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For 2021 - online Python 3 training - see ((here)).

Our plans were to retire in summer 2020 and see the world, but Coronavirus has lead us into a lot of lockdown programming in Python 3 and PHP 7.
We can now offer tailored online training - small groups, real tutors - works really well for groups of 4 to 14 delegates. Anywhere in the world; course language English.

Please ask about private 'maintenance' training for Python 2, Tcl, Perl, PHP, Lua, etc.
How come our list prices are lower?

Looking for cheap / free / low cost training in PHP, MySQL, Perl, Tcl, Python or Java?

If you look around various training course sites, you'll probably notice that we are lower cost than most ... that's partly because the training industry tends to overprice and then offer discounts, but we don't follow that trend. In other words, we have limited our scope to offer "specials", preferring to quote people what they will actually pay. It makes for satisfied regular customers, although it does leave us having to explain our policy quite often!

Suggestion. Take a place on our course - price as per web site; Perl, PHP, MySQL, Tcl and Java are very much growth areas and there's plenty of opportunities out there with it. If your faith in yourself is well placed, then you'll find some of those opportunities that suit you ... We do take credit card payments, so it's not a case of you having to find 290.00 to 1090.00 + VAT in a couple of weeks.

Although most of our customers are employees of companies and other organisations, a significant minority are private individuals. We are very much aware of the requirements of the latter group, and we're quite happy for you to stop on for an hour or two after the course each day to study further, and also to contact us after the course with questions / for advise etc.; this is a "no charge" extra, so we do ask that you use books, etc., first ;-).

From time to time, we're asked if we know of any good programmers in "xxxxx" or "yyyy". We do NOT normally pass on the names of our trainees in such circumstances - running a recruitment agency would be a conflict of interest with our training business. Where a trainee has booked and paid privately and asks us to pass on his details, we will do so ... we can't give any recommendation as we do so, as we've usually met the trainee just as he's learning, and don't know of his progress thereafter

See also Current Price Matrix

Please note that articles in this section of our web site were current and correct to the best of our ability when published, but by the nature of our business may go out of date quite quickly. The quoting of a price, contract term or any other information in this area of our website is NOT an offer to supply now on those terms - please check back via our main web site

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At Well House Consultants, we provide training courses on subjects such as Ruby, Lua, Perl, Python, Linux, C, C++, Tcl/Tk, Tomcat, PHP and MySQL. We're asked (and answer) many questions, and answers to those which are of general interest are published in this area of our site.

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