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This is a sample application written in PHP for web use. A typical web application requires the user to enter data on a series of forms and presents results based on that series of forms. So a continuinty is required between the pages - data needs to be carried forward and forms provided in context. But there will be a number of users on your site at the same time, and only in exceptional circumstanes (for example with multiplayer games or with them bidding against each other) should the data they are entering be shared.

PHP's sessions provide a built in tool for handling these requirements, but even using this tool it is very easy to write a piece of logic that's hard to maintain and includes a great deal of repetition. That's where the "4 layer model" can come into play - and this page is a demonstration of the 4 layer model in use.

This example has been put together by Well House Consultants who provide training courses in PHP to help you learn to make best and effective use of this technology.

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