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Bottles from Melksham Spa


Our first Melksham training centre was built in Georgian times (1813 or 1814 we believe), one of a group of 6 lodging houses for visitors to the town. The following was written in the 1840s:

"Two mineral springs, one Saline and the other Chalybeate, were discovered in the vicinity some years ago; and in 1816 a new saline spa was obtained by drilling to a depth of 351 feet. It was anticipated that Melksham would advance into note, in consequence of the magical properties these waters possessed, and every accommodation for visitors was provided, including a pump room, hot and cold basins,a handsome crescent, an agreeable promenade &c. But with all these inducements, success was not commanded."

The waters were bottled and sold until late Victorian times, however. The bottles are very rare - we've been able to find out about just two, and last Autumn their owner (a bottle collector who lives in Bristol) brought them over to show us.

The older stone bottle was made by Price in Bristol, and is hard to date as Price's factory and all there records were destroyed by fire. We're told that it's probably quite early, being a single stone colour rather that having a darker brown glaze as you would see in later stone bottles. The other bottle is a much later glass bottle - probably from later Victorian times. It probably lay in someone's shed for many years as the label (which is what identifies it to Melksham) has been chewed by mice.

It would have been a "fairy story" tale if we had found another bottle, or even pieces, in our garden, but the rubbish buried there was much more modern - I'm sure that the old car wheel and tyre were late 20th Century.


In 2006 the gardens at this location were awarded two prizes, second and a third places, in the local "Melksham in Bloom" competition.

And Autumn 2006 saw our biggest change yet when we opened a new training centre at Well House Manor, 48 Spa Road. Our administration office remains at the former centre in The Spa

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