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"Well House Manor" is located in a quiet area of the town just five minutes walk from the town centre. We offer accommodation for the business traveller to the town, with all rooms en suite, large work areas, wired and wireless internet. See here for more...

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At "Well House Consultants" we provide a fabulous range of training courses like you've never experienced before. Each of the presentations is tailored to meet the needs of the delegates on this course ... and our presenter is the author of the material. See here for more ...

Melksham - the new capital of England

"Is Melksham the capital of England" is a question that I have never heard asked before, and the answer is "no, it isn't" and it won't be in the forseeeable future. But who knows what will happen in the 22nd and 23rd Centuries? See here for more ...

Code run on Wednesday 27th September 2023

About this example

You'll often want to code blocks of text into your PHP ... and there are a lot of ways of doing it - perhaps too many. Some of them are excellent - the "here" document, and including text from a file - but others such as the use of multiple echos are frankly awful - they're hard to debug in the first place, they're wasteful of time, and they're nasty to maintain. It's a trajedy that some of the books which are published on PHP use this multiple echo technique - for sure, it's easy to learn when you first come to PHP but if you adopt it as your general style , you'll be lead up a blind alley. The illustration alongside this paragraph is a photograph from a book (I'm allowed a 'short extert for critical review' under copyright law) showing how you should NOT do it. The source code of this example, available via this link, shows you some far better alternatives.

You can learn PHP with us - "the proper way" on our PHP Programming course. If you are already familiar with PHP but want to learn techniques for writing code that's clear, easy to maintain, and provides a really good user experience, come on our PHP techniques workshop instead.

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