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Ajax stands for "Asyncronous Javascript and XML" ... and this demonstration is headed toward Ajax.

Using Ajax, a suitable browser can ask a server for dynamic information to be filled in to an existing page, without the need to retransmit the whole page - and in this example, we're calling up a server to replace the text in the light blue box just above whenever a selection element on the form is completed.

Why do I say "towards" Ajax rather than calling it "Ajax"?
• In this easy example, I have NOT gone asynchronous - in other words, the page is waiting for the response from the server within the Javascript rather than setting up an event handler for later
• The response isn't XML data in this case ... it's just a chunk of HTML!

In this simple example too, we have not checked within our JavaScript as to the make / version of the browser, so if it's used with a non compliant browser it will fail silently.

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