Wiltshire Travel Game

Start and end points are chosen at random for each game, and are based on the relative population of each place. So you'll get a lot of Salisbury and Swindon journeys. The first "via" uses the same method, and the second "via" is a tourist location ranked by the number of visitors it gets.

Player 1 Travel from Melksham to Westbury via Chippenham and Westbury White Horse

Player 2 Travel from Wootton Bassett to Amesbury via Marlborough and Steam, Swindon

Player 3 Travel from Downton to Pewsey via Trowbridge and Corsham Court

Player 4 Travel from Swindon to Melksham via Salisbury and Fovant

Player 5 Travel from Pewsey to Swindon via Warminster and Stonehenge

Player 6 Travel from Salisbury to Avoncliff via Dilton Marsh and Avebury

Suitable for all ages - from 2 to 6 players

The objective of the game is to travel by public transport from one point to another across Wiltshire, calling at two specified intermediate point along the way.

Each player draws a start point, an end point, and their intermediate points from decks of cards (or via this page - see journeys at the top of this sheet) and places their token on the start point. Players throw a die in turn.

Players must throw a six in order to join a public transport service at their following turn. When travelling, you may move up to the number of marks shown on you throw. You do NOT need to throw exactly the right number to arrive at your destination.

The thin black lines to Longleat, Stourhead, Castle Combe and Crofton are taxi rides - there is no bus service or a very irregular one. You may ONLY use a taxi to get to / from these places; usual dice rules apply for a taxi ride.

You may visit your intermediate points in either order.
Design notes:

The need to throw a six to start represents the need to wait for your bus or train. This is rather kind to the players, at it represents a typical wait of 18 minutes for what are - in most cases - hourly services.

Each dot represents 3 minutes of travel - so there are fewer dots along the railway lines where the average speed is much faster.

The board shows the Bath and Swindon to Salisbury bus routes split at Warminster and at Pewsey, as per EC bus route directives which are coming into force at the current time.

Note that there is no station South of Devizes, so you may not connect between the Westbury to Pewsey train and any of the bus services there.

The map shows the TransWilts railway line (in green). However, there is currently only a very limited service on this line so for a more realistic game you should not use the service.

It is impractical to make a game such as this totally realistic - some connections will always be good but others may routinely miss, journey times will vary and there are many other bus services that run infrequently. No allowance has been made for delays and cancellations ....

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