the content
[3355] Family Pictures
[3354] Sales and Marketing - adding advertising to the product
[3353] Off the beaten track - non-quite-so-tourist spots
[3352] World Trade Register - Certainly NOT worth 2985 Euros.
[3351] Research and development with the help of your tutor or guide
[3350] A set of pictures without point
[3349] Formatting output in Python through str.format
[3348] List slices in Python - 2 and 3 values forms, with an uplifting example
[3347] The Anthony trial - Orange County, Florida. Thoughts on conclusion
[3346] Gibraltar - said to have a few residents less than Chippenham
[3345] Cruising
[3344] Repost - some useful pages on our site
[3343] Summer Sunday Train Service Starts - Swindon Chippenham and Melksham to Weymouth
[3342] A Holiday
[3341] Farewell to the Hercules?
[3340] Summer Sunday Timetable - TransWilts Trains
[3339] Simplest ever proxy configuration?
[3338] Return trip - Dogs Trust, Newbury
[3337] Home Grown Pigs, near Melksham Station
[3336] Efficient travel - from Melsksham to Edinburgh by Sleeper Train
[3335] Practical Extraction and Reporting
[3334] A lesson from the sporran market?
[3333] Honesty and a friendly welcome goes a long way
[3332] DNA to Amino Acid - a sample Perl script
[3331] Comparing Alloa and Melksham - stations and services
[3330] A lot of exercise this week
[3329] Perl from basics
[3328] Summer Sundays - days out by train from Swindon on the TransWilts
[3327] Why are chefs miserable?
[3326] Finding your big files in Perl - design considerations beyond the course environment
[3325] The Olympic Torch, and Melksham House
[3324] Rabbit Shelter
[3323] Is Melksham town centre dying?
[3322] How much has Perl (and other languages) changed?
[3321] Travelling around
[3320] Reading the nth line from a file (Perl and Tcl examples)
[3319] Moving on - a task for the hotel staff!
[3318] Summer Sunday Trains - outings from Swindon, Chippenham, Melksham, Trowbridge and Westbury
[3317] Self Portrait (in words)
[3316] Twitter Phishing Trips ... and a great new alert service
[3315] Friday - Electrician, Food Festival, C++ Course, Rail Group Meeting
[3314] Garden Seating, Well House Manor
[3313] What does our MP do on a Bank Holiday?
[3312] Are you cheerful, reliable and available on Saturday mornings?
[3311] Exhilarating day!
[3310] How fast is your Internet access? Do you need something faster for your business or home?
[3309] Tipping Policy - Well House Manor
[3308] Behind the scenes - setting up a cafe
[3307] Melksham Community Radio launches
[3306] Photogenic Place
[3305] Getting away from the madding crowd - an intercontinental journey
[3304] Scones with or without fruit?
[3303] Flying tonight
[3302] Are you a half full or half empty person?
[3301] Using public transport - USA style
[3300] Wildlife and other pictures from holiday
[3299] Presidents Report to Melksham Chamber of Commerce, 24.5.2011
[3298] Quiet Monday in
[3297] A long day, a long journey, and families and similarities the world over
[3296] Dog, hotel, Melksham, Wiltshire?
[3295] Strawberry Cream Teas, Coffee straight from the Bean and freshly squeezed orange juice - Melksham, every afternoon
[3294] It's not just about the jam in the sandwich
[3293] Distributing the server load - yet ensuring that each user return to the same system (Apache httpd and Tomcat)
[3292] Every tenth picture.
[3291] Pay and refund scam - alive and kicking against Melksham businesses
[3290] Changes (and no changes) at Melksham bus stops
[3289] New Camera - very first picture, and next from first films
[3288] Random Questions ...
[3287] Exceptions - Tcl style
[3286] Should we cover expect and/or Tk on our public Tcl courses?
[3285] Extracting data from a string / line from file - Tcl
[3284] What to do in the evening during a Tcl course
[3283] The juggler
[3282] The future of canal management and charities - Kennet and Avon Canal bias
[3281] Does Well House Manor Hotel in Melksham offer lots of discounts?
[3280] Passing parameters to Python functions - the options you have
[3279] Letter to The Editor
[3278] Do I need to initialise variables - programming in C, C++, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby or Java.
[3277] Between a rock and a hard place.
[3276] International travel to the UK - coming to Melksham
[3275] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - grows to appoint new Press Officer. Welcome. Sam
[3274] Small scale improvement - big scale gain. And they CAN be done with local knowledge
[3273] Wanted - a look to the future
[3272] Melksham Car Parking - current charges and limits
[3271] The importance of feedback
[3270] SQL - Data v Metadata, and the various stages of data selection
[3269] Files or Databases? MySQL, SQLite, or Oracle?
[3268] Baby Pictures
[3267] Reybridge, Easter Monday
[3266] Easter on the Canal - near Melksham, Wiltshire
[3265] Alternative Vote (AV) - cutting the crap
[3264] Alternative Vote (AV) - explaining and an example
[3263] Come as a customer, leave as a friend - Well House Manor, Hotel, Wiltshire
[3262] Some SVG Elements, pixel and percent positioning
[3261] Scalable Vector Graphics - easy, low bandwidth, high resolution, dynamic.
[3260] Ruby - a training example that puts many language elements together to demonstrate the whole
[3259] Our library in Melksham
[3258] Morning in Melksham
[3257] All possible combinations from a list (Python) or array (Ruby)
[3256] Displaying a directory or file system tree - Linux
[3255] Process every member of an array, and sort an array - Ruby
[3254] Multiple inputs, multiple out, ruby functions
[3253] Is this number between? Does this list include? - Ruby
[3252] C++ - unknown array size, unknown object type. Help!
[3251] C++ - objects that are based on other objects, saving coding and adding robustness
[3250] C++ - how we teach the language and the concepts behind the language
[3249] Events - Spring and Early Summer 2011 in Melksham
[3248] What have these pictures in common?
[3247] Light and dark at Green Park
[3246] Melksham - the way forward. 26th April, Well House Manor
[3245] Collections in C and C++ - arrays, vectors and heap memory blocks
[3244] C and C++ - preprocess, compile, load, run - what each step is for
[3243] Breaking the running sequence - an introduction to conditional statements and loops
[3242] How to return 2 values from a function (C++ and C) - more uses of pointers
[3241] Spring in the countryside near Melksham
[3240] Melksham Town Council - vacancy in the Spa Ward
[3239] TrainWest, 2011 in pictures - Christie Miller, Bowerhill, Melksham
[3238] Bradshaw, Ben and Bill. And some C and C++ pointers and references too.
[3237] Using functions to keep look and feel apart from calculations - simple C example
[3236] C - a first program that does something useful for you
[3235] How we make our programming courses both time and cost effective
[3234] Your program - you just provide the filling in the sandwich
[3233] C / C++ Course Lunch - sitting out at the West End
[3232] Around and about Melksham in more pictures
[3231] Footpath, Bridleway, Byway, Road used as Public Path
[3230] Whaddon - near us and yet so remote from us
[3229] Coincidence, or naturally repeating event?
[3228] What can you take on a public footpath? Pram? Wheelbarrow? Dog? Shopping Trolley? Horse? Cycle?
[3227] Her favourite store
[3226] A busy morning for railway announcements
[3225] Campus - answer to business questions
[3224] Melksham Campus - a win / win opportunity, but a severely lacking decision process
[3223] Answering at my earliest convenience
[3222] Clickjacking - another way to get you to follow a malicious link - Facebook issue
[3221] How long is a speech?
[3220] Panasonic Lumix TZ20
[3219] How do I become a Linux System Administrator?
[3218] Matching a license plate or product code - Regular Expressions
[3217] Vandalism and riot from the minority - the effect
[3216] Images of a Spring Walk
[3215] Solution looking for problem
[3214] Melksham Campus - any last minute inputs from Melksham businesses?
[3213] Should I use Open Source or Commercial software?
[3212] Well House Manor - a home from home for the business and leisure guest in Melksham
[3211] Computer Graphics in PHP - World (incoming data) to Pixel (screen) conversion
[3210] Catchable fatal error in PHP ... How to catch, and alternative solutions such as JSON
[3209] Seeing Electricity Pylons near Melksham
[3208] Links for social media, microblogs and business networking
[3207] Lambing at Lackham
[3206] Wiltshire College / Lackham College - the animals
[3205] Open Source (Public) courses - PHP, Tcl, SQL, Python, C and C++ in Melksham, Wiltshire, UK
[3204] Two views of a war memorial
[3203] Melksham Town Council announces ...
[3202] Telling you something about us in just one line
[3201] A change to the Well House team - thank you and good luck, Chris
[3200] How a for loop works Java, Perl and other languages
[3199] Lunch for Melksham Businesses
[3198] TransWilts rail - coming together, wanted and needed
[3197] Finding and diverting image requests from rogue domains
[3196] No news is good news.
[3195] Sunny day - Clanger and Picket Woods, Shearwater, and Westbury
[3194] Buses - what they cost and their future direction in the SW and in Wiltshire
[3193] Melksham Campus - what, why, questions, concerns and how you can input
[3192] Tcl - Some example of HOW TO in handling data files and formats
[3191] Date of the Census (which month and day?)
[3190] What do the following web sites have in common?
[3189] Tcl - the danger of square brackets in a while command
[3188] What proportion of the British Workforce still works a Monday to Friday, 9 to 5, week?
[3187] Past and Present - Melksham Station
[3186] How to add a customised twitter feed to your site
[3185] Day Trip to Hereford, in pictures
[3184] Visiting relatives
[3183] Redevelopment on the banks of the Avon in Melksham
[3182] What we look for in a lunchtime cafe restaurant in Melksham
[3181] Beware - a=a+b and a+=b are different - Python
[3180] Age limits for Well House Consultants Open Source courses?
[3179] Oops - I typed ci not vi, and have lost my file ...
[3178] The cost of roadworks on the economy of our town - 1800 pounds per hour?
[3177] Insurance against any errors - Volcanoes and Python
[3176] Comparing German, Dutch and British Railways
[3175] The Rhine in winter
[3174] Sharing a single hotel internet connection without carrying extra hardware
[3173] What is the Melksham Chamber of Commerce?
[3172] On consultations, car parking, and Melksham town centre
[3171] Train and boat journey - the passenger accommodation
[3170] How far is something pictured from the camera?
[3169] Rekeying a table - comparison in #Ruby #Perl and #Python
[3168] Web Sites - Subject to Advertising Standards from 1st March - check your sites
[3167] Can I take my dog by train? And other questions
[3166] Well house is strong - confirmed?
[3165] Journalism 101
[3164] Brown - or Mrs Sally Brown, accountant from Whitstable?
[3163] Twitter - the special use of @ # and http: in tweets
[3162] Keep your business customer-friendly!
[3161] TransWilts rail - what picture represents us
[3160] Extra courses - Advanced PHP, MySQL and Lua
[3159] Returning multiple values from a function call in various languages - a comparison
[3158] Ruby training - some fresh examples for string handling applications
[3157] A new monopoly on the ferry to Northern Ireland
[3156] Splitting data reading code from data processing code - Ruby
[3155] Rake - a build system using code written in Ruby
[3154] Changing a class later on - Ruby
[3153] Points West to Belfast
[3152] Jargon busting
[3151] Disassembling Python and Java - previously compiled code
[3150] Python dictionaries - mutable and immutable keys and values
[3149] Looking back at
[3148] OpenGL / C / C++ - an example to get you started
[3147] Hotel star ratings - towards a better system of review
[3146] Strings in C
[3145] Structures v Structure Pointers in C. How, which, why.
[3144] Setting up arrays in C - fixed size at compile time, or dynamic
[3143] On time
[3142] Private and Public - and things between
[3141] Wiltshire Rail services - a golden opportunity
[3140] Django - separating the HTML from the view / model
[3139] Steering our Python courses towards wxPython, SQLite and Django
[3138] Django - adding your own views, and then templating your views.
[3137] Training Classes - should the training company provide a system for each delegate to use?
[3136] A framework with python - Django - first steps
[3135] A time to be brave? We should ask for what is best for our area.
[3134] Melksham Weather - Warm and windy becoming colder and calmer
[3133] An image from a website that occasionally comes out as hyroglyphics
[3132] Virtual Hosting with Apache http server - an overall scheme, and avoiding common pitfalls
[3131] Lua, Tcl, Python; Worldwide training classes
[3130] New Computers for delegates to use
[3129] Extra courses - C and C++
[3128] How does your browser find out about itself?
[3127] Burger me!
[3126] Car Parking in Melksham - thoughts on the proposed scheme, and wider thoughts too
[3125] The family is defunct. Long live the family.
[3124] C++ - putting the language elements together into a program
[3123] C++ objects - some short, single file demonstrations
[3122] When is a program complete?
[3121] New year, new C Course
[3120] Learning to write good programs in C and C++ - separating out repeated code
[3119] TransWilts - some things to see and do
[3118] Arrays of arrays - or 2D arrays. How to program tables.
[3117] Opportunities for Melksham - new businesses in the town
[3116] Are there newspapers on New Years Day? Do the shops open on Easter Sunday? Do trains run at Christmas?
[3115] Perl, Python, PHP, Lua, Linux, and more - and business hotel too. Menu for 2011
[3114] Transwilts Link - both Wiltshire and beyond
[3113] Trowbridge and Melksham to Chippenham - more roadworks, even slower journey over the winter
[3112] Public and private courses - subjects available for 2011
[3111] TransWilts Link - Days out from Swindon to Weymouth?
[3110] The days after Christmas
[3109] A weighty decision
[3108] My First Christmas
[3107] Hotel and Training Course prices - the effect of the VAT rise on 4th January 2011
[3106] Buckets
[3105] Adventure with references to lists and lists of references
[3104] Catering in Syracuse, the Saigon Cafe, stolen images and Christmas
[3103] Thank you - and Happy Christmas
[3102] AND and OR operators - what is the difference between logical and bitwise varieties?
[3101] The week before Christmas
[3100] Looking ahead and behind in Regular Expressions - double matching
[3099] Perl - database access - DBD, DBI and DBIx modules
[3098] Learning Object Orientation in Perl through bananas and perhaps Moose
[3097] Making Perl class definitions more conventional and shorter
[3096] Contrast in pictures
[3095] The Christmas Season has arrived
[3094] Setting your user_agent in PHP - telling back servers who you are
[3093] How many toilet rolls - hotel inventory and useage
[3092] wxPython geometry - BoxSizer example
[3091] How do regular expressions work / Regular Expression diagrams
[3090] Matching to a string - what if it matches in many possible ways?
[3089] Python regular expressions - repeating, splitting, lookahead and lookbehind
[3088] Melksham - two many councils?
[3087] Making the most of critical emails - reading behind the scene
[3086] Sizers (geometry control) in a wxPython GUI - a first example
[3085] Object Oriented Programming for Structured Programmers - conversion training
[3084] Can you trust the big brand names?
[3083] Python - fresh examples from recent courses
[3082] XML handling in Python - SAX, DOM and XSLT examples
[3081] wxPython - simple example to add GUI to a server log file analysis
[3080] Santa Special - rather more special than usual - December 2010
[3079] TransWilts Rail News ... Melksham (Santa Special) Edition ... 5th December 2010
[3078] Royal Wedding. How William and Catherine have changed our schedule
[3077] Perl 6 - significantly nearer, and Rakudo looks very good
[3076] Python through the Snow
[3075] Change of balance, of attitude, and of work method
[3074] Running a course ... what if the tutor isn't well?
[3073] Customer Service - the boundary
[3072] Finding elements common to many lists / arrays
[3071] Well House Price list, January to March 2011
[3070] Belfast, on a cold November evening
[3069] Strings, Garbage Collection and Variable Scope in C++
[3068] Throwing your own exception in C++, and catching it
[3067] Using C and C++ functions in the same program - how to do it
[3066] Separating groups of variables into namespaces
[3065] Pictures from the Birkenhead to Belfast crossing
[3064] On the way to the course this week
[3063] Comments in and on Perl - a case for extreme OO programming
[3062] Melksham Carnival - getting ready for 2011
[3061] Databases - why data is split into separate tables, and how to join them
[3060] INSERT, DELETE, REPLACE and UPDATE - changing the content of SQL tables
[3059] Object Orientation in an hour and other Perl Lectures
[3058] MacBook Air - hardware and system review
[3057] Lots of things to do with and within a C++ class
[3056] C++ - a complete example with polymorphism, and how to split it into project files
[3055] Zyliana Kyrei Cox
[3054] Longhope Hotel
[3053] Make - automating the commands for building and installing
[3052] Getting your C++ program to run
[3051] Positively reforming the system - could it be done?
[3050] Views of Melksham - November 2010
[3049] Computer Graphics is fun - even if Java Applets are Old Hat
[3048] String handling - from first steps to practical examples
[3047] What is a universal superclass? Java / Perl / Python / Other OO languages
[3046] Java Beans, tag libraries and JSPs - what and why.
[3045] After Course Resources - do we publish sample answers. Example from Java Exceptions module.
[3044] Changing a Servlet - more that just editing and compiling
[3043] Gathering information - logging - with log4j. First steps.
[3042] Least Common Ancestor - what is it, and a Least Common Ancestor algorithm implemented in Perl
[3041] Java - basic rules for arithmetic, variables and conversion
[3040] Doing several things at the same time - Java threads
[3039] Fresh Paint - Java Arrays
[3038] Setting up individual variables, and arrays, in Java - some commented examples
[3037] Looking back and forward personally - 6 years each way
[3036] Sending out an email containing HTML from within a PHP page
[3035] How to display information from a database within a web page
[3034] Birth Notice - Aeryn Cassandra Ellis
[3033] Rail services back to Radstock?
[3032] Coincidence, or Conspiracy - a wrong email address
[3031] Get all your ducks in a row ... and they may turn into swans
[3030] Liquorice allsorts and Dolly Mixtures
[3029] PHP data sources - other web servers, large data flows, and the client (browser)
[3028] VAT rise in January - it is really up 14% not just 2.5%
[3027] Server logs - drawing a graph of gathered data
[3026] Coding efficiency - do not repeat yourself!
[3025] Learning to Program ... in PHP. Course examples.
[3024] Testing the new pavement ready for Christmas
[3023] Autumn walk from Bowerhill
[3022] Retaining web site visitors - reducing the one page wonders
[3021] Courses for late 2010 and early 2011
[3020] Handling (expanding) tabs in PHP
[3019] Apache httpd Server Status - monitoring your server
[3018] Tuning Apache httpd and Tomcat to work well together
[3017] Seventh day traveller on the six day railway
[3016] The legal considerations of your web presence - revisited
[3015] Logging the performance of the Apache httpd web server
[3014] Well House Manor - the next six years
[3013] Audio equipment
[3012] Exception handling in Perl - using eval
[3011] What are .pid files?
[3010] Children, zombies, and reaping processes
[3009] Expect in Perl - a short explanation and a practical example
[3008] Dulwich College Preparatory, and Sevenoaks, Schools
[3007] Setting up a matrix of data (2D array) for processing in your program
[3006] Santa announcement, 5th December 2010, Melksham
[3005] Lots of ways of doing it in Perl - printing out answers
[3004] Increment operators for counting - Perl, PHP, C and others
[3003] What will we be teaching in six years?
[3002] A list of special method and attribute names in Python
[3001] How will we present courses over the coming years?
[3000] Looking forward - the next 3000
[2999] 2999 - looking back
[2998] Using an exception to initialise a static variable in a Python function / method
[2997] 3D graphics - web site usage - simple matplotlib and python example
[2996] Copying - duplicating data, or just adding a name? Perl and Python compared
[2995] A river in Melksham is not just for boaters.
[2994] Python - some common questions answered in code examples
[2993] Arrays v Lists - what is the difference, why use one or the other
[2992] Matplotlib - graphing in Python - teaching examples
[2991] Loading and saving data - Python / numpy
[2990] What are numpy and scipy?
[2989] Oddballs in Plymouth
[2988] Not mugged in London!
[2987] Memorial to a day in 1999
[2986] Python dictionaries - reaching to new uses
[2985] Right place, right season
[2984] Customer Review - Hotel Room, Melksham
[2983] Strong arm tactics in the bus industry? Poor result for the customer!
[2982] Travel, Transport and Tourism - A vision for Melksham, 2026
[2981] How to set up short and meaningfull alternative URLs
[2980] Ruby - examples of regular expressions, inheritance and polymorphism
[2979] Ruby - yield; parallel routines
[2978] Christmas 2010 - Well House Manor, Melksham, Hotel
[2977] What is a factory method and why use one? - Example in Ruby
[2976] Creating, extending, traversing and combining Ruby arrays
[2975] Why do I need brackets in Ruby ... or Perl, Python, C or Java
[2974] Formatting your output - options available in Ruby
[2973] Learning to program - where to start if you have never programmed before
[2972] Some more advanced Perl examples from a recent course
[2971] Should the public sector compete with businesses? and other deep questions
[2970] Perl - doing several things at the same time
[2969] What does blessing a variable in Perl mean?
[2968] Well House Consultants - a potted history
[2967] Multiway branches in Perl - the given and when syntax
[2966] Cheap Country Hotel in Melksham, Wiltshire?
[2965] Testimonials - Well House Consultants Open Source courses
[2964] An introduction to file handling in programs - buffering, standard in and out, and file handles
[2963] Removing the new line with chop or chomp in Perl - what is the difference?
[2962] Well House Manor - the history of the hotel
[2961] Initial handling of phone calls and walk in visitors
[2960] The Well House team - September 2010
[2959] A Melksham news roundup
[2958] What do these road markings mean? Could Confusion Kill?
[2957] Welcome to Countrywides new Melksham store
[2956] On site course - travel and accommodation expenses
[2955] Melksham Railway Station - new information point
[2954] Railway meetings, trips and meetups this autumn
[2953] Turning an exercise into the real thing with extreme programming
[2952] Concluding the interview process
[2951] Lots of way of converting 3 letter month abbreviations to numbers
[2950] Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, turns first sod in Melksham Link Canal
[2949] Lua - variable function arguments and select
[2948] Melksham shamefully makes the national headlines
[2947] Teaching Lua to a Perl advocate
[2946] Level playing fields, job vacancies, lemons and peaches
[2945] Last, final, etc
[2944] What others cannot do in 10 months takes Virgin 10 minutes
[2943] Our facilities to support Well House Consultants Courses
[2942] Open Source Programming - Training Course Schedule
[2941] Wedding season in Melksham - somewhere good to stay
[2940] Training course locations - Melksham, UK; Buxton, UK; Lake Constance, Germany; Venice Italy, the USA and India
[2939] Protecting your images from use out of context
[2938] An opportunity to join our team!
[2937] The cat in the dustbin
[2936] The service that customers should receive
[2935] 01225 707126 to 01225 344596 to 01225 899360 - Well House Fax
[2934] Not so much software training - more hotel keeping!
[2933] Bath - Melksham - Devizes buses from September
[2932] Getting into and out of Wiltshire towns .. a.k.a. Car Parking?
[2931] Syncronise - software, trains, and buses. Please!
[2930] Walk - Tilehurst to Pangborne
[2929] Passing a variable number of parameters in to a function / method
[2928] Public (scheduled) or private course? Book direct, or through a third party?
[2927] Announcing 2011 Open Source Training courses - dates and prices
[2926] Journey times to Melksham, Wiltshire
[2925] Well House - the pictures
[2924] Job applicants - wondering why they apply
[2923] Fresh air and beautiful places in Wiltshire
[2922] Getting the OO design write - with PHP a example
[2921] Does copying a variable duplicate the contents?
[2920] Sorting - naturally, or into a different order
[2919] London to Calne, Corsham, Melksham, Bradford-on-Avon, Chippenham by public Transport
[2918] Downloading a report from the web for further local analysis
[2917] Upload Image, Store in database, redisplay in browser. PHP and MySQL
[2916] Testing the robustness of our hotel and training systems - holiday and sickness times
[2915] Looking up a value by key - associative arrays / Hashes / Dictionaries
[2914] Older picture.
[2913] Six languages in one file - an HTML++ web page
[2912] Predictions for the seagull population
[2911] Feeding the Grockles
[2910] Robust - testing the system
[2909] Be gentle rather than macho ... regular expression techniques
[2908] How Green is my train?
[2907] Dartmouth, Kingswear and Torbay
[2906] Switching from Adobe Photoshop to Gimp - testing it on animals
[2905] Defining static methods in Python
[2904] Melksham Area Board meeting of last week
[2903] Bath to Devizes bus via Melksham - changing again in September
[2902] Community consultation - a true open input
[2901] Ambassador or Anorak?
[2900] Redirecting a page - silent, temporary or permanent?
[2899] Groupsave tickets - 3 or 4 train tickets for the price of 2
[2898] Programming Standards from the start!
[2897] The Land of the Black Labrador
[2896] LAMP - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP - install, configure, administer
[2895] Global Computer Maintenance Department
[2894] Sorting people by their names
[2893] Exclamation marks and question marks on ruby method names
[2892] Alternative loops and conditionals in Ruby and Perl
[2891] Wiltshire Council ask how they can help businesses
[2890] Dates and times in Python
[2889] Should Python classes each be in their own file?
[2888] Recent Pictures
[2887] Snow Leopard and Python (that is OS X 10.6 and wxPython)
[2886] Congratulations, Kimberly
[2885] Twenty Questions
[2884] Hotlinked images onto adult material sites
[2883] Melksham Oak - photos of the new community school
[2882] Seeing Wiltshire - from a Melksham base
[2881] Tailoring of courses to meet customers needs - how it works
[2880] Getting in touch - Please allow me to see you when you are online
[2879] Night Porter and reception - 24 hours a day?
[2878] Program for reliability and efficiency - do not duplicate, but rather share and re-use
[2877] Further more advanced Perl examples
[2876] Different perl examples - some corners I rarely explore
[2875] A long day in Melksham ...
[2874] Unpacking a Perl string into a list
[2873] Another toot of the trumpet
[2872] Moved - Melksham Lorry Park
[2871] Moving from Python 2.6 to Python 3
[2870] Old prices - what would the equivalent price have been in 1966?
[2869] Contact Information for Melksham Oak Community School
[2868] A move towards the family
[2867] Cycling in Melksham, and looking forward
[2866] Ruby - how does it compare and where is it the right language?
[2865] Relationships between Java classes - inheritance, packaging and others
[2864] Changing with weather and seasons
[2863] Writing a server in Java
[2862] Fail Safe Error Handling in Java via Exceptions
[2861] MySQL and Java - connectivity past, present, and future thoughts
[2860] What methods are available on this Java object?
[2859] Using java, javac, jar, and CLASSPATH - a simple example
[2858] The healthy option - away from the private car
[2857] Park and Ride at Batheaston - will it solve Wiltshires Ills?
[2856] Two sides of the coin
[2855] Train Services - Melksham to Bath and Bristol (and airport)
[2854] Melksham Food and Drink Fair and Town Crier Competition
[2853] Transport in Wessex - today and into the future
[2852] Atworth Village Fete - on the Melksham Community Area Partnership stand
[2851] Further C++ material - view new or old
[2850] Fresh Paint for course presentation - including C++
[2849] What are C++ references? Why use them?
[2848] C course - final course example puts it all together
[2847] Local information for Melksham Hotel Guests
[2846] Catching up with an old friend
[2845] Objects and Inheritance in C++ - an easy start
[2844] Learning about Regular Expressions in C through examples
[2843] String functions in C
[2842] Staring a C course with Hello World - why?
[2841] C Course exercise and sample answer - source in 2 files
[2840] Just pass a pointer - do not duplicate the data
[2839] Software versions used - June 2010
[2838] Respecting our customers anonimity
[2837] Lorry Parking in Melksham
[2836] Perl - the duplicate key problem explained, and solutions offered
[2835] A course is more than just a chap giving a lecture
[2834] Teaching examples in Perl - third and final part
[2833] Fresh Perl Teaching Examples - part 2 of 3
[2832] Are you learning Perl? Some more examples for you!
[2831] Recording (a macro) in vi
[2830] Poulshot Village Fete
[2829] Dauncey Gardens, Melksham
[2828] Sharing our programs - easy. Sharing our data - harder.
[2827] Melksham - a gem in Wiltshire
[2826] Ruby - training for automated testing users
[2825] Perl course - is it tailored to Linux, or Microsoft Windows?
[2824] A pint of Black Rat, and a lazy barman
[2823] Where have all the bloggers gone?
[2822] Python training courses for use with ESRI ArcMap software
[2821] Chancellor George Osborne inspires Perl Program
[2820] Netiquette for forum newcomers
[2819] Some more pictures ...
[2818] File open and read in Perl - modernisation
[2817] Setting a safety net or fallback value in Perl
[2816] Intelligent Matching in Perl
[2815] switch and case, or given and when in Perl
[2814] Python - splitting and joining strings
[2813] Iterating over a Perl list and changing all items
[2812] What is Perl?
[2811] Igloos melt in the summer, but houses do not
[2810] A course review - for the tutor to complete
[2809] Frankfurt in 90 minutes
[2808] From home to Nurnberg - journey pictures
[2807] Canal through Melksham - the options and issues
[2806] Macho matching - do not do it!
[2805] How are you getting on?
[2804] Regular Expression Myths
[2803] Travelling across Europe
[2802] After the Perl course in Nurnberg
[2801] Binary data handling with unpack in Perl
[2800] The Merchants And
[2799] Nuremberg - some pictures
[2798] Perl - skip the classics and use regular expressions
[2797] Sur la T.G.V.
[2796] Sunday - waiting for the ferry.
[2795] Simon says
[2794] The Farming Industry pictured around Melksham
[2793] They do weddings, we do courses.
[2792] Should Government compete with private industry?
[2791] Bath to Melksham buses - times
[2790] Joining a MySQL table from within a Python program
[2789] Melksham to London (Heathrow, and Central London)
[2788] Cost of Sales
[2787] Sleeping in on Sunday
[2786] Factory methods and SqLite in use in a Python teaching example
[2785] The Light bulb moment when people see how Object Orientation works in real use
[2784] Course Lunches
[2783] The Perl Survey
[2782] Tell the Melksham Chamber or you only have yourself to blame
[2781] The 500 pound question to get you started
[2780] Formatted Printing in Python
[2779] The history and future of Melksham Chamber of Commerce
[2778] Learning to program in Python 2 ... and / or in Python 3
[2777] Blowing our own trumpet
[2776] Regional Spatial Strategy and the next 20 years - Whence Wiltshire under the new government?
[2775] Declarations of interest - knowing where you stand with people
[2774] PHP - Object Oriented Design in use
[2773] Dynamically watching your web site via a PHP wrapper
[2772] Graham Ellis - Summary of Training Record
[2771] Melksham to Calne by public transport
[2770] Melksham Chamber of Commerce - Presidents report to AGM
[2769] Easy - but for whom?
[2768] Carrying a long URL around - looking for memorable shorts
[2767] Back from a Python course in Glasgow
[2766] Optional and named parameters to Python functions/methods
[2765] Running operating system commands from your Python program
[2764] Python decorators - your own, staticmethod and classmethod
[2763] Our C and C++ training course are on Open Source platforms
[2762] Well House - Mission and Policy summaries
[2761] A small business, facing a big government questionnaire
[2760] Views of Scotland
[2759] Touching base
[2758] But what will you DO with all those pictures?
[2757] Bodicea, Lincoln, and our new MP
[2756] Same subject - different pictures
[2755] Books in the store in the USA - still a portent of the UK market to come?
[2754] At Arlington and the Pentagon
[2753] You do not just fly - that is just part of the journey
[2752] Voting day - UK General Election
[2751] Going off at a tangent, for a ramble
[2750] Views of Wessex
[2749] Delegate Question - defining MySQL table relationships as you create the tables
[2748] Monitoring the success and traffic of your web site
[2747] Containment, Associative Objects, Inheritance, packages and modules
[2746] Model - View - Controller demo, Sqlite - Python 3 - Qt4
[2745] Connecting Python to sqlite and MySQL databases
[2744] PyQt (Python and Qt) and wxPython - GUI comparison
[2743] Public Open Source Training Courses running this summer and autumn in Melksham
[2742] A simple server benchmark script
[2741] What is a factory?
[2740] Melksham Hustings at George Ward School
[2739] Melksham Scouts
[2738] What is all this SESSION stuff about? (PHP)
[2737] Improving your function calls (APIs) - General and PHP
[2736] Perl Course FAQ
[2735] Type checking, Java arrays and collections
[2734] for and foreach in Java
[2733] Travel Troubles and Jesus again
[2732] Asking about Jesus
[2731] Training Courses - time of change
[2730] Bird Watching on the Melksham Avon
[2729] Uploading a document or image to its own URL via a browser
[2728] Redirecting a home page using mod_rewrite
[2727] Making a Lua program run more than 10 times faster
[2726] Every cloud has a silver lining
[2725] How do our tactics help us meet the strategy, for the greater good?
[2724] Escapee Grandparents welcome - Henfield and Melksham
[2723] Returning multiple values from a function - Lua
[2722] Mixins example in Python
[2721] Regular Expressions in Python
[2720] Multiple inheritance in Python - complete working example
[2719] Traffic lights in Python
[2718] Python - access to variables in the outer scope
[2717] The Multiple Inheritance Conundrum, interfaces and mixins
[2716] Melksham in Pictures
[2715] Uploading an image, document or pdf via a browser (php)
[2714] A simple example - XML from a Ruby program
[2713] History is all around us
[2712] A more informed decision than ever before
[2711] For loop - checked once, or evety time? Ruby v Perl comparison and contrast
[2710] __index and __newindex in Lua - metatable methods
[2709] Old trackways and routes near Melksham
[2708] The bull on the footpath
[2707] A walk on the Kennet and Avon
[2706] Error trapping in Lua - no exceptions.
[2705] Hotel booking in Melksham made easy!
[2704] A walk within without - Melksham Without
[2703] Lua Metatables
[2702] First and last match with Regular Expressions
[2701] Is Lua an Object Oriented language?
[2700] The same very simple program in many different programming languages
[2699] Lua tables - they are everything
[2698] Ruth Davis, 1916 - 2010
[2697] Email metrics and filtering
[2696] Garlic bread without garlic
[2695] TCP v UDP / Client v Server - Python examples
[2694] Multiple processes (forking) in Python
[2693] Methods that run on classes (static methods) in Python
[2692] Flexible search and replace in Python
[2691] New brochures for the Melksham area
[2690] The World Company Register - is it another scam?
[2689] Can my dog eat potatoes? Doggie Dietary Research, and political sleaze!
[2688] Security considerations in programming - what do we teach?
[2687] A lovely spring afternoon
[2686] Freedom of Information - consideration for web site designers
[2685] Stairs
[2684] Exception handling in PHP
[2683] Car Parking in Melksham
[2682] Adding extensions to PHP Open Source applications - callbacks
[2681] Tcl - a great engineering language
[2680] Static class members in PHP - a documented example
[2679] How to build a test harness into your PHP
[2678] Reaching out to the community - a good case for support
[2677] Blowing out the winter cobwebs
[2676] Changing Times
[2675] Redirecting to your main domain for correct security keys
[2674] Make and makefiles - a commented example to help you learn
[2673] Multiple Inheritance in C++ - a complete example
[2672] Dear Planners, please provide viable alternatives
[2671] Melksham - Carnival, Party in the Park, and Spot the Oddity
[2670] Pointers to Pointers to Pointers - what is the point?
[2669] Efficient use of dynamic memory - C and realloc
[2668] Is it worth it?
[2667] Web page to telephone calls / links using an iPhone
[2666] Random thoughts on Melksham Town Planning and development
[2665] Early Spring walk in Melksham
[2664] Oliver Cromwell at Bristol Temple Meads
[2663] Improve your PHP on a weekend away
[2662] Is Melksham public transport actually used?
[2661] Current Public Courses
[2660] One number for Well House - 01225 708225
[2659] New numbers, as 01225 707126 and 01225 709638 are being retired
[2658] Save the Train - a significant change in approach
[2657] Want to do a big batch edit? Nothing beats Perl!
[2656] Melksham Carnival
[2655] Python - what is going on around me?
[2654] Java - from applets to servlets. JSPs and more
[2653] Java Server Pages - putting it all together
[2652] Reading and writing cookies in Java Servlets and JSPs
[2651] Calculation within objects - early, last minute, or cached?
[2650] Getting a phone line changed ...
[2649] Length, size or capacity in Java?
[2648] Java arrays - are they true arrays or not?
[2647] Removing duplicates from a MySQL table
[2646] Compile but do not run PHP - syntax check only
[2645] Optimising and caching your MySQL enquiries
[2644] Counting rows in joined MySQL tables
[2643] Relating tables with joins in MySQL
[2642] What does a web application look like under Tomcat?
[2641] Object Oriented Programming in PHP
[2640] How is your tax pound spent?
[2639] su or su - ... what is the difference?
[2638] Finding what has changed - Linux / Unix
[2637] Courses - Melksham and elsewhere - until the end of April
[2636] Linux - useful tips including history and file name completion
[2635] A PHP example that lets your users edit content without HTML knowledge
[2634] London to and from Melksham by public transport
[2633] Why do I teach niche skills rather than mainstream?
[2632] Shipping a test harness with your class in PHP
[2631] How to show a large result set page by page in PHP
[2630] Static variables and ampersands in PHP
[2629] Curly braces within double quoted strings in PHP
[2628] An example of an injection attack using Javascript
[2627] Saturdays out from Melksham - to Oxford, to Didcot or to Swindon
[2626] On Malachite Green
[2625] Both feet on the same pavement
[2624] Skyline and looking up in London
[2623] Object Oriented Ruby - new examples
[2622] Handling unusual and error conditions - exceptions
[2621] Ruby collections and strings - some new examples
[2620] Direct access to object variable (attributes) in Ruby
[2619] Passing code to procedures and yield in Ruby
[2618] What are Ruby Symbols?
[2617] Comparing floating point numbers - a word of caution and a solution
[2616] Defining a static method - Java, Python and Ruby
[2615] String to number conversion with error trapping in Ruby
[2614] Neatly formatting results into a table
[2613] Constants in Ruby
[2612] The Model, View, Controller architecture (MVC) - what, why and how.
[2611] Sunday Evening, City of London
[2610] Cheat Sheet - what do you need for Ruby on Rails?
[2609] Scope of variables - important to Ruby on Rails
[2608] Search and replace in Ruby - Ruby Regular Expressions
[2607] Answers on Ruby on Rails
[2606] Sorting arrays and hashes in Ruby
[2605] Ruby on Rails - a sample application to teach you how
[2604] Tips for writing a test program (Ruby / Python / Java)
[2603] Ruby objects - a primer
[2602] East of Melksham - Building Work Starts
[2601] Ruby - is_a? v instance_of? - what is the difference?
[2600] Go Programming Language and Courses?
[2599] Telling Apache web servers apart / notes for the non-technical
[2598] An excuse for making a sales call
[2597] Does my course include breakfast, lunch, dinner and a hotel room?
[2596] Http protocol - what does a web server send
[2595] Twelve skills / knowledges needed for the design of a web site
[2594] Melksham Area - your community view is sought
[2593] Food and drink launch
[2592] Re-using our pictures
[2591] Melksham Hotel, B and B or business accommodation?
[2590] A healthy, local breakfast in Melksham
[2589] Your PHP code does not work? Here is where to start looking.
[2588] Freddies Wood and the K and A Canal
[2587] Bowerhill as a cycling community
[2586] And and Or illustrated by locks
[2585] Consultation in Melksham, on Melkshams future
[2584] Melksham Food and Drink Festival, 2010
[2583] Reducing image size on digital photos - PHP
[2582] Starting to arrange the picture library
[2581] Snow scenes - and how snow effected our business
[2580] C course inspires new teaching examples
[2579] Creating, setting up and using objects in C++
[2578] Where are your objects stored in C++?
[2577] Complete teaching example - C++, inheritance, polymorphism
[2576] What does const mean? C and C++
[2575] Sharing variables between files of code in C - extern
[2574] Summary of Wiltshire Core Strategy responses
[2573] C Structs - what, how and why
[2572] The what and why of C pointers
[2571] Reading and writing files in C
[2570] Function Prototypes in C
[2569] How to run a successful online poll / petition / survey / consultation
[2568] Forums for your Melksham and open source discussions
[2567] Extra MySQL course dates (2 day course, UK)
[2566] Excellent staff make for excellent hotel
[2565] Bright day, snowy day
[2564] Microblogging services - Plurk, Twitter, Jaiku and more
[2563] Efficient debugging of regular expressions
[2562] Tuning the web site for sailing on through this year
[2561] The future of MySQL
[2560] Training comparison to QA Training, Learning Tree, GB Direct.
[2559] Moving the product forward - ours, and MySQL, Perl, PHP and Python too
[2558] Happy new decade - and course and hotel prices for 2010
[2557] Rail Campaign - response to core consultation
[2556] Railway Station Survey - please complete today or tomorrow
[2555] Bookkeeping
[2554] Adding retrospective ALT attributes to IMG
[2553] On a short walk from home
[2552] Web site traffic - real users, or just noise?
[2551] Perl and the Common Gateway Interface - out of fashion but still very useful?
[2550] Do not copy and paste code - there are much better ways
[2549] Christmas Day ...
[2548] Ten years ago, we moved to Melksham Spa
[2547] The great thing about snow ....
[2546] How well do you know Melksham - a quiz for Christmas
[2545] Scraping content for your own page via PHP
[2544] Vision for Wiltshire
[2543] Day and night at Christmas
[2542] My armpit was like a zebra crossing
[2541] VAT Changes
[2540] Rock and hard place .. and the relaxing right one won
[2539] Changing Images
[2538] Open Source Training Centre and Courses for 2010
[2537] Faster network, but not faster browsing until ...
[2536] All the Cs ... and Java too
[2535] When should I use Java, Perl, PHP, or Python?
[2534] And now for some posts a bit more technical
[2533] Five guests, three groups, one car
[2532] Analysing Google arrivals by country of origin
[2531] Melksham - new Tuesday Market
[2530] Taking a knock over Santa
[2529] Santa Special, 2009
[2528] Melksham Christmas Lights
[2527] Flying tonight
[2526] A reluctance to move from old shoes to new
[2525] Using JSPs, Tag Libraries, Java Beans, Tomcat in one short example
[2524] An update on legal changes from the FSB?
[2523] Plan your application before you start
[2522] Integrated public Transport - what could be done for Melksham
[2521] Melksham Market - Tuesdays, 09:00 to 14:00
[2520] Global and Enable - two misused words!
[2519] Status Page / breaks of service in early December
[2518] Through the arches
[2517] Blogging accuracy - open invitation for any corrections
[2515] Why we have two buses an hour - but not a half hourly service
[2514] The road show has been - where now?
[2513] Wiltshire Council purchases Melksham Station Land
[2512] Kim of the Castle
[2511] The story of the railway land at Melksham Station
[2510] The music of the stock market
[2509] A life lesson from the accuracy of numbers in Excel and Lua
[2508] Community Area Partnership - inaugural AGM
[2507] Admission
[2506] Good example of recursion in Python - analyse an RSS feed
[2505] I almost put the bins out this morning
[2504] Learning to program in ...
[2503] Melksham manslaughter case concludes - sort of
[2502] Monday night, Tuesday night
[2501] Simples
[2500] Dynamically formatting your results (Lua)
[2499] ourdog is Greyhound, Staffie and Ginger Cake
[2498] Remembrance Sunday 2009, Melksham
[2497] Brown horses in Melksham
[2496] A better design of mouth
[2495] Planning the future of Wiltshire
[2494] Making Linux Politically correct
[2493] Melksham buses to/from Chippenham, Trowbridge, Bath, Devizes, London
[2492] Lua Classes - open enrolement
[2491] Root is root for a reason!
[2490] Friendly Hotel in Melksham, near Bath
[2489] Parallel Pinging, using Python Threads or Expect spawn lists
[2488] A variable number of arguments in a PHP function
[2487] Melksham Forum
[2486] Santa Special - Trowbridge and Melksham to Swindon
[2485] How do I set up a constant in Python?
[2484] Finding text and what surrounds it - contextual grep
[2483] Clustering on Tomcat
[2482] Load balancing with sticky sessions (httpd / Tomcat)
[2481] Sample code with errors in it on our web site
[2480] Pantomimes around Melksham - 2009/2010 season
[2479] Accidentally typed ci rather than vi?
[2478] How did I do THAT?
[2477] By train ...
[2476] Tcl - uplevel to run code at calling level
[2475] Quick easy and dangerous - automated logins via Tcl / Expect
[2474] Using Tcl and Expect to automate repetitive jobs
[2473] Exploring Old Railways
[2472] split and join in tcl and expect
[2471] A short form of if ... then ... else
[2470] Windows 7 and Open Source Programming
[2469] Beyond the Pale
[2468] What are Tcl lists?
[2467] Tcl - catching an error before your program crashes
[2466] Tcl - passing arrays and strings in and back out of procs
[2465] Melksham Town - asleep or awake?
[2464] Beauty in pictures
[2463] Tcl - a true interpretive, command based language
[2462] Python - how it saves on compile time
[2461] Luac - getting lua to start fast by precompiling
[2460] Mothers Day or Mothering Sunday?
[2459] New Web Site for Melksham Chamber of Commerce
[2458] Cant connect to local MySQL server through socket /tmp/mysql.sock
[2457] Railway Arithmetic
[2456] Bright Eyes
[2455] Lua examples - coroutines, error handling, objects, etc
[2454] For loops in Lua
[2453] Dark to dark
[2452] Making executable binaries in Python (or Perl)
[2451] Gypsy says
[2450] Family Gathering at 404, The Spa
[2449] Four aspects - Chamber, Transport, Courses and Hotel
[2448] MySQL - efficiency and other topics
[2447] MySQL stored procedures / their use on the web from PHP
[2446] Learn about MySQL stored procedures
[2445] Securing MySQL on a production server
[2444] Potted MySQL installation
[2443] Contrasting Cambridge, Bristol and Wiltshire
[2442] Variable storage - Perl, Tcl and Python compared
[2441] Not your cup of tea?
[2440] Optional parameters to Python functions
[2439] Multiple returns from a function in Python
[2438] Listening to The Minister
[2437] Wiltshire Unitary News - Chamber of Commerce Intelligence
[2436] Melksham Hotel Rooms - pictures
[2435] Serialization - storing and reloading objects
[2434] Abstract classes, Interfaces, PHP and Java
[2433] Controlling, supressing, enabling PHP error messages
[2432] Using print_r in PHP to explore mysql database requests
[2431] Moving busstop!
[2430] Not just a PHP program - a good web application
[2429] Tcl scripts / processes on a web server via CGI
[2428] Diluting History
[2427] Operator overloading - redefining addition and other Perl tricks
[2426] Which version of MySQL am I running?
[2425] Weekend and Christmas Promotion - Well House Manor Hotel, Melksham
[2424] A Winter Weekend Special at Well House Manor
[2423] What is a JVM, a JRE, a JDK - components of the core Java Environment
[2422] Looking inside Java classes - javap and javadoc
[2421] Sorting Collections of Objects in Java
[2420] Exceptions in Java - why and how
[2419] Where is my Java class?
[2418] uses unchecked or unsafe operations - explanation and cure
[2417] Java Programming Fundamentals
[2416] Automating access to a page obscured behind a holding page
[2415] Variable names like i and j - why?
[2414] Hello World - a good traditional start to a Java course
[2413] Sanity checking the price, and selling up to increase income
[2412] Autumn Fruits and Bristol Old Station
[2411] Further North - long summer days and lovely countryside
[2410] Removal of technical resources from this site
[2409] TypeError: super() argument 1 must be type, not classobj (Python)
[2408] Robust user input (exception handling) example in Python
[2407] Testing code in Python - doctest, unittest and others
[2406] Pound Sign in Python Program
[2405] But I am reading from a file - no need to prompt (Perl)
[2404] Low Sun - Autumn is here
[2403] Hotel Booking Scam / Cost of calls to 070 numbers
[2402] Automated Browsing in Perl
[2401] Back Tomorrow
[2400] Are you wanting to learn PHP?
[2399] Firefighting with Perl
[2398] Websitemediasolution and a goldfish called Carl Johnson
[2397] Signwriting is dead. Long live the sign.
[2396] Easing off in our 50s?
[2395] From Lymington by train - last of the slammers
[2394] Two days of demonstration scripts in Python
[2393] A first demonstration of OO, including polymorphism
[2392] Lymington, New Forest - some pictures
[2391] Great Western Route Utilisation Strategy - Draft for Consultation
[2390] Dynamic / changing images on your web page
[2389] Writing with our customers words
[2388] `Of Course` is back!
[2387] to Clifton Down and Avonmouth
[2386] Computing under the influence of alcohol
[2385] Reading all our recent news from a single source
[2384] Looking ahead to the Autumn season of training and accommodation
[2383] Lua Regular Expressions
[2382] Giving up on user input - keyboard timeout in Perl
[2381] Checking the database connection manually
[2380] Object Oriented programming - a practical design example
[2379] Making variables persistant, pretending a database is a variable and other Perl tricks
[2378] Handling XML in Perl - introduction and early examples
[2377] Wiltshire / Melksham Weddings - guest accommodation
[2376] Long job - progress bar techniques (Perl)
[2375] Designing your data structures for a robust Perl application
[2374] Lead characters on Perl variable names
[2373] Translation from Ghanaian to English
[2372] Public Transport from (and to) Melksham on Sundays
[2371] Quiet summer days? I think not!
[2370] C++, Python, and other training - do we use an IDE
[2369] Using a cache for efficiency. Python and PHP examples
[2368] Python - fresh examples of all the fundamentals
[2367] Learning to program - how to jump the first hurdles
[2366] At the end of the course
[2365] Counting Words in Python via the web
[2364] Getting it right from the start - new programmers
[2363] Alpaca Case or Camel Case
[2362] Thornham Farm Shop, Seend Cleeve, nr Melksham
[2361] Geocoding - converting address to latitude / Longitude with PHP via Google
[2360] Error Handling in Lua with assert and pcall
[2359] A fresh example - objects the Lua way
[2358] Encapsulating shared code in a Lua module
[2357] Checking if the user has entered a number (Lua)
[2356] Passing multiple results back from a function - Lua, Python, etc
[2355] See this page in French
[2354] Training, Open Source computer languages
[2353] All change - Wiltshire Parliamentary
[2352] Printed Directories - the start of the updating season
[2351] Ternary operators alternatives - Perl and Lua lazy operators
[2350] Ten years in Melksham - looking forward to ten more.
[2349] Businesses effected by road works in Melksham
[2348] Finding literals rather than patterns in Lua
[2347] Dot, dot, dot in Lua - variable length parameter lists
[2346] The indexed and hashed parts of a Lua table
[2345] Automatically initialising Lua variables the first time
[2344] Reading a data file and sensing EOF in Lua
[2343] World Flags in your PHP pages
[2342] Training Classes in other tongues
[2341] Koulutus, Open Source tietokone kielillä
[2340] ldning, Open Source dator språk
[2339] Opplæring, Open Source datamaskinen språk
[2338] Uddannelse, Open Source computer sprog
[2337] Opleiding, Open Source computertalen
[2336] Formação, Open Source computador línguas
[2335] Ausbildung, die Open-Source-Sprachen
[2334] Formazione, Open Source computer lingue
[2333] Formación, de los lenguajes de código abierto
[2332] Formation, des langages Open Source
[2331] Certification Revisted - Lua
[2330] Update - Automatic feeds to Twitter
[2329] Great to be in Melksham
[2328] Melksham - no trains, no southbound buses through the town
[2327] Planning!
[2326] Learn a new programming language this summer.
[2325] Apache, Tomcat, mod_proxy
[2324] What search terms FAIL to bring visitors to our site, when they should?
[2323] Java Collection Objects in the java.util package
[2322] Looking for a practical standards course
[2321] Uploading and Downloading files - changing names (Perl and PHP)
[2320] Helping new arrivals find out about source code examples
[2319] Graphics in Lua - an example using the gd library
[2318] For Lua Programmers AND for Town Planners
[2317] How to make a Risotto (PHP build style)
[2316] Guadalajara - a special tour of a lovely city
[2315] New Lua Examples - for last weeks delegates
[2314] Passing parameters to a coroutine in Lua
[2313] Seeing Guadalajara - a first glimpse downtown
[2312] What are closures in Lua?
[2311] Floor to ceiling
[2310] Learning to write high quality code in Lua
[2309] Lua training class in Spanish
[2308] A new place in pictures
[2307] Breakfast in Mexico
[2306] Melksham to Mexico for the week
[2305] Hot Tap at West Wilts Show
[2304] Extracting real data from an exported file in PHP or Perl
[2303] Turning potential customers away
[2302] See us at the West Wilts Show
[2301] Mistaken identity?
[2300] What does x on a linux directory mean?
[2299] How much space does my directory take - Linux
[2298] Melksham Carnival Parade - the people
[2297] Standing on the corner, Melksham Carnival
[2296] Variable scope - what is it, and how does it Ruby?
[2295] The dog is not in trouble
[2294] Can you learn to program in 4 days?
[2293] Regular Expressions in Ruby
[2292] Object Orientation in Ruby - intermediate examples
[2291] Collection objects (array and hash) in Ruby
[2290] Opening and reading files - the ruby fundamentals
[2289] pre-Inaugural briefing - Melksham Community Area Partnership
[2288] Wiltshire Community Area Partnerships
[2287] Learning to program in Ruby - examples of the programming basics
[2286] New to programming? It is natural (but needless) for you to be nervous
[2285] Great new diagrams for our notes ... Python releases
[2284] Strings as collections in Python
[2283] Everyone is in the customer relations business
[2282] Checking robots.txt from Python
[2281] Python - using exceptions to set a fallback
[2280] Creating and iterating through Python lists
[2279] Understanding the new local government structure in Wiltshire
[2278] First courses for 2010
[2277] Python classes / courses - what version do we train on?
[2276] Who is Marc Schneider of Multilingual Search Engine Optimization Inc
[2275] Debugging multipage (session based) PHP applications
[2274] PHP preg functions - examples and comparision
[2273] Three recent questions on Tomcat Convertors
[2272] Monitoring and loading tools for testing Apache Tomcat
[2271] Dogs Trust, Dog Show, Newbury
[2270] Wiltshire - a chance to improve life for everybody
[2269] Sipping at York
[2268] Westbury Bypass Refused - looking forward
[2267] winmail.dat enclosure ... reading on an Apple
[2266] Travelling
[2265] A chance to do the tourist thing
[2264] Learning about others private lives
[2263] Mysqldump fails as a cron job - a work around
[2262] History is not always pretty
[2261] Tcl - nice and nasty
[2260] Important - the future of Melksham / Chamber of Commerce
[2259] Grouping rows for a summary report - MySQL and PHP
[2258] Questions I have been asked on answering the phone
[2257] Ramblings on church and state linkage in Melksham
[2256] Is it Python past cheetah already?
[2255] Past PHP delegates / others - coding help needed for next 3 months
[2254] Forum membership - a privilege not a right
[2253] Walks in and around Melksham, Wiltshire
[2252] Leaping dog, Leaping horse, copyright of old masters
[2251] Over a third of numbers start with the digit 1
[2250] Bluegrass comes to Melksham
[2249] Public Transport from London to Melksham, Wiltshire
[2248] Getting home from Melksham
[2247] A day in the life of a hotelier
[2246] What difference does using the XHTML standard really make?
[2245] Client side (Applet) and Server side (Servlet) Graphics in Java
[2244] What should a web site cost you?
[2243] Changing a variable behaviour in Perl - tieing
[2242] So what is this thing called Perl that I keep harping on about?
[2241] Perl references - $$var and \$var notations
[2240] How do I query a database (MySQL)?
[2239] Cornerstone Cafe, Melksham
[2238] Handling nasty characters - Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, Lua
[2237] Taking a pride in the community
[2236] Alumni - revisiting and supporting the old University
[2235] Sending awkward characters by email in Perl
[2234] Loading external code into Perl from a nonstandard directory
[2233] Transforming data in Perl using lists of lists and hashes of hashes
[2232] Why sendmail one way, and pop3 the other?
[2231] What is / A dozen new examples
[2230] Running a piece of code is like drinking a pint of beer
[2229] Do not re-invent the wheel - use a Perl module
[2228] Where do I start when writing a program?
[2227] Learning PHP, Ruby, Lua and Python - upcoming courses
[2226] Revision / Summary of lists - Perl
[2225] How important is a front page ranking on a search engine?
[2224] Trowbridge - a missed opportunity? Melksham - into the breach?
[2223] CSS Style Diagrams - working out where attributes come from
[2222] A (biased?) comparison of PHP courses in the UK
[2221] Adding a newsfeed for your users to a multipage PHP application
[2220] Melksham Traders - where do we go?
[2219] Configuring httpd, or Tomcat, to run CGI scripts in Perl
[2218] Multiple web applications under Tomcat - what are the options?
[2217] Enjoying the summer weather
[2216] Past Delegate Offer - Summer Holiday / Weekend Break
[2215] If nothing, make it nothing.
[2214] Global Index to help you find resources
[2213] Keyboard reading in Perl - character by character not line by line
[2212] Dripping taps, Java threads and the single thread model
[2211] Tcl/Tk - why does the canvas widget use a display list?
[2210] MySQL server replication
[2209] Monitoring and Tuning your MySQL installation
[2208] A beautiful coastline
[2207] North Antrim Coast - a jewel thats well worth a visit
[2206] Spot the odd one out
[2205] An evening walk in Carrickfergus
[2204] Images in a database? How big is a database? (MySQL)
[2203] Always use su with minus. And where do programs come from?
[2202] Bright Colours
[2201] Running straight from the jar, but not from a tar
[2200] England, Scotland, Northern Ireland
[2199] Improving the structure of your early PHP programs
[2198] On the road, at a Service area thats a cut above the others
[2196] New Example - cacheing results in PHP for faster loading
[2195] A two day gap - first time in five years?
[2194] Melksham Business Map - Chamber of Commerce, Tourist Information and Town Council
[2193] Excellent product, excruciating customer service. 3 Mobile Broadband
[2192] Copy writing - allowing for the cut
[2191] RT @brento - a valuable source for the twitter newbie
[2190] How you are (re)presented at an exhibition
[2189] Matching disparate referencing systems (MediaWiki, PHP, also Tcl)
[2188] Camera to record where a picture was taken
[2187] Are we IITT (Institute of IT Training) members?
[2186] An FAQ on the Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat web servers, and on using them together
[2185] Abstract Classes - Java
[2184] Choosing the right version of Java and Tomcat
[2183] Servlet life cycle, and Java Servlet variable scope
[2182] What Linux run level am I in?
[2181] You cannot please all of the people all of the time
[2180] Patterns in numbers - room occupancy
[2179] Offers that I can refuse
[2178] Melksham Candidates for Wiltshire Unitary Election
[2177] Preventing forum spam - checks at sign up
[2176] Balloon Journey in Wiltshire
[2175] Melksham in pictures
[2174] Application design in PHP - multiple step processes
[2173] Basic OO principles
[2172] PHP4 v PHP5 - Object Model Difference
[2171] Cleaning up redundant objects
[2170] Designing a heirarcy of classes - getting inheritance right
[2169] When should I use OO techniques?
[2168] In honour of the photograph, I present ... a walk from Reybridge to Lacock
[2167] Watching the tele
[2166] Crossrefering documents with uniqueness and inconsistency issues - PHP proof of concept demo
[2165] Making Regular Expressions easy to read and maintain
[2164] Updating my public profile - Graham Ellis
[2163] CATALINA_OPTS v JAVA_OPTS - What is the difference?
[2162] Admins thoughts on banning a member from a forum
[2161] Get it right ... if it goes wrong, it takes so much effort to sort out!
[2160] PHP - getclass v instanceof
[2159] A long day to guess where
[2158] On the roof of a Melksham Spa House
[2157] From the 51773 family
[2156] Stopping forum spam - control of the signup process
[2155] No subject or title?
[2154] Bean Classes in Java and Java Database Connections
[2153] Class Loading and Variable Conversion in Java
[2152] My four feet!
[2151] What is a JSP tag library?
[2150] Routers, Firewalls and multilayer servers
[2149] Routing Network Traffic - Proxies, Redirects and DNS
[2148] Variable scope in Java Servlets and other web applications
[2147] A very easy JSP (Java Server Page)
[2146] An evening excursion to Devizes and Avebury
[2145] Using the internet to remotely check for power failure at home (PHP)
[2144] Looking for a career change - Physician to Web Site Designer
[2143] Throughout the year, around the world
[2142] Riverside Development
[2141] Town Crier competiton
[2140] Beware - giving copyright away when you upload a picture - Dogs Trust
[2139] OS Commerce install made simple
[2138] Ski bore ... train bore ... dog bore
[2137] Reaching the right people with your web site
[2135] What features does this visitors browser support? (PHP)
[2134] Oracle take over Sun who had taken over MySQL
[2133] Bigger and better this year!
[2132] Learning about Lurchers
[2131] Patterns in street names
[2130] Javascript - move cursor over image to change a different image.
[2129] Nothing beats Perl to solve a data manipulation requirement quickly
[2128] Wiltshire - where everybody matters
[2127] Call in the professionals!
[2126] Weeding out old phone numbers
[2125] We have lost a regular business guest
[2124] Building down expectations
[2123] Using Python with OpenOffice
[2122] Commission Creep
[2121] Out in the Vale of Pewsey
[2120] Java on the Web Server - course for delegates with some prior Java experience
[2119] Make your business a DESTINATION business
[2118] Spring Sprung
[2117] Choosing a railway station fairly in PHP
[2116] Why do we delay new forum members through authorisation?
[2115] Finding your java program - the CLASSPATH variable
[2114] Which Version of Java am I running?
[2113] Answering a question with a question
[2112] Whatever next ... the joys of being an employer
[2111] Business Networking for Melksham - 23rd April
[2110] MySQL - looking for records in one table that do NOT correspond to records in another table
[2109] Why most training fails ...
[2108] Funny Amusing, Funny Amazing and The Smarts
[2107] How to tweet automatically from a blog
[2106] Learning to Twitter / what is Twitter?
[2105] Hire Car, from Atlanta Airport
[2104] Ruby Programming and Rails - 4 different courses in one
[2103] Ask the Tutor - Open Source forum
[2102] What do people think of our Apache httpd / Tomcat course?
[2101] A B C D of GA and TN
[2100] Visiting Family
[2099] Should I maintain the programming code on my own website?
[2098] A room without a view
[2097] PHP Course - for hobby / club / charity users.
[2096] Where is my new Apache httpd installed
[2095] Blue Ridge and Melksham Chambers of Commerce
[2094] If you have a spelling mistake in your URL / page name
[2093] Leading Lines
[2092] Tracking difficult bugs, the programmer / customer relationship
[2091] C, C++ and C# ... Java and JavaScript
[2090] Melksham to Georgia
[2089] The Longest Day - Wednesday, 28th September
[2088] Changing the 404 - file not found - page in Tomcat
[2087] Comparing Java Courses - what can we do?
[2086] C Programming v Learning to Program in C. Which course?
[2085] MySQL - licensing issues, even with using the name
[2084] Books and distance learning from Well House Consultants?
[2083] Do you support a decent train service? Please sign up!
[2082] Jmeter - a first test case
[2081] Connecting jconsole remotely - the principles
[2080] Using ApacheBench and jconsole to test and monitor Tomcat
[2079] Java - Memory Allocation and garbage collection
[2078] A lot has changed - but the memory lingers on
[2077] Why put Apache httpd in front of Apache Tomcat
[2076] A New Advert for Well House Manor
[2075] Supporting Parkinsons and Trains
[2074] Weekday or Weekend PHP, Python and Perl classes?
[2073] Extra PHP Examples
[2072] Copyright, Portability and other nontechnical web site issues
[2071] Setting up a MySQL database from PHP
[2070] Converting to Perl - the sort of programs you will write
[2069] Efficient calls to subs in Perl - avoid duplication, gain speed
[2068] Playing Catchup
[2067] Perl - lists do so much more than arrays
[2066] Melksham Industrial
[2065] Static mirroring through HTTrack, wget and others
[2064] East of Melksham Countryside
[2063] Internal Dummy Connections on Apache httpd
[2062] Virtual hosting and mod_proxy forwarding of different domains (httpd)
[2061] Tomcat 6 - Annotated Sample Configuration Files
[2060] Database connection Pooling, SSL, and command line deployment - httpd and Tomcat
[2059] Sharing the load between servers - httpd and Tomcat
[2058] Invoker and cgi servlets on Tomcat 6
[2057] Train and Coach fares from London (and airports) to Melksham
[2056] Web Site Loading - experiences and some solutions shared
[2055] Effect on server when memory runs out and swapping starts
[2054] Tuning httpd / the supermarket checkout comparison
[2053] What a difference a MySQL Index made
[2052] How was my web site compromised?
[2051] A Presentation about our company - web and PHP
[2050] Why the Pony Tail?
[2049] Why Choose Well House Consultants for your course?
[2048] Learning to program in PHP, Python, Java or Lua ...
[2047] Small Web Server in Perl
[2046] Finding variations on a surname
[2045] Does robots.txt actually work?
[2044] Please Trouble me
[2043] Confidence, Customer Service and Tourism in Melksham
[2042] Wiltshire Rail Service Update
[2041] httpd, Tomcat and PHP course enhancements
[2040] Error: Cant read xxxxx: no such variable (in Tcl Tk)
[2039] The Invoker
[2038] Sticky Sessions with mod_jk (httpd to Tomcat)
[2037] The Interview and The Lift
[2036] Java Tag Libraries / how they work / Tomcat Deployment
[2035] 1234567890 ... coming up on Friday 13th
[2034] Through Snow and Flood to Linux and Tomcat
[2033] Huawei D100 Wireless Router - Mobile Internet
[2032] Mobile Internet - an alternative to hotel WiFi
[2031] Choosing from an image with an image map
[2030] The final step to being British
[2029] Also for the eyes of the cat
[2028] Things people say on the phone
[2027] Who sticks by you in the snow?
[2026] Melksham Climate Friendly Group
[2025] Injection Attack if register_globals in on - PHP
[2024] Carry on Training - in spite of the weather
[2023] sw_vers - what version of OSX am I running?
[2022] Pre and post increment - the ++ operator
[2021] Short health and safety course
[2020] Learning Python - many new example programs
[2019] Baby Caleb and Fortune City in your web logs?
[2018] UnboundLocalError - Python Message
[2017] Python - a truly dynamic language
[2016] Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat miscellany
[2015] Service Excellence Awards
[2014] First Class
[2013] wxPython - Introduction and sample
[2012] The Wiltshire Police
[2011] Conversion of OSI grid references to Eastings and Northings
[2010] How long should a training module be?
[2009] The Royal Mail Receipt
[2008] The Month Ahead - What is happening in Melksham
[2007] Launch of Melksham Food and Drink Festival
[2006] Contrast
[2005] Variables and pointers and references - C and C++
[2004] Variable Scope in C++
[2003] Discount Training Courses - PHP, Perl, Python
[2002] New C Examples - pointers, realloc, structs and more
[2001] I have not programmed before, and need to learn
[2000] 2000th article - Remember the background and basics
[1999] How low can you sink?
[1998] Text on a background image
[1997] Travelling to a course - station pickups
[1996] Advise before my Apache / Tomcat course
[1995] Automated server heartbeat and health check
[1994] tomcat-users.xml; what a difference a space made
[1993] Load Balancing - Hardware or Software?
[1992] A good time to travel
[1991] Rules for a King
[1990] Speaking all the languages
[1989] So sad to see you go
[1988] Melksham, Wiltshire. Town Crier Competition, 2009
[1987] One Cheer for Local Democracy - Asda in Melksham
[1986] Walk to Bowerhill
[1985] Learning to program as a part of your job
[1984] Site24x7 prowls uninvited
[1983] Keeping PHP code in database and running it
[1982] Cooking bodies and URLs
[1981] Bitter cold
[1980] Michelle
[1979] Looking forward, in Melksham, in 2009
[1978] From spam to mod_alias - finding resources
[1977] Going round the block
[1976] Where is this IP address, IPv4 and IPv6
[1975] Well House Manor Hotel - on plan for 2009 business guests
[1974] Moving a directory on your web site
[1973] Required Request
[1972] Pettifog and forum boards away from public view
[1971] Telling Google which country your business trades in
[1970] Plagarism - who is copying my pages?
[1969] Search Engines. Getting the right pages seen.
[1968] Review of 2008
[1967] LinkedIn - Thrice Asked, and joined.
[1966] Background to the TransWilts Train Fiasco
[1965] How much does a train service actually cost
[1964] Why hasnt the fiasco been put right
[1963] Best source to learn Java (or Perl or PHP or Python)
[1962] Index Card System for Game Characters in PHP
[1961] Making our things easier to find
[1960] Christmas Survivors
[1959] -
[1958] PHP - Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end ...
[1957] Why are cooks bad tempered?
[1956] Images for Christmas
[1955] How to avoid duplicating web page maintainance
[1954] mod_rewrite for newcomers
[1953] End of Training, 2008
[1952] Small Print
[1951] Whisky - Setting and reading cookies from Perl
[1950] Copyright of Training Notes and Web Site
[1949] Nuclear Physics comes to our web site
[1948] Blame Culture
[1947] Perl substitute - the e modifier
[1946] Variable Types in Perl
[1945] Summary - Apache httpd build on Linux
[1944] Forwarding session and cookie requests from httpd to Tomcat
[1943] Port and Glasses
[1942] Christmas scenes and events
[1941] Server - Service - Engine - Host, Tomcat
[1940] URL rewriting with front and back servers
[1939] mod_proxy_ajp and mod_proxy_balancer examples
[1938] Predictive Load Balancing - PHP and / or Java
[1937] Getting hold of the wrong end of the stick
[1936] Quick Summary - PHP installation
[1935] Summary of MySQL installation on a Linux system
[1934] Lidl opens in Melksham
[1933] Learning to Program in C
[1932] Training Passports - booking a training program
[1931] Frosty Morning, foggy evening
[1930] Bath Christmas Market
[1929] 2009 - Hotel, Meeting, Training Course prices
[1928] Melksham Oak Community School, Melksham, Wiltshire
[1927] Team changes at Well House - looking forward
[1926] Flash (client) to PHP (server) - example
[1925] Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
[1924] Preventing ^C stopping / killing a program - Perl
[1923] Making it all worthwhile
[1922] Flurinci knows Raby Lae PHP and Jeve
[1921] Romeo and Julie
[1920] Progress Bar Techniques - Perl
[1919] Transition
[1918] Perl Socket Programming Examples
[1917] Out of memory during array extend - Perl
[1916] Why I remember East Grafton
[1915] Quietly putting prices up
[1914] It must be nearly Christmas
[1913] Alastair Darling helps make paperwork and confusion
[1912] Book now for 2009
[1911] Remember Me - PHP
[1910] Java - Generics
[1909] javax.servlet cannot be resolved - how to solve
[1908] Java CLASSPATH explained
[1907] Melksham Hotel Rates
[1906] Long, Longer, Longest in Java
[1905] A Gold Star for First Great Western Customer Service
[1904] Ruby, Perl, Linux, MySQL - some training notes
[1903] daemons - what is running on my Linux server?
[1902] sstrwxrwxrwx - Unix and Linux file permissions
[1901] XML, HTML, XHTML and more
[1900] Table Topics
[1899] Virtual Hosting under Tomcat - an example
[1898] Every cloud has a silver lining
[1897] Keeping on an even keel
[1896] Virtual Hosts and Virtual Servers
[1895] Comparison - with and without flash
[1894] Shopping in Melksham
[1893] Some Linux and Unix tips
[1892] Melksham Chamber of Commerce and Industry
[1891] Ruby to access web services
[1890] MySQL database from Ruby - an example
[1889] Ruby mixins, modules, require and include
[1888] Find the link
[1887] Ruby Programming Course - Saturday and Sunday
[1886] Keys to friendless churches
[1885] Hiding a MySQL database behind a web page
[1884] Recession? Depression?
[1883] Spa Road Garage and Convenience Store, Melksham
[1882] Wiltshire Council says - part 2
[1881] Wiltshire Council says - part 1
[1880] Melksham Chamber of Commerce, or the FSB
[1879] Dynamic code - Python
[1878] Pascals Triangle in Python and Java
[1877] Guests doing a bunk?
[1876] Python Regular Expressions
[1875] What are exceptions - Python based answer
[1874] Is it worth it?
[1873] List Comprehensions in Python
[1872] Barack Obama wins US Predidency
[1871] Optional and named parameters in Python
[1870] What to do with a huge crop of apples
[1869] Anonymous functions (lambdas) and map in Python
[1868] Liverpool - a friendly city
[1867] Domain Renewal Group
[1866] What a difference a day made
[1865] Debugging and Data::Dumper in Perl
[1864] Object Oriented Perl - First Steps
[1863] About dieing and exiting in Perl
[1862] Remember your units
[1861] Reactive (dynamic) formatting in Perl
[1860] Seven new intermediate Perl examples
[1859] Wiltshire at dawn - the tourist trail
[1858] Camera with night vision, youth with no vision
[1857] November and December Public Course Schedule
[1856] A few of my favourite things
[1855] Volunteer v Employee - a skewed balance? (FSB)
[1854] Three Seasonal Pictures
[1853] Well structured coding in Perl
[1852] Perl and Blackberries
[1851] Pictures from a delegate
[1850] Daisy the Cow and a Pint of Ginger Beer
[1849] String matching in Perl with Regular Expressions
[1848] 30th November - Santa Trip from Melksham
[1847] Lua - IAQ (Infrequently Answered Questions)
[1846] Old Piles of the South West
[1845] Passing a table from Lua into C
[1844] Calling functions in C from your Lua script - a first HowTo
[1843] How many cups of coffee?
[1842] Lua Course, and the Wiltshire Countryside too
[1841] Formatting with a leading + / Lua and Perl
[1840] Validating Credit Card Numbers
[1839] Job application
[1838] Oxford in Pictures
[1837] Alfred the Great
[1836] Next in the sequence - courses next year (2009)
[1835] 23:30 bookings and midnight checkins
[1834] Seend, near Melksham, Wiltshire
[1833] Web Bloopers - good form design - avoiding pitfalls
[1832] Processing all files in a directory - Perl
[1831] Text formating for HTML, with PHP
[1830] Caen Hill and Olivers Castle
[1829] Dont bother to write a Perl program
[1828] Perl - map to process every member of a list (array)
[1827] What a shock
[1826] Perl - Subs, Chop v Chomp, => v ,
[1825] Question Mark - Colon operator (Perl and PHP)
[1824] Which is your best hotel room?
[1823] FSB - an update.
[1822] Claverton Pump
[1821] Autumn
[1820] Sorting objects in PHP
[1819] Calling base class constructors
[1818] Icelandic Badge
[1817] Marc Schneider is still having email trouble
[1816] Holt on holt
[1815] Hotel Guest Surveys
[1814] Javascript/HTML example, dynamic server monitor
[1813] Ajax - going Asyncronous and what it means
[1812] Starting Ajax - easy example of browser calling up server data
[1811] Alternative URLs using % symbol encoding
[1810] Middle aged subsidise young and old
[1809] Coming home tonight
[1808] We love children ... but our hotel is not going to be their scene
[1807] A sad town in the sunlight
[1806] Dealing with overhead cables in a photograph
[1805] Carlisle High School - Class of 1973 Reunion
[1804] Colvin and Carlisle
[1803] FTP passive mode - a sometimes cure for upload hangs
[1802] Motorcycles welcome at Well House Manor
[1801] Will your backups work if you have to restore them?
[1800] Spiders Web
[1799] Regular Expressions in PHP
[1798] What does an browser understand? What does an HTML document contain?
[1797] I have been working hard but I do not expect you noticed
[1796] libwww-perl and Indy Library in your server logs?
[1795] What have iTime, honeytrapagency and domain listing center got in common?
[1794] Refactoring - a PHP demo becomes a production page
[1793] Which country does a search engine think you are located in?
[1792] All the pieces fall into place - hotel and courses
[1791] The road ahead - Python 3
[1790] Sharing variables with functions, but keeping them local too - Python
[1789] Looking for a value in a list - Python
[1788] Python 2 to Python 3 / Python 3000 / Py3k
[1787] Howto - write and manage a news box on your web page
[1786] Picturing the rain
[1785] What is running on your network? (tcl and expect)
[1784] Global - Tcl, PHP, Python
[1783] Think before you send
[1782] Calling procs in Tcl and how it compares to Perl
[1781] Reception
[1780] Server overloading - turns out to be feof in PHP
[1779] Injection Attacks - avoiding them in your PHP
[1778] Pointing all the web pages in a directory at a database
[1777] The Rise and Rise of First Bus Fares
[1776] Does fruit and veg drag on?
[1775] Easterholic
[1774] What is my real and my effective ID? [Linux]
[1773] The Longest Possible Day
[1772] Ken Palm, iTime, and Domain Name Tasting
[1771] More HowTo diagrams - MySQL, Tomcat and Java
[1770] 3 hours from Milton Keynes
[1769] July child ponders on August children
[1768] What is built in to this httpd and PHP?
[1767] mod_proxy and mod_proxy_ajp - httpd
[1766] Diagrams to show you how - Tomcat, Java, PHP
[1765] Dialects of English and Unix
[1764] Yank and Push - copy and move in vi
[1763] Co-operating to save, yet we dont
[1762] WEB-INF (Tomcat) and .htaccess (httpd)
[1761] Logging Cookies with the Apache httpd web server
[1760] An opportunity for something new
[1759] While the world sleeps ...
[1758] Lindors Hotel, near St. Briavels, Wye Valley
[1757] Preserved railways - struggling to the future?
[1756] Ever had One of THOSE mornings?
[1755] Istanbul
[1754] Upgrade from PHP 4 to PHP 5 - the TRY issue
[1753] Perl v PHP, choosing the right language
[1752] Dynamic maps / geographics in PHP
[1751] Public Training Course Dates until July 2009
[1750] Glorious (?) 12th August - what a Pe(a)rl!
[1749] Using server side and client side programming together
[1748] Hotel room prices - Melksham, Wiltshire
[1747] Who is watching you?
[1746] London for the visitor, for free
[1745] Moodle, Drupal, Django (and Rails)
[1744] Lua examples, Lua Courses
[1743] First class functions in Lua lead to powerful OO facilities
[1742] Lua - Table elements v table as a whole
[1741] Age Concern
[1740] Vertical London
[1739] Bath, Snake or Nag?
[1738] Clean code, jump free (Example in Lua)
[1737] Rules, suggestions, considerations for Lua variable names
[1736] Current visitors from around the world - PHP
[1735] Finding words and work boundaries (MySQL, Perl, PHP)
[1734] All around the world?
[1733] memcached - overview, installation, example of use in PHP
[1732] Old pictures and comparisons
[1731] Apache httpd, MySQL, PHP - installation procedure
[1730] Punting on the Cam
[1729] Back from the future
[1728] A short Perl example
[1727] Equality and looks like tests - Perl
[1726] Hot Courses - Perl
[1725] A future vision for Melksham
[1724] addslashes v mysql_real_escape_string in PHP
[1723] Bath - Melksham - Devizes. Bus route changes, new timetable
[1722] PHP examples - source code and try it out too
[1721] Perl 6 - When will we have a production release?
[1720] Some Ruby lesser used functions
[1719] A special day - last Friday in July
[1718] Increasing Java Virtual Machine memory for Tomcat
[1717] Q - Should I use Perl or Python?
[1716] Larger applications in PHP
[1715] Pictures from South Hampshire
[1714] Hillier Gardens, Hampshire
[1713] Ways to accept credit cards - or not!
[1712] As different as night and tyres
[1711] Rapid growth leads to server move
[1710] At the Westbury Bypass Enquiry
[1709] There is more that one way - Perl
[1708] A Train Service Update for Melksham Party in the Park
[1707] Configuring Apache httpd
[1706] The Story of Well House Manor
[1705] Environment variables in Perl / use Env
[1704] Finding operating system settings in Perl
[1703] Perl ... adding to a list - end, middle, start
[1702] Running operating system commands in Perl
[1701] Training Course and Business Conference Technology
[1700] FTP server on Fedora Linux
[1699] If you are learning Lua, here are some more examples
[1698] Dealing with The Press
[1697] Sorting in lua - specifying your own sort routine
[1696] Saying NOT in Perl, PHP, Python, Lua ...
[1695] Lua Course - here is the index
[1694] Defensive coding techniques in PHP?
[1693] July to December 2008 - Open Source training schedule
[1692] Towards Object Oriented Programming in Lua
[1691] Co-routines in Lua - co-operative processing
[1690] Conversion of c/r line ends to l/f line ends
[1689] Some sideways thoughts on the news
[1688] cannot restore segment prot after reloc message - PHP / httpd
[1687] Virtual Hosting on Apache httpd - a primer example
[1686] FTP - how not to corrupt data (binary v ascii)
[1685] Short circuit evaluation (lazy operator) in Lua
[1684] Two PHP include files to make easy web site indexing and navigation
[1683] Plenty of car parking at Well House Manor, Hotel, Melksham
[1682] Accounts in PHP - an OO demo
[1681] Adding a button to a web page to print the page
[1680] Astroturfing - the online definition
[1679] PHP - Sanitised application principles for security and useability
[1678] Software - changes and delays. But courses must run on time!
[1677] CSS training - Cascading Style Sheets (UK course)
[1676] A warm welcome for visitors from the USA
[1675] Comparing Objects in C++
[1674] What a lot of files! (C++ / Polymorphism demo)
[1673] Spam Filters ... are working!
[1672] The Composting Cone Challenge
[1671] Compiling C programs with gcc - an overview
[1670] Dynamic Memory Allocation in C
[1669] What are Unions (C programming)
[1668] Talk on TransWilts train service to Green Party
[1667] Checking server performance for PHP generated pages
[1666] Slow boot and terminal start on Linux boxes
[1665] Factory method example - Perl
[1664] Example of OO in Perl
[1663] Python in an afternoon - a lecture for experienced programmers
[1662] Westonbirt Arboretum Postcode
[1661] Equality, sameness and identity - Python
[1660] Korn shell - some nuggets
[1659] String, Integer, Array, Associative Array - ksh variables
[1658] Some useful variables and settings in the Korn Shell
[1657] Farewell, Newcastle to Stavanger, Haugsund and Bergen
[1656] Be careful of misreading server statistics
[1655] A date for your diary - 16th July 2008
[1654] The old sayings are the best (FSB)
[1653] How do Google Ads work?
[1652] Old Sarum airfield brings back fond memories
[1651] ls command - favourite options
[1650] Looking for files with certain characteristics (Linux / Unix)
[1649] Easy conversion - image formats, currencies and distances
[1648] The tourists guide to Linux
[1647] Exchange Rates - PHP with your prices in your users currency
[1646] Using cookies and sessions to connect different URLs - PHP
[1645] Seeing how others do it - PHP training
[1644] Using a utility method to construct objects of different types - Python
[1643] A lack of technical content
[1642] Summer!
[1641] Tektronix 4010 series / Python Tuples
[1640] Walking on The Wiltshire Downs
[1639] Minehead Marauder
[1638] Pictures far apart
[1637] Providing exceptional service - and carrying on doing so.
[1636] What to do if the Home Page is missing
[1635] Spring in Devizes
[1634] Kiss and Book
[1633] Changing a screen saver from a web page (PHP, Perl, OSX)
[1632] Lua - a powerful, up and coming scripting language
[1631] Looking back through some photos
[1630] To provide external links, or not?
[1629] A short introduction to our courses
[1628] Gant charts - drawing them with a PHP script
[1627] Amazing family members
[1626] Early May - a short chance to regroup and improve
[1625] Box from end to end
[1624] From Freddie the fallow
[1623] PHP Techniques - a workshop
[1622] An extra step - victory from defeat
[1621] Linux and Java Course in London
[1620] Norwich and London
[1619] User and Group settings for Apache httpd web server
[1618] A small picture does not always cut it!
[1617] Steam Engines at Bressingham
[1616] Not daring to be an anorak
[1615] PHP training courses every month
[1614] When an array is not an array
[1613] Regular expression for 6 digits OR 25 digits
[1612] Comfy Chair - Floating Harbour, Bristol
[1611] Gauging point at entrance to Bristols Floating Harbour
[1610] PHP course dot co, dot uk
[1609] Chew Valley Lakes
[1608] Underlining in Perl and Python - the x and * operator in use
[1607] Learning to program in Perl
[1606] Sheep Shearers, Marathon Runners and Ocean Sailors
[1605] Learning and understanding scripting programming techniques
[1604] M25 / South Mimms Service Area
[1603] Do not SHOUT and do not whisper
[1602] Automating processes through Expect
[1601] Replacing the last comma with an and
[1600] Cambidge - Tcl, Expect and Perl courses
[1599] Fresher tutor, better course
[1598] Every link has two ends - fixing 404s at the recipient
[1597] Comparing hotels - as a guest and from the proprietors view
[1596] Selling curry to the chinese takeaway
[1595] First Great Western Weekend
[1594] Please support improvements in our train service
[1593] Keep the client experience easy - single server contact point
[1592] Setting up a new user - Linux or Unix
[1591] Easter Sunday at 404, The Spa
[1590] All Change, Portsmouth Harbour
[1589] Dynamic Memory Allocation in C - calloc, realloc
[1588] String interpretation in Ruby
[1587] Some Ruby programming examples from our course
[1586] Variable types in Ruby
[1585] Well House Consultants / Manor - Staff
[1584] Using Structs and Unions together effectively in C
[1583] Businesses in West Wiltshire - networking
[1582] Ruby, C, Java and more - getting out of loops
[1581] What is an lvalue? (Perl, C)
[1580] Congratulations, Martin and Marta
[1579] Rome, and the faith of Rome
[1578] Please don't shout at me!
[1577] Spring and early summer training courses
[1576] Making PHP and MySQL training relevant to the course delegates
[1575] Database design for a shopping application (MySQL)
[1574] Joining MySQL tables revisited - finding nonmatching records, etc
[1573] Budget tax increases hit vehicle market
[1572] C - structs and unions, C++ classes and polymorphism
[1571] Await guests in the early hours
[1570] London Midland ... Merrymaker ... Percy Danks
[1569] I dont care - goodbye
[1568] What colour is the season?
[1567] Melksham - Swindon. Train v Bus v Car
[1566] Strange behaviour of web directory requests without a trailing slash
[1565] Languages compared - based on developer community size
[1564] Default file (MiMe types) for Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat
[1563] Guidlines for posting on a forum
[1562] Java Compiler - needs all classes, compiles them all too
[1561] Uploading to a MySQL database through PHP - examples and common questions
[1560] HST Power Car TravelWatch SouthWest
[1559] Calling on Melksham / Trowbridge / Devizes / Chippenham businesses
[1558] Getting somewhere with the train service
[1557] Trying out our Java examples on our web site
[1556] Java - a demonstration of inheritance on just one page
[1555] Advanced Python, Perl, PHP and Tcl training courses / classes
[1554] Online hotel reservations - Melksham, Wiltshire (near Bath)
[1553] Automatic startup and shutdown of Tomcat
[1552] Extra public classes in deploying Apache httpd and Tomcat
[1551] Which modules are loaded in my Apache httpd
[1550] Java (JSP and Servlet examples) live on our server
[1549] http, https and ajp - comparison and choice
[1548] Hotelympia - show report - the lighter side
[1547] New bathing idea for hotels from Hotelympia
[1546] The geometry of East London
[1545] Letting new visitors know we provide training courses
[1544] FSB, EGM, AGM.
[1543] Learning Object Oriented Principles (and perhaps Java)
[1542] Are nasty programs looking for security holes on your server?
[1541] Colour, Composition or Content
[1540] Chinese New Year
[1539] A forum is not always the best vehicle
[1538] Teaching Object Oriented Java with Students and Ice Cream
[1537] To Wales - where theres still a toll on the bridge
[1536] A Weekend in Liverpool
[1535] OO PHP demonstration - comparing objects and more
[1534] Where in the world / country is my visitor from?
[1533] Short and sweet and sticky - PHP form input
[1532] Comment spam blocked. Please comment via Forums
[1531] Expecting a item from a list of possibles
[1530] Railway Acronyms and Abbreviations
[1529] Tcl - learning how to use namespaces, packages and libraries together
[1528] Object Oriented Tcl
[1527] Selecting file names in a shell - one word or another
[1526] Carers at work - court case changes
[1525] Just one thing let the service down - but that is my memory
[1524] Nottingham - just text!
[1523] Ive just received an email from myself. Should I be worried?
[1522] Paging Martin Noke, who petitions for more trains from Trowbridge to Swindon
[1521] Evening drive across the roof of Wiltshire
[1520] Terms and Conditions - Hotel, England - plain English
[1519] Flipping images on your web page
[1518] Downloading data for use in Excel (from PHP / MySQL)
[1517] Python - formatting objects
[1516] Pictures you can use - for free - from our library
[1515] Keeping staff up to date on hotel room status
[1514] Autovivification - the magic appearance of variables in Perl
[1513] Perl, PHP or Python? No - Perl AND PHP AND Python!
[1512] Summer Ball at Bowood - Saturday 12th July 2008
[1511] Buses from Well House Manor, Melksham, to Bath
[1510] Handling Binary data (.gif file example) in Perl
[1509] Extracting information from a file of records
[1508] How not to write Perl?
[1507] Comments on proposed Asda Superstore for Melksham
[1506] Ongoing Image Copyright Issues, PHP and MySQL solutions
[1505] Script to present commonly used images - PHP
[1504] Flooding by Asda-s proposed new supermarket
[1503] Web page (http) error status 405
[1502] Java, sorting, ArrayList example, generics
[1501] Java - using super to call a method in the parent class
[1500] First Class Java. First step and moving forward.
[1499] Climate change, renewable resources and paper v plastic
[1498] Java is a dynamic language .... (and comparison)
[1497] Training Season Starts again!
[1496] PHP / Web 2 logging
[1495] Single login and single threaded models - Java and PHP
[1494] A time to update pictures
[1493] Comparison - cellpadding versus cellspacing
[1492] Well House Consultants Training and Hotel - 2008 news
[1491] Apple Mac Operating System OS X - code names and version numbers
[1490] Software to record day to day events and keep an action list
[1489] Pictures of December
[1488] New trainee laptop fleet for our Open Source courses
[1487] Efficient PHP applications - framework and example
[1486] Does anyone understand Lithuanian?
[1485] Copyright and theft of images, bandwidth and members.
[1484] A christmas message
[1483] What have hotels and bananas got in common?
[1482] A story about benchmarking PHP
[1481] The Christmas Letter
[1480] Next course - 7th January 2008, Regular Expressions
[1479] FSB leaves its members feeling like mushrooms
[1478] Some new C programming examples - files, structs, unions etc
[1477] Decisions - small ones, or big ones?
[1476] Shopping for Christmas and looking forward
[1475] Tcl/Tk - updating your display while tasks are running
[1474] Using Tcl/Tk resource files for flexible applications
[1473] Making a variable dynamically visible in a Tcl/Tk GUI
[1472] The Horse goes on and on
[1471] Cliff Lift simulator- Lynton to Lynmouth - in Tcl/Tk
[1470] fill and expand on Tcl/Tk pack command
[1469] Curley brackets v double quotes - Tcl, Tk, Expect
[1468] Lexical v Arithemetic testing, Bash and Perl
[1467] stdout v stderr (Tcl, Perl, Shell)
[1466] Effective Java training - the bootcamp approach
[1465] Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, Linux, MySQL, Ruby courses ...
[1464] Python Script - easy examples of lots of basics
[1463] All the special characters in HTML ...
[1462] 10 training days to Christmas.
[1461] Python - input v raw input
[1460] Christmas fare in Ljubljana
[1459] Interactive training, and advancing techniques further
[1458] The wrong way to put up prices
[1457] A day in Ljubljana
[1456] Right up to the top of the City
[1455] Connecting to MySQL 5 from PHP on Mac OSX Leopard
[1454] From Sunday to Monday, from Melksham to the Balkans
[1453] What makes our courses special?
[1452] Santa on the train to Melksham
[1451] More PHP sample and demonstration programs
[1450] Easy selection of multiple SQL conditions from PHP
[1449] Upgrade Mac OSX to Leopard, Web Server Apache httpd config lost
[1448] Question on division (Java) - Also Perl, PHP, Python ...
[1447] Refa Tandoori Indian Restaurant, Melksham
[1446] An answer to a student asking 'Help'
[1445] Looking after you Christmas Customer Crowds
[1444] Using English can slow you right down!
[1443] Christmas is coming very early
[1442] Reading a file multiple times - file pointers
[1441] On cancellations, rebooking, and pricing schemes
[1440] Useful command or messy screen?
[1439] Linux / Unix - layout of operating system files
[1438] Copy and paste / cut and paste and other vi techniques
[1437] Above the fold with First Great Western
[1436] A little touring help during a business trip to England
[1435] Object Oriented Programming in Perl - Course
[1434] Market survey - to learn, to prove a point, or to sell your product?
[1433] Linux, PHP, Tcl, Ruby, C, C++ - last minute training course availability
[1432] Wiltshire County Council - Budget Consultation
[1431] Getting the community on line - some basics
[1430] Integer v float - Python
[1429] Remembrance day - inside a church and inside the day
[1428] Travel Across Wiltshire - the game
[1427] Arrays in Tcl - a demonstration
[1426] Buffering up in Tcl - the empty coke can comparison
[1425] Melksham v Ely
[1424] Closer than you think - the next step
[1423] MySQL - table design and initial testing example
[1422] Wiltshire - speaker / after dinner talker offer
[1421] Castle Lodge Hotel, Ely, Cambridgeshire
[1420] The Learning Perl crew, October 2007
[1419] National Speaker - now to get the talk ready
[1418] A Golf Club Decision - Perl to Java
[1417] What software version do we teach?
[1416] Good, steady, simple example - Perl file handling
[1415] Better technology makes for longer commutes?
[1414] What we teach - expained for the non-technical
[1413] The little gestures that can really count
[1412] Sparse and Greedy matching - Tcl 8.4
[1411] Buffering of inputs to expect, and match order
[1410] Tcl / regsub - changing a string and using interesting bits
[1409] What is Expect?
[1408] Wireless hotel tips - FTP and Skype connections failing
[1407] Reading from another process in Tcl (pipes and sockets)
[1406] Away or home - which do I prefer?
[1405] Sorting in Tcl - lists and arrays
[1404] Tcl - global, upvar and uplevel.
[1403] Square Bracket protection in Tcl
[1402] Tcl - append v lappend v concat
[1401] Tcl - using [] or {} for conditions in an if (and while)
[1400] Dark Dawn
[1399] Pictures Framed
[1398] Someone else's wedding
[1397] Perl - progress bar, supressing ^C and coping with huge data flows
[1396] Using PHP to upload images / Store on MySQL database - security questions
[1395] Dont just convert to Perl - re-engineer!
[1394] Business to Business Networking - North and West Wilts / Melksham
[1393] First Alternative / what has happened there?
[1392] Autumnal lighting on a London trip
[1391] Ordnance Survey Grid Reference to Latitude / Longitude
[1390] Converting from postal address to latitude / longitude
[1389] Controlling and labelling Google maps via PHP
[1388] Well House Manor - a year on
[1387] Error logging to file not browser in PHP
[1386] New software product for warmblooded programmers
[1385] Delegates of all shapes and sizes
[1384] An email update for past guests and delegates
[1383] Monitoring mod_jk and how it is load balancing
[1382] First Great Western - information for customers
[1381] Using a MySQL database to control mod_rewrite via PHP
[1380] Static variables in PHP
[1379] Simple page password protection - PHP
[1378] Etag in http headers - what is it?
[1377] Load Balancing with Apache mod_jk (httpd/Tomcat)
[1376] Choosing between mod_proxy and mod_rewrite
[1375] Python v Ruby
[1374] Maidenhead Coffee Challenge
[1373] New Month, New Quarter, New Laws
[1372] A taster PHP expression ...
[1371] Hotel in Melksham at Christmas
[1370] Apache Tomcat Performance Tuning
[1369] One business, four different angles!
[1368] Getting the local voice heard
[1367] korn tips - some useful korn shell techniques
[1366] awk - a powerful data extraction and manipulation tool
[1365] Korn Shell scripts on the web
[1364] Korn shell course - resources
[1363] One computer per delegate, or pair programming?
[1362] No Thank You
[1361] Korn shell course
[1360] Asda in Melksham - Welcome or not?
[1359] Little Gems but not Lettuce
[1358] Look forward with a new broom - Wiltshire Train Service
[1357] Clean my plate, but keep my wine bottle. (PHP; Static)
[1356] Crystal Ball - How long do I need to be online?
[1355] .php or .html extension? Morally Static Pages
[1354] Match the Bedroom to the Hotel
[1353] Mood shots
[1352] Actionscript / Flash / Flex (IAQ/FAQ)
[1351] Compressing web pages sent out from server. Is it worth it?
[1350] FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) Western Region
[1349] Cash is not an acceptable way of paying
[1348] Screw it or Glue it? Access to Object variables - a warning
[1347] Wireless Internet Access at hotels - an update and some pitfalls
[1346] Evening, Devizes and Sells Green
[1345] Perl and Shell coding standards / costs of an IT project
[1344] Catching up on indexing our resources
[1343] Melksham Laundrette
[1342] Google, wwmdirectory, Freshwater, ATP - new scam?
[1341] Moving to Melksham? Househunting map.
[1340] Tk locks up - 100% c.p.u. on a simple program (Tcl, Perl, Python)
[1339] Packages and Namespaces are like Suitcases and Aircraft
[1338] Handling Binary data in Tcl (with a note on C)
[1337] A series of tyre damages
[1336] Ignore case in Regular Expression
[1335] Expanding a grid - Tcl/Tk
[1334] Stable sorting - Tcl, Perl and others
[1333] Kasteel Elsloo - Michelin rated hotel.
[1332] Melksham Hotel - Five Star Kitchen!
[1331] MySQL joins revisited
[1330] While waiting for Melksham Post Office
[1329] Subway Restaurant in Melksham, Wiltshire
[1328] Oliver says ....
[1327] Tktable - Laying out data in a matrix - Tcl/Tk
[1326] GUI design - Sketch it out first! (Java / Swing example)
[1325] Java - Client side applet applications as well as server side
[1324] Well House Manor appoints a General Manager
[1323] Easy handling of errors in PHP
[1322] Flash - is it available to your web page?
[1321] Resetting session based tests in PHP
[1320] Perl for Larger Projects - Object Oriented Perl
[1319] Customer feedback - lifeblood of a business
[1318] Well House Manor - feature comparison against the old place!
[1317] 2008 course schedule - Perl, Python, PHP, Linux, Java Deployment, Ruby and more
[1316] Filtering and altering Perl lists with grep and map
[1315] Two years of campaigning for a train service
[1314] Business travel by train in the USA
[1313] Tratum Technologies
[1312] Some one line Perl tips and techniques
[1311] What do people look for on a hotel web site?
[1310] Callbacks - a more complex code sandwich
[1309] Dates for Easter - 2008 to 2015
[1308] Good to be home
[1307] Troy, up state New York
[1306] Python class rattling around
[1305] Regular expressions made easy - building from components
[1304] Last elements in a Perl or Python list
[1303] Heading Upstate New York
[1302] Ruby, Ruby, Ruby. Rails, Rails, Rails.
[1301] Plastic or China
[1299] In the USA for a few days
[1298] From Leeds
[1297] Stuffing content into a web page - easy maintainance
[1296] An example of Java Inheritance from scratch
[1294] An example of Java Inheritance from scratch
[1293] Weymouth - Sunny Summer Sunday afternoon
[1292] DHCP automatic IP address v Static IP
[1291] Day trip to Weymouth
[1290] Badges, Breakfasts and Trigger
[1289] Pure Perl
[1288] Linux run states, shell special commands, and directory structures
[1287] Work and play at Well House Manor - Football and Shell Shortcuts
[1286] A wasted evening?
[1285] In the army, or in civvie street?
[1284] An update on the West Wilts show ...
[1283] Generating traffic for network testing
[1282] Stringing together Tcl scripts
[1281] Latercomer to the technology
[1280] West Wilts - no longer Wet Wilts - show
[1279] The Gdansk fireball
[1278] West Wilts Show
[1277] AgtInvoke - a command to drive Agilent Tcl software extensions
[1276] On flooding in Wiltshire and elsewhere in the West of England
[1275] Incident in Melksham
[1274] Radio coverage for railway issues
[1273] Melksham or Weymouth? Meal or day out?
[1272] Behind closed doors?
[1271] Till the cows come home
[1270] PHP Standalone - keyboard to screen
[1269] Party in the Park - review
[1268] Changes in advertising cut lines / Buscot / Tcl course
[1267] is there a lookup function in php?
[1266] Party in the Park
[1265] Apache, Tomcat, Jakarta, httpd, web server - what are they?
[1264] Business events in Melksham
[1263] 0800 043 8225 - a new phone number for Well House
[1262] Keep in touch with PHP, Perl, Python and old friends too
[1261] High summer at Well House Manor
[1260] An inspirational business talk from one of our prospective MPs
[1259] Where am I and how did I get here?
[1258] A day looking ahead for Well House Consultants
[1257] Data cabling (Cat 5e), Melksham, Wiltshire
[1256] What country are you in? How we find out on our web site
[1255] Interviewing job candidates in Melksham
[1254] Comparing bus stops
[1253] Key new contacts
[1252] Westbury Bypass - how it would effect Melksham
[1251] Substitute operator / modifiers in Perl
[1250] Business speed networking - a place tonight!
[1249] Is this how to run a business for businesses?
[1248] How NOT to oversell a hotel
[1247] An afternoon at a public enquiry
[1246] An oddball day. Strange experiences!
[1245] Ensuring that our tutor answers YOUR questions
[1244] FolksFest Bristol - German beer, Bratwurst and music
[1243] Heavy duty hole punch
[1242] Speaking at St. Catherine's College, Oxford University
[1241] If I say 'I am fine', what do I mean?
[1240] Fancy going to Glastonbury?
[1239] End of File on a Java BufferedReader
[1238] The kind spirit of Melksham
[1237] What proportion of our web traffic is robots?
[1236] Trying things in Python
[1235] Outputting numbers as words - MySQL with Perl or PHP
[1234] A review of a week and a trip to Brugge
[1233] Horses of Brugge
[1232] Bathtub example
[1231] Sur le Continent
[1230] Commenting a Perl Regular Expression
[1229] Where am I?
[1228] Some progress on the train campaign
[1227] Melksham businesses - networking together
[1226] Melksham Art Cafe
[1225] Perl - functions for directory handling
[1224] Object Relation Mapping (ORM)
[1223] Asda opening large new store in Melksham
[1222] Perl, the substitute operator s
[1221] Bathtubs and pecking birds
[1220] for loop - how it works (Perl, PHP, Java, C, etc)
[1219] Judging the quality of contributed Perl code
[1218] Sunday afternoon
[1217] What are factory and singleton classes?
[1216] Five of the best - pictures from London
[1215] An update on Perl - where is it going?
[1214] New Serieses for the summer on TV
[1213] MySQL - the order of clauses and the order of actions
[1212] What brought YOU to our web site?
[1211] A lot has happened in a year
[1210] PHP header() function - uses and new restrictions
[1209] Where did the Bank Holiday go?
[1208] Meet other local businesses in Melksham
[1207] Simple but effective use of mod_rewrite (Apache httpd)
[1206] Where and When - can you place the picture?
[1205] Arrival and Departure experiences - another hotel
[1204] Spot the difference
[1203] A Fresh horse
[1202] Returning multiple values from a function (Perl, PHP, Python)
[1201] No switch in Python
[1200] Training information - England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland
[1199] Testing for one of a list of values.
[1198] From Web to Web 2
[1197] Back off home with our best wishes
[1196] The last tree to leaf
[1195] Regular Express Primer
[1194] Drawing hands on a clock face - PHP
[1193] Dangerous Dogs and Hotel Marketing
[1192] What are WEB-INF and META-INF directories?
[1191] Smart English Output - via PHP and Perl ? : operator
[1190] Save the Forum - A regular clean sweep
[1189] Meet, greet and welcome
[1188] What shape is your shake?
[1187] Updating a page strictly every minute (PHP, Perl)
[1186] Two new pages / sites
[1185] Themes for the web site
[1184] Finding resources - some pointers
[1183] Improving searches - from OR to AND?
[1182] Painting a masterpiece in PHP
[1181] Good Programming practise - where to initialise variables
[1180] Conjugation
[1179] Sizing sheets and other domestic issues
[1178] Ducking stool for Melksham?
[1177] Sorting out for a site map
[1176] A pu that got me into trouble
[1175] Local elections - choosing who to vote for
[1174] Installing Tcl and Expect on Solaris 10 - a checklist
[1173] Cheat Sheet / Check list for Expect maintainers
[1172] May day 2007 in pictures
[1171] Traffic light control for horses
[1170] Smoking, or no? The law insists we spell out the obvious
[1169] Emailing as HTML (Web Page) - PHP example
[1168] Moving out some of the web site bloat
[1167] Leaning tower of Cheeser
[1166] Back button - ensuring order are not submitted twice (PHP)
[1165] Extended Credit request - train in June and be paid in September
[1164] Grand Central Station
[1163] A better alternative to cutting and pasting code
[1162] Cheddleton, Staffordshire
[1161] A contrast in room rates and facilities
[1160] HTML - example of a simple web page
[1159] It can take more that one plus one to get two.
[1158] Private Java Course - A customer's pictures
[1157] Speed Networking - a great evening and how we arranged it
[1156] Two by One by Wiltshire
[1155] Pointers in C
[1154] As I came back from Tesco
[1153] Object Oriented Model - a summary of changes from PHP4 to PHP5
[1152] Course, right place, right time
[1151] Gordon Dodge, R.I.P.
[1150] Helsinki - what comes naturally
[1149] Turning objects into something you can store - Pickling (Python)
[1148] Python decorators - wrapping a method call in extra code
[1147] A picture (mostly in words) of Helsinki
[1146] __new__ v __init__ - python constructor alternatives?
[1145] Using a list of keys and a list of values to make a dictionary in Python - zip
[1144] Python dictionary for quick look ups
[1143] A course in Helsinki
[1142] Planters in the Spring
[1141] A strong team broadens the professional coverage
[1140] Python GTK - Widget, Packing, Event and Feedback example
[1139] Overcrowded trains around Bristol
[1138] The Holiday - unlikely romantic comedy?
[1137] Wiltshire Circles
[1136] Buffering output - why it is done and issues raised in Tcl, Perl, Python and PHP
[1135] Government pressure on me to shut up after I make the papers
[1134] Function / method parameters with * and ** in Python
[1133] B-2-B Networking, 20th April. Useful for YOUR business?
[1132] Well House Manor, Melksham, Art Gallery
[1131] MySQL - Password security (authentication protocol)
[1130] Science Museum - larger exhibits / store, Wroughton, Swindon
[1129] Golfing, Wiltshire (near Melksham)
[1128] Avon Vale hunt at the Point to Point
[1127] A day at the races
[1126] MacFormat - Me and My Mac
[1125] Train service - petititon reply
[1123] mysqldump and mysqlrestore
[1122] Hotel - online feedback forms compared
[1121] Sharing the load with Apache httpd and perhaps Tomcat
[1120] 1200 miles in 3 days
[1119] The Last Word on the road
[1118] Origin of Jack and Jill and little Jack Horner
[1117] Newport Male Voice Choir
[1116] PHP adding arrays / summing arrays
[1115] Unexpected visitors to our site
[1114] PHP Image upload script
[1113] File and URL reading in PHP
[1112] Bank Holiday country breaks in Melksham, Wiltshire
[1111] Training in Lua
[1110] Python - two different splits
[1109] False imprisonment - a contrast from the news
[1108] Express service
[1107] Weekend Visitors
[1106] Spring Pictures
[1105] A week is a long time in the life of a conference centre
[1104] Drawing dynamic graphs in PHP
[1103] Dilton Marsh
[1102] A Reference
[1101] Mushroom Curry and Perl Courses
[1100] Wondering where I have been
[1099] Passenger flows
[1098] Three big events - TWSW, Business of the year and the police
[1097] Train and business balls all in the air!
[1096] Sample script - FTP to get a file from within PHP
[1095] Apache httpd , browser, MySQL and MySQL client downloads
[1094] PHP fread - truncated data
[1093] Wiltshire Train - can YOU come on 5th March?
[1092] Tcl training - often for a larger group
[1091] The Psyche is all wrong.
[1090] Too many instructions, too much detail
[1089] Playing old games
[1088] Why use BBC code not HTML?
[1087] Telling a story in different ways
[1086] Injection attacks - safeguard your PHP scripts
[1085] Lawrence Webb's Melksham Taxi service
[1084] Writing terms and conditions for conferences and other events
[1083] Behind the scenes
[1082] Straight from the .jar
[1081] Customer takes over class, and I am delighted
[1080] httpd.conf or .htaccess?
[1079] Wilts and Berks - two conference / training rooms in Melksham
[1078] Wiltshire - multicultural community
[1077] In answer to 'am I glad I started a blog' ...
[1076] Save the Train - an update
[1075] I'm not the father
[1074] Java beans and classes, .war and .jar files
[1073] Heartbeat script in Perl
[1072] Well House Manor in the Snow
[1071] Making a mountain out of a molehill
[1070] Java Deployment course - lunch break
[1069] Rail trouble forced me to buy hotel
[1068] ls -l report, Linux / Unix - types and permssions
[1067] Serialization in Java - all layers required!
[1066] Final, Finally and Finalize - three special words in Java
[1065] Graham Ellis - an Introduction
[1064] Light and shadows at Beach
[1063] Bradford-on-Avon - 150 years of passenger trains
[1062] Java sorting - comparable v comparator
[1061] Take vehicles off the road - put all the passengers into one
[1060] What a relief from the tax office.
[1059] Three sets of twins
[1058] PHP Regular expression to extrtact link and text
[1057] Selling by phone and Skype - our policy
[1056] Another frantic posting!
[1055] Above the fold
[1054] UK legal requirements for your commercial web site
[1053] Sorting people by name in PHP
[1052] Learning to write secure, maintainable PHP
[1051] Too busy to blog it - but it's great (mostly)
[1050] The HTML++ Metalanguage
[1049] Java 6, Apache Tomcat 6.
[1048] Getting rid of people - hotel techniques
[1047] Maintainable code - some positive advice
[1046] Bounce, bounce, bounce
[1045] Bang! Train campaign hits home
[1044] Call for appropriate train services - Swindon, Bristol, Bath, West Wilts, Severn Beach etc
[1043] Sending an email from Python
[1042] Nested exceptions in Python
[1041] Learnt in London - Ruby, Martini, Coral and the Core
[1040] What the customer is looking for - effective training
[1038] Know to the police
[1037] Impact Engineering and Backscatter
[1036] Python Qt, wX, TkInter, and Jython - training??
[1035] Longer hours and better value courses
[1034] The new web site look spreads
[1033] Empty at Easleigh, Missing at Melksham, Overflowing at Oldfield
[1032] Chronic fatigue help - a new discussion forum
[1031] robots.txt - a clue to hidden pages?
[1030] Hotel for Trowbridge
[1029] Our search engine placement is dropping.
[1028] Linux / Unix - process priority and nice
[1027] Cue the music, I'm happy.
[1026] The Wheatsheaf 2, The Bell 0
[1025] Tomorrow's keywords - London, Training, Course, PHP, Ruby.
[1024] Web site - a refresh to improve navigation
[1023] Finding public writeable things on your linux file system
[1022] No courses. No hotel guests. Rushed off our feet!
[1021] PHP - static declaration
[1020] Parallel processing in PHP
[1019] span and div tags - a css comparison
[1018] Open Source Courses and Business Hotel - products and prices for 2007
[1017] css - handling white space and pre
[1016] Modernising from tables to cascading style sheets
[1015] Search engine placement - long term strategy and success
[1014] Christmas Season Piccies
[1013] Copy multiple files - confusing error message from cp
[1012] Moving files between Windows / DOS and Linux / Unix
[1011] Well House Manor and Beechfield House, Hotels, Melksham
[1010] Dates, times, clickable diarys in PHP
[1009] Passing GET parameters through Apache mod_rewrite
[1008] Date conversion - PHP
[1007] Friends and family
[1006] Apache httpd and Apache Tomcat together tips
[1005] Stirling at night
[1004] Old dog, old tricks
[1003] Room at the Inn, Guy at the station
[1002] Meet the neighbours
[1001] .pdf files - upload via PHP, store in MySQL, retrieve
[1000] One Thousand Posts and still going strong
[999] Cascading and the buses
[998] The year of the exploding projector
[997] Most recent file in a directory - PHP
[996] Setting your colour theme through PHP
[995] Ruby's case - no break
[994] Training on Cascading Style Sheets
[993] Positioning with Cascading Style Sheets
[992] Enthusiastic, but ....
[991] Adding a member to a Hash in Ruby
[990] Ruby - Totally Topical
[989] Melksham Quiz
[988] You should think you're first in a hotel room
[987] Ruby v Perl - interpollating variables
[986] puts - opposite of chomp in Ruby
[985] Equality in Ruby - == eql? and equal?
[984] Cardinal numbers and magic numbers
[983] Blessing in Perl / Member variable in Ruby
[982] Notes from the white board
[981] Finalist reception - Wiltshire Business of the Year
[980] Street Scene
[979] Empty seats, Nodding Donkeys and buses
[978] Wellhouse Manor, Hotel, Melksham
[977] Melksham and Norwich
[976] Santa at the station
[975] Answering ALL the delegate's Perl questions
[974] The last commuter train through Melksham
[973] Too much used to Skype
[972] Both one team and two
[971] Wiltshire letterboxes
[970] String duplication - x in Perl, * in Python and Ruby
[969] Perl - $_ and @_
[968] Perl - a list or a hash?
[967] Realistic on line shoot'em up
[966] CSL, KISS and RTFM
[965] KISS - one action per statement please - Perl
[964] Practical polymorphism in action
[963] George Hotel and Well House Manor, Melksham
[962] Breaking a loop - Ruby and other languages
[961] Products that our customers want more of
[960] 1st, 2nd, 3rd revisited in Ruby
[959] It's the 1st, not the 1nd 1rd or 1th.
[958] Plain Ole nice pictures
[957] Improving the historic town of Melksham
[956] Python security - trouble with input
[955] Python collections - mutable and imutable
[954] Splitting Pythons in Bradford
[953] Christmas in November
[952] Coming from London to Melksham by train for a course
[951] What happened at Geekmas
[950] Python and the Magic Roundabout
[949] Sludge off the mountain, and Python and PHP
[948] Running an on line campaign
[947] What is an SQL injection attack?
[946] Look around this mouth.
[945] Code quality counts
[944] Just ******* Google it
[943] Matching within multiline strings, and ignoring case in regular expressions
[942] Index of Pictures
[941] Snagging
[940] Winter at Well House Manor - Open Houses
[939] Swipe cards for hotel rooms - Security issues
[938] Bratton and Edington new town, Wiltshire
[937] Display an image from a MySQL database in a web page via PHP
[936] Global, Superglobal, Session variables - scope and persistance in PHP
[935] Autumn leaves in Wiltshire - Potterne
[934] Clustering, load balancing, mod_rewrite and mod_proxy
[933] Course Joining package - updated
[932] A tale of a wee wall
[931] Before and After - Well House Manor
[930] -> , >= and => in Perl
[929] Presenting Melksham - for a weekend away in Wiltshire
[928] C++ and Perl - why did they do it THAT way?
[927] Hotel door furniture
[926] Training rooms to learn Open Source programming
[925] C++ - just beyond the basics. More you can do
[924] The LAMP Cookbook - Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP / Perl
[923] Why shouldn't I spam?
[922] Staying at your own hotel
[921] French Exchange
[920] A lion in a cage - PHP
[919] Freedom for X is denial of privacy for Y
[918] Databases needn't be frightening, hard or expensive
[917] Syntax checking in PHP
[916] Driving customers away
[915] Paging through hundreds of entries
[914] A practical example of roles
[913] Python - A list of methods
[912] Recursion in Python
[911] Letter Home
[910] Helping the miles pass
[909] Python is like a narrowboat
[908] And so to Inverness
[907] Browser -> httpd -> Tomcat -> MySQL. Restarting.
[906] A commitment we won't be making
[905] Not proud to be British
[904] Of course I'll tell you by email
[903] Pieces of Python
[902] Brand new hotel and training centre, Melksham
[901] Python - listing out the contents of all variables
[900] Python - function v method
[899] Python - extend v append on a list
[898] Courses at Well House Manor
[897] Too much for the National Trust
[896] PHP - good coding practise and sticky radio buttons
[895] Welcome, Martin
[894] Where quality costs less
[893] Visibility
[892] A pattern in change
[891] Well House Manor Hotel, Melksham, Wiltshire
[890] Open
[889] Opening approaches!
[888] Turning C from source to a running program
[887] HTML tables - telling whats wrong from the display
[886] Signs of Leek
[885] Why do we still need C?
[884] Drive time
[883] Age discrimination law
[882] Rocks, hard places, trains and funerals.
[881] Coming together.
[880] Celebration circles
[879] Tuesday night is party night
[878] Easy criteria to meet
[877] Yes, but what do we do now??
[876] Making pages clearer - easy Disability Discrimination Act Compliance
[875] Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones
[874] Who can use which access door?
[873] Hotel Exchange Rates
[872] Email metrics
[871] Java oversold?
[870] Autumn comes to Wiltshire.
[868] Smoking, or no
[867] Being sure to be positive in Perl
[866] A lazy programmer is a good programmer
[865] Catching the slope
[864] Add to shopping cart - NO VACANCIES sign
[863] Double and Triple equals operator in PHP
[862] 4 weeks to go
[861] Ballooning from Devizes
[860] Warning - false emails, said to be from Paypal
[859] Put the answer in context - it may be printed
[858] From the Manor written
[857] Strikingly busy
[856] The train returns for a few weeks
[855] Fitting our bathrooms
[854] Morgans Hill
[853] To list a directory under httpd on a web server, or not?
[852] Eventful evening - a lesson in looking after contacts
[851] Emergency First Aid Training
[850] Lighter moments
[849] Staff Meeting
[848] Bath - a tourist city on our doorstep
[847] Image maps for navigation - a straightforward example
[846] Is Perl being replaced by PHP and Python?
[845] Course scheduling and Geekmas - are they traditions yet?
[844] Hotel, Melksham, Wiltshire
[843] To join an organisation?
[842] Dramatic Skys at Longleat
[841] Forum help - a push in the right direction
[840] Computers, Brides and Cream Teas
[839] Reporting on the 10 largest files or 10 top scores
[838] Talking about other training companies.
[837] Tomcat - Shutdown port
[836] Build on what you already have with OO
[835] Python - when to use the in operator
[834] Python makes University Challenge
[833] Old Wardour Castle
[832] Displaying data at 5 items per line on a web page
[831] Comparison of Object Oriented Philosophy - Python, Java, C++, Perl
[830] Butterflies in a Wiltshire garden
[829] Where to go within 30 minutes of Melksham
[828] Freedom of speech and freedom to post
[827] No news is good news with Unix and Linux
[826] Fighting illegal net use by imposing download limits
[825] Pictures of the Vale of Pewsey
[824] Pictures of Avebury, Longleat and Dyrham
[823] An excellent use for a visitor count?
[822] PHP - a team member leaves
[821] Dynamic functions and names - Python
[820] Robert and William Whitworth
[819] My projector has a photo-id
[818] Heard, yes. Considered, no. The case for the train.
[817] Working on Weekend in Wiltshire and others
[816] Above the parapit, Well House Manor
[815] Time trickles like water through a sieve
[814] Melksham Railway Calendar 2007
[813] Monday Morning at Well House Consultants Melksham
[812] Minimal Signage
[811] Melksham in Bloom
[810] A bad place for security firms
[809] What to do during a Linux build
[808] Sales call
[807] Telling large from small
[806] Check your user is human. Have him retype a word in a graphic
[805] Melksham Carnival Parade
[804] The Courts, Holt
[803] Not shouting
[802] undefined reference to typeinfo - C++ error message
[801] Simple polymorphism example - C++
[800] Effective web campaign?
[799] The case for exceptions
[798] References and Pointers in C++
[797] Writing up new C / C++ notes.
[796] Busy day in Melksham
[795] Remember a site's non-technical issues too
[794] Perl delegate - much more than just a delegate
[793] The Wilts and Berks Canal
[792] Is Java the right language to learn?
[791] Strange housewarming
[790] Shadow Transport Minister to visit Melksham
[789] Hot answers in PHP
[788] New - Conditional expressions in Python 2.5
[787] Tk - laying out your GUI with frames, pack and grid
[786] First Light, Bootle Docks, Liverpool
[785] Running external processes in Tcl and Tcl/Tk
[784] Which way to turn?
[783] Good follow up ... my thanks
[782] Converting between Hex and Decimal in Tcl
[781] Tcl - lappend v concat
[780] Separation and Integration
[779] The fragility of pancakes - and better structures
[778] Weekend in Ireland
[777] On Crosby sands
[776] Naming Rooms
[775] Do not duplicate your code
[774] Bed and Breakfast, or Hotel?
[773] Breaking bread
[772] Training in Liverpool
[771] From cat breeder to Cobol to Perl
[770] Splash!
[769] King Edward VII - days of empire
[768] Our new .eu top level domain
[767] Finding the language preference of a web site visitor
[766] Discounts and approved supplier lists
[765] Perl - turning seconds into days, hours, minutes and seconds
[764] Journey planning - Xephos v Transport Direct
[763] Much more that the world cup
[762] Huge data files - what happened earlier?
[761] Great new inventions
[760] Self help in Perl
[759] Watch your Google profile
[758] Very good for woodlice
[757] Horse and Python training
[756] Seeing the bricks for the trees
[755] Using different URLs to navigate around a single script
[754] tar, jar, war, ear, sar files
[753] Python 3000 - the next generation
[752] Over zealous police activity?
[751] Want to be a technical trainer in the UK?
[750] Almost everyone loses
[749] Cottage industry or production line data handling methods
[748] Getting rid of variables after you have finished with them
[747] The Fag Packet Design Methodology
[746] Domain Listing Center and Domain Registry of America
[745] Python modules. The distribution, The Cheese Shop and the Vaults of Parnassus.
[744] We can offer a room, but we can't operate on a dog
[743] How to debug a Perl program
[742] A visit from the solicitor
[741] Last week - picture of the Perl course
[740] Finishing up in Dhahran
[739] The eye
[738] (Perl) Callbacks - what are they?
[737] Coloured text in a terminal from Perl
[736] New Tape Librarian
[735] Boys will be boys, saved by Ubuntu
[734] Keeping customers informed by email
[733] Perl for Systems Admin - suid scripts
[732] Where is a web site visitor browsing from
[731] Hotel Technology Requirements
[730] Reading the newspaper and working with other restrictions
[729] Career development advice
[728] Looking ahead and behind in a Regular Expression
[727] A journey, an arrival, a people
[726] In praise of training course delegates.
[725] Better communication
[724] Helping mental health through diet, exercise and other lifestyle matters
[723] Viewing images held in a MySQL database via PHP
[722] I'm answering a job applicant
[721] Residential
[720] Planning a hotel refurb - an example of a Gant chart in PHP
[719] Gardens, Well House Consultants HQ
[718] Protecting images from theft
[717] A customer service company
[716] Evaluating arithmetic expressions in configuration files
[715] First way to get rid of customers
[714] Room for Octopuses
[713] Pictures from my travels
[712] Why reinvent the wheel
[711] THE home directory or MY home directory
[710] Linux training Glasgow, Python programming course Dundee
[709] Handling huge data files in PHP
[708] Linescapes of Mull
[707] A story of goldfish
[706] May day away
[705] Disc Partitioning
[704] Erin Brent - rest in peace
[703] Copying files and preserving ownership
[702] Iterators - expressions tha change each time you call them
[701] Minature Cyclists only - limited headroom
[700] As I walked in to Oxford
[699] Extremes costs of getting on line
[698] Catch up weekend
[697] For any North and West Wilts and Swindon Readers
[696] Is than an uphill or downhill task?
[695] In the hospitality business
[694] Ant and Make
[693] The on line booking experience
[692] Healthier eating
[691] Testing you Perl / PHP / MySQL / Tcl knowledge
[690] Adding Virtual Hosts
[689] The call of nature
[688] Are you free on Friday evening?
[687] Presentation, Business and Persistence layers in Perl and PHP
[686] Name Services - telling your LDAP from your DNS
[685] A couple of days away
[684] Staying in the country
[683] Supporting users on Linux and Unix
[682] Iran has enriched uranium ...
[681] Mirroring a dynamic site
[680] Letter Boxes
[679] More or less on the edge of the page
[678] Why are maps rarely to scale?
[677] Sympathetic development
[676] Melksham, Wiltshire
[675] Adding PHP tags to an old cgi program
[674] Wiltshire to get an extra MP
[673] Helicopter views and tartans
[672] Keeping your regular expressions simple
[671] Both ends of the animal
[670] Architectural Heritage - Devizes
[669] The best Open Source library in town
[668] Python - block insets help with documentation
[667] Well House Manor goes ahead
[666] Database design - get it right from first principles
[665] PHP Image viewing application
[664] Ruby course - oops - it's not happening
[663] Python to MySQL
[662] An unhelpful error message from Apache httpd
[661] Dressed up for a phone call
[660] Stopping and restarting Apache httpd cleanly
[659] Web Application Components
[658] Keeping the visitors happy and browsing
[657] The ternary operator in Python
[656] Think about your design even if you don't use full UML
[655] Can some food be TOO different?
[654] Making use of disabled facilities
[653] Easy feed!
[652] Morning Post
[651] Please Register with Opentalk - but just once!
[650] A person of few words
[649] Denial of Service ''attack''
[648] West Wilts Railway Users Group and trains to Lacock
[647] Checking for MySQL errors
[646] PHP - London course, Melksham Course, Evening course
[645] Lost Camel
[644] Using a MySQL database from Perl
[643] If it's Sunday, it must be Bedwyn
[642] How similar are two words
[641] Simple but rugged form handling demo
[640] Training Centre Pictures
[639] Progress bars and other dynamic reports
[638] A pile of sand? Where do we stand?
[637] Carnival
[636] What is your business latency and potential?
[635] Odd one out.
[634] Real chance to make a difference
[633] Copying a reference, or cloning
[632] Moral dilemma
[631] Apache httpd to Tomcat - jk v proxy
[630] Hostnames spring forward
[629] Choosing the right language
[628] Active Learning
[627] JIT or JAU
[626] Not just a pretty face to answer the phone.
[625] February pictures
[624] It's REALLY easy to add a little PHP
[623] Behind every face is a person and a story
[622] Queues and barrel rolls in Perl
[621] And the staff put the icing on the cake
[620] Familiar names, close to home
[619] If its Sunday, it must be the Norland
[618] Perl - its up to YOU to check your file opened
[617] Easy, Free, Reliable internet access
[616] printf - a flawed but useful function
[615] Looking for leading not bleeding edge
[614] News in Ireland
[613] Greetings from Dublin
[612] Coming or going?
[611] Look out for the motor cyclist
[610] Need a hankie
[609] Been on a course, but still not got it?
[608] Don't expose your regular expressions
[607] On being British
[606] Train service from December
[605] Design your day with a walk
[604] Perl - multiprocess applications
[603] PHP - setting sort order with an associative array
[602] MP face to face
[601] A fond memory of Sir Freddie
[600] It costs nothing to say THANK YOU
[599] Perl/Tk real time display
[598] Should we cruise around the world?
[597] Storing a regular expression in a perl variable
[596] The magic of -textvariable
[595] Add a friendly front end with Tk
[594] Twice is a co-incidence and three times is a pattern
[593] Finding where the disc space has gone
[592] NOT Gone phishing
[591] Key facts - SQL and MySQL
[590] Danny and Donna are getting married
[589] Robust PHP user inputs
[588] Changing @INC - where Perl loads its modules
[587] Job vacancy - double agent wanted
[586] Perl Regular Expressions - finding the position and length of the match
[585] Looking for Python staff
[584] Loosing breath with Gerald
[583] Remember to process blank lines
[582] DWIM and AWWO
[581] Saving a MySQL query results to your local disc for Excel
[580] What to do with milk
[579] Short Linux and Perl courses for small groups
[578] Woman screaming at me
[577] Learning to program in Perl or PHP
[576] Why run two different web servers
[575] Eating for the single business traveller
[574] PHP - dividing a string up into pieces
[573] Giving an excuse for Christmas
[572] Giving the researcher power over database analysis
[571] Well House Manor
[570] Features and Benefits
[569] Instructions for bright people
[568] NB ''Aspiration''
[567] Combining similar rows from a MySQL database select
[566] May all your screw-ups be big ones
[565] Using PHP to output images, XML, Style sheets, etc
[564] Open Source training from Well House Consultants
[563] Merging pictures using PHP and GD
[562] Smoke and mirrors
[561] Python's Generator functions
[560] The fencepost problem
[559] ''I don't know'' is sometimes a good answer
[558] Converting between acres and hectares
[557] A new sign
[556] Colour doesn't have to mean colourful
[555] Hotel novelties
[554] What backup is adequate?
[553] Keep that image small
[552] Keeping Customers Informed
[550] 2006 - Making business a pleasure
[549] 2005 - Come as a student, leave as a friend
[548] San Francisco
[547] Taking the dog for a walk
[546] The relevance of the hairy woodpecker
[545] Is training seasonal?
[544] Repeating tasks with crontab
[543] The world didn't stop for Christmas
[542] Morning image, afternoon image
[541] Christmas is for everyone
[540] Christmas Party
[539] rich and famous
[538] A company we can work with
[537] Daily Image Santafied
[536] Cancellations and penalties
[535] MySQL permissions and privileges
[534] Design - one name, one action
[533] Bigger Box Campaign
[532] Copyright - how much can I legally copy?
[531] Packages in packages in Perl
[530] Perl course during the week, getting married at the weekend
[529] Halal in Melksham
[528] Getting favicon to work - avoiding common pitfalls
[527] Greater Western Franchise Awarded
[526] Apache httpd - serving web documents from different directories
[525] Vision AND venture
[524] Santa comes to Melksham
[523] Apache httpd release 2.2
[522] Javascript events - a good example
[521] Proof needed? Please just use common sense!
[520] Three life changing comments
[519] New Road
[518] Passport office - a much improved system
[517] An occasional chance, and reducing data to manageable levels
[516] Open source questions? Anyone can ask.
[515] MySQL - an FAQ
[514] Crazy Day-sies
[513] MySQL - JOIN or WHERE to link tables correctly?
[512] Exciting futures - the Well House Manor project
[511] Domain Forwarding - 2 ways of doing it
[510] Dynamic Web presence - next generation web site
[509] Snippets from Geekmas
[508] Comment, please!
[507] Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
[506] What are DHCP and DNS?
[505] Would you steal ... petrol? ... a training course?
[504] We are about Open Source programming courses in the UK
[503] 10 years C# knowledge please
[502] SELECT in MySQL - choosing the rows you want
[501] .css - using PHP to make dynamic style sheets
[500] Bowerhill, Melksham, 2006 Calendar
[499] Good IT training cannot be cheap
[498] Why is Tomcat called Tomcat?
[497] I have a river to cross
[496] Python printf
[495] More spam - a success story
[494] MySQL - a score of things to remember
[493] Running a Perl script within a PHP page
[492] New Navigation Aid - Launch of My Wellho
[491] Being atypical is typical
[490] A new way to get lost
[489] Which MySQL server am I using?
[488] Looking for railway groups and users - Swindon, Salisbury, Southampton
[487] On line course booking - credit card protection
[486] Rail services under threat - Swindon, Melksham ... and Newquay and Bicester too
[485] North, Norther and Northest - PHP 5 Objects
[484] Setting the file name for a downloaded document
[483] Double Dollars in PHP
[482] Different ways of selling
[481] PHP upgrade - traps to watch
[480] New look to website
[479] New servlet from old
[478] Watch what you wear
[477] Class, static and unbound variables
[476] May I be politically incorrect?
[475] Where to stay in and near Melksham
[474] Vintage Bus Day
[473] Looking different in town
[472] Are you free on 29th October - Charity ball
[471] And it gets even better
[470] I wanna be a Python trainer
[469] Yesterday was Kiss and Ride
[468] Stand alone PHP programs
[467] Tell them three times
[466] Separating 'per instance' data from binaries and web sites
[465] Changing Tomcat's web.xml and reloading a web application
[464] Technical Loneliness
[463] Splitting the difference
[462] Big number
[461] Shortened interactive commands
[460] New Network
[459] Kiss and Ride
[458] Final courses of '05 coming up ....
[457] Do the work and take the risk - a PHP contract to avoid
[456] Laying out a vegetarian lunch
[455] A Stengthening day
[454] Time conversions in Perl
[453] Commenting Perl regular expressions
[452] Is enough enough?
[451] Accessing a page via POST from within a PHP script
[450] Wheelchair access - can do!
[449] Matching in MySQL
[448] Out of the norm.
[447] Tomorrow's meeting.
[446] Up early
[445] Sticky news
[444] Database or Progamming - which to learn first?
[443] Server side scripting of styles to suit the browser
[442] How far away is that server?
[440] Upgrade!
[439] You cant
[438] Fair system for travel and accommodation expenses
[437] Outside of the box
[436] Linking Apache httpd to Apache Tomcat
[435] Expect for Windows
[434] Through public transport connection, Chippenham to Salisbury, to cease
[433] FTP - how to make the right transfers
[432] New print centre for our manuals
[431] File permissions of Linux and Unix systems
[430] Linux commands - some basics
[429] Charlie on Monday
[428] Swindon - Chippenham - Melksham - Trowbridge - Westbury train service
[427] The Melksham train - a button is pushed
[426] Robust checking of data entered by users
[425] Caching an XML feed
[424] How not to run a forum
[423] A Victorian Lady
[422] PHP Magic Quotes
[421] Don't repeat code - use loops or functions
[420] Towards Tebay
[419] Most popular courses
[418] Difference between import and from in Python
[417] Telephone Preference Service - we're registered
[416] Mixing up swallows and martins
[415] Campaign Drift and efficiency.
[414] Form Madness
[413] Save the train
[412] Bristol Balloon Festival
[411] Javascript examples (some PHP and MySQL too)
[410] Reading a news or blog feed (RSS) in your PHP page
[409] Functions and commands with dangerous names
[408] Can an older person learn a programming language
[407] Theft of training material
[406] Assignment, equality and identity in PHP
[405] Horse's Mouth is a year old
[404] How to check that a string contains a number in Tcl
[403] Full circle - made it back to an old haunt
[402] Netless
[401] What is an SQL injection attack?
[400] New in the shops
[399] simplicity hides real size
[398] Training course material - why we write our own
[397] Where now for dial-up providers?
[396] The next technologies
[395] Making Orangutangs
[394] A year on - should we offer certified PHP courses
[393] Trainer answers phone
[392] No Smoking
[391] One mans pleasure is another mans poison
[390] Moderating wiki, blog, and forum contributions
[389] Tough Love
[388] BBQ Season
[387] Training course plans for 2006
[386] What is a callback?
[385] Feast or famine
[384] Managing conflict and disappointment
[383] Overloading of operators on standard objects in Python
[382] Central London Courses - Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, MySQL
[381] Exceptions in Python
[380] Bridging to the customer requirement
[379] Getting the lighting right
[378] A word of admiration for the London cabbie
[377] A Strengthened City
[376] What brings people to my web site?
[375] Oops - I got my initial database design wrong
[374] Instant availability
[373] Vik, Iceland to Melksham, England
[372] Time calculation in PHP
[371] The training team that's looking out for you
[370] From Iceland
[369] CMS - the minefield of Choices
[368] Vacation Week
[367] Ajax
[366] Error handling in Tcl through catch
[365] Letterbox Pictures
[364] pu daily and p hourly
[363] Greetings from Edinburgh
[362] The ireallyreallywanna operator
[361] Binary Large Objects or bars
[360] Spring turns to Summer
[359] Chicken soup without the religion
[358] Use standard Perl modules
[357] Where do Perl modules load from
[356] Sudoku helper or sudoku cheat
[355] Context in Perl
[354] Ballooning from Bath
[353] Wimbledon Neck
[352] Improved mining techniques!
[351] Is photoajustment an addiction?
[350] Want to be one better
[349] Comments in Tcl
[348] Graveyard pages
[347] Frightening and from-friend viruses and spams
[346] No Smoking Pubs
[345] Spotting a denial of service attack
[344] Walk in Bath
[343] Should I use structured or object oriented?
[342] The evening after the course
[341] Happy Birthday, PHP
[340] Code and code maintainance efficiency
[339] Passing information into and out of PHP functions
[338] OO techniques are hard to teach
[337] the array returned by preg_match_all
[336] Targetted Advertising
[335] Sad priorities
[334] Symbolic links and hard links
[333] Do NOT follow links or read attachments in these emails
[332] Looking up IP addresses
[331] 08:45 is a difficult time
[330] An O level comes in handy
[329] the Stately Homes of England
[328] Making programs easy for any user to start
[327] How far should our support go
[326] UK Tax payment totals and where the money is spent
[325] Gone Racing - Larkhill, Wiltshire
[324] The backtick operator in Python and Perl
[323] 1 in 48 steel
[322] More maps
[321] Sales - the alternative close
[320] Ordnance Survey - using a 'Get a map'
[319] Accommodation and landing pages
[318] Choosing a theme
[317] Programming languages - a comparison
[316] Development Environments
[315] Supporting local business
[314] What language is this written in?
[313] Making bona fide international marriages more difficult
[312] Maud Heath
[311] Growth pains
[310] Just in time - the talk is writ
[309] Writing a Tcl/Tk GUI is as easy as baking a cake
[308] Call by name v call by value
[307] Farming yesterday
[306] Bristol Airport this morning, The Farm this evening.
[305] Within about an hour
[304] Training courses in the C language
[303] Lambdas in Python
[302] Dining full circle
[301] General Election day, UK
[300] Dentist's Waiting Room Syndrome
[299] What - no switch or case statement?
[298] Sharing pictures of Wiltshire
[297] A reminder that the customer is King
[296] Using a Python dictionary as a holder of object attributes
[295] Pricing strategy - simple and fair
[294] Python generator functions, lambdas, and iterators
[293] Course follow-ups
[292] Elegant languages - Perl, PHP, Python
[291] Why are we no. 404
[290] Object Orientation in Tcl - [incr-Tcl]
[289] MP for Devizes, Wiltshire
[288] Colour blindness for web developers
[287] Checking that all our servers are up and accessible
[286] Automating regular manual procedures
[285] What career opportunities for web designers
[284] The Iconish language
[283] Natural or man-made?
[282] Short weekend
[281] What they are saying about our OF COURSE newsletter
[280] Spotted - the local MP
[279] Getting a list of unique values from a MySQL column
[278] Cover all the options
[277] Fire drill
[276] An apology to Mr Boneparte
[275] See 8 but buy 6. See 6 but you can buy 8.
[274] Our most popular resources
[273] Course Picture
[272] More to programming than just programming
[271] Different course every day
[270] NULL in MySQL
[269] Free parking for short errands in Melksham
[268] Information request forms, cleaning up spam
[267] Searching security holes
[266] A beautiful place to live and learn
[265] Business practise, 2005 style
[264] 100% Training
[263] Harmony
[262] A little bit of fun - the new Perl Quiz
[261] Putting a form online
[260] Embperl
[259] Responding to spam
[258] Easter at Well House Consultants
[257] Politics gets nasty. Must be an election coming up.
[256] Spring is in the air
[255] STDIN, STDOUT, STDERR and DATA - Perl file handles
[254] x operator in Perl
[253] Finding the right holes
[252] A West End show
[251] WIBNIF
[250] We dont stand still
[249] An easy way out
[248] Use me, but use me effectively
[247] Extreme training
[246] When to bless a Perl variable
[245] I'm not blogging it
[244] Getting your examples, my examples and the data files after your course
[243] new 'Perl on the Web' example
[242] Satisfaction of training
[241] Dress for training
[240] Conventional restraints removed
[239] What and why for the epoch
[238] Difficulties with a trolley
[237] Crossfertilisation, PHP to Python
[236] Tapping in on resources
[235] Preparation for a day's work
[234] How to get the best from your supplier
[233] Giving customers best value
[232] Diverse activities
[231] Feedback as lifeblood
[230] Course sizes - beware of marketing statistics
[229] A fortunate accident
[228] Beard Justification
[227] Bellringing and Programming and Objects and Perl
[226] Growing our systems
[225] 10 years and counting
[224] YOUR application and YOUR data
[223] There is a function in PHP to do that
[222] Who are all these visitors?
[221] Lunchtime Drink
[220] When to use Frames
[219] Some unusual features
[218] Golden Nugget
[217] Use of time
[216] Cheap purchase - votes paid for with selfish promises
[215] Open Source becomes mainstream
[214] Futility of war?
[213] Off to Munich
[212] Tcl/Tk (wish) Grid layout example
[211] Look after your staff and they'll look after you. AOL.
[210] Joining lists in Tcl. Indirect variables in Tcl.
[209] FAQ - Perl or PHP
[208] Examples - Gadfly, NI Number, and Tcl to C interface
[207] Canteen Dragon
[206] Fox and Python
[205] PHP5 lets you say no
[204] The confidence to allow public comments
[203] Holes in on line information
[202] Searching for numbers
[201] 0870 telephone numbers
[200] Tips for the top
[199] Post course support - part of the service
[198] A new skill may not be quick and easy
[197] Allow for peak traffic on your web site
[196] An Open Source course on the Channel Islands
[195] Customer service - examples to warn us
[194] Published Photographer
[193] The wrong MySQL
[192] Current MySQL and PHP paths and upgrades
[191] Setting up a training room for a course
[190] Python engines
[189] Tuesdays and Fridays
[188] Pink elephant and appreciation
[187] a popular bus number
[186] Lull
[185] Who am I?
[184] MTBF of coffee machines
[183] The elegance of Python
[182] Your personal Google ranking
[181] Maximum number of trainees on a course
[180] Skunk works
[179] The hunt for unique words
[178] Calling a spade a spade
[177] Blogs come of age
[176] Extra chips
[175] Worthwhile
[174] Contrast - the storm and the calm.
[173] Data Mining
[172] Public courses in London
[171] Skills and techniques of being a successful trainer
[170] MySQL, Java, PHP and Linux - new technical articles
[169] A pleasure to train
[168] Welcoming Leah Davies to our team
[167] Upgrade to the Library
[166] Acronyms
[165] Implementing an effective site search engine
[164] Well House Consultants - review of 2004
[163] Introduction fees, bonuses, commissions, kickbacks
[162] A Change is as good as a rest
[161] Christmas break
[160] Review of the Autumn
[159] MySQL - Optimising Selects
[157] Automatic service upgrades
[156] Signage
[154] Railway train service, Melksham station
[153] Linux - where to put swap space
[152] Aladdin, or careful what you wish.
[151] Coffee Standards
[150] Confession
[149] Fish stocks
[148] Programming in isolation
[147] Recent technical articles
[146] example of Tcl namespaces and packages
[145] A comment on comments
[144] Tcl sandwich - lists in Tcl
[143] Network Camera
[142] Colour for access
[141] Too technical?
[140] Comparison Chart for Perl programmers - list functions
[139] Just provide a room and the students
[138] Perl - redo and last without a loop
[137] Certification schemes
[136] Please tell us
[135] Too many Perls
[134] Geekmas - a brief review
[133] Tcl embeds
[132] Portrait of the author
[131] Thanksgiving dinner
[130] Spelling and grammar
[129] Trawling our site to prevent student copying
[128] Technical Weekend / Geekmas
[127] Conversion and coercion in Java
[126] Feedback shows the tip of an iceberg
[125] Staff theft
[124] PHP v Java
[123] Short underground journeys and a PHP book
[122] Passing arrays to procs in Tcl
[121] Fair and Simple
[120] Good early morning
[119] PHP course. Come by train.
[118] History around you
[117] A case of case
[116] The next generation of programmer
[115] Expiration dates or times on web pages
[114] Relative or absolute milkman
[113] A Parallel for Perl 6
[112] Avoid the wheel being re-invented by using Perl modules
[111] Training notes available under Open Distribution license
[110] Friday, busy week!
[109] URLs - a service and not a hurdle
[108] A typical morning
[107] Taking Equipment offshore to run a course
[106] Far from the sea, but close to the heart
[105] Distance Learning
[104] mysql_connect or mysql_pconnect in PHP?
[103] Can't resist writing about Python
[102] The Romans got it right
[101] Good value, low cost, cheap.
[100] Life is frail
[99] Should we call it 'Geekmas'?
[98] No more 'Error 404' pages. Something better.
[97] What makes a professional photographer?
[96] Variable Scope
[95] Five red flags
[94] Special change
[93] Case Sensitive?
[92] Hard work, Hard sell
[91] On line every 24 hours
[90] Rude old people
[89] When will Perl 6 be available
[88] Getting the right level of trainer
[87] Too sittings
[86] Talk review - Idiomatic Perl, David Cross
[85] Present and future MySQL
[84] MySQL - nuggets
[83] Geek Cruising
[82] Keeping up to date
[81] Café keyboards
[80] OO - real benefits
[79] Last day of Java
[78] Domain Registry of America
[77] Telephone systems
[76] Learning to program in
[75] It's just not cricket
[74] pushd and popd
[73] vi - full circle
[72] On Customer Service
[71] Comparators in Linux and Unix
[70] Red Luas - early life and times
[69] John Toner
[68] Get the strategy worked out and the tactics just fall into place.
[67] Object Oriented Programming in PHP
[66] A Taste of Ireland
[65] Ireland
[64] Shell Script for CGI on the web
[63] Almost like old times
[62] Technical Open House
[61] Python is a fabulous language
[60] Birth Notice
[59] MySQL - Pivot tables
[58] Call Centres, selling, and a pause for thought
[57] Posting 1000 letters!
[56] Dress Code
[55] Evening classes to learn PHP
[54] PHP and natural sorting
[53] Drive the drive
[52] International awareness
[51] Gym and swimming - Melksham Blue Pool
[50] Current cost in your local currency
[49] Business is the predominant user of Tomcat, Perl and Tcl
[48] PHP - onwards and upwards
[47] Effective fundraising
[46] Near and far security
[45] CGI v mod_perl
[44] Serious subject
[43] Hash of lists in Perl
[42] Do languages change?
[41] A Thousand and four words
[40] Take the train to training
[39] A Change is as good as a rest
[38] An update for old friends
[37] Security and Safety
[36] Tesco at 5
[35] Autumn arrives right on time
[34] Linux / LAMP course
[33] 10 Years of experience
[32] Web design platoon
[31] Here documents
[30] Bank Holiday
[29] Silence is Golden
[28] Perl for breakfast
[27] Sales technique
[26] Matching Cat
[25] Release numbers
[24] Impossible terms
[23] Skills and responsibilities
[22] Falling out over the silliest things
[21] two plus two equals seven
[20] Not two the same
[19] interesting products and subjects
[18] Wanted: More hours in the day
[17] Differing tastes
[16] Python training
[15] 90 to 10 or 80 to 20 rule
[14] London - Most expensive city??
[13] Mobile Office revamp
[12] How many people in a room?
[11] A bolt of lightning on Multicasting
[10] What do you look for in your IT trainer?
[9] Study room - the Oxford train
[8] How much does fuel cost for an airline flight?
[7] Writing on a Sunday
[6] Blog v Forum
[5] Driving in the UK for new arrivals from the USA
[4] Seeing the wood for the trees.
[3] Looking for a donkey
[2] Diary entry - 5th August 2004
[1] First Jottings
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